CrackBerry Kevin on BlackBerry 10

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 May 2012 02:53 pm EDT

Vintage CrackBerry Kevin. If you don't like it.... be sure to watch to the end of the video :)

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CrackBerry Kevin on BlackBerry 10


So far I love what I see. This phone is for people who need to be productive, in both the business and consumer markets. It appears BB10 has a nice mix of productivity and fun though, so it's not all work and no play. UI just looks amazing, the cascades are like nothing I've seen before. The KB is just freaking awesome. It might just make me switch to a touch screen, unless they do something amazing with the QWERTY, which I have a feeling they will.

Kevin, will you be able to get a dev device? Crackberry does have apps. Or are you strictly considered media?

If CB are signed up as a dev for that part of the show then they should get one by right, but you do suspect that they would also recognise that CB is one of the few places backing Rim a lot these days and get them one.

Finally!!! BB focuses again on productivity and "getting sh#t done faster and better than ANY OTHER device"... And on top of that do not forget that apps and games are coming.... the best of the two words in one unique device!!!! Looking forward to use the real phone once is realeased...

Nice Feedback Kevin! Glad to here the future of RIM is heading into a strong sector! Bringing on the A Game! I cant wait to see what is in store for the loyals! BB Rocks!

I love it. I don't need a phone that 3 year olds and granny's can use too. While engineering to the lowest common denominator can be a sales success as apple has shown, it does not imply that it is the best device or most efficient. And if people have a better experience from the work BB10 blackberry than an iphone or Android then guess what they will switch too and tell others what to buy.

totally agree with everything you've said here KEV. a lot of companies are building full touchscreen devices and not using gestures, swipes to its full potential. RIM basically looked at it like how they would hold the phone in everyday use and incorporated into it and that's something a lot of companies using and android and other devices seem to be lacking.

The trackpad is a fantastic addition to any blackberry phone so i was a bit wary that the functionality of that would be lost in transition on a full touch screen device. seems like they thought about that and we have something that works fantastically no matter how you hold it.

Im still looking forward to a physical keyboard designed blackberry but the touchscreen keyboard is exactly what i want to see and I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT. the idea of swiping words up following the next letter is subtle yet brilliant. its probably the next best thing you can get on a touchscreen keyboard. a physical keyboard will always trump it for not having to always look at the phone when typing away but this is a great implementation. even the area you strike it often it learns.

I love you said about the clear angle. RIM needs to stop chasing apple and go back to what they do best. developers will come because the experience has gotten better over the last few years. its far more user friendly developer device then it has ever been. that in itself will show people come aboard. you'll be blind not to see this as a developer especially with how many people still use blackberry. reminds me of this developer who wholeheartedly dismissed blackberry yet couldn't see how many potential users he could reach and not be charged huge amounts to get on an app eco-system.

While I don't think Thorsten hit the ball out of the park or even did a double, the demos they showed with the new functionality was bang on. I've been saying since the big miss on the original PlayBook OS, that RIM needs to go back to basics and be the best thing that you can buy to improve your mobile productivity and it looks like they are on the right path for a (refreshing) change.

Great enthusiasm... your comments were better than most of the RIM presenters. I hope the media watches this, although I'm concerned that they may discount your opinion due to your use of unnecessary profanity. I'm no wilting lolly and have been know to say much worse, but today is a day we want your opinions widely spread and the profanity gets in the way of the message.

When I get excited I swear.  Don't worry. I'll follow up with the written version of this and maybe do up another video or two... I'm pumped. BlackBerry 10 has legs.

Kevin, I have to say that I love your view on this new and upcoming bb10. I had lost a little faith for a while but not my hopes for RIM. I've been tuning in to crackberry all afternoon (just like always) reading and watching the coverage and i must say that I'm very excited about bb10 and Rim's future. Watching this video of you just putting things into perspective about it all has Lifted me tremendously, I just want to say thanks man, keep doing what you do. Representing Rim and their kick ass products.

Great video and analysis of the road RIM is taking to Snatch back the top spot by putting on blinders and focusing back on task production. Wishing for My birthday to hurry up brings the snow back since its right before Halloween but a BB10 phone would be an epic gift lol!

Living Bold-ly!

WOW Kevin you really have a passion for BlackBerry device it's good to see can't wait to see RIM back really they need to do everything correctly!!

Awesome! It's great to see the passion for BlackBerry, we all need to be more vocal and show people BlackBerry is IT. Promote your BlackBerry and they will come.

Kevin - I have been a member of this forum since 2007. I love being a member of Crackberry Nation and to my friends I have been an evangelist of the brand. I have learned so very much from this forum that I use every single day. I have said this before but one of my absolute favorite features of the site was your "smartphone round robins" and at the end of each I was convinced that my BlackBerry was the phone that I wanted on my belt. The comparisons tended to confirm in my mind and hearing you - #1 fanboy tell me why the BlackBerry way just worked better and why - rock and rolled it for me.

I currently have real concerns about BlackBerry and it's place on my belt. I have had to add another phone because there are tools my 9810 doesn't bring to me. In true round robin style I LOVED that today you compared the new keyboard to Swiftkey/Swype/iOS and told me in that tradition, why this works better.

Instead of telling we who have concerns to "suck it" can you continue to work as hard as you did with the keyboard to tell me why the new interface works better than the home key in ICS. How the swipe to get a call works better than the swipe in iOS or Android ICS. How the WiDi I saw on the RIM video compares with the WiDi thats been on Galaxy phones since the G2 or Samsung All Share.

As you rightly said you get to use all these phones and the articles you are about to write can go as far to convince me that a BlackBerry will be on my belt for a long time to come and I want to encourage you to continue to contrast and compare as in round robin days!

I do not feel it's wrong even for Crackberry faithful to have real questions hoping this site will answer them as they always have in the past!

wooooaaahhh yeeaaaahhhhh booooyyyyzzz!!

the balls are back, about time.

No more following droid and the other dudes, being bold and walking tall is how you get your respect.

For RIM's sake, I hope they have 'patented' everything on this ... This stuff is too good to be taken by someone else ... *Looks To Apple*

Kevin, this was your best and darn honest assessment to date! Not that we've not seen eye to eye, but I'm glad to see you take an objective look at full touch screens. I'll admit that RIM blew me away with how much better their full touch keyboard will be versus the competition. They looked at the full touch experience and brought forward another new and innovative enhancement that will change how we look at future touchscreen keyboards. As you said, they stepped back and really looked for efficiencies in typing, taking good photos, and multitasking the way people actually work and think! I can glance without having to switch tasks. I'm not app hopping but flowing through my thought patterns. This is a deeper concept than most people are putting into practice, and RIM is doing it! It is freakin' awesome so see them take the lead in innovation again, and they're bringing all that to a solid, secure, robust, and realtime powerhouse ecosystem -- BB10!

Excuse me while I buy more shares.. Later dude!

ok, I am an avid reader of crackberry but have never posted anything before. After seeing the vids today of BB10 i felt exited and cant wait for this phone to be released. I wanted to share my thoughts of BB. I finally feel that the company is focused on a product and consumer base where they can be succesfull. The pont is to relate and give us blackberry people what we want in a device. I think then they will find a niche market where they will be very successfull again.

Wow . . I've wanted a blackberry for many years, finally get to get one this august, had my heart set on a bold 9930, and now this! I think its really cool, but do you think I'd be foolish to stick with a 9930 with the bb10 coming out? You all are experienced bb users and I am looking forward to joining your ranks . . what do you think? Thanks =)