CrackBerry goes to Indonesia for the first BlackBerry Dev Con Asia!

DevCon Asia
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jan 2011 05:45 pm EST

I barely had a chance to unpack my bag and do a load of laundry after arriving home from CES 2011 before heading back to the airport to jump on a plane for Bali, Indonesia. It's 6:45am January 13th local time as I type this, and today officially begins the first ever BlackBerry DevCon Asia! Things actually got underway yesterday night with a really nice welcome reception party (a few more photos below).

The format is similar to the standard DevCon - things will be kicking off in a few hours with the General Session Keynotes (I'll live blog it!) and from there things split up into a number of different sessions. We have a couple interviews lined up with high-level RIM execs, and the PlayBook is on-hand here so we'll get to spend some more time on it this week. We still have our big PlayBook FAQ post coming to the blogs, but if you have any unanswered questions be sure to drop them here and I'll try and get them answered.

From Bali I'll be heading to Jakarta for a couple of days to see first-hand all of the BlackBerry craziness we're always reading about (apparently just about everybody in Jakarta rocks a BB!), and from there I'll be stopping by Singapore (RIM just opened a new office there) to check things out before heading home. The BlackBerry community is definitely thriving in Indonesia, and CrackBerry is home to a lot of readers from the area, so I'm really looking forward to learning more and bringing back and sharing all the Indo love with our CrackBerry readers. Keep it locked to CrackBerry for more BlackBerry DevCon Asia content!

Checkout the BlackBerry DevCon Asia Website

CrackBerry Goes to DevCon Asia!

DevCon Asia

DevCon Asia

DevCon Asia
Hopefully I'll come home with a tan... Gotta love the Nusa Dua Punch!!

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CrackBerry goes to Indonesia for the first BlackBerry Dev Con Asia!


I gotta hand it to ya Kevin, I doubt many other tech reporters would be willing to travel to Indonesia to cover their respective platform. Kudos for the dedication!

jorGeorge: "I doubt many other tech reporters would be willing to travel to Indonesia"

Hm.... what planet are you from? While I don't doubt Kevin's dedication to things BB, being in Indonesia -- in Bali, no less -- isn't exactly like traveling to Bagdad or Afghanistan. Be enlightened a bit here: Indonesia is one of the fastest growing economies, a fledgling democratic regional player, and the nation with the biggest Blackberry-adoption rate anywhere!

Well kevin, welcome to my country!! I guess I'll leave the news to you cause I won't be at Bali this time of year! It's schoolyear :D

Yeah.. welcome to Bali Kevin.. It's my home whenever I go back to Indonesia.
Try some local delicacies such as Ibu Oka Suckling pig, Mak Beng, etc..

when I purchase an app on my blackberry, can I type my bbid into the playbook app world and download the same one for the playbook, or will it be like the iPad where there's an iPhone version and an "HD" version? Just asking because I downloaded several ea games in the recent $0.99 sale, and don't want to pay the $6-7 each to get them on the playbook...

Kevin, I was wondering if you could put some clarity on the Blackberry Bridge vs Blackbery Tethering with the playbook. I think everyone understands the Blackberry Bridge and it will synch our information from out device. Its more related to the tethering, will that be carrier controlled or will playbook automatically let us use the data connection through our blackberry phone to surf on the tablet (will we have to pay extra for tethering the device)?

Thanks in advance

i have a playbook question, can i have bridge connected, and also be connected to wifi at the same time for browsing?

Watch out for the Benchongs! If you happen to come across an Aussie, because they tend to holiday there more than us NA folks, ask them to point out a benchong aka TS!

Don't let the legs fool ya!

geez, welcome to indonesia then, if you came to jakarta, just go to the big mall like Senayan City, Grand Indonesia to see all the bb craziness. Why mall? Because it's usually most middle-up people in there