CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the BlackBerry traveler

CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide
By Alicia Erlich on 3 Dec 2010 12:39 pm EST

Do you or someone you know take frequent vacations? Do you travel often for work? If you fit any one of these profiles then have no fear this holiday season. Whether on the road or in the air, we’ve put together a great list of accessories and apps no one should be without. 


Battery Life Bundles / Extended Batteries

Battery life bundle

To get you through the day these bundles include a travel charger, spare battery, and external battery charger. Want to last twice as long? Pack an extended battery for those long stopovers.

Bundle for Bold 9650, Curve 8900, Storm 9530/9500/9550/9520, Tour 9630
Bundle for Bold 9780/9700/9000
All spare & extended batteries

Ventev PowerCELL

Ventev PowerCELL

Don't have access to a power outlet? No problem, the Ventev PowerCELL is a portable lithium-ion battery that delivers hours of additional use by simply plugging in your device's USB cable.

More information/purchase Ventev PowerCELL

PowerMat Portable Mat

PowerMat Portable

Tired of lugging around power adaptors for all your devices? Lose the cords and check out the PowerMat product line. It's your one stop charging solution for all your handheld devices by either adding to or replacing the battery back with one of their receivers. Plus it folds up for easy storage.

More information/purchase PowerMat Portable Mat 
All PowerMat products and receivers
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Aquapac Handheld Case

Aquapac Handheld case

There's nothing like a sudden spill or accident to damage your beloved BlackBerry. To protect your device in the shower, by the pool, or at the beach make sure to pick up the Aquapac Handheld Case.

More information/purchase Aquapac Handheld Case
CrackBerry Idol Review of the Aquapac

iGrip Charging Dock 

iGrip Charging Docks

Recently, many states enacted hands free legislation. So why not kill two birds with one stone. Keep your hands on the wheel while talking and utilize your device's GPS Navigation system without getting pulled over.

iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 
iGrip Products for all devices
All available car mounts

Motorola EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker

Motorola EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker

Make important phone calls and play your favorite tunes with Motorola's travel speaker. All you need to do is pair to your Bluetooth compatible device and you're ready to let loose no matter where you are.

More information/purchase Motorola Wireless Travel Speaker 
CrackBerry Idol Review 


GPS Guru Pro

GPS Guru Pro

Want to use one less device on the road? Turn your phone into a portable GPS unit with GPS Guru PRO to help get you to and from your destination with satellite view directions.

More information/purchase GPS Guru Pro



Avoid annoying internet fees at hotels and airports with Tether for BlackBerry. Take advantage of your data plan and turn your device into a modem and save that money for the mini bar!

More information/download Tether for BlackBerry 
Read our review of Tether

Don't get caught texting and driving. reads texts and emails so you can keep your focus on the road where it belongs.

More information/download 


FlightView for BlackBerry

FlightView for BlackBerry

Get updates on flight arrivals and departures in out of North America right on your BlackBerry. FlightView gives you real-time flight information and integrates with your BB calendar.

More information/download

Handy Converter for BlackBerry Smartphones

Handy Converter for BlackBerry Smartphones

Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure we can all agree that calculating foreign currencies can be confusing. What better way to make sure you don't overspend than by picking up this all in one conversion app that even calculates international clothing sizes.

More information/download Handy Converter 
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Ultimate Travel Guide

Ultimate Travel Guide

Since airlines charge for additional bags what better way to save room in your suitcase then by eliminating those bulky travel guides. The Ultimate Travel Guide has information on more than 35,000 places, cities and towns.

More information/download Ultimate Travel Guide 


BlackBerry Style

BlackBerry Style

If you're going to travel, then travel in style. The BlackBerry Style that is. As RIM's first CDMA device to feature OS 6, the new clamshell form factor easily fits into your pocket while on the go. Just because you're busy travelling doesn't mean you can't check your Berry. The external display effortlessly shows incoming calls and messages without needing to open the flip. Finally, with its built-in 5MP camera and expandable storage up to 32GB take as many pics and vids as you want.

BlackBerry Style Hands-On Video Impressions!
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