CrackBerry Habits: Do you talk on your BlackBerry via the wired headset? How about while eating??

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2011 08:00 pm EDT
 Vinny talking on his BlackBerry

Following up on a friend's birthday party last night, a group of us went out for breakfast this morning. Impressively enough, and not with me doing any influencing among this group, literally everybody at the table was a BlackBerry user. And Vinny -- pictured above and shown in action in the video below -- is what I'd call a CrackBerry Addict. Or at least a BlackBerry user with a seriously bad habit. Vinny had his headset plugged in the whole time we were eating, which I assumed at first was for listening to music and he just forgot to take them off. But nope, Vinny actually takes phone calls via the wired headset and he takes a lot of them. It was pretty funny/alarming. He had his phone set to silent, so nobody at the table would actually a hear a phone ring, but he'd answer the call and start talking to the person with none of us realizing it. Every time he started talking, we never to knew if it was to us, or to somebody on the other end of the line.

Overall I found this pretty interesting (and a little annoying!) to witness. Personally I don't recall ever actually using the wired headset that ships in the BlackBerry box for making a call (I hold the phone to my ear, use speakerphone or go Bluetooth). Typically the wired headset is an accessory I think most of us CrackBerry writers just put to the side when we get a new BB. But Vinny here uses it religously and swears by it. Which of course made me wonder... is Vinny alone here, or do a lot of BlackBerry users out there actually use the wired headset for calls?

Be sure to vote on the poll above and let us know where you stand talk on this one.  And if you do use the wired headset, at least try and take it out of your ears while out for breakfast with friends. At least I know what I'm giving Vinny for his birthday this year - a copy of CrackBerry: Trues Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse! He needs it!!

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CrackBerry Habits: Do you talk on your BlackBerry via the wired headset? How about while eating??


No one is that important to talk while I am eating! Phone goes on silent and I enjoy my meal, will call when I am finished.

It's ironic that these days we tout the 'Social' features required/wanted/needed in a smart phone but we haven't got the decency and manners to socialize with the people sitting at the table eating a meal with us. As said - Rude

Please tell me you have nothing better to do but to write first and not even post any logical response to the post.

And the funniest part is, YOU WERE NOT FIRST!!!!

Relax QuicKsllV3r, some people have fun with this - What you usually have to offer isn't much better. I can tell you surf all day waiting for a post so somebody may actually want to listen to you for once.
I can't believe he posted 'first' when he wasn't though, lol

seriously dude. are YOU for real?! it's sunday night - a good time for a "lighter" post. all serious and no play is dull. you know we cover all topics around here... from rumors to news to help/tips to contests to everything in between - a little bit of everything for everyone. this is funny (not supposed to be serious!), and the poll question is a good one. if you don't like it, scroll down to next post. 

+1 more. U start a website then u got the control.

But no wired that can with the phone, only wireless. Sennheiser headphones if listening to music or watching movie. Great sound in earbud package.

Die hard fanboy brown noser, what you think your going to get our of it? a new blackberry from kevin? get real dude.

The video is hilarious!!
I think by RIM including them I use my BB more often. I'm not worrying about whether cell phones cause cancer. I use my headset all the time at home.

RIM, don't listen to these other guys and please keep including them!!!

+1 times a gazillion

That being said, I don't use the stock headset. I do however used a wired pair for listening to music and talking.

NuForce NE 700m - Amazing quality for the price.

ok I use the wired headphones on the bus to and from work. Sometimes I use the Moto HD-S10 bluetooth, but I find them to be somewhat uncomfortable. So i usually wear the supplied ear buds to work. And sometimes my gf calls me and this way I can still bbm or facebook while talking to her.

I never used the wired headset just because of the wax build up on the buds. I use to be hardcore bluetooth headset user but got rid of it. Now I just hold the phone up to my ear as normal people do, lol.

Seriously, I'm going to hunt through my "gadget closet" this week... I bet I have 25 pairs kicking around at the minimum.

I sort of wish RIM would just leave the headset and holster out of the box and give us more RAM instead.


Even after wearing them everyday for a week, the earbuds supplied with the 9900 still keep on falling out of my ears.

I don't use the supplied headset from BlackBerry, I prefer the in ear style 'buds' and have a nice pair or Sennheiser earbuds. I listen to music on my 'Berry a lot and if I get a call I will use the headset feature so I don't have to remove the headset to talk and push it back in my ear after the phone call.

+1. I often listen to music while walking the dog, and if I get or make a call while out it's MUCH easier to walk and talk hands-free by using the BB-supplied earbuds with microphone and leaving the phone in my pocket.

I also find it much easier to make long calls while wearing the headphones rather than holding the phone to my ear. And as another poster said, you can do other stuff while wearing the earbuds -- whether it's use your BB's other functions, type on a keyboard at your desk, walk the dog, whatever.

It's also a huge help to use the earbuds while talking in an airport or anywhere else with a lot of background noise.

Still, I would never do what Vinny did -- wear the earbuds while at a meal with friends AND take calls during the meal. Jeesh. Gotta wonder why he even came out with everyone if he was just gonna be on his phone the whole time. And the earbuds only make it seem like he's intentionally tuned out from the rest of the group anyway. Crazy. An addict, for sure.

I never use wired. I use my Motorola S9-HDs for listening to music and taking phone calls that are interrupting my music. The Plantronics Discovery 975 for chatting at home and around town, and I use my car stereo with bluetooth for handsfree when I'm in the car. I'm fully bluetoothed.

I only take calls when out for brunch if you are supposed to be joining us for brunch. You're late and we're already eating.

WOW. NO! I always leave them in the box in the plastic, lol. And there he is using them religiously. LMAO I suppose the quality probably is pretty good since they have wires, but, still! That's just too much stuff hanging from my head!

This is a coincidence because i just saw a guy a couple days ago in the store and he has the single wire ear piece that I also find to be very outdated! I didn't use them when they first came out, I surely won't use them while bluetooth is available. lol

I've used my headset for calls when my Bluetooth headset dies. I'm not about to get a ticket for distracted driving.

The headset usually lives in my work bag when I need to listen to tunes or videos, and not distract others on my Bold or my Playbook :)

I always use my wired headset. Cant stand using a bluetooth and when i'm driving I have my Sync

The set that came with my 9700 are the only ones that actually STAY in my ears. The earlier ones didn't for whatever reason. If you guys want to send the new ones to me go for it :P

totally agree.. they are great backups. I use BT in the car and use the wired at work to listen to tunes and take calls. I also find my call reception is better.

I use them to listen to music at the gym. Why pay for a pair of headphones when these will do their job for a month or two?

I love the headsets that come in the box with the devices (well the new devices). This is my main way of talking on the phone because one I hate holding the phone to my head and two it allows me to do some serious multitasking, I.e sending emails, bbm, texting, browsing the web all while taking phone calls (why I will never use a CDMA device). The new headphones rock and I must own 20 pair because I'm always misplacing them so I tend to carry at least three pair on my person at all times. I think people would be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the new headset. I like vinny stand by these things and its a must for me to have. Great post Kevin

Wired set when I am trying to sleep and wife is laughing at TV.
Bluetooth in car and bluetooth stereo when bike riding.
When in the company of friends and business related issues, phone goes into vibrate or silent mode. When eating dinner with family and friends, vibrate and only will take a call if it is an as emergency. The wired set that came with 9780 does not even work so I use as earplugs.

ordered a pair of BB headphones from CB and they work fine but the pair fresh out the box stay fresh in a box lol! but a pair of BLACKBERRY bluetooth headphones would be nice

I can't stand those things! I use the bluetooth in my car, but besides that, I have the BlackBerry 9930 to my ear if am on a call...

Never used them found the wire to be too long. But the 9930 seem to have a shorter wire I've been using them on and off - verdict is still out.

I voted yes, but I have to qualify my vote. Both the supplied BlackBerry headset, and the 'premium' BlackBerry headset are garbage. The headphones are ok, but the mic is utterly useless.

I use a wired Sennheiser HD 218i headset, and I love it. I use it all the time for both listening to music on my Bold 9780, and for making/taking calls.

My AT&T bold 9700 came with the premieum earbuds and since then I always use for talking while driving or while doing something else. My Bold 9900 from Telus came with the standard and they are still in the plastic. It is really cheap not to include the premium headset in the bold another cheap move was no media card !

They are not garbage what for the price you pay ( 16 - 20 $) they are pretty decent and best they should come free with every blackberry.

Kevin, do RIM need to remove this to give us more RAM come on RIM should do better than that !

I don't like the wired headset that came with my BB. I use a set of ear buds that also serve as headphones. I'm considering purchasing a bluetooth headset though.

I use the BB supplied headphones for music playback @ the gym or when I'm working alone on a job site. I've NEVER used them for receiving calls.

Last week I got my new Torch 9850 and looked for the headset.... No headset! I presume that will please a few of your readers.

I don't think I have really used my wired headset for my phone for my BlackBerry since my 7290, and occasionally with my 8100. The only thing is that I lost my HS 700 sometime last week, and I think I'm going to go back to using the wired headset when I'm not using the handset, or speakerphone.

I don't use the headset that came in the BB box. But I constantly use the BB Premium Multimedia headset that I purchased from (and later additional copies at Best Buy). Yes, use it when I eat, walk, drive, etc. Most often for podcasts, books and music where the multimedia controls come in very handy. Wifey gives me some cross looks occasionally, but I make the bread so will do what I want when I want. If she has something worth talking about, I press the "Pause" button.

I've used it, but they are made like crap and fall apart. I still use a Sony headset from 2004, which is compact, sounds great...and was built to last. I also use a Bluetooth earpiece when not in I don't look like a douche. My Blackberry VM-605 is my go-to communications device for the car. A great item to be sure.

I never used to use headphones, but once I started trying it, I never went back. Its very convenient. You guys should really try it out at least! Might as well make use of it.

Has no one caught the fact that usage of the wired headsets changes the conversation from half-duplex to full duplex?

I mostly use the headset that came with my 9800 as headphones for music. And occasionally a phone call if I get one while listening to music.

As a car driver, you can keep your BB wired headset in your car, just in case:

1) Your bluebooth wireless headset is out of battery, or

2) You've forgotten to bring your bluebooth wireless headset with you while driving, or

3) or both of above!

I've used a couple of bluetooth devices, one being the jawbone and have still gone back to my trusty wired ear piece. I don't have to worry about it running out of a charge and I can hear much better on it. I do agree its not the best thing to use in the company of others or eating, but when driving or doing something where you need your hands free, then I prefer the headphones.
One thing though, it would be nice if they made them a little more durable. They break and wear out easily.

My favorite pair was the ones that came with my bold 9700 I think lol the in ear ones. Can't beat free I listen to my music on blackberry at the gym

I'd never use the supplied headset, but I much prefer a wired headset to a bluetooth one e.g. a good pair of shure headphones along with their mobile adaptor, you have vastly superior audio quality when listening to music, it is more comfortable than any bluetooth headset I have used and it can't run out of charge either.

Your friend was incredibly rude, if he was that busy he should have politely declined the invite.

i will take out my wired headset when i am about to do a long conversion over the phone, it's just more comfortable... but less convenient

BB wired headset is a total crap. It simply falls apart. But I use it at home and I have BT in car. My hand can't stand half an hour with a phone close to my ear.

I use the headset that came with my 9800 a fair bit. I have bluetooth in my vehicle, and cannot justify spending the money on a bluetooth headset.

I keep the wired BB earphones hanging from my rear view mirror or draped over the front passenger seat just in case there is no bluetooth.
Having a bud in each ear helps in hearing the person on the other end, too. I'm actually happy to use the wired buds.... generally better sound and less battery usage.

I use my wired headset when I'm driving. I don't like bluetooth headsets because they don't fit my ears and the ones with the over the ear attachment annoy me cuz I wear glasses. I have major issues finding good quality in-ear headphones that actually fit or don't fall out of my ears.

9930 has enough problems with keeping a charge so Bluetooth is out. I use a Rocketfish Headset and it is wonderful while driving.

That is hilarious and just for the record my wife would beat me black and blue, right there in front of company if I ever pulled a stunt like that :-).

I don't use the one that came with it, I do, however use the Monster Jamz. Yes, even when eating.

I love using the wired headset, they are comfortable, sound great, and people say I sound crystal clear on the other end of the conversation. They are the perfect partner for my 9930!

I didn't even get a wired head set with my new phone. I am surprised at the amount of people that use them and the ones that Apple gives out. They never stay in my ears. I usually use the wrap around sony ones or my new favorites that came with my SiriusXM radio. They never fall out.

And I might have to agree with the rudeness crowd. If someone needs to eat and talk on the phone they can talk to someone else.

And for doing that amongst friends. He might as well sit at a table by himself.

Never use a bluetooth headset for talking on the phone just headphones for music.

I often go walking during my lunch hour. I use the headset to listen to music, and I can catch calls if someone like my wife wants to check in to see how my day is going. It doesn't really get in my way, and also doesn't drain my battery like having Bluetooth turned on. Works very well for me.

I've only used the included headset for listening to music while doing work in the office & was away from my computer. Never had a call come thru while doing that so I guess NO I've never used them for a phone call, strictly media. Can't really complain about them, they work fine for me & what I need them for, but I'm not using them all day either, when I'm traveling & really using music or movies I use a set of Sony earphones that are bigger & more comfortable than earbuds.

I've never used the BB's wired headset. Either the phone or a BT headset for calls, BT headset for music (Moto S9).

I've never used the BB's wired headset. Either the phone or a BT headset for calls, BT headset for music (Moto S9).

I don't use the wired headset that came with blackberry, but I do use another set of wired headphones far more than I use my wireless headphone. Simply because my wireless is not stereo. However, I would never use my phone at dinner. Its the height of rudeness. If you feel the need to take a call then excuse yourself from the table.

I am on my 3rd BB (8830, 9630, now 9930) and have never received a headset with any of my phones, so obviously I don't use them :)

I'm with you. I never even take them out of the box. First, they always fall out of my ears. Beyond that, when I have them both in my ears, I can feel my brain vibrating when I speak. This is very annoying. I have a Jawbone Icon that I try to never answer the phone without.

I love the wired headset. Call clarity is superb, and it blows Bluetooth away. I do find that the thing is quite fragile, though, so I'm always having to lookj out that I don't catch it on something.

I work 24\7 for an IS department, I use the wired headset with my work berry. On my personal phone I hardly use the phone. It's mostly for messaging and emails and news feeds

I use my head phones quite a bit. I am a truck driver and I don't listen to terrestrial radio. I have slacker radio which I listen to constantly. The only down side is when I catch the wire, rip the buds out of my ears and destroy the buds.

I would move to a wireless head set but I just have not gotten around to it yet.

If anybody has a wired set of head phones that they don't use and don't want, new in package, let me know, I will at least pay for shipping!

OK so how is it that everytime I get those headsets come with a phone I throw them in a drawer somewhere and then this article comes out, I get curious and now I haven't been able to take them out of my ears.. Thanks Kevin, ha.

I just noticed that there's a button on the headset. Tried it out; for an incoming call, a press of the button answers the call. A short press afterwards mutes/unmutes it. A long press ends the call. Not a bad feature.