CrackBerry GooseChase - Final day!

Win a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and More in the first ever CrackBerry GooseChase!
By Michelle Haag on 14 Aug 2011 04:27 am EDT
It's the last day of the first CrackBerry GooseChase, and the competition is intense! Don't forget you have until midnight EDT tonight to get those submissions in. Everyone is doing such an awesome job, I kind of hate to see the GooseChase end. Don't forget, on the line is a brand new BlackBerry 7 smartphone, tons of accessories from ShopCrackBerry, and more! Help out the competitors by watching their Youtube videos! I know they'd appreciate it. You can find some of the recent entries after the break, and if you've somehow missed out on what the CrackBerry GooseChase is you can find details at the links below.

For complete CrackBerry GooseChase details, rules, and prizes
CrackBerry GooseChase thread in the forums

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Blackout - Rep BlackBerry by getting an entire room full of people (at least 20) with black shirts. [swimmer160]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Army of One - Snap a photo of a miltary serviceman/woman in full dress uniform (aka Class A), using a BlackBerry. [ryan_the_kumquat]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Pep Rally - Grab 10 friends and paint the 10 letters of BLACKBERRY on them like fans at a football game. Snap a pic. [ ryan_the_kumquat]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Come Fly With Me - Get a picture of a BlackBerry in the pilot's seat of a real (not toy) airplane, helicopter, or other flying contraption - ready for takeoff! [bold99dude]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Safety First - Snap a pic of you with your BlackBerry while wearing at least 3 items of personal protective equipment. [divingindeep]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: BK Lounge - Take a picture with a Burger King employee wearing a crown and holding their BlackBerry. [mombassaridge]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Nice Putter - Use your BlackBerry as a putter on the golf course or mini-putt course. [magickal]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Take a Dip - Find a body of water. Have someone take a picture of you jumping in while fully clothed. [divingindeep]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: 3D in Reality - Wear 3D glasses to a grocery store and try to buy your own BlackBerry at the checkout. [magickal]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Pac Attack - Recreate a scene from the classic game Pacman, with your BlackBerry as the Pacman himself! [albaajy]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Time of Day - Tape your BlackBerry to your wrist as if it's a watch. Photo yourself giving a stranger the time. [kayecoleman]

CrackBerry GooseChase
Mission: Cart Madness - Photo a stranger pushing you in a shopping cart, while you talk on your BB. Must be in a grocery store produce section. [albaajy]
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Reader comments

CrackBerry GooseChase - Final day!


I think all of the photos need to be bound in a coffee table book and sell them on ShopCrackBerry. I hope to see more contests like this one. I love the creativity.

Poem Comment:

Writing here about Jim Balsillie in a poem,
so that I may snap a photo and show'em.
GooseChase thanks and CrackBerry you too,
And of course a shout out to Balsillie's Virtue.
If I were to win, oh that would be nice,
I could have my very own BB OS 7 Device.


Those girls are haaaaawwwwwwwwt!!!, my wife was in the room when I watched it. So she wont think it was leading to a porn I had to explain the contest. lol (waiting for the unedited version)... lmfao

I'm a little upset at myself that I couldn't get in on the Chase, but there is always a next time. Congrats to the winner in advance and to all participants. I don't know why ppl think that BB's are dead, but if they see this contest, they would think differently!
I'm excited about the new phones and what I see going on with all the chatter and sheer curiosity of all the CrackBerry addicts!

OMG, I'm having a panic attack! This Ryan guy keeps one up'ing me! I Drove from Schenectady to Tuxedo NY, 2 hours each way not including geting lost for 2 hours. All to get my "Time Traveler" mission. Ryan please respond and tell me you are a writer or something from crackberry!

Awww man. Well I had a blast either way(except for a lil panic last night). I guess we waite and see! I hope they post some of the "Blue Steel" pics those were too funny!

Hey! That's me Kaye Coleman in Mission: Time of Day! So excited to be participating in this contest. Not enough points to win 1st prize, but maybe one of my pictures will be original enough to win 2nd or 3rd! Here is my Haiku poem extolling the virtues of Jim Balsillie.

Jim, he is the man
the man with the plan, yes sir
and so sexy too!

I don't know man, the lettering on the arms looks aweful shiny and perfect, looks like sign letters to me, not paint. Rules state take the missions literaly... Muahaha I may still have a shot at #1!

Quite upsetting that I organized a big lunch to take many pictures with several blackberries. Seven uses and eight devices to realize that at 5 pm EST none of us could log in or post. Disappointing to say the leas. Not that any of us were going to win the leader board but we wanted to have fun and post the pictures.

And the app is closed down since time is up!

Great work everyone. We'll be reviewing the pictures as quickly as we can so we can announce a winner!

Overall, some awesome creativity by everyone involved. I was very impressed.

Much love from GooseChase!


When the contest is over is there any chance you guys could e-mail me my pictures? I was in such a rush most of the time I don't have any of my own(except the movie set ones). My e-mail is

I can't brag about all the fun I had with crackberry and goosechase adventures with out them!!!