CrackBerry Goes to Vegas This Week for CES 2009!

CrackBerry Goes to Las Vegas this Week!
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jan 2009 09:58 am EST

w00t! The Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest gadget event of the year and it kicks off this Thursday in Las Vegas! will be live on the scene reporting back with all of the cool BlackBerry/mobile related stuff of interest, so you'll want to keep your eyes locked to the blogs (even more so than you do now!) from the 8th to 11th.

While I'm not expecting any huge announcements from RIM, they will have a BlackBerry booth set up that will feature some of their developer partners and I'm sure some cool stuff will be unveiled.

Our CES 2009 coverage should make for our best on location reporting yet. In addition to yours truly being there, three of our forum moderators/blog contributors -- David Boyd (kasperapd), Adam Zeis (azeis) and Leo Garcia (garz) -- are attending the event and will help keep the CrackBerry Blogs and our Twitter and Flickr feeds active. If you're not already subscribed you can tune in at:

With an actual CrackBerry crew covering CES 2009 the coverage should be non-stop, although this year it turns out the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is being held in Las Vegas at the same time as CES! So if you don't hear from us for a bit you'll *likely* know where we ended up. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right??? :-)

Lots of CES 2009 coverage is coming your way. Stay Tuned!!

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CrackBerry Goes to Vegas This Week for CES 2009!


Hilarious. Fixed. I'm sure I'll make that mistake at least a dozen times before it sinks in to me that we're in a new year. Thanks :)


I very much appreciate the site you have created, and I thank you for the time and dedication you have put into the site. Enjoy CES and keep up the good 2009! :)

i wonder what will happen if i went into their booth and threw my Storm at someone's face and told them to come out with a better one or fix this one

ill definitely be stopping over there to show them why mine is a POS just to annoy them. No better time to get face to face with a manufacture than with the actual sales people and representatives :)

Many years ago i stopped by the motorola booth and ended up getting a few batteries and extra chargers shipped to me as a present :-D

Hey Boys the Adult Film AVN Convention will be going on as well. Try not to get too distracted! Want to see my Javelin may not mean what you think!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Vegas (my nemesis, I will beat you this week). Looking forward to meeting the CrackBerry team too, hopefully you can get together with myself, my partner, Troy (BBN) and whoever else he invited to get together.

P.S. AVN is always at the same time as CES. It works out for them because all the nerds are going to be in Vegas anyways lol.

I cant wait for CES. Its my first time attending and I am sure I will love it. We will report back.

I'm just using the trip as an excuse to take a week off work right after Christmas. I didn't even realize there was a convention in Vegas too!


Wish i was going this year :(

if you do an unoffical meet up, make sure you post about it!

CB Crew I am a huge fan and am very happy to have you coming to Vegas. I work for the Convention Center, if you have time let me know how to reach you and make sure you have a good experience at the Convention Center.

So I will be arriving in Vegas on the 11th... Which is the last day of both CES and AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Its a tough decision on which to go to.... Which would you choose?

For all you people who want to see where everything is at for CES text CESMobile to 41411. This will let you download the show directory and all meeting/seminar information as well as where the RIM booth is at (South Hall 3) I have already seen the booth and it is still under construction but looking pretty good. Only a few phones on display but lots of holders that were empty.