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CrackBerry GooseChase Update - Even more new missions being added today!

Win a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and More in the first ever CrackBerry GooseChase!
By Michelle Haag on 12 Aug 2011 04:35 pm EDT

It's Friday, and just a few more days left in the first CrackBerry GooseChase! The competition isn't over yet, and in fact 20 new missions are being have been added today bringing the total number of missions to 130! Full competition details can be found at the link below, as well as discussion in the forums. I added a post in the forums for videos that have been uploaded, so if you haven't seen them go check them out here! Be sure to leave a link to your Youtube entries so everyone can see them. 

As usual, a few randomly selected entries can be seen after the break. 

For complete CrackBerry GooseChase details, rules, and prizes
CrackBerry GooseChase thread in the forums  

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: BBM Me Up - Photograph at least 6 BlackBerry smartphones, all engaged in the same BBM group chat at the same time. [somz]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Playtime - Photograph at least two BlackBerry smartphones playing at a Child's playground/playset. [overhere]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: BlackBerry Band - Take a picture of at least 3 BlackBerry's as if they are in a band. At least 5 groupies must be in the photo. [cyberweasel]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Stowaway - Airfare is expensive these days. Save a bit of money and hide in a suitcase with your BlackBerry. [kidnic3]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Twice is Nice - Find and photograph identical twins holding up their BlackBerry's. The resemblance must be obvious to receive points. [tinas]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Great Friends - Snap a pic of your BlackBerry ensconced in a sea of actual blackberries (the fruit). [silvia8787]

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1202 (articles) 1690 (forum posts)

Reader comments

CrackBerry GooseChase Update - Even more new missions being added today!


Hahahah those asian's aren't twins! They are just asian!

Just kidding ofcourse! Great entries, I especially laughed at the suitcase one.

lol you guys are killing me! Someone wish me luck, they are filming a movie downtown in Schenectady NY (my home hown) hopeing to get "light, camera, action" the movie is called Beyond the Pines I think, with Ryan Gossling. Anywho, if I get a shot of my bb over the baricade that counts right? ATM they are filming at city hall.

Have lots more photos (will figure out how to upload them here). Sadly none great or of the stars. But I got them and was the only person snuck on the set! I have lots of love for CrackBerry and GooseChase. Been plugging you guys all over Schenectady, Albany, Troy and Lathem. Add more time I don't want it to end lol

That one of my photos was displayed. Too bad the app won't work with OS7 devices tho, I had to stop posting cause I couldn't wait to activate my 9900 and as much fun as it was, and as close to the top as I was, can't reactivate my other BBs to play. Good luck everyone.

Blackberry Jim
Opposite of Mike, He so slim
Has a big huge smile
talks about BB for a while
20th richest Canadian
Likes sports and bb
Makes him a pretty cool man
My poem is lame
i want to be #1 in the game
i really want this BB 7
It would be my taste of heaven

      "How seldom, friend Jim ! a good great man inherits
      Honour or wealth with all his worth and pains!
It sounds like stories from the land of spirits
If any man obtain that which he merits
      Or any merit that which he obtains."

Balsillie Balsillie,
OH creator of BlackBerry,
The CB nation walks proudly about,
Proclaiming the virtues,
Of the worlds best device-NO DOUBT,
For all your your hard work, oh Jim Balsillie,
You and Mike L,
Deserve a wet willy