CrackBerry Kevin Goes to Communitech (and gets interviewed!!)

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jul 2011 12:06 pm

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Waterloo, the hometown of BlackBerry, was the afternoon I spent at the Communitech Hub (which technically is next door to Waterloo, in Kitchener). The Communitech Hub is in the beautifully restored Tannery building, a massive complex which in addition to housing Communitech startups, is also home to many other companies, including Google's local offices.

Between Communitech and the Accelerator Center, two organizations which work together addressing the same mission, they really are doing great things to to foster innovation, encourage colloboration and get new tech ideas commercialized in the region. Walking through the hub we saw tons of startups hard at work on their tech projects, and we even stumbled into some app developers who we are now working with to put together an AWESOME CrackBerry contest based on their app, Yep, we'll announce the details soon, but let's just say next week is CrackBerry GooseChase week. It's going to be awesome! 

A little unexpected but fun, Communitech's PR man turned the blogging tables on me and wired me up for an interview, asking me some pretty direct questions on my thoughts about RIM and some of the challenges they're facing today (part 1 above is mainly about CrackBerry - the bigger questions get addressed in parts 2, 3 and 4 below). Be sure to check them out!

Huge thanks go to the Iain, Anthony and the crew from Communitech (and Andrew from the Accelerator Centre) for showing me around. My words won't do their endeavors justice, so be sure to check out their sites for more info at the iinks below.

Learn More about Communitech
Learn More about the Accelerator Centre

Parts 2, 3 and 4 of Kevin @ Communitech Interview

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I'm going to check this out.


Kevin, you couldn't be more dead on in part 3 about a certain message going through, and people only getting a part of said message and regurgitating. I always tell my freiends and family that whatever they hear about in the news about RIM is only 1 aspect, and 1 side of the big picture. Good job btw, keep it up!


Oh btw... I challenge you for the Title of Blackberry #1 Fanboy.

I start

Kevin Michaluk

haha.. just wait... couple weeks... the BlackBerry Super Fanboy contest is coming. you'll have your chance to win the honors :)


My comments were merely pleasantries, but I will surely enter this contest! It's about time the world knows I have a QWERTY keyboard and trackpad implanted in my body for easy control on my... functions... That,s why getting my girlfriend to switch over to BB was a no brainer! :D


ls just me or part 4 doesnt have audio?


Good job Kevin. Very focused and articulate.


Great Great interview!


Great job on these vids/interview. So spot on, especially, as ntoed above, with respect to the message that people "hear".

Next up, Kevin on Piers Morgan/CNN!!! :) :) :)


Not sure about the rest of you but I'm kind of dissapointed on the resoults of Kevin's trip to Waterloo, we didn't get much from it other than the coverage of the actual meeting, some side news like this one and some rumor starters that backfired (like the comming PB update that did nothing but stir the PB community)... nothing juicy, not even any details about his experience with his new phone, he got it and has been selfishly using it without sharing any details with us...

Kevin Michaluk

Hey Lumute,

If you haven't yet, be SURE to listen to the last podcast we did which goes through my trip to waterloo play by play:

I figured it was a better medium rather than me writing a 15,000 word diary. The hardcore people who want to know what I got up to, got up to it.

I still do have a few articles left to hit the blogs coming out of the trip.

Oh, the playbook update DID happen.. just a few days later than it should have (and it got pulled, and put back up).

Definitely listen to the podcast though. you can always shoot me an email if you have any specific questions  kevin @


Fain enough, I have never found the time to listen to those 40+ minutes podcasts so I rely on RSS / news feeds to keep me up to date so that's why I was expecting most of the news to come this way... I'll listen to this one though as it seems thats where all the juicy details are.

About the PB, I don't think the update you talked about was the same update that was released, there is simple not wow factor on it...


I agree with a lot of your points, Kevin, but you failed to mention how slow RIM is in releasing new products - I mean really NEW products - not spec bumps on old phones. I'm hoping that with the fat trimming going on right now they get things together and quickly. The consumers (where their growth has been coming from in the past 2+ years) aren't going to wait another year for their next gen phones, which we're already starting to see.
True Blackberry addicts will wait, of course, but let's face it - the addicts aren't going to save the company - the masses are.
aside: I also wish they would stop leaking product info 6-9 months before they're ready. Everyone gets tired of waiting and moves on by the time it's out. (Playbook, I'm looking squarely at you! You should be killing it, but instead you're on life support)

Kevin Michaluk

Yeah, I don't disagree.  They do need to move much FASTER!




In your first video there I see the Christie Digital Tiles on there in the background. Did you get to play with them at all? You want to see amazing? take you HDMI out of your PlayBook to a stack of those baby's. We have about 16 of them here and seeing your PlayBook at 90" super wide screen is awesome. Playing games is even better. They can be configured in any way you want just like Legos, I should send you a quick video of us using them with the PlayBook.


I dig, nice interview - simple down to earth :o) !


Kevin, could you please send some of those very clear and articulate infos and interview to BGR? Cause man! I've never seen people being so negative and bad mouthing RIM so them much! Please dont tell me you have tons of respect for that Geller guy like you said in one of those podcast! Dude sucks and loves giving head to Steve iJob! He's a pure MORON!

I think Crackberry and RIM should tell BGR to go to sleep on RIM news and only cover others from now on! RIM should give out licences to crackberry and some other blogs since they speak the truth and not fiction or rumors! And even crackberry will tell you when RIM is actually doing something wrong without bashing them! Which is called constructive criticism! BGR = RIM Bashing and bad journalism!


how many for your shirt ?


Believe it or not was one of the main reasons why I made the switch. I actually found this site by accident last year around August and started reading the blogs and forums and it helped me out a lot in my decision to give Blackberry a try. Also I know I haven't contributed much in terms of replys and posts but I am now a (hopefully) long time user of the Blackberry platform. Any question I can of think of about any Blackberry device there was a answer (AT&T store reps were no help at ALL). On a final note I thouroughly enjoyed watching your interview and I totally agree with the point you made about how people really don't know what's happening behind closed doors at RIM but they sure like to think they do.


Man Kevin, Calling out the GF's parents in the interview....

Good luck with that :)


Agreed. Good luck kevin ;)


great job Kevin. Keep up the great work.


Kevin, flirty ads are degrading the quality of your site. They might be bringing in $$$ but they're not tasteful.


Love and love blackberry! But REALLY can't wait for the 9900 and the 9810 to be released. It's been looooooooooong enough.


Comment on video 3

I had someone ask me if I'm on a sinking ship a few weeks back. This person doesn't know too much about tech yet they knew about the bad reports on RIM. It was an easy response. In short I said no. I did give details as to why. Hopefully they can turn around the bad press soon. I'll stick with BlackBerry, but I don't know how many others will.


I love blackberry and im an addict.. But RIM really needs to come out with a product that will blow the other smartphones away! btw great job kevin keep the crackberry nation posted