CrackBerry Kevin talks iPhone 5s / 5c launch day antics w/ iMore's Rene Ritchie

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2013 11:48 am EDT

If you follow @crackberrykevin on twitter, you'll know I spent the morning stirring the iPhone pot in typical CrackBerry fashion. I happen to be in Miami at the moment, so I hit up the busy Lincoln Road Apple Store to take in the iPhone launch craziness and join in on the action (I'm not sure on exact numbers, but would say it was probably 500+ people waiting). If you remember correct, I was also here during the launch of the new iPad last year and helped our sister site cover that event.

I was sure to spread the word that BBM is coming to iOS throughout the line, snapped a photo of a tv reporter covering the event from her BlackBerry, and then went on a mission to get my hands on the hard to get GOLD iPhone 5s. Apparently Apple either massively underestimated the demand for the gold iPhone, or is intentionally limiting its supply, but either way around the world this phone is currently hard to get. At this location there were only THREE gold iPhones to be had. Given that I was around 2/3 of the way back in the line, I did the only thing I could think of doing... shortly before the doors opened at 8am I ran up to the guy in the front of the line and offered to buy his gold iPhone 5s off him once he went inside and bought it. He took the deal (still cheaper than a P'9981, and apparently a good deal since right after I bought it another person offered him twice as much... but I already had it and walked away). 

For more in-depth talk on the event, be sure to hit up the video above. Rene Ritchie and I are going to talk about the morning. In a lot of ways it feels like Apple ticked off their fan base this morning. There was tons of iPhone 5cs in stock, but everybody in line seemed to want the 5s. And of those people, it seemed like a lot wanted the gold one, which was not available. We'll talk about that and more. And stay tuned.... I unboxed the iPhone 5 last year naked.... I'll cook up something later today to top that. :)

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CrackBerry Kevin talks iPhone 5s / 5c launch day antics w/ iMore's Rene Ritchie


I don't blame Frank can't sell in U.S. Maybe he is hired to sell in France. But if he can't even sell in France, then ...

Blows my mind. Can you pre-order it? Or does nobody want to wait for the mail? I want it yesterday! So I'll wait all night for one with 500 other nutjobs! Crazy dude.

Apple didn't allow preorders for the 5s and they definitely knew they were keeping a low stock...

I think they wanted to push people into getting a 5c, or just create that media rush for selling out of the 5s

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+1 Apple has only about 400 stores worldwide. They should have been able to stock hundreds (if not thousands) at each store. Only having 7 or 10 of any phone is laughable. Wow, Apple sold 4,000 gold iPhones today! Yay!

Off subject but we had a Chicken joint open here recently and people were lined up for at least 2 miles in vehicles to get in. I heard some sat there for a couple hours to get a piece of Chicken.

Posted With My Z10 or PB

probably the same people lined up today for the 5s/c or whatever they call it...
"forgive them 'cause they don't know what they're doing"

Apple is just laughing as they toy with people. Not only packing up in lines a** to crotch as if it's some new roller coaster ride during a hot vacation season, but instead for a mobile device, and now one that is gold. Puppets. There is absolutely no purposeful reason that these people prioritize their life for the launch of some tech device. Plain silly. If that doesn't define the hypnotic spell their under, nothing will. The psychology behind it all is fascinating at this point. Bare in mind I own a few Apple devices, but none of them are worth waiting in line, fighting, or crying over.

Never did get it.
Why would you ever line up (unless you're the first guy in line to make a quick buck to resell it)

I'm still rockin' my BB Bold 9780...yes I'd love to get my hands on a new Z10/30 but I can wait

Don't know what the fuss is about. I upgraded my iPhone which has been collecting dust for quite some time to iOS 7 and besides being more colorful and flatter there isn't much difference. I could care less about fingerprint gimmickry.

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For some reason this gold iPhone reminds me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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I love Apple customers, such sheep. I want to dress up as a sheep and go taunt them. Baaahhh baaahhh im a brainwashed Apple customer. iSheep. But, i will give credit where it is due, the iPhone is ok. But BlackBerry is the king.

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With BlackBerry news today, they might start to mocking you when you line up at a BlackBerry store for a new phone...oh...that's right...BlackBerry doesn't have any stores...why are people on this forum so hostile to people who are just having some fun? Lighten up! Ya'll mock the "isheep" but BlackBerry fans seem to be just obsessed with them. Wonder how many Apple fans are sitting around trashing BlackBerry? I assure you, they aren't even thinking of BlackBerry today. And therein lies the problem...

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Lol. I'm not. I've bought / owned every single iPhone over the years. Always buy the competitive phones to keep up on the competition. Also, I lend @imore a helping hand when they need it, just as Rene from iMore has helped out @crackberry plenty of times over the years. 

I agree Kevin! Knowing whatothers OS's are doing is the greater way of realize what jeeps to be done for the future of BlackBerry and innovation!

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No one calls Kevin a traitor !

If for nothing else, he's the reason we have this site today. As for him getting involved with other platforms, why not ? Why shouldn't he be free to participate in any event he wants, given his Mobile Nations portfolio.

Jeesh, give the guy a break.....

iPhone people seem to have a lot of free time to be lining up to get the same phone released last time around.

Why does this get media coverage? Is there nothing else going on in the world?

Posted via CB10•••Keep Moving.

Why is this on CB and not iMore? Are they going to be posting articles on the Z30 and 10.2 on iMore and Android Central?

CB10 - Z10 -

You know that won't happen. We always have to endure garbage apple coverage everywhere when a new ipoop launches. Apple is apparently more important than any other platform, so it needs to crammed down everyone's throat. They should post the launch of the Z30 and 10.2 at iMore.

Agee. I could care less if the author covers iPhone. But why on Crackberry? That's not why most of the readers come here.

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Why we are so much jealous of iPhone stuff? let iSheeps do what they want... that is their money anyway...

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Sorry, I wouldn't line up even for BlackBerry, been duly blessed with this little known thing called patience.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

It's not the product, it's the marketing. Cool is more important than good.

Welcome to the modern world. Still, it is the reality and BlackBerry needs to learn this lesson... BBM cross platform is a possible route to "cool" for BlackBerry. Let's hope that's what happens..

I fully agree, BlackBerry may have the best os on the market but marketing and perception is everything which then leads to carrier support and sales.

I can’t understand how no one has anything better to do than stand in a line up waiting to buy a phone. Don’t these people have jobs or lives that keep them busy on the day to day?

Wow there's so much hate in the comments. C'mon guys that makes us look bitter. It is a good phone (5s) though. Not better than my z10 thoooo!!!! Lol

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"Good phone" is subjective. I don't think there is anything good about it. I prefer the Z10 & Lumia 925, those are "good phones" to me. /Kanye Shrug...

Most of those peeps are those that want to have the first video of it. ;) The reason we dislike isheep is because iphone are selling and BlackBerry isn't. :( But oh well. I Looooove my Z10 and soon to be Z30. Kevin, you don't have to look so excited about your new iphone

Can't wait for someone to release a real-time trading platform for places in the queue... You don't even have to get off your fat bum to get the latest bling if you've got the dough :)

Amazing how isheeps keep buying the same crap year after year and they are blind to new innovation and amazing phones like BB10

Of course Apple purposefully made a smaller amount of 80-year-old woman's Buick-colored iPhones. That way they can get fifty bajillion headlines saying the new iPhone sold out.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

these are the same people who line up and camp to watch the release of star wars. did u notice many of them are wearing super-hero costumes?

Would have been priceless if after buying the gold iPhone from that guy kev dropped it in the gutter in front of all the sheep.

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Rhetorical question :When have you ever seen 500+ people waiting to buy a BlackBerry? Mmm NEVER!

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I was thinking the other day which arm of Mobile Nations Kevin was likely to move towards if/when BB starts to change shape and become even more niche. Figured it would be iMore knowing that Kevin has long been an iPhone/Apple user, and they are mostly great bits of tech. Kevin, I think you should give Android another try though - you would genuinely feel as though you were settling for second best with the iPhone if you did. I think you tried an LG or Motorola during your Mobile Nations tour, but try again with something now Kevin - a One, X or Nexus - and you'll really find something worth being excited about.

Too bad you didn't try in Canada Kevin. Husband still had a Gold one at his store - not that they got that many gold to start with. I was actually impressed they had 3 ppl lined up this morning. They had zip for last year's launch.

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The white and gold Q10 is waaay sexier IMO, but I digress. Can't wait for the next Qwerty BlackBerry phone. The Z30 looks amazing, but I don't know if I can part with this amazing keyboard. Well, I'm going to go BBM people from my PlayBook. Holla!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

What does paying double for a gold iphone have to do with knowing the competition? haha

Kevin loves Iphones, its no secret and i got no problem with that.
But the fact that he says he buys them only to see what the competition is doing is laughable.

I've said it before that Apple's popularity never surprises me. It's Android being on top of the heap I really can't figure out.

The silver lining from yesterday's god-awful news is BlackBerry is to retain 4 devices in their line up which they can narrow their focus on - somehow this seems to be a long time coming. We've heard repeatedly their Achilles Heal has been software all along.

So good then, because it's looking like BB10 will be given the time it needs to mature and become a more widely accepted operating system and with more time on their hands the apps & music store can only get better.

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Hardly the groundbreaking events these product launches used to be. Apple's momentum has passed and they know it. The lines outside their shrines...sorry...stores, are getting smaller and smaller.

I swear, I think either Apple is putting their own employees in line or they are bussing in people from somewhere else to bolster the numbers of people in line, so that when those imbeciles from the media come around with their cameras, they can "report" how "crazy " Apple fans are and how great the company is...see how can they not be when all these people are in line...don't believe us? Look!

Now comes the news that some people have hired homeless persons to stand in line and buy these damn phones for them...

Yeah, see this is the solution for homelessness...why provide them with food, shelter, healthcare...just hire them to stand in line and buy the latest IPhone! Problem solved...courtesy of Apple!

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Because I am an electrical engineer who uses BlackBerry Z10 & PlayBook + mini keyboard combo every day to conduct business, present slide shows, manage my time, and surf the Internet. I can access all my devices over my home WIFI network without the need for cables, and I certainly do not need iTunes to download my music or videos. The only thing that could possibly make this kit any better is the ability to use USB OTG. Who needs a PC or laptop or iPhone when you got a BlackBerry Z30?!

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Im just curious but where the hell is the imore app, andriod central app, and windows phone app for BlackBerry 10.

Kevin no offense but while its great that you guys help each other out. Why the hell are we still waiting for your supposed mobile nations buddies to make an app for our phones!!!???

Maybe thats been the plan all along right up there with thorstein heins. You claim to want to know what other companies are up to well you could have simply downloaded ios7 to your current iphone and NOT provided needless advertisement for apple.

Posted via CB10