CrackBerry Labs: BlueAnt Q2 vs Motorola Oasis Bluetooth Headset Head to Head

Motorola Oasis
By Joseph Holder on 29 Apr 2011 01:24 pm EDT

Two lucky readers will win either the Oasis or the Q2! Read on for details.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I hate wires. They're cumbersome, always getting tangled in things, and half of the time you grab the wrong wire anyway. I love the freedom of movement afforded by Bluetooth headsets, the ease of paring the headsets, and the myriad voice responses built right in. Audio instructions, automatic pairing mode and a thankfully abset "Enter Code 0000" made for a surprisingly pleasant experience, pairing the devices with my BlackBerry.

In the past, I've written about Stereo Bluetooth Headphones; today, I'm taking a look at two Bluetooth headsets: the Motorola Oasis and the BlueAnt Q2. Both impressed me with their signal range, call quality and comfort. In the end, there could be only one winner.

Round One: Controls and Comfort

The Motorola Oasis fits comfortably on the ear. Unlike many recent headsets, the Oasis sits over the ear, rather like a very stylish hearing aid. The weight of the headset rests on the outer part of the ear, rather than the ear canal like the Q2. Thus, it is easier to wear the headset for an extended amount of time.

The controls on the headset are not the easiest to use. Almost all the controls are located on the back of the headset, requiring a reach behind the ear. It is the logical place to put the controls, they just aren't easy to get to. The call control, which I had a difficult time finding when answering a call, is located on the microphone arm.

BlueAnt Q2

The BlueAnt Q2 has some of the best controls I have ever enjoyed on a Bluetooth headset. Except for raising and lowering the volume,  all the headset's functions are voice controlled. Want to turn the LED on? Tell that to the Q2. Reject an incoming call? Just say, "ignore."  Like the Oasis, the Q2 easily accesses your BlackBerry's voice dialing; just say, "phone commands."

BlueAnt does an excellent job of offering a fully hands-free call. After pairing, the Q2 downloads a copy of your phone book. When calls come in, you're told who is calling and given the option to answer or ignore.

Without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off of the steering wheel, you're able to know your caller and respond to the call. In addition, BlueAnt goes out of its way to promote Vlingo's free SafeReader (now a part of Vlingo - Virtual Assistant) for texts and emails. Again, promoting a fully hands-free experience.

Though the headset only has three buttons and a switch, they are - for the most part - easy to get to. The call button on the side and the volume buttons on top are certainly easy to navigate by even the largest of thumbs. The power switch is tucked back against the ear. Unless you have some sharp fingernails, you'll want to turn on the Q2 before placing it in your ear.

Both the Oasis and Q2 offered easy to follow audio instructions for pairing with your BlackBerry, and I was pleasantly surprised to be spared that whole "Enter code 0000" bit. The Q2 offered more step-by-step instructions, but both devices automatically put themselves in pairing mode and gave voice directions on how to proceed.

Round 2: Signal strength

Round 2: Signal strength

Both the Oasis and the Q2 performed surprisingly well in signal tests. In order to judge how well the device worked at range, I placed my paired and connected BlackBerry on a box and started to walk away. When the signal faded, I placed a flag to mark the edge of each headset's range. To get a good data sample, I did this five times for both the Oasis and Q2. After a few runs, a pattern began to emerge; one headset was outperforming the other.

For these tests, I was in open air with no other electronics, walls, or other obstructions. That being said, both headsets performed well over their rated range of ~33 feet (10 meters). For the majority of the tests, the Q2 was just beginning to shows signs of crackling at 50 feet, while the Oasis lasted until 90 feet. Incredibly, twice the Oasis lasted until 120 feet; and once, the Q2 still functioned well at over 200.  

Round 3: the Open Window

Round 3: the Open Window

When you purchase a Bluetooth headset, you'll probably want to immediately connect it to your BlackBerry and go for a drive. Both headsets tout superior noise and wind reduction technologies, so I put them in the test. As I rolled down the highway, Google Voice helped me to record calls from both headsets.

Both performed well at reducing sound while riding in a car and with the window slightly opened. When the window is fully opened and a whirlwind of noise and well... wind enters the car, a clear winner emerges. Though the Q2 does a decent job at this level, the Oasis just does it better. It's pretty loud with that window down; I couldn't even hear myself. But the Oasis could.

My Recommendation

Because these are both excellent Bluetooth headsets, it is difficult to pick a clear winner. In this situation, I believe it best to go back to the basics of a Bluetooth headset.  Which headset gives the clearest call quality in all situations?  Which affords me the greatest range from my BlackBerry?  Because of its superior call quality and range, I declare the Motorola Oasis to be the winner of this versus challenge.

As I say in the video, don't discount the Q2 just yet. The Q2 offers a much more hands-free experience. Calls are answered and settings are changed simply by speaking; there are no cryptic series of buttons to press. Unlike the Oasis, the BlueAnt Q2 supports A2DP. Your calls, music, and even podcasts can come right through the headset.

In the end, the choice is yours. While the Oasis offers better call quality and range, the Q2 offers a superior hands-free, voice-controlled experience. Which is the better headset? That's your decision to make. I will tell you this. When asked which one I'm keeping, I immediately responded, "the Q2."

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review and tell us which headset you feel won this competition and why. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. Two lucky winners will get either the Motorola Oasis or the BlueAnt Q2 shipped direct from 

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Labs: BlueAnt Q2 vs Motorola Oasis Bluetooth Headset Head to Head



I'd go with the q2 - my last headset was a blueant before it broke and I was very happy with it.

I'd say the Q2 personally as the headset allows you more control via a more handsfree experiene, especially in the day and age when you need to keep more of your attention on the road and you are more likely to be using a bluetooth headset when driving and you'll need to keep your hands on the wheel which the voice control of the Q2 better allows you to do.

You also get the ability to listen to your music and podcasts whilst using the Q2 which personally I think is a great addition.

So the Q2 gets my vote hands down.

Q2 ownz!@# :) features are infinitely better setup and address book not to mention easy access with the buttons.

The clear choice is the Oasis to me, too. So much of what you would do with a BT headset on seems superior on Oasis based on Joseph's review. Great job reviewing too I might add. I would buy based on his recommendation. I would really love the chance to try it myself, too.

I would have to say the blueant Q2, although I am interested in trying the "hearing aid" style of the oasis. But in the end, better voice prompts, on-board phonebook, and A2DP win it for me by far. Now if I could just win one somehow...

I have to go with the Blueant Q2 for the fact is says the callers name. Nothing beats knowing who's calling without having to look at your phones screen.

The Q2 being more of a handsfree device wins due to its more feature capabilities...both are great of course, but I would want the Blueant Q2

I must say- based on the fact that my personal bluetooth has been m.i.a. For a week or so, the timing couldn't be better. Given my druthers- I would go with the Q2 for all of the hands-free options like knowing who is calling and listening to files. My commute is approximately 40 minutes- one way, and not having to "look" at my Torch would rock- that way I can keep eyes on all the maniacs on the interstate! BlueAnt for me- please! And thanks!

I would go with the Q2 simply because you can do more with it i.e stream music etc.

Its less likely that a person would be driving with the windows down, and although I do like to walk and talk, I also like to listen to music as I walk so for me, the Q2 is the better deal.

So, do I get one?

Personally, I think the whole point of a wireless headset is to replace the wired variety and maintain call quality. Features are all well and good but the fundamentals have to be taken care of first and the most fundamental thing in a headset is its call quality. I opt for the Motorola.

I must say- based on the fact that my personal bluetooth has been m.i.a. For a week or so, the timing couldn't be better. Given my druthers- I would go with the Q2 for all of the hands-free options like knowing who is calling and listening to files. My commute is approximately 40 minutes- one way, and not having to "look" at my Torch would rock- that way I can keep eyes on all the maniacs on the interstate! BlueAnt for me- please! And thanks!

I really need the range, as I often leave my phone on a desk/counter and walk into another room with the bluetooth.
I choose the Motorola Oasis just for the sheer range.

I really need the range, as I often leave my phone on a desk/counter and walk into another room with the bluetooth.
I choose the Motorola Oasis just for the sheer range.

My wife has the first blueant and I have to say the voice controls are awesome! Either would be a great product. With a newborn both your hands are tied up always doing something!

I have to go with the motorola, just because the noise cancellation is a HUGE factor in which bluetooth I will pick! :)

VERY nice review Joseph! Both of those items would be a good choice for different reasons, thanks for covering pretty much all of my concerns with BlueTooths in general. However my quest for the best BlueTooth ended with the Plantronics Voyager Pro. It looks a bit more geeky than I like but my clients really appreciate the clarity, and volume of my calls. Being an old burnout rock and roller I increasingly mistake Ps with Ts, Fs with Ss, etc. That was aggravated by the need to use headsets, UNTIL I got the Plantronics. Im not advertising for Plantronics, its just to point out that there is an end to this quest eventually if you keep looking. Having tried 8 different BlueTooths, its nice to finally settle. It would appear that either one of these would suit anyone's needs.

The Blueant Q2 of course. If the noise reduction is the only factor, roll the window up!! The ability to stream music and podcasts make up for the differences!!

hmm....was the police thing a gag or was it real....because that was truly funny!!

I would go with the Motorola Oasis. Extra hands free options are great...but if no one can hear me on the other end then the only person I would be talking to would end up being myself.

Any info on battery life with these two?

BlueAnt Q2 for me please! I cannot be without voice controls. and noise cancellation isn't a big factor for me!

I'd go with the BlueAnt Q2. I have not once been impressed by a Motorola headset. I've gone thru two pairs of their S9 sport headsets, and one h700 we have here at work was completely dead straight out of the box. And because we didn't have a receipt for the purchase, Motorola refused to exchange it. Motorola might have some good tech in their headsets but to me they're like a ticking time bomb-you never know when they're going to up and die. BlueAnt has really been making strides with their products and becoming more and more of a respected name. I'd love to try out the Q2.

The winner would hav to be Blueant Q2. It functions better from what i saw in the video and it actually sounds better to me, less muffled compared to the motorola. Its signal strength is more then good enough and is very practical.

It would be the Motorola for me. Any conversation that starts with "are you on a cell phone" drives me crazy. I must have noise cancellation

I think the Q2 was a winner in my book becaues of the ease of use with voice commands. I'd love to have either.

I gotta go with the Oasis. It won in comfortability, signal range, and noise reduction. Plus it had a nice but different design to it.

Love the Features found in the Blueant. I always look to see who is called so for me the Blueant would make my drive safer seeing how it tells me the caller. Bravo on the comparison keep them coming.

I have to go with the Q2. Seems like the noise cancellation was similar, and the range is more than sufficient. So with the greater feature set of the Q2, it would be my winner.

I think the Q2 won for being more of a handsfree headset. In Ontario not having to touch my phone or the headset to do anything while driving is important.
Rolling. . .

The Motorola Oasis won in my book. I believe the fact that it is more comfortable, and also has a better call quality makes it the winner. When buying a headset, the most important factor for me would be the quality of the call. Therefore, the Oasis wins it for me, hands down.

The Q2.

Based on comfort and not having a bigger device on my ear plus the voice features make it the winner.

Nothing else, but the Oasis! As the results showed it has better call quality and the range of the headset is way better and also the design is awesome. Again great job from Motorola! Great hands-free experience on the Q2, but still call quality has greater importance for me.

the q2. It looks like it has a more positive user exerience especially with the hands free controls.

In my experience I've had most trouble with the fit of devices and volume. I can't seem to find one that fits well in my ear and STAYS as well as being loud enough for me to hear well .(BTW I am not hard of hearing) I've tried 4 different types and ALL of them want to slip out and just seem too low even at the highest volume . I've actually stopped using Bluetooth units for that reason .SO, I'm going to say Q2 based on the controls rating given. Hopefully if I win, this unit will resolve my problem

My Jawbone doesn't do too good driving around with the sunroof and the windows open. Now that summer is almost here, I'd like to see how the Oasis does!

I feel that the blue ant one because of how easy it is to use. Having to search for a button while driving could lead to disaster. Thanks CB for an awesome review and great contest

Ill go for the Q2 why? Base on what I've read it has a nice Voice command or Control I always like this kind of Gadget makes me feel like James Bond LoL and I love the Design.

The Q2 edges out the Oasis based on voice commands alone. This takes "hands free" to the next level. I've been looking at the BlueAnts for a while. Hopefully I'll win one!

A2DP would be nice, however, the Oasis's maximum range and noise-reduction technology is exactly what I need. I work outside in the elements. I have to be able to hear calls, and be heard, while surrounded by noisy machinery, while my Berry is on the charger in the service vehicle. It also looks like its quite a secure fit and comfortable; a must, as I wear a BT headset for 14 hours per day. Good Job Motorola! And thanks, CrackBerry, for the head to head!

The Q2 is the winner in my oppinion. The features of the Q2 outwaigh the signal strenth of the motorola. The call quality of both devices sounded great through my computer. Please crackberry my current sony erricson bluetooth headset is approx 8yrs old and in desperate need of a replacement. Please send me the blueant Q2 thanx.

I'd go for the BlueAnt Q2, as of the easier controls and the overall better speaking experience. Although the Motorola loolks fuituristic, i prefer a basic headset design.
If i should win, please get me one of those BlueAnt Q2s ;)

Definitely has to be the Q2 for me. I love the voice activation concept and distance/windows down is not too important to me. I'm more about overall quality and ease of use. I'd love to win one.

I would go with the oasis, I need more call quality more than talking away from my phone

I would go with the oasis since it has better range, call quality and comfort. could get use to where the controls are.

Blueant Q2 supports A2DP and is hands free, winner in my book. I still use my Z9I Blueant everyday. I'll take the Blueant Q2

Definitely going with the Q2. The voice answering or denying capability and the voice cancellation during the drive give this one the edge over Motorola. :)

I would go with the Oasis as well. The features don't matter if you can't hear who you are talking to or if it uncomfortable enough to not want to wear.

Tough choice. The form factor of the Oasis and how well it performed in testing should make it the obvious winner. Lack of voice control and A2DP support are serious drawbacks though as is the form factor of the Q2. Since I have a convertible that I can't hear my aftermarket BT in anyway when the top down, I doubt the noise superiority of the Oasis is such that it will overcome that (not to mention that I wouldn't need it with BT installed in the car). My final decision on the winner is the Q2. I sure hope this insightful commentary has the Q2 showing up in my mail box.

Q2 should be the winner here...having a2dp and the true hands free operation...along with a "normal" style...seems like the winner to me...the motorola headset just tries to look modern while the behind the ear headsets are not as slick...anymore...

The BlueAnt Q2 sounded way better in the test for the sound quality.

Joseph has been a great addition to the CB team, fun videos to watch :)

This a tough one...I love the idea of good wind/noise reduction, superior call quality... especially when I go walking being on the coast....had me leaning toward the Oasis.

Then A2DP is such a convenience, and a more pure hands free then I'm thinking I'd have to give the nod to the Q2.

In the end, a bluetooth headset is about being able to hear my phone conversation...and sure it's nice not to have to reach up and press a button to get things done. But if the environment I'm in is noisy and I can't be heard...seems kind of pointless.

So, I'll go with the Oasis....

I would take the Motorola Oasis. The comfortability is what really got me. It will be a welcome change to the one that i'm currently using. Which is the original blackberry headphones that came with my 9650

I think the q2 won because it gives a more of a wireless/hands free experience. Which is what Bluetooth devies are all about

The Oasis, being comfortable and better call quality is a priority for me when it comes to headsets. Both are great though.

the Motorola Oasis won for one reason only. the comfort when it seats around the ear. if you are like most people, who wear their Bluetooth headset for a long period of time, you will begin to know that, they take a toll on your ears as I found out with, using different headsets.

I've never used a Bluetooth headset before but just from this review of the 2 i would have to go with the Q2 just for all the options it has and ease of use

I like the Motorola and I also believe that, the Motorola won hands down for noise reduction, range, sound quality.

I would have to go with the BlueAnt Q2. While the review was quite good in detail, how I would personally use the headset is the key to my decision. Having the address book is a very useful tool when driving so I know who is calling. Besides helping me to decide whether to answer or not, if I choose to answer for some people I will pull over to complete the conversation safely. I keep my BB close to me so the distance from BB to Bluetooth is not an issue and the wind test didn’t sound too different. So the address book option is the key factor for me.

i believe the Motorola Oasis is better. Because a major issue i face with Bluetooth headsets is that i cannot wear it for a long time. So it seems the Motorola Oasis is easier to wear for a long time :)

I have tried both myself and know for a fact that, the Blueant wins easily. After using for a period of time, the (sound quality, range of the Blueant becomes more stable-looks like it trains and learns range>) unfortunately. I have lost both when we had a break in .

The Q2 would be my choice. The Moto just looks like it would be uncomfortable to wear. I also like the fact you can do so much truly hands free. No sense if you have to fiddle with how to answer.

I would say the Q2 as it offers a complete handsfree approach when driving while you still have to mess with pushing a button on the oasis if you want to answer a call as well as look down at your phone if you want to know who's calling on the oasis so it seems like the Q2 is the safer choice when driving.

I think the Q2 won - the controls seem to be in a much less odd location, it has A2DP, and even if over the ear is more comfortable, the Motorola looks... unbalanced to the aft end, and I'd feel like I'm walking around with a block of something stuck behind my ear, I'd think. I'd much prefer the Q2, and will gladly accept one :)

Since the call quality and signal range of both are above what would be considered very good I choose the least ugly of the two. The BlueAnt.

I would choose the BlueAnt Q2. Main reasons being that I prefer the "in-ear" style rather than "over-the-ear". While the better noise reduction of the Oasis is tempting, the "in-ear" style is more important.

Beauty is in the eye of the J Holder...or is it Beauty is but a light switch away...the clear winner is Oasis for clarity.

I would have to pick the BlueAnt, as I drive a lot and I am disabled, so as most people dont have to always keep 2 hands on the wheel where as I do (Hand Controls), and the Blueant with all the added Vlingo Features (I have Vlingo) would be a huge bonus to my current hands free setup. GO GO Blueant!

I think the Q2 wins. The call quality wasn't different enough to outweigh the advantages of voice controls. It's great for a hands free device to really be hands free!

Would love to have the Blueant Q2 for my Torch - after reading a lot about each unit, I really need the Blueant! Thanks!

I think the Q2 won. I mean the idea ISSSSS hands-free. So if you can maintain great call quality and eliminate the necessity of pressing buttons it not only provides a safer driving experience but improves on ease of use.

BlueAnt Q2 would seem to give the more hands-free experience. That is the purpose of one, right? Hence, it gets my vote of desire.

Thanks for the reviews,

I would say the BlueAnt Q2 would win in my opinion because the ability to answer a call by saying "answer or reject" is such a great safety feature to have while driving. Like in the video, the Motorola headset had that pesky little button towards the front was hard to press and could be potentially a driving hazard.

Motorola Oasis - It won in what I consider to be the most important areas and I prefer its original styling.

I think the BlueAnt Q2 won because you can answer with the voice, and the call quality is good enough to establish a conversation, is very simple to answer a call without having to move the hand from it's current position just with the voice. Excellent.

I have used Blue Ant and Motorolas before. Blue Ant has nicer features but for me I look for a bluetooth headset that has excellent range, sound quality, and noise cancelation. The winner here is the Moto Oasis. I'd like one please.

Q2 for sure. Today, when we're looking for the best of the best in bluetooth, and they become a more commonplace item in our communications world, we need not only a piece that works to our specifications, but one that is going to be visually acceptable to ourselves, and to others. The BlueAnt has always had quality and style as good bedfellows when it comes to this new technology, and They've hit it out of the park again.

Oasis, hands down! At the end of the day when it comes to a blue tooth headset if the caller on the other end can't hear you, I don't care how cool it's hands free controls are... it's no good... and since the Oasis performs better in the wind test, Oasis it is for me!

Blueant For me a true hands free device, besides how far can you really go with your BB. Not that far off that the distance will cut off.

because call quality and noise reduction are very important to me especially during international calls I will go with the Oasis

I'm really torn here. The Oasis has better call quality and comfort, the Q2 more hands free features and internal phone book. Wow for both, but too bad we can't have one that combines the best of both worlds.

I am going to lean towards the Q2. I currently have the Q1 and I like it very much. It is extremely feature rich. Being able to answer/reject the phone call using your voice is prefect for hands-free. In addition, you can have two phones connected to the headset at the same time. The voice quality on the Q1 is very good. I can use my Q1 in the car with the windows down and the sunroof open without the person I am talking to complaining that they cannot hear me. I can also stream music through the Q1 from my blackberry. The distance is not really a concern for me because i am rarely 90 feet from my phone, especially if I am talking on it. I would assume that since this is an upgrade from the previous model that these attributes are improved as well.

Cons: I have had connection issues. Periodically, my phone will just disconnect. I think it is more the device, the Bold 9650, than the Q1 because I do not have this issue when connected to my iPhone.

I'm on the road a lot and it appears the Motorola Oasis would be a winner to me since the Q2 sounded like it began to break up with the window open. The Oasis sounded a little more digital, but that was probably the noise cancellation @ work.

I would pick the Q2 and herre is my reason. The voice command to pick up a call is a big plus, the other plus is that it sychs up your contacts and let's you know who it is giving you the option to pick up or not. So for me, the winner is Q2. Now pick me cause I can't stand my wired head set :0)

Why are we using a headset - because we can't or don't want to push any buttons and answer a call. So the Q2 is definetly mine.

i would go with BlueAnt Q2 coz of its small size and true hands free experience and i didn't hav a good experience with motorola mobile sets as far as reliability is concerned so maybe u have not considered the reliability factor but for a small gadget like BT hands free, its quite an important factor, if u r a t-shirt/jeans kind of guy u would understand what i mean

Hands down the Q2!
It downloads a copy of my phone book. When I receive a call, it tells me who's calling. I don't need to look at my BB! How is that for convenience when you're driving =)

For me the clear winner would have to be the Motorola Oasis due to it having the best call quality when in the car. This is when I use my current headset (Jawbone: Icon) the most. I have not been very impressed with the amount of noise reduction and would love what I hope would be an upgrade.

Motorola Oasis!

because of its comfort to wear. When i will be looking for a bluetooth headset, comfortability would be my first priority and design is also good, as majority of the part rests behind the ear, so a sleek looking part gets noticed (or unnoticed during presentations and meetings ;) )

I'd gamble on the Oasis as most of the headsets I've used cause people on the other side to complain about background noise while driving.

Has to be the Oasis! Form factor, signal, noise cancelling, all very important. Plus its simple and easy, answer/don't answer. If who's calling is really a factor for you odds are that habit will get you to look at the phone anyhow. Voice commands are overrated. Too much prompting to get results (distractions, aren't we trying to avoid those while driving?)

I think the Blueant Q2 because its has more fuctionality as a bluetooth headset and is more hands free headset.

I would have to go with the blue ant. I have never been a fan of the bulky "around ear" headsets, and voice control seems the way to go

My winner is the Motorola Oasis because while ease of use and superb voice comands are a great asset, the point of the handsfree is to make the calls and get through them in a way the other party can hear you.

I particular like test with the windows all the way down. I'd love to try this out.

I would go with the Q2, Signal range isnt that important to me due to the fact my phone is always on my hip or in my hand plus I like the fact that my it is voice activated and I can get my music thru it as well. If I had to choose which to purchase it would be the Q2 over the motorola

I would go with the Q2, Signal range isnt that important to me due to the fact my phone is always on my hip or in my hand plus I like the fact that my it is voice activated and I can get my music thru it as well. If I had to choose which to purchase it would be the Q2 over the motorola

I wish I could try each to make a worthwhile comment...I have always liked motorola products going back to my radio days...I'd go with it!

The Osis would win for me justdue to the fact I'm always driving with the window down. This would be a great addition for me.

So much about the Q2 just screams WIN to me. From connecting to your phonebook, to truely having a handsfree voice command system it sounds like the Q2 is the better deal. The Oasis depending on the weight of the outer part of the ear rather than the canal does sound like a nice little difference though, but I'd hate to have to keep reaching behind my ear to press buttons.

Q2 it is.

i would choose the Motorola Oasis because i feel it is the clear cut winner. with a larger range and better open window driving performance, this seems superior for those reasons and would be the one i choose.

I would go for the Q2, I thought the call quality was better on it and having to simply say answer with no fuss is a bonus.


The winner in my opinion is Q2, as it can perform most features the oasis can perform plus A2DP! That is very important as I listen to podcasts when I'm driving.

I actually liked the Q2's quality in the car more. But for style and comfort looking I'd say the Oasis. So I give my win to the Oasis for this.

great review,i feel both headsets have a lot to offer,but my own personal choice would be the Q2 just for the look alone.i dont think i would feel comfy with the motorola.just my opinion.thanks.

Q2 would be the winner in my opinion as it supports one of the better text to voice applications such as Vlingo. Would be great to have pretty much complete handsfree with possibility of texts and emails read aloud to you via bluetooth through vlingo and write emails and texts as well

Motorola. Noise reduction and design make it a clear winner for me and sets it apart from the generic look of the Q2 and the other 500+ headsets like the Q2.

The Oasis won the competition. The Oasis has a similar design as the Plantronics which offers excellent call quality because of the larger mic. I tried the Q2 and it wasn't comfortable. I found the call quality wasn't that good at my end. But that could be because it didn't fit in my ear properly. I would love to win the Oasis and give that a try because it's hard to beat that design. Motorola are known for their superb call qualiy and clarity.

I would have to go with the Q2. They seem to build a better product that is more reliable than the Motorola Bluetooth headset I have had in the past. But I would honestly like to win either of these since the places I travel ban using your cell phone without a headset. Pick me please!

I personally would go for the Motorola Oasis,

It looks more elegant,
Seems like it fits more comfortably on the ear,
The signal strength is better
And the sound is better even with wind and loud noise outside which for me is the best feature

Would love to win one

I would say the Q2 would win, the Q2 has a better look to it and he has the added features of voice command and that very important to me when I'm driving.

Q2 please let me win i would love to own this bluetooth it would b so cool. i could hear for miles late at nite while i am running threw the meadows like a warlock sort of speak with the blood of a wild tiger. let me be a winner so i can join the winners circle with charlie you guys at this great site at crckberry hold the key. if i dont win its a good try with the story... :)

Great review! I'd choose the Q2 for the better voice controls!!

Thanks for the opportunity to win, Crackberry!!!!

I would declare the Q2 the winner. but, it really does boil down to - how would you use the device and what are your expectations

i feel that the Motorola Oasis won not cause of the range or the battery life or the sound or anything like that but cause of the look of it cause it looks like it would feel more comfy on ur ear than the other one so i believe it is based on the look and i also believe joan rivers from the fashion police would agree cause its all about the look lol

I have won the motorola oasis. It looks sleek and refreshing. Different from other conventional bluetooth headsets.

I prefer the ease of true hands-free, voice activated control. So I gotta go with the Q2. A2DP support is an even bigger game-changer (I gotta have my music wherever I go!)

The Blueant wins easily IMHO... 50 feet of range is more than enough for any headset, so usability is the main criteria.

the motorola oasis is better choice for me , the fact that it has a better range and better noise reduction and those are the things i need.

The oasis is wayy better because it can sit in your ear for a longer time... The controls don't really matter everyone can sacrafice control for time!

Blueant Q2 - voice command is a hands down winner... (although noise reduction is a close second) - I would be happy with either pair!

I like the Oasis. the resting on the outer ear design is a plus. my last blue ant was buggy.. think the Oasis seemd to have better overall call quality.