CrackBerry Idol Round 1 Voting Now Open - Vote Now!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jul 2010 05:45 pm EDT

**** VOTE NOW!!!! ****

It's time folks! Over the last three weeks you've witnessed a whopping twenty four in-depth BlackBerry app reviews from our twenty four Round 1 competitors in CrackBerry Idol. The judges gave their feedback on each review and now it is in YOUR HANDS to decide which ten competitors will continue on in the competition to Round 2. Below you will find the links to each of the app reviews, as well as the CrackBerry Idol voting poll where you can vote for which competitors (up to a max of ten) you want to see advance. We'll leave the poll running on this post right up until midnight PST, this Sunday July 18th. Once it's pushed off the homepage, you'll be able to get back to it easily by visiting (and we'll run a reminder post on the weekend). Voting is below. Think hard before you vote. Now go vote!

GOOD LUCK to all of the competitors. Unfortunately 14 of you will be going home after this one, but I personally just want to congratulate each and every one of you for producing some top notch content and giving it your all - you're all better than Bla1ze and Adam in my book (ouchhh... they're gonna hate me for saying that one. lol. they can take it though - thick skin is job requirement for being part of CB). We'll announce the ten Round 2 competitors here on Monday and we'll follow up with everybody else with some parting gifts.

CrackBerry Idol Round 1 Voting

You can vote for up to TEN contestants to move on to Round 2 (you can vote for less than ten if you like too). Vote for your favorite CrackBerry Idol contestant. In the end there will be only one CrackBerry Idol winner, so be smart and vote for the person(s) you'd like to see here regularly on the blogs.

Round 1 BlackBerry App Reviews


Reader comments

CrackBerry Idol Round 1 Voting Now Open - Vote Now!!


I'm wondering if you were the first to vote as well. Regardless I hope you voted for me, Matthew, into the next round. It was hard to judge how many reviews were better than mine. I thought that about more than just a few. Good Luck to all. I'm curious to the number of total votes there will be.

Great video Kevin. Quick question... How many people get through to the 1st round. I saw you said "You can vote for up to TEN contestants" but I wasnt sure if that meant you can vote for 10 different people or you would pick the final 10. Please help :)

did write this in there...


The judges gave their feedback on each review and
now it is in YOUR HANDS to decide which ten competitors will continue on
in the competition to Round 2.


I'll go back and make it bold. :)

I've really enjoyed watching everyones videos. Good luck everyone! I look forward to seeing who gets through to the next round!

Is there any way to fix that typo on the "List of 24"? The "Aloha" was misspelled:( And I need all the help I can get. Thanks! Aloha!

Haha, Aloha Joe I think you're mistaken. You're review was more than enough to get you through!! I really enjoyed your review, and look forward to reading your next one! Best of luck!

...with all the great reviews submitted (including yours), it will be an uphill climb for this "Islander". Best wishes!

.. DO you think it is best to let the "workers" to elect their "Union leader?"

I think while the auditions were "fun" to watch and interesting to see who will be auditioning, the vote will be biased. there are too many people and the voters only saw 2-5 videos.

HOw many people actually sat there and watched all of them?

It should rest on you, like many "successful" and well run businesses..

You shouldve considered:
-WHat does Crackberry need?
What are you looking for (as an Editor?)?
Do you want a new style added to CB or do you want to preserve the CrackBerry (TM) style, so people will recognize CB?

Who might actually win? What will they bring to the table? ( and in that answer, dont use VAGUE terms!! Be specific as to what that person will bring to the table.)

Hey Imayam,

You should know me better than that. If you go back to our iniitial blog posts regarding CrackBerry Idol, you'll see that we addressed your concerns already. While there will be only one CrackBerry Idol winner as voted on by the community, we're looking to add at least two (and likely more!) good personalities to the team. So while the CB Idol winner will get the bragging rights of winning the community's hearts, everybody in the competition throughout the rounds is also competing to win my love. 

Make sense?



Makes sense, but what if the Vvote if marginal? IN a democracy, people vote for a president (of 2 main parties).

so if one guy gets the vote for 51%, doesn't that mean that the other 49% dont get representation (on a primative level)?

The numbers are skewed much higher if there are 3 or more parties.

Like i said, I dont expect an answer, let alone a public answer, but have you vigorously thought about what exactly has each possible contestant can bring to the table? What if we (the readers) already had that dish?

Im looking at it from a top-down perspective, so my opinion usually comes from a big-picture standpoint, so take it with a grain of salt if you wish, but I was hoping it was/would be something youd rub your temple to.

...and I know you weren't talking to me, but here is my $.02 anyway:

1) The US is not a democracy, it is a federal republic
2) The people do not elect the President, the electoral college does and while there are two dominant parties on the ballot, there are always more than two choices for many offices
3) Canada is not a democracy either, it is a parliamentary democracy, federation and Constitutional monarchy

Talent for this type of work can come from all angles, and while the foundation of what is being presented (whether written or recorded) doesn't really change (who/what/when/where/why/how), the way it is done is where new talent can enhance a media source with limited breadth.

You ask, "What if we already had that dish?" It's It's about Blackberry. We have that dish every time we visit (not to mention that RIM handles things in their own slow way anyway). All the other players in the Smartphone Experts Network do their annual cross-trading of products to add breadth to each other.

What, we who read this blog on a regular basis, don't have a clue on who deserves to be writing for it? First off, this is a Crackberry contest. If Kevin and company wanted to hire somebody, why do a contest if you aren't soliciting the support and feedback of your community readership to help make your decision? Wow, what an insult. It's bad enough that we can't jump into the forums without a seeing a dozen threads of long time BB users wanting to jump ship and go Android. No, now we have to be insulted by a contestant or fan that thinks we, the community readership, don't have a clue on who should be writing for the blog. Incredible!

It was hard to pick my 10, but I did! And I resisted the "dirty old man" urge to just pick Brittany. ;)

I know what you mean...but shes not even that good. Her picture makes her look much better then in the video.Shes a 6 tops. If she hadn't stuffed her storm between her twins in her main pic there would be no Britney fiasco on here. Voted for Zander.

I had 14 that made my list of ones I wanted to vote for. Sorry to the four I couldn't choose. There were some really good reviews this round!

If you had trouble voting before, try again, should be good to go (i cleaned up some of the related comments that were above previously).

Oh, gosh, that was hard to pick those 10. I had my 4 or 5 definite picks and then trying to round out that next 5 was hard. I read the community feedback, the judges perspective, my own feedback, and tried hard to be fair in my picks. I am looking forward to a competitive second round. Good luck to the contestants and may my favorites reach the finals! :-)

It was hard voting for you guys and gals best of luck to all of you, now that we are down to ten it should be easier to vote.

Oh, no, no, no. We can't vote just on looks. Otherwise, we'll have a finale with a surfer and a bikini chick reviewing the BB Slider and the latest Bold. No matter our gender, we won't be looking at the BlackBerries! Haha!

I've voted as well. Am really sad that I got busted on the video, hope everyone liked my writeup though. Best of luck to everyone out there.