CrackBerry Kevin's Lost Luggage Karma Contest Winners Announcement!

Flying home from our Toronto BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, one of my five bags of checked luggage went missing. I assumed it was gone forever. Three days later it came to back to me in perfect condition, everything in place. To keep the travel gods happy and my karma in check, I decided to give away three pieces of my returned luggage to lucky CrackBerry readers!

CrackBerry Kevin's Karma Contest Winners!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2013 07:08 pm EST

Ok CrackBerry Nation, here is the long-awaited winners announcement in my Karma Contest. Almost 2500 people entered to win items from my luggage that went missing but three days later was returned to me. I was lucky, and now three CrackBerry members are too!

The contest ended February 24th, but things were so busy with the CrackBerry re-launch that I didn't have time to slow down for a moment and get this done. With things coming into rhythm again on that front, today is the first chance I have had to catch my breath and get this done. I appreciate the patience!

I used our contest winner picker system to select three names at random from all of the entries received. From there, the three lucky winners have won and will receive the items they requested via the comment they left to the Karma post (luckily, all of the winners chosen ended up wanting different things).

The three prizes won ended up being pretty sweet -  a BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105, a pack of awesome BlackBerry and CrackBerry stickers, and a BlackBerry PlayBook.

As for who won... drum roll please......

  • BlackBerry Pearl 9105 - Jessica Narwold
  • BlackBerry Sticker pack - HofstraJet
  • BlackBerry PlayBook - Kenteeet

Huge congrats go to all the winners. You'll be receiving an email from CrackBerry requesting your shipping info. If you can reply quick that would be awesome as I have to head to UPS on Monday to ship some other things and want to get this all sent out! 

Thanks again to everybody who entered! May good Karma be with you all!!

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CrackBerry Kevin's Lost Luggage Karma Contest Winners Announcement!


Kevin am I missing something??? the pic shows like over 30 items but we only have 3 winners? I asked for a sticker lol

I won???? please stop playing with my head, thats not nice. where did u c that I won a Z10, Crossed fingers lol

I want the stickers. Just one so my OtterBox doesn't hide the fact that it's a BlackBerry so much.

Posted via CB10

That's it. One way or another I'm going to figure out how to get Sparks and BlackBerry and CrackBerry stickers in the hands of BlackBerry fans around the world.

It's crazy awesome how people flip out when they see a BlackBerry or CrackBerry sticker. I declare 2013 the year of the sticker. Stay tuned!

Kevin, sticker buyer here. Put them in the store! I "need " a good quality spark for the car window. And the BB logo would be cool as well. Cheers!

Congratulations to all the winners. Well done, you deserve to be spoilt early before the Easter bunny grabs your goodies

Congrats to the winners!!!

Would definitely love to see some BlackBerry, Spark AND CrackBerry stickers in the CB Store!

Congrats to all! I will get myself a new pair of glasses. I thought the lovely little white block was the 9100. I hated the 9105.

Btw, dear Kevin, if you have a Pearl 9100 (no matter the color), I would love to buy it from you. This phone has always been my greatest wish and it is not available in France. This way, you can get some money back. The CB community is ruining your bank account.

Kevin great site and maybe you could get BB to include a sticker with every new phone. I did not win but still excited about this site. Keep up the good work.

I most definitely many apples are on cars these days?
More fruit stickers! I need variety!

!!!!! disappointed by the contest.
There were several items and no specification that there will be only 3 winners.

Wow, I can't believe my wife won. I've been signing up for these contests for forever and never won. She randomly decides to sign up for this one and wins. I couldn't believe it when I read her name.

Thank you so much Kevin, That is so awesome. I might have to give my wife my 16gb so we can videochat when away from home, not sure I can give away CrackBerry Kevin's playbook, either way rest assured the "Crackberry karma & travel gods" are sending it to a good loving home. Can't wait to get it, thanks again!

Help! I'm a winner and I didn't get an email. What should I do? I'm so excited I cant contain myself! I'm going to celebrate tonight!

I did get it. I'm so sorry I just now got to email crackberry back. I just still can't believe. I'm so excited! Thank you so much for offering this to us! Good vibes to you!