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CrackBerry Live: AIO Remote promises ability to control Android devices from BlackBerry 10

Soon you'll be able to do a lot more than just control your PC from your BlackBerry 10 device. 

By Simon Sage on 16 May 2013 01:08 am EDT

Here at BlackBerry Live 2013 we met up with Hisham Hassan Bakr, an Egyptian developer in charge of a PC control app called AIO Remote. For some time, All In One Remote has been offering the ability to seamlessly control your PC, Linux, or Mac computer over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, complete with native BlackBerry 10 keyboard, presenter slide control, media control, mouse movement, and file system access.

One of my favorite features was the ability to custom program your own virtual buttons which would activate set keystrokes on the computer. Hisham then revealed his intentions to expand functionality to be able to remotely control Android from the app, or to control BlackBerry the other way around. This could be very useful for users that regularly plug their secondary devices into the big screen but still need the ability to access it. As Hisham put it, "this is the first of its kind, to control the world." To be fair, he didn't have anything show on this front just yet, but considering how well the original app works, I'm eager to see Android remote control once it's available. 

Personally, I've always stuck to Luko Remote for these kinds of capabilities, but it's great to see someone else having their hand at it, and more importantly, trying to do something different. Find a download link below to this award-winning app, and be sure to check out CrackBerry Live on Thursday for more outstanding interviews and demos.

More information / download AIO Remote for BlackBerry



Odd, says not available for my device and doesn't come up when I search for it either.

Posted via CB10


Same here. Must only be available in the USA?

Posted via CB10

Sadiq Lawal1

Hey guyz how can I get instagram on my Q10

Posted via CB10


I have it, had it for a while now...Canada rogers.

Posted via CB10


I made it available world wide. just search for AIO Remote on BlackBerry world

Aljean Thein

It's NOT free and it's ONLY available for playbook according to the bb world website.


It IS free (although upgrading to pro costs money) and is IS available for the Z10

Posted via CB10

Aljean Thein

The link they provided showed its .99 and only available for tablet 2.0. However, there is a free version of the app that i found minutes later..


it was wrong URL. search for AIO Remote on BB World


It is free, you went to playbook version. just search for AIO Remote on BlackBerry world from your BlackBerry 10 device. It is available worldwide for Z10 and Q10


Good content!

But yo CrackBerry, what is with the video picture quality? These BB LIVE features or Jame's videos need some post processing at least.

But probably could use some more gear tweaking from the start. Sharpness and exposure is off.
Color correction and levels in post processing at least etc :( compression and aliasing is apparent too in HD.


Great app! Great Developer! This guy is crazy! \m/


Thank you very much. you can follow me @HishamBakr and @AioRemote


Nice to have Arabs here

Been missing my golden days in university where my true ability was utilised back there

Posted via my amazing Z10 running


We are here :)
If you need advice to make apps like my app, you can follow me @HishamBakr and @AioRemote


I think the link to BlackBerry World is wrong. It should be this one:

Posted via CB10


You're right, thanks!

Posted using my Cando-American Z10 via CB10


Thanks for the good link!
Awesome app

Posted via BlackBerry z10


Correct, Thanks

Posted via CB10

Simon Sage

My bad, link fixed. Thanks guys!


You are right. just search for AIO Remote from your BlackBerry 10 device


That is a very cool app!


You should have at least mentioned the Remote Control Collection. It can easily keep up with that, is free and available for every BB10 device.

Posted via CB10


How can they be first to control phones when phone remote has been available for 2 years on app world?


I mean controlling Android device from BlackBerry 10 devices


i think he meant controlling android from BB 10


This guy has a lot of potential, it's clear that he loves what he is doing and put some serious quality effort into his developing work. I use the app and the major difference between it and others is the speed of the commands and also he wants to bring us a "bridge " functionalities but even better ! Sounds like a lot of pb users are about to get this app ;)

Posted via CB10


Thanks for your kind words. I am trying to do my best to apply every single tip and trick to make user happier. will be very happy if you sent me your suggestions anytime @aioremote @hishambakr


What a great story. First class developer in Egypt and Blackberry reach out him. Class act and bright guy. Hope this works out well, very inspiring.


Thank you very much for your kind words. I wanted to send a message that Arab developers can do a lot if they have support. I will return back to my country to spread the motivation among them. I will be happy when we see more arab developers next year


Really great app, been using it for a few weeks, very happy with it.
Just bought the pro version, its guys like this that make the BB10 platform great.


Thank you very much. Your suggestions are highly appreciated anytime. @aioremote @hishamBakr


This guys has a vision, and he looks like he's going to make it happen!

Posted via CB10


Thank you very much for kind words. I have a lot of passion and self motivation. If I can change the world, I will :)


It it would be great if we could remotely control our PlayBook from our BlackBerry 10 device, access files, emails and so on. Control sound volume of the PlayBook from the BB10!

We could call it BlackBerry Bridge.

I so miss this bridge...

Posted via CB10


Future versions will have some of the features you listed but other features are hard to implement as they depend on some APIs not exposed to developers


Thank you very much for writing about my app. But please update app URL because you are referring to Play book version.

It would be better to point them to my website to get correct URL


Mr. Bakr thank you for the great app you have created. I haven't used it but from the sounds of it it feels awesome!!!

Posted via CB10


Thanks for your kind words. Will be happy if you tried it. If you faced issues or have suggestions, I will be more than happy to hear you

Aljean Thein

Where do i download the server app ?


WOW Simon Sage is tall and this app looks epic!


As a fellow developer I am very impressed!

Posted via my red hot Z10


Thanks for your kind words. Waiting your suggestions anytime. @hishamBakr @AioRemote


Remote desktop, something I miss allot. Can't wait to get that with my Q10 and then I'll be able to view my desktop pc from my blackberry. I never turn it off except when the power flickers (warning sign), so it'll be quite handy to remotely upload videos. :D

Ashish Sanghvi

the link is not working. Alternative link to download server app for bb10???