CrackBerry Kevin BlackBerry news update live from CES 2013

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jan 2013 08:47 pm EST

CES is always crazy and the 2013 show has been no exception. We have a pretty big Mobile Nations crew out here this year, so between morning meetings, running around during the day and evening events, I've barely had a chance to slow down for a moment and write.

Though BlackBerry does not have a show floor presence at CES this year, there definitely are quite a few BlackBerry people in town. Yesterday morning I sat down with Marty Mallick and Alec Saunders to talk about the app story leading into BlackBerry 10. I also chatted with Richard Piasantin, the Managing Director for BlackBerry in the USA. And in the evening I received an unexpected surprise when BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins dropped by our Mobile Nations meetup party to say hello!

Hit the video above for a quick video update on that. We also hit up the QNX Bentley today and will have another videos showing that off soon. I'll also be reporting back tomorrow with another update... announcing some pretty awesome CrackBerry news. Things are going to get CRAZY around here leading into the BlackBerry 10 launch. Enjoy the update, and stay tuned! 

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CrackBerry Kevin BlackBerry news update live from CES 2013


ces is always awesome
great analysis of everything that is happening and summary of what the state of basically everything bb10 is right now.
kevin your hair is literally insane.hahahah and awesome of THOR to come by!

kevin have you heard anything regarding skype coming to bb10 :D
haha as much as i love the new bbm video chat , skype support would be really nice though

Hey Kevin! Looks like you had a fun time at the Mobile Nations party. I wish I could've been there. I was the one who tweeted to you about First Food and Bar. I could only attend CES yesterday and today, but I also saw a lot of cool gadgets including the QNX car. Excited for BB10 - enjoy your stay here in my hometown, Sin City! :-D

Curious if you've picked up any buzz from folks or is there any vibe concerning BB10 and the launch.

Other than that...good update

Good question...

Definitely can tell that everybody at RIM/BlackBerry is PUMPED UP for January 30th and the BlackBerry 10 launch. Everybody at the company has been working long and hard for this, so to have the event and "new beginning" in sight there is clear excitement. I think everybody at RIM also knows that things don't slow down come the 30th.. everybody is prepped to keep working their butts off for months to come.

At the show itself I've been really impressed by the general excitement/anticipation at the event among people I've been talking to. Talking to other tech bloggers, etc., I think there is very good awareness that BB10 is coming and people are wanting to see what they're going to deliver.

From my perspective what's awesome now is the BELIEF in BlackBerry when I'm talking to people. The last two years it's been tougher to be a BlackBerry fan... but now everybody knows and believes BB10 is going to hit the market. 

Ball is in BlackBerry's court! 

I love it that around the 6 min mark when Kevin talked about lots of people still using BlackBerry devices, a lady ran into the shot with what looks like a black iPhone 5 in her hands.

Yeah, i'm pretty easily distracted. hahaha.

Definitely not as many BBs in the hands of people as in previous years... but still spotting a lot. CES brings out lots of business people and there's still a ton on BB there (many carrying a second device, but you see people pounding out messages while they're walking, on escalators, etc. etc)

Holy cow that hair with that jacket makes you look like Don Johnson in Miami Vice. Please tell me that is the intent!

Kev can't wait to get your take on the NEW BB10 headphones....., you seemed to hint around it when you video'd unpacking your backpack, BB4LIFE......

Great update Kevin, love to hear that so many are still using the phones even at CES. January 30th can't get here soon enough!! Now I just need to know if I run out and get the Z10 or I wait and see what these other 4 devices are going to look like that we heard rumored today....HELP ME KEVIN!!!!

Yah, I heard that with the launch of the BB10, BlackBerry are coming with some sick headphones, better design and quality than apples own

The hair looks good. ( no homo here ) Don't listen to the naysayers. They are just trolls.

Good update .... even though there wasn't anything new to add.
But it's great to see that you haven't forgot about us BB fans. We need to know!
I heard from Telus that they will be receiving warehouse shipment January 31st. So this analyst that said that BB10 won't be arriving till July is full of it.

Go RIM Go.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Kevin, After watching your video, I get the impression that you are having trouble holding back excitement and that you are busting at the threads to spill the beans. So which is worse, knowing the inside info and not being able to tell us, or not knowing and being left dying to know? :)

I'm so excited but at the same time I am a realist and I know some apps just won't be there at launch, doesn't bother me a bit as I know the device will be very powerful,fully capable and an overall joy to use but I do worry about the press and the trolls making a big deal about X app not being there yada yada's a damn good thing RIM has a gem of an OS because the user experience will be like no other and this in itself will make up for some of the "key" apps that are yet to be available .

BlackBerry10 =The field of dreams...If you build it they will come...omg am I tired, Good night!!! BlackBerry10 FTW

Guess there's no Blackberry Stretch Limo there this year picking up people where they need to go? Last year it was awesome they had someone on BBM coordinate the Limo to pick u up anywhere and take u anywhere

I too am in agreement that the if in fact there are a few missing mass popular apps at launch ( but are in the works - or will quickly want to be). The direction and vision of RIM seem to me to be nothing short of extremely aware and strategic, I work at one of the top Best Buys in British Colombia ( 987 Rocks!) and sell playbook and phones, finding myself defending RIM less and less,and finding more and more people like us anxiously awaiting BB10. I get ALOT of consumer feedback from a very diverse local population and am really sensing the frustration and in some cases outright disgust with decisions and quality of the fruit company. I know a good number of individuals that are holding out for BB10 some are even paying out contracts!

I am done with convincing! I am going to let my BB10 walk the walk!

Nice to hear at least one Best Buy has a pro BB sales person. I have read on this site of people getting bad/wrong info from sales people, and specifically Best Buy people so keep up the good work!

#987 Best Buy rocks... *waves with a grin* From East to West, We're the Best!

My two BBs, Best Buy and BlackBerry ...

@Graheen - at least 2 (and we won't say who has BlackBerry in their nickname at work!)

Amazing updates, I like them very much. I just go through your link & found lots of useful updates about the mobiles. Thanks for sharing it.

Bothered by this video report for several reasons:
you mentioned talking a lot about "things" with these RIM employees yet you're not stating what specifically?
long standing stability of 8800 and current BBOS sorry its not stable - hence the reason RIM is moving away from it! It cannot grow it cannot have more features without breaking it any further - Thorstein has been quoted stating this. BB7 will be supported: 9810, 9900, 9670 and a few curves but that's it. Those that prefer better battery life of 9780 are treading water at this point.

Sure we ALL love BBOS and what it offers in current form - but its not stable. I've worked 7yrs total in the industry as a BES Admin, Jr and troubleshooted first hand various models at various corporations and the things I've seen will make your head spin.

I feel the majority or even 40% of crackberry users are consumers vs corporate users that are fully aware of what BES offers. You can tell this by the posts over the past few years and the threads catered for each.

I'd like to have more meat & potatoes of your time at CES please - heck pictures of Thor pounding back a pint!! He's a big man and can handle a few. It's heck just a toast picture would've been AWESOME!! This is what crackberry nation craves!! Give it NOW!!

Any specific details of the conversations - sure you may not be able to discuss WHAT was discussed but the topic can be divulgeds. Surely you can do this without burning bridges, and I think at this point RIM needs more than crackberry needs RIM. You're part of their marketing strategy - they need to court that.

have some longer write ups coming soon.. swamped for time so just shot this video quick. one take. don't be bothered man... nothing to be bothered about.

Well, i have to disagree about bbos being slow and unstable. It has been fast and rock solid for me.
T each their own, network and signal included.

I have to agree with Jagga's comments about stability. I too support BES and end users and hear the problems/complaints, hand have my own too. But, as you state, Rootbrian, for some it is rock solid, so a main issue is lack of consistency. Two people, same device, same carrier, 1 is fine, 1 is not. Could be issues with the actual device, could be some third party app issue, causing freezes, slowness, shutdowns, self reboots. I also support, and use, Android and iOS, and have not herad or of, or experienced these issues on those platforms. But, having said that, I do still I prefer BB, even my problem plagued 9900. As I do believe in RIMM, and am eagerly awaiting my pre-ordered Z10.

OMG - Scobie ( the worlds biggest Rim basher / hater who wishes death to them ) just tried the new BB10 today. He said, "He likes it a lot."

There we have it people. If you are, or were a RIM hater and basher, once you try BB10, you all of a sudden become a RIM lover and supporter.

These phones are going to sell like crazy, and a lot of people know it.

Hei Kevin - did you hear anything about Blackberry e-mail and BBM dependence on BIS/BES in BB10. Would these two things at last work without blackberry plan? It is real headache finding Blackberry enabled prepaid card when overseas.

Why nobody ever says anything about this with all the fuss around BB10?

It'll still be requiring a data plan.
No data=no e-mail, no bbm and no internet. It's like that with any cellular carrier.

True enough, but internet, and certain apps, can work on wifi, even with no carrier attached to wifi compatible BB.

The haircut is coming in 20 days. Kevin, you need to video yourself getting a haircut... it's what the fans deserve!

Dude, I think you are so right. Microsoft isn't going to make the app and going by your correctiveness, we don't see it, we can only blame microsoft for their big mistake. OR we can reverse-engineer and get the source code for skype and have it submitted into appworld as skypie, or port the android edition.

Everytime I see Kevin, I feel like breaking out into Gollum's voice: Filthy Hobbitses, stole it from us they did. I want the precious. It calls to us

Great video kevin! looking forward to blackberry 10 and maybe some ES reform for EVERYBODY to be able to attend, since we are the CONSUMERS who buy the products.

RIM has ZERO presence here. It's you Kevin saying they do because you sought the 3 or so people out. I gotta agree when I talked to that Lockergnome guy, Blackberry 10, does anyone really care? NOPE! I'm looking forward to the launch. The people who support Blackberry are little Rex Ryans. Always coming out positive but being unrealistic and looking stupid in the end. Apple could come out with BB10 and it would sell like hotcakes. RIM is like the dude who got accused of rape and was acquitted but the public still hates him.

Hmmmm.....little offside no?? What's go your dander up? The fact that BB10 has beat WP8, Iphone 5, and Samsung Galaxy SIII in all tests to date. BB10's ability to use HTML 5 with a score of is a quote on the matter..."Having the #1 browser in the industry also increases the number of apps available on BB 10. This is because the browser can use HTML5 web apps on the internet. Thus, the number of apps on BB 10 is significantly higher than the number in the app store (BlackBerry World). Through its ability to use web HTML5 apps, the number of apps on BB10 is increased to a nearly infinite number."

So you wasted your bandwidth and smoke signals just to come over here and say this? Great, thanks for the heads up but it does make you sound silly

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