CrackBerry Kevin does Engadget Mobile - Possibly the most "thought-provoking" Podcast you'll ever listen to!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2012 10:14 am EST

Engadget Mobile Podcast

Winding down what was an absolutely an insanely busy week (seriously, I bet I gave almost as many interviews last week as RIM's new CEO did), I jumped on the Engadget Mobile Podcast with Myriam, Brad and Sean to talk BlackBerry. The Engadget Mobile crew was upfront about their disagreement and disappointment with most of the actions RIM has been taking as of late, so I knew what I was walking into. Heck, lots of CrackBerry readers warned me in advance to get ready for an ambush. Lol.

What followed was a GREAT discussion on BlackBerry. We covered a LOT of material on this show. Mistakes made, current challenges, strengths and opportunities ahead. It was good times and by the time the show wound down I think we even made a BlackBerry champion out of Sean (yay!).

Working on getting this blog post prepped for CrackBerry, I noticed some reader comments on Engadget's post that looked like the podcast went over pretty well, including "This is probably the most thought-provoking podcast I've ever listened to" and "Kevin was insightful and well spoken. RIM really should hire him." So if you haven't listened yet, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. I think this is one you'll want to hear. And be sure to sound off in the comments with your feedback.  Enjoy the show!!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Kevin does Engadget Mobile - Possibly the most "thought-provoking" Podcast you'll ever listen to!


Kevin did a great job handling these engadget guys!! You definitely are the best leader for all CrackBerry-ans!! Keep it up!!
Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

RIM is rolling! Thanks Kevin, for getting the positive word out. You are an international celeb now with the coverage of the CEO interview.
We will have to see a paparazzi photo of you in the celeb BB roundup!

Engadget is not part of the 'Mobile Nations', and I think they feel a little left out.
They tried HARD to 'kill' BlackBerry with their biased reviews toward non-iOS products.
Don't trust my word, just go to Engadget and read their contents.

Please don't consider me a troll, but Engadget is different with iMore.

You did a great job fighting for RIM and dispelling a lot of the negative perception that those guys have about RIM. Looks like RIM has what it takes to fix the problems they had. They've fixed the OS, fixed hardware, and are fixing perception.
Go BlackBerry!

Excellent stuff! Couldn't agree more, this was very thought provoking. All valid points & very much balanced discussion.

Engadget is not one of my favorite sites but being a current Blackberry and Android phone owner I listened to it. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Kevin give his input on Rim and where they are going. I stopped listening to the Engadget podcast a while back because I was just sick of listening to their one sided views. The only reason I did listen to it was because Kevin was their guest. Great job Kevin, My entire thought on Rim is very simple, they are just too slow on changes, pushing their new products to market and lack of very simple ideas that would make the Blackberry a much better device. My pet pea was Blackberry phones always had very low memory and would never allow their apps to be stored on the sd card, that use to piss me off, very simple solution to at that time a big problem. The app market, just sucks to deal with, always issues. I have not used my blackberry for a while now but am very interested in their new phones. I will see what they bring to market. I really hope they turn this thing around.

Great job Kevin. You did an awesome job holding it down. That one guy says he was just playing devil's advocate, but it sure seemed like hating at some points. A lot of your responses left him speechless and then trying to grasp for any kind of rebuttal, but if this were a debate you definitely would have been the assumed winner.

Awesome job really making the case for why RIM is better off controlling it's own destiny with BB 10 then jumping on a Bandwagon like Windows Phone or Android. The only thing you could have done better was when the whole contrast between BlackBerry and Windows Phone was going on, you could have made the case that Windows Phone has failed to catch on with consumers in spite of Microsoft's efforts and Nokia is rumored to have half of the 2nd generation Windows Phone Hardware Market with only 1 million unit sales of it's 2 Lumia devices.

Plus Verizon is a house of Android and BlackBerry and even issued public statements saying they are not hugely supporting Windows Phone because there already is a 3 horse race and BlackBerry is the third ecosystem. Even AT&T that is pushing Windows Phone still has a major ad campaign on right now as we speak for the Torch 9810 and has it at a great price of $49 on contract. So you're 100% right that carriers will give BB 10 a shot and RIM has major potential relegate Microsoft to 4th place indefinitely.

You were also bang on when you said that an advantage that BlackBerry has just like Apple is that the product has a longer life cycle - you mentioned this in the context of accessory makers but this is also a HUGE reason why the iPhone has been so successful with consumers. With Android, what's hot today isn't going to be hot tomorrow, with the iPhone you know you've got the best the company is going to put out for a year. BlackBerry if they get the hardware right can be the same and that will appeal to consumers.

Windows Phone hasn't caught on with the general public, android does not breed loyalty to the ecosystem and so the winback potential for former BB customers who made the change to Android is huge.

Great job!

That was just amazing Kevin. The conversation as a whole was incredibly complex, and you continued to give both fact and perspective in such a brilliant manner, I mean damn. You covered every base. Your defense of RIM was unmatchable. I didn't think my respect for you get much higher, but I was wrong. Very awesome man.

+1 f or sure. Amazing articulation of the key points of thie whole RIM debate. Go fearless leader of Crackberry Nation! Well done Kev

Kevin was great in that interview not a single word out his mouth was a letdown.
Myriam was all over the place though, just jumping from subject to subject in all

Kev--I usually think you are a shill for RIM, but you really touched on all the issues cogently. Well spoken and thoughtful responses that made a lot of sense. One of the interesting things about going through the whole "RIM decline" is that all of us BB fans have become relatively astute observers of the mobile tech industry--you did us proud today by not blathering on about how "Sales overseas are still tops! Our phones are still #1! We have BBM!". The head in the sand approach really needs to go out with rest of the trash (aka Mike & Jim) and I'm glad to see you aren't espousing it anymore. I don't have quite as much faith in Thorsten after that terrible video, press call, and horrendous CNBC interview--but here's hoping he gets it. Good work CrackBerry Nation!

Good stuff Kevin. I think that was one of the better podcasts I've listened to. Touched a lot of bases. Myriam tried to push your buttons (pun intended) but you did a good job dealing with the specious comments and defending the BlackBerry brand when called for. There does seem to be some underlying love for the PlayBook which hopefully will translate to some decent reviews when RIM delivers.

It was excellent fun for sure having Kevin join us with his neverending flow of BlackBerry knowledge.

Really look forwarding to doing that again..

Hell, I may even try a BlackBerry for a week.. Or, think about it. :) Go home team!