CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories and Applications for the Music Lover

Holiday Gift Guide
By Team CrackBerry on 4 Dec 2009 08:25 am EST
[ Our Holiday Gift Guides hope to get you going in the right direction when shopping for your BlackBerry family and friends this holiday season. This list comes courtesy of our twelpers obi and michaelwpg ]

Accessories and Applications for the Music Lover

So you have a fellow BlackBerry addict on your list, and they also love music. Or perhaps, you happen to be that particular music enthusiast, and just need to drop some not so subtle hints to your friends and family on what to get you? We're here to help, with 5 top gift ideas for the music lover this holiday season.

Media Card

SanDisk Micro SD

What good is your music if you can't bring it with you? A 16GB SanDisk SDHC will hold hours of tunes, keeping them rocking while on the go. Any Berry running 4.6+ OS will handle this baby easily, and most users will have a hard time maxing it out with its average 3500 song capacity. If your OS 4.5 don't worry, our store has many SD cards to suit your needs.

Bluetooth Headset

Motorola S9

All this wonderful music on your BlackBerry, now you need a way to listen to it. You can blast it over the external speaker, but that might get slightly annoying to everyone else around you. How about a great set of stereo bluetooth headphones, so you can enjoy your music wirelessly, and privately? Our recommendation, the Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Headset. Stylish and discreet, this high-quality headset will help put you to the top of someone's thank you card list this holiday.

BlackBerry Premium Headphones

Premium Headset

Stereo bluetooth headsets aren't everyone's favorite, with the need to charge and the drain put on your BlackBerry's battery life. For those who prefer a simpler approach, wired headphones are a surefire gift to power their high quality tracks. The BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headphones are a great affordable choice. These headphones feature three sets of interchangeable faceplates and earbuds, to ensure that they fit snug and provide a different look, depending on their taste. They also feature media controls (OS 4.6+) that are conveniently placed for easy play/pause/skipping of tracks.These headphones also come with their own carrying case, keeping everything secure and stylish. Your browser may not support display of this image.

Bluetooth Stereo Gateway

Bluetooth Stereo Gateway

If you're a true audiophile, you won't just be listening to your tunes while out and about. You've probably got a killer stereo system at home too. Why limit your berry usage to when you aren't at home? Rock those tunes from your berry on that home stereo with the Bluetooth Stereo Gateway. Simply plug this into any audio system with a line-in jack, connect your BlackBerry via bluetooth, and enjoy all the music from your BlackBerry on that audio system.

Slacker Radio Plus

Slacker Radio Plus

A media card chock full of your favorite tunes is a wonderful thing, but what if you want to listen to something new? How about a subscription to Slacker Radio Plus? It's a gift that will keep on giving the whole year through! The subscription gets rid of the audio and visual ads as well as allowing you to have unlimited song skips. Other PC features are also included in Plus subcription.

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CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories and Applications for the Music Lover


Concerning your 16gb SD card. I'm currently using a 16gb card in a 8310 running 4.5.180. SO the latest 4.5 OSes support 16 gig cards now. Using a 8310 is painful whilst my Bold gets repaired.

In addition to the S9s mentioned above, I also give a hearty recommendation to the SonyEricsson HBH-DS980 unit. I have both of these (along with a few others) and use them for different functions.

I really only use the Moto S9s when I'm running, and the Sony Ericsson ones get used at my desk, in the car, running errands, mountain biking - all the time. They sound GREAT, have excellent voice clarity (since the mic is right by your face/mouth), and since they are a lanyard mode, they can be hanging around your neck (not in your ear necessarily) and when a call comes in, pop the bud in your ear, press the answer tab, and you're in. Simple. Easy. And I'll say again, the music sounds excellent.

Here's a link but you can get them much cheaper:

BTW Electric Pocket have just added Bluetooth remote control and remote playing support to FlipSide their CoverFlow mp3 Music Player for BlackBerry OS5 devices. Works a dream with the Jabra Cruiser handsfree car kit.

You can get it from:-

16gb of micro sd card.....this is all you need....never hv to worry baout ur berry's running outta space...yay