CrackBerry Kevin: Happy BBRY committed to hardware - CNBC

By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2013 11:33 am EST

After an early morning, Kevin has gone back to bed (he woke up with a fever today) but not before taking some time to chat with CNBC on all of the this mornings happenings.

We talked a bit about the news today on our podcast, but Kevin got a second effort to talk about new CEO John Chen, the Foxconn partnership and what's to come for BlackBerry down the road.

Hit up the video below to hear what Kevin had to say, then talk it up in the comments!


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CrackBerry Kevin: Happy BBRY committed to hardware - CNBC


How is posting % any more misleading than posting $ amount? $ amount on its own is more misleading. Including both together is most informative.

Kevin rounding off in decades how long do you think that haircut video will follow you BTW nice job on interview

True. The stock analysts are thinking positive about the future of BB.
The first morning after announcement of the losses, BB stocks were up (at one point) +20%

niiiice. im glad to see that BlackBerry is committed to producing handsets. I'm excited to see the future of the company.

They won't cuz as I recall John Chen saying "...The changes we are making demonstrate our commitment to innovating for current customers who count on BlackBerry, and the new users who are just learning how powerful and compelling the BlackBerry 10 platform can be. John will be central to all of those efforts."

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Tough sell :(
The low price market will be dominated by Chinese makers
The prestige market is dominated by Samsung with Apple slowly declining

So just curious here. Seeing foxcom will be building handsets. Where do that put the newest flagship the Z30. Will they still continue to build this one or will production of the Z30 cease

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BlackBerry still designs and builds high-end phones, but with smaller volume and for enterprise only, for now. Foxconn will handle the low end side of hardware, just as Thorsten indicated previously about the strategy to license BB10 for others to build low end phones, but now it's a JDM and profit sharing deal.

The video doesn't appear under that post for me. It's not that I can't open it - I can't even see it. It's just a black screen under the post. :-/

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I was wondering the same. Then I decided to access Crackberry through the browser and it works. I guess it don't work on the app :p

The video you are trying to access is unfortunately unavailable at the moment.
A message has been sent to our customer care team so that we may fix the problem.
We're not sorry about it
Go back to work

I had to copy the URL link and open it up in my browser. The video link didn't show even when i choose "Open In Browser" on the CB app. It was the only way to see the video. It worked a couple of minutes ago.

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BlackBerry should keep cutting back on expenses and deliver a heightened BB10 experience. Then start marketing the software to other handsets and only then market hardware once the BlackBerry name is in a positive light.

Mr. Chen is light years ahead of me and I believe his plans are far superior to any of our opinions.

Keep The Faith

BB reports losing 4.4 billion dollars last quarter. Time to abandon ship fellas.....

Who you callin' fellas? The market disagrees with you, at least this morning.

(My own tiny stake is up 10% at the moment. Merry Christmas!)

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They don't even have 4.4 to lose so relax and laugh at the media and their factless reporting sensationalism babble.

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So when did BBRY go into debt?
How can they still be debt free, and have cash on hand but be billions in debt?

You caught me off guard Hybrid, I didn't see that coming from you.

From my Vader Zed

They are NOT debt free anymore, Fairfax injected a billion, with option for 250 million more. They now have DEBT. I think 6% rate on that loan.

It was a write down on paper (real estate, inventory, etc), not an actual cash loss . They've still got their money in the bank. Actually they had less cash burn than what the street was expecting which may be one of the reasons the market reacted positively despite the report of losses.

Plus with a five year hardware agreement with Foxconn, increasing numbers of xBBM users on iOS and Android, xBBM being pre-installed on Android Phones, continued growth of enterprise (New company president dedicated to enterprise), and with QNX continuing to be the market leader in in car infotainment software, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet to say they're going to continue to be around for a while. IMHO.

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The high end market is saturated with phones right now (thanks Samsung!) I think its the best play for them to get in on the low end in emerging markets with people just getting into the smartphone market. There is big room for growth on the low end market. Then Once the OS is beyond 10.2.1 officially or even 10.3 start making the high ends again and organize everything else around it. They still have a bunch of inventory they can sell to enterprise on a lower margin to increase BES10 adoption.

I agree with Kevin this is the right move. But I don't agree with the stock move.

If you look at the daily chart and volume, these big spikes have always translated to either massive short selling or short covering. This does not translate to actual buyers and sellers in the market. Since I am pretty sure most retail investors have long made this stock taboo in their portfolio. I don't know anyone who hasn't been burned by Blackberry stock.

This could just be a quick trade. Shorts covering in high volume could simply be funds reallocating money and taking profits to close books end of the year.

We have had jumps like this before, and eventually have faded in a month or so.

Just remember what Chen said, will take at least 2 fiscal years to get Blackberry back in green and in reasonable growth. Within those two years anything can happen. This is why I say whoever took a bet on ER should take profits now and avoid this stock until we get more clarity within a year. Frankly the ER was horrible even taking out one time expenses.

We been through this before. Thor is great, thor is amazing, bla bla bla.... Look what happened. Although I see Chen to be a company fixer than a CEO, I still believe Blackberry main hidden goal will always be to sell the company. To do that, they first have to create value and that's what Chen is doing.

Don't forget Chen simply bringing in all the management team from Sysbase to do same thing to Blackberry. Sysbase was eventually sold to SAP. Obviously he will use his Chinese connections to reduce costs.

Technically speaking, stock isn't bullish until it breaks and closes above 8.50$

What I would like to know with all these announcements and the new deal with foxconn is; what happens with all the devices that were in the pipeline prior to the shift to Foxconn design and manufacturing? I mean if we only get one 3G phone released in Indonesia for the first two quarters of 2014 that's not going to do anything to help BlackBerry stem the tide of declining hardware sales in the rest of the world.

If BlackBerry wants to sell phones to Enterprise Customers that are rapidly switching to a BYOD model, they need to have some fresh hardware to entice the people who would be carrying these devices around. The number of phones that companies buy and issue to employees is shrinking and the number of companies that are switching to a managed employee owned device is exploding.

I would have rather heard of a more gradual transition away from in house designed and built product that saw the 4 phones in the pipeline released to the market while the shift to foxconn designed handsets ramped up.

Also, the other thing that was not mentioned at all, and the cancellation of BlackBerry Live seems to indicate, is that BlackBerry has no intention to continue to grow it's ecosystem and get major apps in BlackBerry World. With the BYOD movement in the market, if they ever hope to be anything more then a tiny niche player selling exclusively to enterprise customers, they need to continue to invest in their app store and growing their service offerings to mitigate the lack of Google services etc on the platform.

If BlackBerry truly wants to be a software and services company, they need to build their services. They still haven't even offered the same level of services that legacy consumers enjoyed with BIS services. They can't ignore the lack of services and the lack of apps if they want real long term growth.

the reason why our hardware is so expensive and less profitable is because they are made in north america whereas iphones and samsungs are made in asia

I'm happy just knowing that BB10 is going on. I think it is a good idea to go after the low end market. My hope is that they might offer the higher end still, directly from their website. I've just read highlights of what was said and it all sounds promising.

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I'm considering buying some bbry stocks. Let's not forget that aapl was not always the strong company that it is now... it also benefited from cash injection and now has grown to be one of the most profitable companies.

Disclaimer: I'm not speaking from well-researched facts. Just from stories I've heard over the years.

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Any one having trouble viewing the videos in the articles that are being posted in the app? I dont even see a link to them

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I think BlackBerry I'd at the bottom. This quarterly report has been engineered to make it so, as the benchmark for progress. Of course the road is difficult, but now should be easier for quarter over quarter comparison. All said, I think the emphasis on business is needed. BUT I believe business or regulated markets will be slow growing. BlackBerry also need the consumer market and must identify it's niche there. So far, it has failed in the consumer market because of software and hardware transitions that have taken too long. Now this is largely over, but clearly competitors are very able and active. I like bb10. Simple, and productive. But it needs to integrate now. Extend security image to consumers. Take to gold standard to them in security of information, banking, transaction. Sell this message. High marketing campaign. "Take another look. BLACKBERRY IS BACK. ".

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