CrackBerry Launcher App for BlackBerry Smartphones updated to v2.0.9

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 May 2011 10:32 am EDT
CB LauncherCB Launcher

For those of you rocking our CB Launcher app, you'll want to know that Fabian just updated it to version 2.0.9 which brings with it some of the recent CrackBerry forum changes we implemented recently, including the addition of our PlayBook and BlackBerry 7 forums and re-location/re-labeling of the Bold 9930/9900 forum.

As for all of you who may not be using the app, the CB Launcher is a really basic utility that helps you get from your BlackBerry Smartphone's homescreen to the location you want to endup on very quickly. Think of it as a shortcut/launcher on steroids. It allows you to do some of the navigation on your device before launching the web browser and going to the destination page. At a total cost of Zero dollars, it's a no brainer to download and install. Grab it at the links below.

Download the CrackBerry Launcher from the CrackBerry App Store
Download the CrackBerry Launcher from App World




I normally hate to waste space with launchers, but I may actually give this one a try.

Thanks Kevin!! And Happy Birthday (don't read this post until May 13th).

Kevin Michaluk

bday isn't untill monday the 16th, but thanks! :)


I reinstall the launcher this morning and didn't notice the changes not until I saw this blog LoL


You guys going to get a PB version sometime? :)


Awesome. I first dismissed this as I don't care about having a launcher on my Torch. I already have shortcuts to sites on my favs. Although I'm glad I took a second look as I tend to jump from the Torch forums, to games, to themes....blah. This will be quicker than loading each page in my brower....I like.


unfortunately still tiny minute print size though on torch ,546 ?


You know you have the same b-day as Janet Jackson! Not that your probably care..


Wondering when it was gonna be updated, I was asking myself that the other day when scrolling thru lol


A 2.0.9th version of a launcher. :)) Advanced as Linux kernel.


When will you have a playbook app?


Nice,now its time for me to go download it,bye