Crackberry guide to weather apps

By Ryan Blundell on 21 Oct 2010 11:05 am EDT

Become a mobile Weather Personality with these weather apps!

crackberry guide to weather apps

Your Mom always said to dress for the weather. Of course that occasionally meant that you were forced to dress for -40 Celsius weather, even if others were out in their bathing suits. At least you’re prepared for a sudden snowfall…in the dog days of Summer. Despite all of our technological advances, our daily plans (for the most part) are still dependent upon the forecast. Out here, in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, we typically expect the cold, rainy season soon. This year, we are expecting a colder, snowier time…sigh.

So how do you weather the weather? Do you leave it to chance? Stick your head out of the window? Devote your eyes and ears to the cheesy local TV weather personality? Oh, of course, you use your BlackBerry! But now you have to decide to make use of an app or the internet. Well you know where I stand. Welcome to the CrackBerry Guide to Weather Apps! We take a look at some of the most popular applications available that help you choose between flip flops or rain boots. Let’s see which apps fellow BlackBerry Users and Abusers have chosen.



This is, arguably, one of the most popular BlackBerry weather applications available. It’s also been voted the best news/weather app of 2010 by CrackBerry. The application provides an amazingly beautiful look at the forecast for over 72000 locations globally – with the ability to track up to 10 locations simultaneously. BerryWeather enables users to view the 7 day forecast, as well as (for U.S. customers) alerts and advisories. The information provided comes from Weather Underground. The home screen icon gives you basic weather information simply by highlighting it. If you have OS 4.7 or higher, your wallpaper can be used to reflect the current weather. By opening of the application gives you data such as; POP, wind, humidity, dew point and the “feels like” temperature.

BerryWeather also features GPS/AGPS location tracking, animated radar maps (US), adding media links to locations and accessing Twitter to tweet the weather (it’s hailing in this mo fo!).

BerryWeather is available for a one-time fee of $9.95. There is an alternative called BeWeather Free (found within BlackBerry App World). This free version can track up to 3 location simultaneously, and display the current conditions or a 5 day forecast.

CrackBerry App Store Rating – 4/5

BlackBerry App World Rating – 3.5/5

More information on BerryWeather

More information on BeWeather Free

Ace Weather Forecasts

Ace Weather Forecasts

This application is another contender for the title of Master of Meteorology. As with Berry Weather, Ace Weather Forecasts provides a wealth of knowledge, while requiring little effort to access it. The home screen icon does reflect the current conditions and temperature, but it doesn’t always work properly (sometimes, no data can be seen). As I said before, Ace Weather Forecast is jam packed with weather details, which include; visibility, humidity and wind speed/direction.

Ace Weather Forecasts focuses less on UI and screen resolution and more on the information it provides. This may tend to ward off potential users, but those who want “just the facts ma’am” will be satisfied. In this day and age, I think an application also needs to dress to impress if it wants to survive. Hopefully an update is coming. The application does have other views besides the text view- you can see basic hourly and 7 day charts detailing what you should expect.

The application is one of the more costly weather applications available – currently on sale for $9.95 from $19.90. There is a free trial available, so I strongly suggest trying it out before purchasing. To the developers, I would suggest making the current sale price the new regular price – before it gets blown away by gale force winds.

CrackBerry App Store Rating – 5/5

BlackBerry App World Rating – not available on App World

More information on Ace Weather Forecasts



When you hear the term weather bug, I would think of a bug in a weather app. This isn’t the case here. WeatherBug is a name that has been thrown around for a while, and with good reason. Going back to 1992, WeatherBug provides detailed info for over 32 million people on a monthly basis.

On the BlackBerry side, WeatherBug isn’t slacking when it comes to reporting on the weather either. It taps into thousand of US weather stations to keep users up to date on local and severe weather (NWS), forecasts and various camera views. If you are using a GPS –enabled BlackBerry, WeatherBug can give you more personalized forecasts based on your location. Weather information is extended to other apps – in BlackBerry Maps, users can view weather information on a location by simply touching the specific area.

There are more features available in the free WeatherBug app. By switching to WeatherBug Elite, you get even more! Stay in the know with real-time delivery of alerts pushed right to your device. Weather Maps include multiple layers displaying numerous weather details. WeatherBug also keeps track of plotted lightning strike points and NWS watches- Necessary, if you are looking to generate 1.21 Jiggawatts for whatever reason. WeatherBug is nicely priced at $4.99

CrackBerry App Store Rating – Not available in the App Store

BlackBerry App World Rating – 3/5 (Elite version) 3.5/5 (free version)

More information on WeatherBug

More information on WeatherBug Elite



For some, simple is better. You don’t understand most of the meteological terms and you don’t need to. You simply want to know if you should wear pants or a speedo. First off, never, EVER go with the speedo. Trust me on that one, dude. Secondly, check out iHazWeather. The application gives you what you need; the current conditions and the 3 day forecast. That’s it. Honest. Okay maybe not.

iHazWeather can use your GPS location or allow you to manually enter in a location of your own. The application also lets you choose what your refresh rate will be (choose between 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 to 3 hours). It is the basic weather facts presented crisply and clearly. All this can be your for the low price of $0.99.

CrackBerry App Store Rating – 5/5

BlackBerry App World Rating – 2.5/5

More information on iHazWeather


Weather Eye

For as long as I can remember, I’ve used the Weather Network- to plan my weekends, vacations and even my day to day. Every 10 minutes (on the 10s) I am informed of the local forecast. With their free WeatherEye app, the details get updated every 15 minutes, but it’s there whenever I need it. If the Weather Network covers your city, you can view it on WeatherEye. In fact, you can track multiple cities.

So what do you get with WeatherEye? In-depth long term, short term and hourly forecasts, with a 100% chance of current conditions. Users in Canada or the US also have access to Severe Weather Alerts. Other features include radar maps and support for metric/imperial and Celsius/Fahrenheit. The Weather Network also puts the focus on how weather affects particular activities. Through WeatherEye, users can access the Weather Network mobile site, where you can check out their Golf Report, Ski Report, traffic, air quality, etc.

CrackBerry App Store Rating – Not available in the App Store

BlackBerry App World Rating – 2.5/5

More information on WeatherEye


If you take a look at both the CrackBerry App Store and BlackBerry App World, you can see the multitude of weather applications that are available. Some have better ratings, some more (or less) costly than others; all of them worthy enough to be tried. The ones that made it to the list are the apps most talked about, regardless if it’s positive or negative. Are you using one of the apps listed? Can you suggest and app to add to those found above? Let us know in the comments!

Reader comments

Crackberry guide to weather apps


I've tried a few, BerryWeather and Weather Bug I liked the most. Weather Bug ultimately wins for my BlackBerry though!

I like the half day and hourly forecast up to 5 days ahead of time. Sure, it's pointless that far out, but it gives you a better idea of what you'll be facing than simply a daily forecast of "Chance of showers". In the summer, it's helped us decide on camping trips if we know the chance of rain is in the morning or night, before we arrive or after we leave.

i always use weathereye....just for the fact that i used to watch it on tv and then i used it on the internet, BUT the fact of the matter is that the app isnt always as responive as i would have hoped. i have been thinking about switching to berryweather for a long time, maybe i should chekc it out.

I enjoy it. They've made lots of decent changes to program over the years I've had it. I'm on my second Blackberry Storm using this weather program. Worth the money. I love the advisories, which I've set with a particular sound on my phone. Know exactly when an advisory has come through.

The design is decent, and covers all that I really need to know. I have set for two areas, my main home and mountain home. Also, I set it for GPS. So, no matter where I go, I automatically have the weather available there.

Get BerryWeather, you won't regret it.

I would say my favorite is Weatherbug, I tried BeWeather, but it stop working one time, and tried Weatherbug and fell in love with it. The new 2.0 version is pretty nice also.

BeWeather free for quick looks at temp and forecast. WeatherBug free for details such as wind speed, direction and their radar. Pretty much covers all I need

It's worth the money...and the wealth of info you get and NOW you can change the icons too... Berry Berry Good...LOL

BeWeather free for quick looks at temp and forecast. WeatherBug free for details such as wind speed, direction and their radar. Pretty much covers all I need

I have used WeatherBug with great success and appreciation. As a contractor whose work is outdoors, in the weather, a great weather app is a must. I can set locations for multiple job addresses and always be in the know about current and upcoming conditions.

A very helpful and useful work tool. I highly recommend it.

Oh yeah, awsome for home, weekend, vacations and traveling, and distant family and friends as well.

Anyone know why WeatherBug keep "bugging" me (ha-ha) for Personal Information access?

I keep denying access and the app seems to be working fine. Is there some feature I'm missing?

I've tried a few of the ones mentioned here (WeatherBug and BerryWeather trial to name a few), and I've yet to find one that matches WeatherEye. It updates regularly most of the time (yes, it has outages every once in a blue moon), but I've found it to work better for me than any of the others I've used. Much more accurate and easier to read in my opinion. And best of all, there is only a free ver of it available (sure it has ads, but they don't get in the way much) :-D

Weather Bug adds a temperature icon (optional) to the banner of the home screen. It does not provide a high/low or any animations.

I am not sure if you need to upgrade to Elite or not.

I used WB for a while, but when I started seeing the large weather icons on people's home pages; I had to have that! So, from then on I have used BB Weather Elite, simply because of the homepage options it provides.

I've looked at the other apps, though BerryWeather looks appealing, weather bug has the best layout, radar maps, the alerts are a bit lengthy at times, but its also FREE! And being a Chicago dweller I've grown up on Tom Skilling and WGN uses WeatherBug. Another cool thing about the app is that it does offer video feeds of forcasts and you can pick out which weather station you wanna follow. The one I picked is on the high school across the street from me, and you can see photo thru out the day. It points right at my house so when I'm at work I can see what's going on there and how my lawns looking. Lol. Goofy, but it works for me!

The Weather Channel offers great radar maps, if your wanting to know when the good storms are about to hit, but that's all I ever used it for.

I use BBWeather (FREE here). Its basic, simple and works. Plus my theme (DReW10 also free here) has a weather slot. AND I'm in Florida. And "general weather" is all I need. Is it raining? Is it humid? I'm NOT a meteorologist. I'm NOT interested in the doplar effect of the current cloud base...LOL

Just use my QuickLaunch, whenever I want the basic weather I open it up, updates very quickly telling me current temps straight from Yahoo. If I needed anything more detailed then that I'd just go online quickly!

a simple and effective, free and arguably better weather app hasnt even been mentioned yet i suggest WeatherTrax by JARed Co. it's free and those who enjoy having memory left for more important things has the smallest footprint, around 100k compared to some on here the weight in at over 1MB!

Will trade my license for 5 US$, PayPal.

If you are interested, contact me by mail:

info! ... replace ! by @


I have tried several, and I like Beryweather,especially like the home page widget that shows the current condition w/o pushing a button

Weatherbug recently had an update that took it from an 8 to a 9. All it need is a tiny bit of optimization (make it snappier) and it'll be a 10.

WeatherBug Elite's graphs and charts are extremely insightful. Further, the accuracy of their forecasts are exceptionally accurate

Best Weather app I have found for the BlackBerry, hands down.

I've used this app for a few years now and love it. The latest update allow tracking weather in multiple locations and multiple forecast details (current/hourly/daily/5day) as well as maps and a link to the Weather Network site. Don't leave home without it!

Berry Weather is the best of a poor bunch. Here in Australia it still shows the moon icon until 10am even though it has been light since 5.30am

Berryweather is my winner. No question. The new update added several new icon sets available for download (very cool) and the option to have it not update between certain times. Great app, Great company, Great tech support. Worth every penny.

I actually use a combination of two weather apps. I use BeWeather Free to hang out on my home screen in a weather slot and tell me the temp and sunny/cloudy icon. For alerts, longer term forecasts, and radar images I use The Weather Channel app, which is free. Between the two, I am usually properly dressed!

I have tried them all but always go back to the winner WeatherEye. Its free, has the best user experience & is always extremely accurate. The ads don't get in the way, 4 out of 5. I would like to see them add a temperature display in the top banner notification area which would make this app 5 stars

BerryWeather is the bomb!

Hands down my favorite weather app, and now that you have the option to use custom icons, the best just got even better!!

It a great app and I can actually use the info from my weather station to be my home location on my phone. That is pretty sweet!!

I have a bookmark in my Browser set to for Weather Underground (Mobile). It provides lots of detail, plus radar, animated radar, zoom radar. It remembers your zipcode and is easy to get a fast forecast of any other place.

Don't know why people need an app which gets less information and occupies memory when Weather Underground provides all that is needed without cost.