CrackBerry Live: 10 Minutes with the one and only Vivek Bhardwaj

And this one even ends with a typing test!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2013 09:32 am EDT

If you're a BlackBerry fan and have tuned into any of the BlackBerry conference keynotes the past year and a half, you will know Vivek Bhardwaj. Vivek has been doing demos for the latest and greatest BlackBerry features for years now as head of the BlackBerry Software Porfolio. Adam and I run through the show's big announcements with Vivek, get some insight to what happens behind the scenes at these general session demos, and close things off with a typing speed duel that you won't want to miss. 

CrackBerry Live is running right now! Hop on if you want to catch more interviews from the last day at BlackBerry Live 2013.

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CrackBerry Live: 10 Minutes with the one and only Vivek Bhardwaj


Give me a minute with Vivek and he wouldn't be able to walk without a constant reminder of the way BlackBerry has treated its loyal, longtime, long-suffering clients. Where the heck is BlackBerry OS 10 for the BlackBerry PlayBook? Keep the current Tablet OS interface but bring the system software up to BlackBerry OS 10. And fix the bridge before any more trolls take up residence under BlackBerry Bridge.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Second on the PlayBook fiasco, but why didn't one of you chickens ask King Vivek about these Damn Restarts-Reboots. We all know you guys know about it but are secretly ignoring it. Also before any of you jump all over me, let me just say this .... I'm on my 4th replacement Z10 contemplating trying for a 5th. Had/have issues on stock 10.0 OS and every single leak of 10.0.10 and 10.1. Tried every single Voodoo trick on every single thread on here concerning restarts/reboots (and it's a freaking boat load of them). You guys or BlackBerry are being real pussies about this problem. Come on, even Apple eventually admits when there's a problem.

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I manage a plethora of PlayBooks, all on the latest OS and being used every day. I don't have any complaints from users about random reboots, and the one I use doesn't seem to suffer.

While I don't currently have a Z10, when I did have an LE it didn't suffer from random reboots. I didn't have it long though, only a few weeks before it was lost, so maybe I needed more time with it? :(

Astounding. That's really crazy. You tried four Z10s and all had random reboots? Is there a component or app or configuration you allways used on all of them? Like the same SIM Card, special Android port or something? Do you live in a special area? I guess you tried out a lot and went crazy already to find a solution. But it sounds to me that it can't be the Z10 alone that is responsible for the reboot. It must be a combination of another factor.
Where in the forums have you gathered with others?

I have no problem's with my Z10 I have had it for a couple of months now. And updated it twice so far.

I feel your pain though because your carriers down there (USA) are making blackberry look bad by not providing the updates blackberry is making available. I think the competition has them/carriers in their back pockets...and are doing this on purpose.. something fishy going on when others are getting updates and you guys in the USA are not...

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Funny how they were schooled by the thumb master.
I have been checking repeatedly here, online etc. For BB10 on PlayBook announcement and it is getting extremely frustrating that nothing has been announced yet and that no one from CB has asked the question yet!

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Thats a big Q&A session. They have had plenty of 1 on 1 interviews with high level people and they could have asked it to them in one of those, where it is harder to give a BS answer like this one and just move on to the next question. BlackBerry used the promise of BB10 to get away from having to update the PlayBook at all because BB10 would be a massive update addressing the browser, app catalog, etc. Now that BB10 is out the PlayBook is going to get zero developer support until the PlayBook gets BB10. BlackBerry is hoping us PlayBook users just shut up and buy whatever the future plan is.

Everything I've heard on PlayBook getting BB10 has been "late 2013". I take that as we shouldn't expect to hear ANYTHING about it until fall. It sucks, I own several PlayBooks in the family, and manage many at work, so I'm in the same boat as you. But, I'd rather not see something rushed out and broken while we wait for the ironed out version.

I don't want them to rush it either as I think it will take some extra tweaking to get it running perfectly. If they had the resources it would have been done faster. If we want the company to survive we will have to be more patient with them. We just need them to man up and tell us it will take time and to be patient. I would only accept a rush job from them at this point if they wanted Beta testers. I would be inclined to help get it out faster.

Who's interested if Vivek prefers Q10 or Z10 if people wait for any statement on the Playbook? Yes - I understand that it is not the #1 priority anymore but treating us as if they don't care at all is not very clever by BB or CB. Regarding the CB team - sorry you don't rock for me ... your PB forum is full of rants, frustration and bitterness by your community and yet you use your 10 minutes for mostly irrelevant questions.

How I dislike this anglosaxon "yeah, everything is so cool & great". Get to the points! Straight!

I agree.... Cmon guys...

Don't forget the PB.... BBRY you got to this point on the backs of the PB early adopters... Where is our love?

He really is a great interviewee. Blackberry will do very well by Vivek. Good sense of humour as well and very understated.

Lol! Vivek smoked both of you. That was awesome! You guys need to train more and then have a rematch. Battle Royal!

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