CrackBerry GooseChase Update - Are you in?

Win a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and More in the first ever CrackBerry GooseChase!
By Michelle Haag on 11 Aug 2011 04:00 pm EDT

You guys are doing such a great job at the first CrackBerry GooseChase! It looks like everyone is having a lot of fun with the missions, and the competition is really heating up. There's still time to enter if you haven't already! Check out the full rules and regulations at the original blog post and join in the conversation in the forums (links below). 

Yesterday we mentioned that 23 new missions were added and everyone jumped right in and started snapping pics for them. There are now over 100 missions to take part in, everything from getting a picture with Jim or Mike to fishing in a public fountain to kissing a live lobster. There really is something for everyone in this competition.

You can take a gander at more of the GooseChase entries after the break, and find details on the competition at the links below. 

For complete CrackBerry GooseChase details, rules, and prizes
CrackBerry GooseChase thread in the forums  

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Addicted - Grab a shot of yourself engaged in your favorite sport while messaging on BBM. [therapyreject174]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Stickies Everywhere! - Cover a wall in at least 50 sticky notes to make the BlackBerry logo. [colindebin] Notes: It's hard to see, but each note is stamped with `The Rimpire Strikes Back`

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Bromance - Take a picture of two guys using the same BlackBerry. [ztag100]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Take a Ride with Me - Photograph a person with their BlackBerry riding a roller coaster [lkveggie]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Mission Brown - Find a UPS employee who proudly owns a BlackBerry. Grab a photo of him in parcel-delivery action. [d0nkz]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Country Pride - Wear your home country's flag as a cape and get a pic of yourself in the superman pose. [advil_yum]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Crazy Cat Lady - Snap a pic of a BlackBerry-toting woman with at least three cats. [djreyes]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Like a Baby - Take a picture of someone who has fallen asleep, BlackBerry in-hand. [bmoc009]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: I Saw the Sign - Change the letters on a marquee or LED sign to say I Love BlackBerry or similar. [lkveggie]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: CBK - Get a picture of CrackBerry Kevin autographing something for you. [stephenbb81]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Top Off - Photograph your BlackBerry charging in an unusual place (a bar, restaurant, etc.). [bmoc009]
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CrackBerry GooseChase Update - Are you in?


love seeing the pictures, but way too much hard work for me to even bother!
ill just go an buy one! lol

Greetings All. Here is my CrackBerry GooseChase Adventures page. Send some likes if you please. Thanks.

facebook dot com/pages/CrackBerry-GooseChase-Adventures/109731872461876

Poem Comment:

Writing here about Jim Balsillie in a poem,
so that I may snap a photo and show'em.
GooseChase thanks and CrackBerry you too,
And of course a shout out to Balsillie's Virtue.
If I were to win, oh that would be nice,
I could have my very own BB OS 7 Device.