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CrackBerry Kevin talks to CNBC following the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event about BB10, the Z10 and the haircut

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2013 11:24 pm EST

Following this week's BlackBerry 10 launch event, I gave a few interviews to some of the big mainstream media folks in attendance. There seemed to be a lot of interest in knowing "the full story behind the hair" as well as how the CrackBerry community was feeling now that the wait was over (at least for some of us - sorry US!) and that we finally had the BlackBerry Z10 in our hands.

Back in September I had a great over the phone interview and debate with CNBC's Carl Quintanilla following the BlackBerry Jam Developer conference, so it was fun to follow up with Carl in person now that BB10 is here. Hit up the video above to check it out. Carl is a fun guy to talk to on this stuff, so hopefully we'll have more discussions as the BlackBerry 10 story continues to unfold over the months ahead. Oh, and you can also get a look at my post-ponytail look here (which I still haven't had a proper hair cut yet). 

It's actually kind of crazy how much coverage the whole "I'm not cutting my hair until BlackBerry 10 arrives" thing has received. It just started out as a silly idea, yet somehow it managed to get broadcast around the world. Heck, it even made The Economist. It's a crazy world we live in.

Source: CNBC 



Yay, capture card! No more pirated-movie-theatre-handycam footage!

Kevin Michaluk

So Miss CrackBerry watched this video, and she said to me... "Why do you always say we? It makes you sound like you work for BlackBerry."

I never realized I did that until she pointed it out, but I didn't really have to think about the answer. I always think of myself as representing the CB team and CrackBerry Nation , so it's not really an I thing when I'm talking to people. But I guess I'd better make that more clear... I could totally see people taking it not like that.

+1 to Miss CB!


You are a stakeholder within the company! Whether you own actual stock, provide insightful information to the appropriate people within the company, etc... When BlackBerry succeeds succeeds!


BBRY is going to offer Kevin a job soon and I think they should

Jimberry Storm

Way to keep them honest on the facts


The cut appeared to hurt. Scissors did not look like they had a sharp blade.


Awesome interview! Loved the bit on the developer support! Way the go, Kevin


I agree completely, man!, kevin is like the spokesperson for Blackberry. Ever consider a new job as spokesperon for BB?

Great job!


He better have a good relationship with Alicia Keys...


Very nice retort on the app comment!! 70,000 apps to start for a device that wasn't even out yet, is pretty damn good!!. Well done Kev!


Kevin - you say we because you're on the Blackberry team, smartphones are sports team for geeks. Most sports fan say we when talking about their favorite team, no need to defend it, although I suppose there is a bit of an issue since Blackberry's success and your site's is somewhat intertwined.

No true BB fan would care, but being a bit more careful in major media interviews would be a good move.

Kevin Michaluk

Yup, you're 100% right. Good call all around. 


Kevin - Way to set things straight on the fact that 70k apps for an unreleased platform is a major accomplishment.
BTW, have you got a proper hair cut yet?

Kevin Michaluk

Too busy to get a proper haircut. It's still the same. Gonna let it keep growing out again for a few weeks in the back, then get it cleaned up all around.

I kinda like it like this.. badge of honor. Wear it with pride! 


Kevin you owned that interview, even stopping the interviewer from leading you down a negative sentiment comment > 2x

Good Job
is it me or did she cut your hair too short/bad?


* BlackBerry by choice *
You do always interview well. Glad to have you representing the CB Nation.


Nice job Kevin! I saw later that day on CNBC that Maria Bartiromo said she's coming back to BlackBerry. She said she went over to the iPhone but was not happy so she's coming back. Smart woman.

I'd also like to talk to Carl Quintanilla.. Mmmm hmm! ;-)


i think part of the reason it got alot of coverage was it was one of the first things shown on the livestream from the media event in london, how it was for other places i dunno, but literally screen went on, compare was chattin bout some stuff then called you up. so if ya like you were the `first impression` of the event.


You put "our" face on the event. Thanks for doing a good job - Kevin, the ' thinking man's fanboy ',
Still haven't cut my hair. Waiting to feel that beauty on my flesh...



I honestly belive that BlackBerry should hire you. Just picture "Kevin and Alicia Keys working and travelling promoting the BlackBerry love"..... You would be a perfect BlackBerry ambasador.


Eh, I don't know about the whole Alicia Keys thing, mark my words; she will be considered a liability to the brand in less than a year. Can't put my finger on it, but she looks like she'll jump to the next flashy feature as soon as she sees it.


Well answered! Well done Mr Crackberry.


Kevin, I think you did an AMAZING job pointing out the fact that zero Z10 has been sold and BB10 has 70k app at launch. Well done!


NAILED IT!!! Great job kevin!