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CrackBerry GooseChase Update!

Win a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and More in the first ever CrackBerry GooseChase!
By Michelle Haag on 10 Aug 2011 04:56 pm EDT

The CrackBerry GooseChase is going strong and we're seeing so many awesome photos being submitted, it's incredible! Currently we have over 1200 users, over 1400 photos submitted, and total points earned is almost 600,000! If you haven't signed up yet, or maybe signed up but haven't gotten around to submitting pictures for any of the missions, it's not too late! The GooseChase is on until Sunday, and top prize is a brand spanking' new BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and $150 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com. But that's not all, don't forget that 2nd-5th place also get accessories, and we're even giving away a bunch of prizes for other eye-catching submissions so if the leaderboard looks scary, don't let it get to you. Also, we just added a handful of new missions so you'll definitely want to check those out.

If you have no idea what a CrackBerry GooseChase is, you can find full details at the original post at the link below. If you need some inspiration, check out the photos after the break. We chose a random sample of the pictures that have been submitted so far to give you an idea of what's going on. So go get involved, have some fun, and send in those pics!!

For complete CrackBerry GooseChase details, rules, and prizes
CrackBerry GooseChase thread in the forums 

Mission: Quick Trim - ryan_the_kumquat

Mission: Quick Trim - Convince a stranger to wax or shave the BlackBerry logo into their chest or back hair. Colour in the newly trimmed area. [ryan_the_kumquat]
Mission: Addicted - tinas

Mission: Addicted - Grab a shot of yourself engaged in your favorite sport while messaging on BBM. [tinas]
Mission: Puppy Love - bp12us

Mission: Puppy Love - Snap a pic of a dog 'holding' a BlackBerry. [bp12us]

Mission: Here For Dinner - bp12us
Mission: Here For Dinner - Set a place for your BlackBerry at the dinner table. Include plates, silverware, the BlackBerry, etc. and snap a pic [bp12us]

Mission: Invasion - mister_turtle

Mission: Invasion - Visit an Apple iStore and load the CrackBerry website on as many devices as you can at the same time; take a picture of the carnage. [mister_turtle]
Mission: Mugshots - ryan_the_kumquat

Mission: Mugshots - Your BlackBerry has been arrested. Take mug shots of your 'Berry'; include prisoner number and suspected crime. [ryan_the_kumquat]
Mission: What Bwings us Togewer Twoday - mister_turtle

Mission: What Bwings us Togewer Twoday - Attend the wedding of two BlackBerry smartphones; Bride and Groom should be appropriately attired; take picture. [mister_turtle]
Mission: High Commander - swimmer160

Mission: High Commander - Snap a pic of at least 5 people bowing down on their knees to an individual with a BlackBerry. [swimmer160]
Mission: Steve Jobbin' - bp12us

Mission: Steve Jobbin' - Dress your BlackBerry in a black turtleneck and jeans and snap a shot. [bp12us]

Mission: Cookie Monster - you-sir-name
Mission: Cookie Monster - Bake cookies and decorate them to show your love for CrackBerry/BlackBerry. [you-sir-name]

Mission: Hair Raising - magickal

Mission: Hair Raising - Shave the CB or BB logo into your hair. [magickal]
Mission: The CrackBerry - kayecoleman

Mission: The CrackBerry - Take a picture of a BlackBerry surrounded by lines of white powder. [kayecoleman]
Mission: BlackBerry Band - swimmer160

Mission: BlackBerry Band - Take a picture of at least 3 BlackBerry's as if they are in a band. At least 5 groupies must be in the photo. [swimmer160]
Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1202 (articles) 1690 (forum posts)

Reader comments

CrackBerry GooseChase Update!


Crackberry community - these photos are amazing! Keep submitting your best, there's plenty of time left in the contest and now over 100 missions to indulge yourself in.

Kudos to the people out there taking time to do awesome, unique pictures. Eye-catching pics will be rewarded!

- Max @ GooseChase

Jim Balsillie is one the best
not the rest
he is great and very hard working
determined, pleasant and of course diligent!

because he knows how the job needs to be done
and BB is the proof!

Cool they posted three of mine.

The dog's name is Suzy she is 10 and scratched her eye.
And Playbook Jobs is dropping an ipod touch in the trash if there was any confusion.

This is a fantastic competition - WOW ....

I've really enjoyed the creativity of the entries - good on whoever thought this comp up!!!

I am impressed at all the contestant posting fantastic pictures and being creative -- whoever wins kudos to you.

Lol, my poor hair! It was free so I can't complain. Was a lot of fun convincing the hairdressers into helping out on the scavenger hunt.