CrackBerry interviews Porsche Design CEO Dr. Juergen Gessler

By Zach Gilbert on 16 Jun 2012 03:18 pm EDT

While the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 has been on the market for some time now, us in Canada have had to resort to other measures to get our hands on the device.  During the official opening of the only Porsche Design store in Canada, I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss BlackBerry with the CEO of Porsche Design, Dr. Juergen Gessler.

Dr. Gessler himself is an active BlackBerry user, and the addiction for him started almost 10 years ago. Dr. Gessler also noted that he doesn't think that the partnership between Porsche Designs and RIM is over, and as long as they are building hardware there will be the opportunity for more collaboration between the two companies.

As you can see I was quite excited to talk shop with Dr. Gessler, and even more excited to know that his passion for BlackBerry was almost as strong as mine. Heck even the two brothers that opened the Toronto Porsche Design store are BlackBerry fans and visit frequently. My question is, what product will Porsche Design work with RIM on next? Sound off in the comments on what you think it should be.

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CrackBerry interviews Porsche Design CEO Dr. Juergen Gessler


I might really purchase a Porsche Design BB10 "Bold" if one was built and there is official notice before I buy any other qwerty BB10 phone.

I'd happily sell a car, or perhaps a kidney, for a $20,000 Playbook. As long as it had at least 32 GB of memory, that is.

I really wish the users could help build a BB 10 phone. We have some of the most insightful ideas. I love the TK VICTORY although it looked funny without the call, menu, trackpad buttons, but I'm sure I'd get used to it. It was also too thin in my opinion. Basically I would like to see a 99xx but 21mm taller and 5mm wider, slim down the call-menu-track pad buttons down 3mm to provide not only a larger screen but a more powerful processor and an exceptional battery life, oh and let's not forget the auto focus camera. Since I'm at it why not have a second led light, a second convenience key and a second speaker. That completes my BB 10 dream phone.

I think with the actual size of the 9900/9930 they could squeeze a few more milimeter for the screen.

For me the size of the 9900/30 is exact the size I can live with. 21mm taller would mean the size of an SGS3 - and I wouldn't buy it. I just couldn't as I am not one of these guys who always carrying a man purse with me ;p

(of course when I'm wearing my suit/jacket in work etc or in winter/fall a coat, it would be not a problem. But in a jeans, in the summer etc. it is a no go - but this in only my opinion and buying behavior ;) )

btw no comment about the accent? ;)

Porsche Design makes top quality products. I'm glad they chose BlackBerry.

They'll love working with the BB10 platform.

The only thing that is "ugly" is people's attitudes towards excellent designed smartphones. Get over it, you won't change people's purchasing/owning decisions.

Its great that Porsche has partnered with BB. Love to see them extend it to BB10 and PB. I doubt if I will be able to afford them.
I would also love to see RIM partner with Mercedes. Coz Mercedes also believes "quality or nothing " just like RIM. May be they can have dual partnerships with Porsche and Mercedes and integrate BB10 and PB more with these cars. If they don't have QNX already give it to them.

RIM is a failing company and they are giving so much time and effort to a Porche designed Blackberry? Why?

The big failure. Nobody gives a shat about your input anymore. Go back to your hole where you belong, trololololololololol.