CrackBerry Live: BlackBerry Jam Americas debrief with Alec Saunders and Demian Borba

We get the low-down on what's happening with developers at BlackBerry Live 2013.

By Simon Sage on 15 May 2013 09:24 am EDT

Remember, BlackBerry Live 2013 isn't all about the solutions showcase, free Z10s, and the fine food. BlackBerry Jam Americas has been folded into the show for developers to have plenty to do, including informative sessions and open labs with the latest tools. Kevin and Adam had a chat with VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders and platform evangelist Demian Borba about BlackBerry 10 momentum, promoting app innovation, and reaching developers in universities.

We'll be on CrackBerry Live later on today, so be sure to keep an eye on our video stream for more awesome interviews. 

Reader comments

CrackBerry Live: BlackBerry Jam Americas debrief with Alec Saunders and Demian Borba


You can see it in their attitudes... they no longer have that feel of a company that is on the brink, rather a company that is on the good side of the rebound.

I've owned BB shares for a number of years and agree with the market's reaction to this edition of BB Live. It's uneventful, uninspiring and boring. Where's the beef!

Huh? The Q5 will cement BlackBerry's presence in emerging markets, and cross-platform BBM will take the fight directly to Android and iOS users. If I was a shareholder, I'd be pretty happy right now. 

Kevin looks extremely happy! BB really must give him a huge salary to keep Crackberry going! He must be laughing all the way to the bank! :)

They're not on a blackberry salary. He's stated they get free products to give away but that's it.

What your seeing is a kid who's been let lose in a candy store.