Happy BlackBerry App Developers at BlackBerry 10 Jam

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 May 2012 11:43 am EDT

With the press in attendance mainly shacked out at BlackBerry World 2012, we didn't see too much reporting coming out of the BlackBerry 10 Jam this week.

That said, I did drop by the event on Thursday to help judge the App Circus competition. Props go to B-Giftee, Cooklet (available now for PlayBook) and Training with Messi for taking home the big prizes.

We're going to have more BlackBerry 10 Jam stories hitting the blogs, but overall the event really was a great success. Over the course of the week I did talk to a lot of BlackBerry Jam attendees, and was pleasantly surprised by how HAPPY they all were. Between an awesome keynote presentation, getting BlackBerry 10 Alpha devices and getting really good and usable developer tools, I've never seen such a happy group of BlackBerry developers before. Awesome stuff.

Be sure to watch the video above for my verbal take on things. Props to our friend Ewan at Mobile Industry Review for manning the camera. 

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Happy BlackBerry App Developers at BlackBerry 10 Jam


I'm certainly pumped up by the Dev Alpha and Cascades.

What do you think of the other apps at App Circus in general? Are they any good?

As an attendee, I felt the buzz was incredible. I enjoyed the keynotes and sessions and think the dev alpha is great for getting used to the environments. Thumbs up for BlackBerry for holding a great and enjoyable developer event.

I really hope RIM can make a comeback. I can see all to potential that the playbook has just people can't seem to get their head out of the apple cloud apple products aren't really all they are made out to be.

Come on rim we are routing for you, atleast i am

Hi Kevin. Could you elaborate a little on why some developers are building on BB10 first? I am a little skeptical about that statement given how easily you said it is to port an app over from another platform (which I assume is not true going the other way).

BTW, great coverage by the CB team on the events at BBWC. Great Work!

Because RIM is making it incredibly easy for Dev's to create amazing Apps on the BB10 platform. There is "Build it and they will come." and there is "Give them the tools and they will Build it" and RIM is wise enough to provide some great tools.

Thanks Kevin and the CB team, for all the event reporting and especially the sense of the developers there.
It really does seem like the momentum is shifted and building, which is a great thing to recognize. We could not always say that !

The length of this video is PERFECT!

EDIT: I love hearing your take on things, Kevin - especially because of your steady involvement over the years. Thanks for the coverage, and thanks for the great resource! Cheers!

The supposed reason that Netflix hasn't built a PlayBook App is because of the cost, so it is doubtful that they were there. That doesn't mean they weren't keeping it locked to Crackberry.com and looking at the reports of how easy it is to develop for BB10 o_O.

Skype/MS must think they're too cool for BlackBerry because they could have easily ported (even an Android) App since the NDK came out.

At least Netflix has a 'reason' (cost vs benefit for them-not my opinion, and DRM).

That said, I wasn't there, so I can't really say... I sure hope that they were though. Just my observations and hypothesis.