CrackBerry Live: BlackBerry Live General Session Debrief with BlackBerry Product Manager Michael Clewley

By Simon Sage on 14 May 2013 03:45 pm EDT


Our good buddy Michael Clewley swung by the CrackBerry Live booth at BlackBerry Live 2013 to run through the whirlwind of announcements coming out of the general session. He and Kevin talked about BBM going cross-platform, BES 10.1, and the BlackBerry Q5. 

If you want to follow the show as it happens, head on over to! We'll be doing interviews throughout the show, and we've got a live chat rolling.

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CrackBerry Live: BlackBerry Live General Session Debrief with BlackBerry Product Manager Michael Clewley


Well, we know that the AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon models passed through the FCC weeks ago and have completed testing. We had Heins say for weeks that the US carriers would launch in May. Now, all of a sudden and without comment, Heins changed his tune. I'm thinking BlackBerry isn't the innocent victim here... The carriers can't sell from inventory that BlackBerry hasn't provided. It's also the reason why the stock dropped over 4% after the keynote (which was great otherwise and should've raised the stock).

They carrier testing leads at AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon told you this? What did the marketing managers from those companies tell you when you spoke to them?

Ok smartass, T-Mobile is selling to business customers, so it's obviously ready for market. The retail AT&T model has been the one given to reviewers (for weeks), and AT&T has the same testing as Rogers in Canada. Verizon's retail unit with full branding and bloatware has been seen many times, so it's safe to assume that's also ready for primetime.

I'm guessing BlackBerry wants to push more z10 sales this way, which haven't been selling great in the US, and/or they can't make enough inventory.

Message to Kevin - Feel free to push on him why Thorsten dodged the PB BB10 question - no Thorsten you haven't talked about it anything like enough - and give him a slap from me for making channels a PC only loader ;)

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Kevin you said there were three major anouncements today but Michael finished by saying there was a fourth big announcement, the automotive industry. Can you elaborate as to why you do not think the ladder is not such big news. Do you think that it is not probable that Blackberry might focus more on cars than they do on cell phones?

The BES getting cross platform IS a HUGE deal! this I think is the most important announcement + integration with everyday use, like the car videocall... it has started people... :D I am really happy to hear these two steps as I think really marks application of the "new" mobile computing Heins was talking about in January.

Exciting stuff! :D

I'm glad BlackBerry isn't wasting any time and/or resources developing BBM for Windows Phone.

I think it's becoming increasingly clear that BlackBerry is the third operating system (though I'm not one of the people who thinks there's only room for X amount of operating systems).

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Well, I'm disappointed that Windows phones won't get BBM since my brother works for Microsoft and has a Windows phone. I was looking forward to showing off some BB pizzazz to him!

product manager doesn't know the specs off the top of his head?? BlackBerry Product Manager?! CanI have his job please?!