CrackBerry Idol Questions and Answers - before you vote, get to know the finalists!

CrackBerry Idol - The Finalists
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Sep 2010 10:54 am EDT

Aloha Joe
Aloha Joe

When we announced CrackBerry Idol back on June 3rd, we knew it would be an event that would take a while to complete. In a summer that was fairly quiet for BlackBerry news, the regular CrackBerry Idol posts definitely helped keep the blogs full. Now September is here, everybody is back to school, and it's time for us to crown the CrackBerry Idol 2010 winner and put them to work on the blogs.

Your chance to vote for your favorite contestant is coming up in just a few minutes, but before you cast your vote we wanted to give you all a chance to get to know the finalists a little bit better. Keep reading for some CrackBerry Idol Q & A and stay tuned for the final vote!

CrackBerry Idol Finalist Q & A

Question 1. Where are you from and how do you typically spend your days other than surfing

Joseph: I live a bit south of Charlotte, NC. Right now, I'm learning how to use non-linear video editing; I plan to start classes in the Spring.
Brittany: I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have a full time job and I am in nursing school!
Dave: Proudly born, raised, and living in Detroit, Mich. Doing technology/internet support for 15 +years. Happily married and father of four. My days are filled to the brim with family and mobile tech help.
Kerri: I am originally from the Central Valley in California but currently live in Illinois. Being an Air Force spouse means moving around a lot. I spend the early mornings getting my family out the door and then work several hours at a daycare. Evenings are usually spent with my family unless I have meetings scheduled for the committees that I serve on.
Aloha Joe: Honolulu, Hawaii. A "dawn patrol" session (actual surfing), quick breakfast (acai), visit the ranch/family business office, between all of that, try to get a little work done at "some un-named" government agency. Lol. I end the day with a quick swim (2000m), then usually dinner w/ my lovely ex-pro futbol/soccer player fiancé, FJ :)

Question 2. What's your smartphone/cell phone history, starting with the device you're using now (besides the Torch you just reviewed!) and going back to your first cell phone?

Joseph: Curve 8900 -> RAZR v3m -> Moto e815 -> Moto i710 -> Some Sony Ericsson piece of crap -> some even worse Sony Ericsson piece of crap.
Brittany: 9800, 9530, LG Envy 2, LG Envy 1, Chocolate 3, Chocolate 1, Razor
Dave: My smartphone/cell phone history? Okay, you asked for it! Here's the list of every device I've used or supported. I have carried both a personal and work BlackBerry for quite some time, so personal (daily use) devices are marked with an *. Going backwards: Torch, 9700*, DroidX, 9630, Droid Incredible, 9550, 8900*, TMobile G1, Palm Pixi, 9000, Palm Treo 700p, 8130*, 8300, 8800, LG 550, 8700, 7130*, 7290, 7230, 7105, 6230, 850, Sanyo Katana*, Sprint PCS TouchPoint*, LG 1200*, and Motorola StarTac*. As you can see by the list I've often owned a SureType device. And, yeah, I've been into this a while.
Kerri: Aside from the Torch, I currently use the Curve. Before that I had the Pearl, Palm Centro, Palm Treo, Samsung Blade, Motorola Razr and a couple Nokia cell phones that for the life of me I can't remember the names of.
Aloha Joe: 9700, 9000, 8900, Pearl, iPhone...hmmm...what else?... i880 (work), iden ???, Motorola StarTac, Nokia (???)

Question 3. What do you love most about BlackBerry?

Joseph: I love the intelligence and forethought that goes into each OS. I think that's why people harp on the bugs so much; everything else works so well together that the flaws stick out like a sore thumb.
Brittany: I love how no matter what I need to get done, no matter where I am, I have a solid device that can do it all!
Dave: The speedy connection to people, of course. I'm often asked, "What are you doing on that thing?" And I answer, "If I'm not engaged in a correspondence then I'm planning one."
Kerri: I love they're reliability. My BlackBerry keeps track of everything going on in my life so reliability is a key factor in my devices.
Aloha Joe: I really meant it when I said (in my intro vid)..."It allows me to accomplish my work from just about anywhere."

Question 4. What do you like least / wish you could change about BlackBerry?

Joseph: I wish RIM could leapfrog some of its long-range plans to bring the BlackBerry's hardware up to date with other smartphones. I hate seeing this excellent communicator bashed by the likes of the iPhone and Android phones.
Brittany: I wish that they were a little faster OS wise.
Dave: I'd have to say reboot time, but it seems RIM has fixed that. Otherwise it would be the clocking that a lot of devices do for no apparent reason. Amp up the processor and OS, please!
Kerri: I would have to say the one thing I like the least or wish I could change about BlackBerry would be a faster processor. Sometimes those few extra seconds of wait time are critical.
Aloha Joe: I would like to see a greater on-board memory on BlackBerry's devices. I also would like to see BlackBerry models available on all carriers (network permitting).

Question 5. What's your favorite app?

Joseph: QuickLaunch is by far my favorite app. Set up your shortcuts and boom! Your entire BB is available with a click of the convenience key.
Brittany: Poynt and Mobile Checkbook.
Dave: If I have to choose just one app it would be SocialScope, hands down.
Kerri: That one is a toss up for me. I use Mobile Checkbook & SocialScope a lot and love how easy they are to use.
Aloha Joe: Was it even a question?...Tether! Lol. But as of recent, SocialScope is coming in a close 2nd.

Question 6. What third party apps are installed on your BlackBerry RIGHT NOW?

Joseph: QuickLaunch, Google Maps, Poynt, The Weather Channel, CB Wallpaper Changer Pro, Finger Tap, Capture It, Plug it In.
Brittany: Poynt, Mobile Checkbook, and Bejeweled.
Dave: SocialScope, QuickLaunch, Slacker Radio, Google Sync-Mail-Talk-Maps-and-MobileSearchApp, Ascendo DataVault,, PodTrapper, and WordPress.
Kerri: SocialScope, Call Control, CB Launcher, Capture It, Bolt, Mobile Checkbook, CardStar, OurGroceries, DriveSafely, QuickLaunch, QuickPull, BeWeather, Podtrapper, ScoreMobile, Fandango, Vlingo, Pandora & MobiTv.
Aloha Joe: To name a few: Tether, TXTLater, Twitter for BlackBerry, Fixmo Tools, Drop Box, SocialScope, Call Blocker Pro, the "CB must have" (thanks Bla1ze!)

Question 7. Physical or touchscreen keyboard?

Joseph: Touchscreen!
Brittany: Both!
Dave: Physical keyboard!
Kerri: Physical keyboard!
Aloha Joe: Physical keyboard!

Question 8. Why do you want to be CrackBerry Idol?

Joseph: I love training and teaching; I look at this as an opportunity to showcase those talents. Helping people to understand what I understand is what I'm all about.
Brittany: I have a passion for BlackBerrys. I want to learn more about them and I think needs a different perspective on things!
Dave: I'd be able to reach and help a larger audience of BlackBerry enthusiasts. Ultimately my goal is to spread the word and share my passion about mobile devices, the internet and computing in general.
Kerri: has evolved my passion for BlackBerry and as the CrackBerry Idol I would like to share this passion with others while contributing to the world's premiere BlackBerry site for CrackBerry addicts like me.
Aloha Joe: Because I would like to get paid for my "addiction." Lmao!

Question 9. If you are crowned CrackBerry Idol, what will you bring to the Crack Team and website that you think is currently missing or can be done better?

Joseph: Each blogger adds a little something different to the site. My contribution would be the more edited and polished video reviews that we've almost come to expect from the CB Idol team.
Brittany: A different perspective. It's not just middle aged men who look at the site. There are teenagers and women of all ages as well.
Dave: One of my favorite parts of has always been the BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series, I often send newbies this link and while I don't necessarily want it to be better, I do want to see it updated. I also feel the site can use more internal niche-ing similar to the "perspectives" assigned during this last round.
Kerri: The easy answer for this question would be that I bring a female perspective that is lacking from the team however, I would like to think of it as a fresh perspective and creative mind with an attention to detail that would enhance the other personalities already on the Crack Team.
Aloha Joe: seems to be pretty "chill-axed", but I think I'll bring that relaxed vibe to the site.

Question 10. In two sentences or less, tell the CrackBerry Community why they should vote for you to be crowned the CrackBerry Idol 2010!

Joseph: I've taken this contest very seriously, and hopefully the time and effort I've put in reflects that. Should I win, I promise that each article I write will be one that I can be proud of.
Brittany: I should be the next CrackBerry Idol because I am different. My reviews aren't always like the pro's but I work hard and I try my best to give you information based on how I look at the device/app/accessory etc.
Dave: I'm one of them and have always enjoyed the community engagement, check this out: Plus I'm ready for the opportunity to usher in BB7 and as a team make "mobile" better for everyone.
Kerri: When I'm given a task, I complete it with unwavering dedication. It would be an honor to be a part of the Crack Team and serve the CrackBerry community.
Aloha Joe: ...because Aloha Joe writes from a "true consumer's" point of view.

Stay Tuned for the Final Vote!

Good stuff, and good luck to all the competitors.  Keep it locked to CrackBerry for the final vote. It's coming up soon!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Idol Questions and Answers - before you vote, get to know the finalists!


Win or lose, being in this competition has been a wonderful learning experience. Thank you CrackBerry and everyone for the opportunity!

^1st, Lol at that comment up there
2nd, its not about if they look good or if they have a job as the President (Just making a point), its about their knowledge of Blackberrys and other devices. If someone does a bad review dont vote for them. Vote for the BEST review. I know I did ;D

really think Joseph dropped the ball on #3

"I love the intelligence and forethought that goes into each OS"


"try to get a little work done at "some un-named" government agency. Lol."

Yep, he's probably a janitor at the local postal unit! :-D

Great answers all around.

BEST articulated answer came from Kerri in question #8.

It's been a tough competition, but I can't wait to see the votes. Hope the best Idol wins!

Congrats to all!

Voted for you Brittany, because you will bring a fresh angle to the team, and because your from Burque!!!!

Why does Brittany keep getting the headline on all your trailer videos? Do you want us to vote for her so you can have a youthful perspective on your blogs? So, we can watch reviews of a girl playing with her Aquapac in the shower or grab our dictionaries and English manuals to figure out what the heck she's saying? Or, is the team hoping she wins so they can flirt with her on the CB Podcast? I was thinking perhaps it was alphabetical, but if that were true, Aloha Joe would be first. I think Kerri is the better reviewer of the two female finalists, but Brittany continues to get the headline for some crazy reason. Oh, yeah, must be that creative placement of her BlackBerry in her audition piece. We know from reading the blogs, how much the Team loves Shao's new wallpaper changer pro version, particularly the NSFW female section! :-)

Joseph or Dave should be the one for this job. They both can be taken seriously. I also don't think mobile technology necessarily needs a female perspective as much as Kerri is admittedly well suited. As for Brittany, I just don't understand the logic voiced by some. Myself and many others are more knowledgeable in terms of BlackBerries, and she's just not that attractive either, the crackberry team hardly needs to show faces anyway. Good luck to everyone. I voted for Joseph.

Some of the best podcasts have female participants, so I think Kerri would fit in nice with the CB podcast. Maybe, just maybe, Brittany, too. Dave blew it, in my mind. I got a strong impression that Dave dumped that finale entry, like he had something more important to do. If he wins, I'll be happy for him, as he was my favorite going into the final round, but I am not voting for him. My vote will either be Joe or Kerri. I haven't decided yet, but I am leaning towards Joe.

I found it very interesting that you used RIM and leapfrog in the same sentence of one of your answers. Leapfrog was one of RIM's early wireless email devices.

Joe is the living exemple of why I love BlackBerry: he gets things done no matter where he is. Problem is I HATED his reviews.

Brittany and Kerri could bring that consumer feel into the podcasts, I know she'd ask most of the questions the average Joe wants to ask (that is, if Kevin stops talking long enough ;P).

Dave and Joseph are great but I feel they are "more of the same". We already have great berry-minds, we need something new, that will add to the Blogs, Forum and specially, the podcast... They could start their own blogs thou, I'd add to Google Reader.

How nice, still not closer to knowing who I'll vote for...

I thought that Dave came across the best here, AJ came across well, as did Brittany, Joseph came across okay and Kerri came across as a little out of her depth. This was interesting to find out a bit more about the people behind the reviews. I think if this had been posted before the final round people would have probably treated Brittany a little more kindly (and kudos for doing this with having so many commitments). Well done to all CB idol contestants and thanks for giving us some enjoyable reading and gossip material over the last few months!

My vote goes to Kerri for a new perspective that is seasoned with maturity. Don't get me wrong here - Brittany is cute and I have enjoyed the "rackberry" picture as much as the next guy. Hopefully the crackberry voters will agree.

I just believe that crakberry needs a different perspective and I think that Kerri did a great job and brings that perspctive while being a crackberry addict like the rest of us.

Following closley behind Kerri in my book would be Dave - mainly for his technical chops but we already have plenty of that on Crackberry.

Haha, not only does Brit have practically no BB experience, but she considers her razor as her first phone. Can we have a vote for #1 clown? :-D

I hope Brittany wins.
She is right though, this site needs someone who will bring something new. Let's face it, there already is a good bunch of nerdism going on here. Ever heard the crackberry podcast? *yawn* Brit has shown she not only has the looks, she has an awesome personality to match. Not everyone who uses this site wants to hear all kinds of nerd rage and banter.

What really scares me here is the amount of ppl praising Brit through their comments on here. The last thing I'd want to see on this site is an illiterate little girl, begging for attention instead of delivering reviews that will actually help us get a grasp on the product that's being reviewed. Aloha Joe is a close second, where he also has a good amount of trouble actually communicating how what he's got in his review is related to the actual product he's reviewing. If Brit at least had for instance the waterproof BB case she was reviewing when she got out of the showed with her wet suit on, I'd have a shred of respect for her. Like-wise when AJ was reviewing Tether, he could've actually said what Tether does as opposed to showing all the scenery and such irrelevant stuff.

In my opinion, Dave and Joseph are the best candidates here. For anyone complaining about too much geekness, most of us here are geeks (me definitely included) and I find it's easy to relate to people geeky like me :-D Putting a phone in your bra and then calling the audience pervs when they react positively to it is extremely immature, and therefore Brit would cause a huge stir on this site if she wins. I respect each and every one official CrackBerry blogger, and I hope it remains this way once this contest is done :-)

Do we really care about the writer? We read the blog for the CONTENT! We want to hear about cool new apps, devices, accessories, what new OS updates are coming out. We don't want to read the blog just because it's written by Kevin or Adam or Bla1Ze. We are not likely to read the blog just because it's written by Dave or Joe or Kerri or Aloha Joe or Brittany. If were friends of any those and we don't normally read the blog, we may start because we want to see our friend write for it. But most of the community reads that blog for the content, not for who's writing on it. Kevin may be the exception because he is the site founder, but for the most part, we read the blog for content.

What a lot Brittany fans are not realizing is that she is not going to be any different, entertainment wise, than any other blogger on the site. Once you're a CrackBerry team member, you play by CrackBerry rules and standards. So, I doubt her reviews will be as entertaining when she's hired as they are now in the contest. One reason why I am leaning towards Joe or Kerri, is I think when the contest is over, it's back to normal for the bloggers and I want the winner to be somebody I'll like when I see a normal review. I think Brittany will be boring without the skits and costumes.