CrackBerry goes to Waterloo - A new RIM for a fresh future

The New RIM is here and on a mission to succeed. They are also committed to helping developers succeed as well.

RIM Waterloo Ontario
By Zach Gilbert on 18 Jun 2012 04:53 pm EDT

With all the doom and gloom press that BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has been receiving, it’s often hard to see through the negativity and get to the core of what is happening at RIM. While I was out in Waterloo, Ontario -- the home city of RIM -- I had the chance to make my rounds and discuss BlackBerry and the future of BlackBerry 10. Not only did I learn that RIM is committed to the developer community, I also heard from a few developers that the development community is committed to RIM.

One of the key take aways from a few of the developers I met with was that RIM’s dev support team is by far the best in the mobile space.  One devloper said “I can call or email anyone of the dev support team and I get a response, try that with the other guys, and it isn’t as easy”.

One other thing that I noticed, and I'll say that this isn’t my first visit to RIM, is that this time around the employees seemed to be ecstatic about BlackBerry 10 and the future of RIM. Now, I’m not saying that on my last visit everyone at RIM was worried or concerned, what I’m saying is that there’s a noticeable excitement in the air - and that’s a good thing.

Over the next week or so I will be posting a mini series of my tip to Waterloo, and to RIM. The mini series will contain posts about what developers are seeing from RIM, and what their take on BlackBerry 10 is. The series will also touch on RIM’s stance on Near Field Communications, and how they are helping developers create the best apps for the BlackBerry platform. Don’t worry, I asked about the Netflix and Skype apps for BlackBerry 10, but you’ll have to wait for that post to hear about them :-).

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CrackBerry goes to Waterloo - A new RIM for a fresh future


Go to Kick-Off sports bar if you enjoy beer or nice scotch ;) It's in UW plaza right beside the main RIM campus.

I emailed RIM to ask this in advance of my first trip to Canada last year and got no response - gutted!

Will you be joining us for the Jam Session in Toronto Thursday since you will be in Waterloo?

Nice to read the employees and developers are fired up.

If I was on a football team that kept hearing how they had no chance to win another game I'd be pumped and ready to prove the naysayers wrong and in a BIG way.

I'm a big RIM fan and it looks like four months before the kick-off to an awesome game.

Zack - you need to be a Leader now, a lot of those updates can be done while you relaxing, we need this information ASAP. Oh, and thanks for that carrot on Skype and Netfix, now no one is going to get any sleep!

Yeah come on now. If there is information on netflix and Skype please let's hear it. If BB10 is going to be successful those apps need to be there. Nobody wants to leave android or ios and have to give up functionality.

I got the answer "Since Netflix hasn't ask we sent an e-mail telling them that we will have a team of devs at their site within 48 hours, waiting on their response" :)

I know what you mean seems a long time ago since blackberry world. I have been looking at the BB Jam sessions seems like they run through until August I'd say it will be an Oct/Nov release at this stage

My recommendation to RIM. Keep things as "speculation only" until they are ready to unleash the dragon and release it within 2 weeks. Spill all the beans about Apps though :)

Very cool I didn't know that anyone for CrackBerry was going to RIM this week so this should be a cool week of posts on the blogs. Looking forward to good news on Netflix.

Is there a plan to improve the sync functionality between BB phones and the Playbook, are they working to improve the native features to make the Playbook a business tablet?