CrackBerry guide to weather apps revisited

By Jared DiPane on 18 Jul 2011 12:28 pm EDT


No one enjoys being caught off guard by a sudden downpour, or step outside without a coat into the freezing weather, do they? We know that life gets busy, and it is not always convenient to stop and watch the news to see what the weather is, but there are many simple solutions to keep you informed while on the go, right from your favorite BlackBerry device. For me I always left it to chance, hoping that I would get lucky and have cooperative weather, but one to many sudden downpours and getting caught in a few too many snow storms, I figured it was time to keep myself informed, and when I began my hunt I realized there was quite a number of options for me to use. Last year we took a look at some of our favorite weather applications available then, so let's take another look at what is available for everyone this year.



BerryWeather is arguably one of the most commonly known weather applications that have been available on BlackBerry devices for quite some time now. The application is quite feature intensive, it offers users a wide variety of views, from an hourly forcast to a 5 day forcast. Users can also change the look of the icons, a rather large selection of already made ones are available, and if you have the right skills you can even make your own. The background of the application is available to be customized, along with various font colors and icon sizes throughout, making it really your own. While it does carry a $9.99 price tag, there is also a free version which offers only a handful of the additional options, but it is enough to give you a taste of the application.

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Looking for an application that when you launch it all the information you could ever want about the weather is right there at your fingertips? Weatherbug for BlackBerry gives you just that, and even more all presented in a very quick and easy to view format. With live weather cameras in over 8,000 areas, weather warnings, radars and a 7 day forcast you can't really ask for much more from the application, or can you? In addition you can view forcast by the hour, and the ability to share current conditions with your friends and family there isn't much more the application could do for you, except possibly change the conditions if they aren't favorable.  With a feature set like this you are probably awaiting a crazy price tag to follow, but you will be happy to find out that it is available for free!

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Who said you need an Android device to be able to enjoy the current weather conditions as a widget on your homescreen? QuickWeather, a nice BlackBerry application allows users to do just this, and with some great style. Whether you wish to have just the current condition, or a five day forcast, users can customize the placement of the widget on their home screen, and keep informed of weather conditions in style. Included are options to change the text and background color, along with the window style, transparency, and much more. If your looking to replace a cup of coffee with a great application, be sure to grab this for only $1.99.

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Wakeful is not your typical weather application, in fact some would argue that it is not even a weather application, but for me it is just as useful as any other application out there. The main idea behind Wakeful is for it to be an alarm clock, but it goes far above and beyond that and is quite a pleasant way to start your day. Wakeful will audibly speak your forcast, and current weather conditions based on your location, allowing you to properly prepare for your day since you will know what is coming. In addition to the weather you can have stock information, news, and much more spoken to you daily, and you can get all of that for only $4.99.

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The Weather Channel 

The Weather Channel 

Many of us trust The Weather Channel on our television to deliver us the most up to date, accurate information in terms of weather on a daily basis, so why not continue that experience right on your mobile device. The Weather Channel application allows users to view forcasts, check the radar, easily access current conditions, as well as keep up on airport delays and even more.   This free download is sure to keep you in the know at all times, and makes it very easy to do so with its simplistic, yet design friendly interface.

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Instant Weather

instant weather  

Weather applications are great, but having them on your homescreen is not for everyone, and not everyone wants to dig into a folder to get the upcoming forcast, or the weather radar. If this is you, please meet Instant Weather, a rather powerful weather application that is all controlled from your convenience key. Double press the convenience key to launch the five day forcast, triple press for local radar, quadruple press for an app of your choice, so you don't really lose the functionality of the convenience key. If you are running a device with a full QWERTY keyboard you can also set a keyboard shortcut of your choice, it defaults to I but can be changed to your perefences. All of these features are bundled into a great application that is currently on sale and can be picked up for only 99 cents for a limited time.

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If features are your thing, look no further then Accuweather's BlackBerry application, as they go well above and beyond when it comes to being feature loaded. In addition to all the standard features, forcasts, radars, current conditions, etc, this app kicks it up a notch even further. Ever wonder how the forcast was going to be for a fishing trip, or a golf outing? Well Accuweather has got you covered and they rate each activity as poor, fair, or excellent, giving you a good idea of if that activity is a smart idea for the day or not. For the awesome price tag of free, this application is great for any of you on the go, outdoorsy folks. The one thing I don't like however (and I'm not sure it can be changed) is that Accuweather puts a temperature icon in the notification banner and you're stuck with it. 

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Looking for a simple, straight forward way to view your weather on the go? Not a person for all the bells and whistles, and instead would rather the information you need, when you need it? Look no further then iHazWeather, a great weather application with a really small footprint on the device, taking up very little memory and resources. The application gives you a three day forcast in addition to your current conditions, and users can define the update intervals. If you travel throughout the day you can have it set to use GPS location for each update so you can stay current with weather where you are, or if you remain in the same areas you can search by zip code. For less then a dollar the application is extremely easy to use, and provides all the information you need to keep informed of weather conditions while on the go.

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CrackBerry guide to weather apps revisited



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I got to let Kevin Know.....

Just released !!!

QuickWeather vs. BerryWeather.... which one is best for Canadian users? How much I have to pay is not an issue, but the features are... I know that BerryWeather has no support for Canadian weather radar maps. Which one should I buy? I need Temp, Feels like temp and condition on my home screen.

Thank you.

I used QuickWeather 1.2 for about a week before switching back to BerryWeather. BerryWeather has more features and better performance, more intuitive and hassle free. I would wait for BerryWeather to go on sale for $5.

Accuweather works for me with the radar maps a well up here in Ontario. Give it a shot, I have tried other ones and went back to that one as my favorite.

For Canadians I like the weather network bb app. I am surprised it's not even listed here. It has home screen icon that updates, radar etc. and is free! Why would you pay for a weather app.

You can add the weather radar maps manually in Berry Weather. If you know of a web site that has the radar data you want to include, there are instructions for adding that at Bellshare's website. I did this to add in NOAA's hurricane tracking maps and a local TV station's maps.

for Canadians I've found it's more about the source of info than it is which app. For me anyways Weather Underground (BerryWeather's source) is unreliable and inaccurate. This could be because I don't live in a big city, but I stick to WeatherEye, it's free and sourced from The Weather Network (not much in the way of features though. you get the weather and forcasts, thats's it)

Poynt is a free and all around great app that has an accurate weather component for Canadians. It gives current temp, feels like, wind, humidity and more. Covers a 5 day forecast with the ability to go further through AccuWeather.

weather apps are cool and i use beweather but to be honest i tend to look out of the window more to check the weather.......................

The Weather Channel, at least for Vancouver, Edmonton, and Brandon, MB - the three places I tried to the app - is far too inaccurate to be of any use. Moreover when you switch it to metric only certain views go to Celsius, some pages remain in Fahrenheit.

I just use whatever it is loaded onto the PlayBook, however this QuickWeather app really has my attention.

Yeah, I am wondering the same thing. The Weather Network is the most accurate weather for Canadians. App kinda sucks (slow, ugly ui), but at least it's accurate, and shows you the weather in the icon.

Since I ride a motorcycle a lot, its nice to have chance of precipitation percentage. Riding at 10, 20, or even 30% chance of precip is a good risk, get much higher than that and you are heading into almost a sure thing. The only one that I see is the BerryWeather or am I missing something.

I use weatherbug for the detailed forcast info and ShowMe weather for the weather icon in the notification bar, next to my battery % icon. I love that I can see both even while I'm on the browser.

i use weather bug for one reason it alerts you to active weather alerts for your area before anything else does d i can store multiple locations one for home one for work and you can easily switch between the locations

It was definitely not intentional, I took a selection of the applications that are available and wrote about them. There are quite a few that did not appear on this list.  

Paid the $9.99 for BerryWeather about a year ago. Keeps getting better and better. Feature rich.
Think it is a memory hog though. Any weather app you recommend that is not?

I am in Quebec and AccuWeather is a perfect and the best weather app I have every used on a BB

and it is free !!!!

I use accuweather and weatherbug. I like the weatherbug icon and how it gives the temp on your home screen and its layout when you open the app. Plus you get messages warning of bad weather heading your way and you receive "Amber" alerts. Accuweather I like and use for the radar maps. I use them every day-in the morning before I go jog, and at work when I'm driving for FedEx... Both of these apps are a must for my job. The weather is crazy in Ky and I need to know what's going on.

I found one called Weather Plus and it's amazing and free. It's the best one I've found for having information in the homescreen icon. Love it.

Weather Plus is one of those apps that almost seems to good to be true. Free, fast, icon in status bar, small footprint, I love it.

Weather Eye is free, feature filled, and now GPS enabled. Its the best weather app I have found for any paltform.

Does anybody use Accuweather? If so, is there a way to make it automatically update like every hour or so?

I have used BerryWeather for several years now and have not found a weather app that is its equal in all areas. Yes, it does cost $9.99 but all upgrades "have been" at no charge. So many formats to view the weather, 10 seperate listings if desired and the biggest kicker for me is the animated weather radar that shows a map that coninsides with the area you are checking on. Also has a GPS listing so when you travel you don't have to reset anything, it gives you the weather for the location you are in. I have NEVER experienced battery or memory loss with this application. So many ways to place on the home sceen sometimes you hardly know its there. I've only used a Blackberry for about 7 or 8 years and this is one of the apps that stays with me regardless of what phone I may upgrade to... Highly recommended.....

I say accuweather is the best. You get pretty much all features for a paid weather app for free. And I like the temp being shown in the notification bar so I don't need to go slide or anything. I just turn the screen on to check it.

What happened to Weather Eye form The Weather Network? it's the only one that updates it's icon with the current temp and is free. that's the best one for free imo.

Don't forget BBWeather with GPS and WiFi. An oldie but a goodie. Easy to use with homescreen icon showing current weather conditions.

One nice thing I liked about AccuWeather was the severe weather warnings I got while in Texas recently. I went immediately to the maps, and I was able to see the storms heading towards me. About the only thing I wish they would add is sunrise and sunset times.

WeatherEye from The Weather Network would be in my top picks. It's free and isn't just for Canada. I've tried BerryWeather and it's nice. It's just not $9.99 nice. WeatherEye handles multiple saved cities, has a GPS location finder, short and long term weather and a red alert icon for when something ominous is approaching. Did I mention it's free?

I have ShowMeWeather for the status bar, I prefer the sun/cloud combo over other a thermometer. Also BerryWeather for details.

My questions is which is the most acurate because I can different readings from ShowMe, Weather Channel and Berry Weather...sometimes a 5 degree difference, and there's no rhyme or reason for it. One day one is warmer than the other. I'd rather have one that is acruate than looks right.

I have tried The Weather Network, AccuWeather and now i'm on BerryWeather which I find is the most accurate out of them all.