CrackBerry guide to mobile banking on your BlackBerry Smartphone: Part 1

By Ryan Blundell on 17 Jun 2010 02:56 pm EDT
The CrackBerry guide to mobile banking

Your BlackBerry helps you make money in business. Your BlackBerry also helps take money away from you with your carriers data plans. Easy come, easy go. Why not have your BlackBerry help you keep tabs on your money, as it enters and exits your bank? Your BlackBerry is designed to make your day-to-day easier right? Sure, you can juggle your wallet, bank card while tele-banking, but there’s no fun in that. While TV informs us that the iPhone has numerous Bank applications, you and I both know that, we users are far from powerless.

If you are standing in line at your bank while reading this, you might as well step out of it now. This article is the first of a two part series of articles that will serve as the ultimate guide to BlackBerry Banking. As time goes on, we will be adding more and more apps and launchers as they are developed. For now, put your wallet in my hands, seriously.

To make things easier for you, we’ll separate these apps and launchers by Country. Please note that part one will focus on apps and launchers supported by financial institutions. Third party apps will be minimized.


TD Canada Financial Group


This institution has both an app and a launcher rolled into one package; simply named TD. It allows you to access the mobile site to perform various transactions, as well as offering one-touch calling to the TD Waterhouse Investor Service Centre, or even to a TD Insurance specialist. Branch or ATM locations are presented to you based on your location within your carriers network.



Scotiabank has two options available; First, the Branch and ABM app allows you to use your GPS-enabled BlackBerry to find branches and ABM locations. You can also map the location, view their hours and call directly from the application. Second, Scotiabank customers can sign up for Scotia InfoAlerts. You can keep informed of account balances, limits, activity, transactions and more; all from a text message or email.



While I’m not a CIBC customer, I still think I have the right to complain. We can see in the media that CIBC has a fully functional iPhone app. We are not necessarily left in the dark- CIBC has given BlackBerry users a mobile launcher, where they can access the mobile site to perform various account transactions (transfers, bill payments), view balances & transaction history and find branch/ABM locations.

ING Direct Canada

ING Direct

The app from ING Direct will help you continue to “save your money”. This app also provides options that include account balances, transactions, money transfers and enables you to find ING Direct Save Your Money Cafés (United States) and ABM locations.

United States of America

Bank of America Mobile Banking

Bank of America

This is another app and launcher in one. It serves to provide the nearest branch location and grants direct access to Bank of America’s mobile site. Please note that customers in WA or ID do not have access to mobile banking.

ING Direct

ING Direct

The ING Direct appfunctions just like the ING Direct Canada application. ING Direct also has an ING Direct ATM Finder application that allows you to find 35000+ Allpoint ATMS, by address or by GPS location.



KeyBank customers can use the Key Mobile Banking launcher to find locations, contact customer service or manage their bank accounts- all via the KeyBank mobile site.

MeriWest Credit Union


The MeriWest app helps customers search through over 28000 free to use ATMs, by using a ZIP code or address. You can also view maps, directions, hours of operation and contact information (one click calling). Mobile banking services are also supported.



Chase is another situation where iPhone users get an amazing application and BlackBerry users get a mobile launcher. Their mobile site offers branch/ABM locations, account management, FAQs and contact information.

M & I

M & I

M & I Bank (Marshall and Ilsley) offers their online customers a launcher for their mobile site. Access their mobile site in order to fid the nearest ATM, make payments, transfer funds and view balances/transactions.


Mobile Banking

The MobileBanking application supports over 3700 financial institutions in the United States (SunTrust, AF Bank Group, etc). With each of these institutions, you can pay bills, make transfers and so on.




Banorte is one of the main banks in Mexico and also the main subsidiary of Grupo Financiero Banorte. The Banorte Movil app not only helps customer manage their history and transactions, but they can also pay towards their mobile phone account.

United Kingdom

Mobile Money

In the UK, a number of financial institutions have registered with Monestise, so there customers have a mobile solution. The app is called Mobile Money Manager. The application can handle transfers, real-time statements and balances, history, mobile phone top-up and international payments. A text service is also available, giving you information that includes; card activation, balance alerts and overseas transaction alerts. The following banks are supported: first direct, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank.


La Caixa

la Caixa

La Caixa is one of the major savings banks in Catalonia, with more than 5500 branches. The CaixaMovil laucher goes above and beyond what most Bank launchers do. In addition to branch/ABM locating and financial tracking, customers can also check out the stock market and purchase tickets.

Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell

The Group includes Banco Herrero and Solbank. SabadellAtlantico is an app and a launcher. You can use the GPS on your phone to track down the nearest branch or ABM. You can also use it to access your account online, contact a customer service agent, block a card and check the stock market.


Banco Pichincha

Banco Pichincha

Banco Pichincha is a full bodied application that covers account management, news, and cellular topups.


Banco de Bogota

Banco de Bogota

The Banca Movil Banco de Bogota app lets you handle inquiries, payments and transfers. This app is only available in Spanish.


Itau Unibanco

Itau Unibanco

Itau Personnalite customers can manage their accounts and find locations with Personnalit.




Headquartered in Singapore, the OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation) has numerous international branches and offices. Their OCBC Bank launcher redirects customers to all the services that they need. Actions such as bill payments, transfers and location searches are all covered. You can also look at exchange rates, redeem your OCBC$ rewards and use EasiCredit.

Hong Kong



Our own CrackBerry App Store has the HSBC Hong Kong Business Banking launcher available.


Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank

QNB offers their clients the eazymobile application. It supports account access, payments and transfers.You can also pay your Kahrama utilities and Qtel bills or even view a regularly updated news feed.

Thus completes the CrackBerry guide to mobile banking: part 1. This guide will be updated as new apps and launchers are released. If we have missed any apps or launchers, please let us know. Stay tuned for part 2 as we look at other mobile banking options.



It's all well and good that some banks are covered by mine (not surprisingly) does not have mobile banking avilable via Blackberry at this time although it does via iPhone.
I hope BB gets caught up in this arena.
Navy Federal is one of the largest Financial institutions worldwide, hopefully they'll have BB love soon.


i wouldn't bet on it man... sorry


i wouldn't bet on it man... sorry


i hope so too but i doubt it

Detective M Downs

I believe Wells Fargo has a mobile launcher/app for Blackberry.

Detective M Downs

BB&T has a mobile launcher and I think its on the mobile banking app too.


Here is a link to what I have to say about this.

Right now I use Mobile Checkbook. I put the entries in as I go. Daily I'll use Mobile Banking or just go online at a computer. Then I reconcile the newest transactions.

If I had an app like Mobile Checkbook that did that for me I'd be happy!! does this, but I'd rather put the entries in my phone.


Anyone know if Bank Of Montreal will come out with an app?

Ryan Blundell

When I called, the customer service agent gave me an abrupt "no". I am looking further into it.

RBC does have a mobile site, . In a conversation with RBC Corporate Communications they stated that they are "diligently working towards offering banking solutions through smart phones".

Hmm, perhaps I should offer to test these solutions. I'm not an RBC customer but maybe they could give me an account with a few hundred thousand to play with. You know, for testing purposes ;)


My understanding is that RBC has a new app for BB and iOS coming in the summer.


You know what's funny Ryan? About the time you made this post I signed in to and saw a link for their new Launcher. That was Thursday - no idea when it actually was released. It's only about 8-10kb, so go for it!
Download RBC Mobile Banking OTA:


Mountain America Credit Union offers support for Blackberry devices: .


I am a member of a credit union who offers the typical online banking but it would be nice to have a BB app to do it but it seems that none of these fancy apps support the CUs.


Privredna Banka Zagreb
provides mobile support foo BB devices.

Breaking The Silence

It's stunning how my bank send me junk-mail about there iPhone app. when Blackberry is out selling iPhone offer here. And on top of that this blog post show they have an app in the US, but not in there home country. Off course when you react to those facts no reply.


My Bank the ANZ Bank in Australia only supports the Iphone. It may pay to bank elsewhere if you are a Blackberry user


ANZ internet banking works on opera mini!


No love for Royal Bank in Canada??
They have a mobile site.


Chase link doesn't work.
Any help?


Using your blackberry, try


Looks like JPMorgan Chase could provide a real app for their banking application. What they have is a joke for an institution their size! Just MHO.

commander 4

Yeah I SAID THE SAME thing too.The Torch is the hot shit that's out and yet no cool app for Chase but Android got theirs .Chase SERIOUSLY need to reconsider the point shoot deposit for BB as well as the other stuff


Barclays in the UK have a mobile site for internet banking:

please add to the list


I would love for PNC bank in the USA to have an app. It seems as though the bank is behind the times.


I would reccopmend using either the bank's own launcher or application for BlackBerry banking operations. You can also use the native browser as this is very secure.

I would never reccomend using BOLT or Opera-Mini for this activity as both the browsers use an external server to render your pages and then they simply use your phne as a display device.

This means that all your banking web pages are being routed and rendered on a third party browser which is completely outside your control.


First off. Nice article. Second, its Ecuador not Equador. Im sorry but im getting tired of people misspelling my country.
After seeing so many iphone mobile apps, I even got the idea of learning blackberry development so I can write an app for my bank First NBC


Why doesn't Natwest UK develop a BlackBerry app? They have had a bloody iPhone app out for ages! Sort it out...


Sun National Bank offers a mobile app for blackberry - tells you all about it - and it is free for all online customers!


Sun National Bank offers a mobile banking app for blackberry - tells you all about it - and it is free for all online customers!


If you go to on your BB and go to the "install important update" link, it will allow you download the first Wells Fargo Banking App (v1.0)