CrackBerry Idol's Shankeith BlackBerry Birthday Cake – It's a Bold 9900!

By Alicia Erlich on 12 May 2011 08:58 am EDT

Shankeith's cakes 

Awhile back Kevin said that birthday cakes are the determining factor in a smartphones' popularity. Here we are a couple years later and the popularity is as strong as ever. I must say there are some pretty talented, gifted, and devoted people out there as seen in the BlackBerry Cake Roundup Part I and Part II.

Continuing this tradition is none other than our very own CB Idol contestant Shankeith who decided for his birthday last month to create a cake in the spitting image of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. Working with pre-release photos and his own BlackBerry Bold 9000, Shankeith and the folks over at Mellycakes in Toronto worked hard to create what you see pictured. The end result is amazing. I am absolutely blown away by the attention to detail especially with the BBM screen and the keyboard. Just try and look at it without doing a double take. Happy Birthday Shankeith!

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More cake 

Still more cake


Even more cake 

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CrackBerry Idol's Shankeith BlackBerry Birthday Cake – It's a Bold 9900!


Apple invented BBM. So I'm not surprised that Steve Jobs messaged Shankeith on his birthday. After all, he does know everyone's personal information, including birthdays!

Note to iPhone users: Grief councelling and CAKE will be served at the end of your service.

Love the cake bro! Be sure to bbm me a piece!