CrackBerry guide to mobile banking on your BlackBerry Smartphone: Part 2

By Ryan Blundell on 24 Jun 2010 12:06 pm EDT
CrackBerry guide to banking on your BlackBerry: part 2

Welcome to part two of the CrackBerry Guide to Banking on your BlackBerry. I hope you enjoyed the first installment, in which we took a look at Bank apps and launchers. In part two, we will be rounding up applications and presenting you with the best of the third party banking and finance tracking applications. Some applications can provide access to your account, just as the mobile site for your financial institution. Others, which have little or no access, can still assist you in tracking how your money travels into and out of your bank account.

If you prefer standing in line, waiting for a bank teller, then read no further. If you yearn to keep your bank account accessibility as mobile as your wallet, then take a look at these applications. Whether you feel confident about mobile access to your account or not, your BlackBerry has you covered.

As with part 1, this list of banking applications will be updated as more applications pop up. The apps below are divided into two categories; apps with and without access to your bank account.

Apps with access to your account

Personal Assistant by Pageonce

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant definitely lives up to its slogan “the most effortless way to manage your life online, anytime, anywhere”. While it also helps you manage shopping and travel itineraries, the application shines at shedding light on your bank account, credit cards and investments. Thousands of financial institutions and service providers are supported; allowing you to review transactions, payment reminders and possible fraudulent activity. Personal Assistant is available in both a free and premium version for $6.99. The premium supports an unlimited number of accounts, real time flight information and increased security.

MobileLockbox by Intersections


MobileLockbox handles both your financial and personal information. Most types of online bank, credit card or investment accounts can be added to the application. Alerts can be set to help you manage accounts and be notified if anything is amiss. While you cannot perform transactions in MobileLockbox, the application will redirect you to the mobile site of your institution. Besides finances, the application acts as a secure storage area for logins, passwords, and various personal files. MobileLockbox is available for an annual fee of $29.99, the app itself is free.

SplashMoney Personal Finance by SplashData


This application definitely makes a splash in the financial world. SplashMoney not only connects to hundreds of banks, but supports numerous types of accounts (line of credit, liability, etc). Your account history, including transactions, are downloaded for your viewing. Armed with this knowledge, you then use SplashMoney to help set budgets, reconcile statements, view/print reports or schedule transactions and reminders. SplashMoney is available for $9.99.

In part one, we mentioned the Mobile Banking and Mobile Money applications as well.

Apps with no account access

Mobile Checkbook by Mobatech

mobile checkbook

Mobile Checkbook is an extremely reliable financial application. Record your transactions as they occur and eventually you will see where you could save. You can compare the available balance with the cleared balance. Recurring transactions and transfer of funds are also easily managed. Multiple currencies are supported. Your transaction lists can be sent via email as a QIF or XLS attachment. Mobile Checkbook is available for $9.99.

eCheckRegister by Total Wireless Solutions


eCheckRegister is a similar application; allowing you to note occurring and recurring transactions for multiple accounts. Transactions, including account transfers, are quickly and easily recorded. The application can help you send off your history in a CSV file or HTML format. eCheckRegister costs $9.99.

miBudget by loopSpin Inc


If you feel that your paycheck is gone not too long after it’s deposited, it’s time to set a budget. miBudget lets you set monthly budgets and mark down your expenses. The budget and expenses are compared on an easy to view progress bar. When it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, miBudget provides graphs to show how well (or not so well) you are doing. You may even find areas where you could spend a bit less and where you can save for a new BlackBerry. miBudget goes for $5.99.

Ascendo Money by Ascendo Inc

Ascendo Money

Ascendo Money is an extremely in-depth financial application. Multiple account reports can be created and viewed, covering your spending by category, payment method and payee. These reports can be displayed as a pie chart or bar graph for easy to decipher comparisons. Other options include budgeting, scheduling future and recurring transactions and email reporting. Another powerful feature is the ability to forecast the balance of your accounts, so you can see if any adjustments need to be made. The Ascendo Money BlackBerry and Windows Desktop suite is available for $29.95.

Money by ChanguitoSoft


A simple name for a simple need. Money is an intuitive transaction recorder. Multiple currencies are supported, even when transferring between accounts that use different currencies. Money can handle management of line of credit, loans, investments and more. To quicken transaction entries, Money allows you to create template for common transactions (rent, bills, etc). To allow for additional support of other finance software, your information can be exported in QIF format. Also included is the capability to create and manage shopping lists. Money is available for $9.99

CashflowHawk by Reva Technologies


Worried about an investment? Not sure about loan repayment? CashflowHawk is designed to help you find the answers. The application allows you to calculate the following; Property Cashflow, Loan Repayments, Investment Returns, Investment Time to Value and Maximum Loan (what can be borrowed based on the repayment figure). CashflowHawk costs $2.99.

As I mentioned before, this list will be updated as time goes by. Please feel free to share with everyone which applications you are using to help you manage your finances.

Reader comments

CrackBerry guide to mobile banking on your BlackBerry Smartphone: Part 2


I've had splash money for a while now (used it on my old Palm devices) and one of it's best features is the desktop software that is available with it. I highly recommend it.

I haven't been able to find an app that can access my Citibank account. It seems that citibank and blackberries don't play well together.

When oh when is Pocket Quicken going to come out for BB? That's the only thing I miss from my Palm Treo (that and a reliable sync with a Mac).

I've been using Jabplite to keep track of my banking transactions for a while now. The app looks a lot like the echeckregister and it's free! I manage to keep track of 3 of my accounts in this one app. So far I haven't had any complaints!

Thanks for this info, I just downloaded Personal Assistant by Pageonce and its pretty great. I don't know how many accounts the free version allows but my bank account and 4 credit cards were all accepted.

I run a Storm 9530 (one of these days I'll upgrade). I have used SplashMoney, Ascendo Money and Pageonce for managing money. The short story is that I recommend Pageonce.

The longer story is... I agree with the previous user who said that SplashMoney integrates well with the laptop. I used that when I had a BB 8830 WE. It did work well, and was simple. I never had any problems. It generates nice spending reports, but it didn't incorporate all of my financial accounts.

I love Ascendo's DataVault and wanted to try their Money program. Ascendo Money was problematic for me. I was never able to get it to sync with my laptop, and tech support kept telling me RYFM. I'm not tech illiterate. I did RMFM but the manual didn't help. I also had problems with the accounts not updating in the main view even though I downloaded recent bank transactions.

I ended up going to Pageonce, and really love it for my Storm. I paid for the full version at the outset because of the additional security features, and did not try using the free app. On my Storm, the Pageonce page display is very clear and easy to read, much more so than SplashMoney and Ascendo. I also have access to all my accounts (including educational loans) through my Storm and on my laptop as well. I can't generate reports the way that SplashMoney did, but on the other hand I have full access to all my finances. My work-around for the lack of spending reports on Pageonce is to generate spending reports directly through my bank which has some useful budget tracking software embedded in their online banking site. I also like how Pageonce has the ability to track my airline purchases and automatically imports flights and upcoming bills into my calendar. The only problem I've run into with Pageonce is that my Orbitz account and my individual airline mileage clubs ended up duplicating flight notifications in my calendar. To resolve this I just deleted the individual airline mileage clubs. I don't really need to have that information on hand all the time anyway. Pageonce does seem to have a little bit of a lag when opening on the Storm 9530, but I think this is more attributable to the known issues with the Storm rather than a problem with the app. The delay has not been a problem for me. I use this for personal finance and not for trading stocks, so a matter of seconds is not an issue.

I hope this is helpful.