CrackBerry goes to Orlando for BlackBerry World 2012 and BlackBerry 10 Jam!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Apr 2012 10:50 pm EDT

The Crack Team is out in full force this week in Orlando for BlackBerry World 2012. Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze and Chris Umi are live on location in Orlando to check out all the goodness that will come of the events. We're hoping there is plenty of great stuff coming our way this week, so keep it locked here for all the latest from both BlackBerry World 2012 and the BlackBerry 10 Jam. If you're at the events, be sure to track us down and say hi -- you can find us here on foursquare.

Be sure to follow our BlackBerry World 2012 coverage on CrackBerry all week long and remember, Tuesday morning will be the keynote session (9am to 11am ET), which you'll want to tune into our live blog for. And for all the stuff happening between the articles, be sure to follow us all on twitter (and don't forget, following Kevin on Twitter will give you a shot at winning his Porsche Design BlackBerry!).

CrackBerry: @crackberry
Kevin: @crackberrykevin
Adam: @azeis
Bla1ze: @bla1ze
Chris U: @cumiastowski

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CrackBerry goes to Orlando for BlackBerry World 2012 and BlackBerry 10 Jam!


Thanks! Training to be in good shape for the launch of BlackBerry 10 phones. Maybe a shirtless unboxing by then. Few more months to lean out :)


LOL @ Shirtless unboxing!

Please, no matter the results, don't.

But yeah I logged in just to say, lookin' good Kev. keep up the good work!

I'm driving up from Miami in the morning. See you soon!

What does the Crack team have in store for us? Live audience podcasts? CB stickers?

Better! We've got CrackBerry Let's Rock & Roll This Magnets!! They're awesome (for real!).

Live podcasts definitely doable... we just recorded a kick off one. Will be posted soon. See ya there!

I really hope that means free magnet give-aways.

If not, I am still super-excited for all the coverage CrackBerry's gonna bring. GO BB10!

Hey CrackBerry guys. I'm new to BlackBerry but am quickly developing a strong connection (devotion) to it. I love messing around with my PlayBook also, so much so that I even want to make apps for it. I wish wish wish wish that I could attend BBW 2012 and BB10J but I cannot (live in NYC wife and kids) and can't really get time off to attend. Plus rent is due at the time of the events. That being said, I would love to had been able to get my hands on the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer device but it's just out of reach for me :-(

Could one of you awesome CrackBerry Crack Team members possible buy me one? I would totally pay for it :-)

No, I'm not crazy or anything like that. I just can't get to Orlando, but really really really want one. I'm very serious about my request and will commit to paying the $300 (or less if possible) for the BB10AD device. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks Crack Team and I look forward to reading about of the good things in Orlando.

Be safe guys.

I just got finished watching the cascades demo at devcon again and I man of man if they can get a few cascades built pim apps out it will do so much for the playbook!!! There is just nothing else like it. It's clean its fresh and it's useful! They deliver on this and everyone and their mother will be bolting to get a playbook.

Come on Rim we waited long enough to get this. It has to be ready. Bring on the cascades built pim apps!!

Looking good Kevin! Hope y'all have a good time, can't wait to see what RIM has in store this week. And do take good care of my soon-to-be P'9981, would you kindly? Please and thank you :)

Demos of BB10 and OS updates with tat. That would be super stupid hella dope fresh shizznit right there.....word!

I wish one of them had a BBM group just for the conference, where they could post pictures and more frequent updates than will be posted on here. I guess I'll just have to keep clicking Refresh on CrackBerry all week!

off topic comment - Kevin, I guess all those exercise-health posts msut have been real, and you are looking fit in the photo!

Hey Kevin, no homo or anything but your working out shows. I think I just got motivated to loose a few pounds.

wow when did kevin start looking less 'geek'?

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WTG Kev... you're looking fitter than ever!. Congrats. Besides the exercise, i'm going to say it's due to the standing computer desk. :)

I'm also going to have to say no homo, Kevin you're looking much thinner. More fit. Keep up the good work. I recently decided to go on a diet as well. I weighed in 3 months ago at over 190 (I'm 5'6") and a small frame male so... it was time. Tell you what. Cutting soda and sugary drinks out of my diet was the biggest thing. With running 1.5-2 miles every other day and doing pushups and situps at work, I have lost over 30 lbs in 2 months. I'm hoping to be back down in the 140's range in August and then start hitting the Gym when I can and start stacking on Muscle.

Note: Before anyone else comments... I'm in the Air Force overseas at an installation that has over 8k people living on it and I work 12-14 hours a day... There isn't much time to goto the gym and when you do get time to goto the gym... well... you can only imagine how packed it is since there is only 1 gym here. RETARDED. Good luck to everyone and Kevin, Keep losing all that weight brotha.

Gotta agree with him there; it's really not you, it's the shirt dude!

Stop by Montreal for some shopping on your way back. Plenty of ways to dress nice, look slim and not like a jerk (aka douchebag)

Hey Guys....where are the gold chains and PlayBooks hanging from your necks. You guys aren't ready yet. Now go back to the hotel and get changed.