CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress: While you're waiting... you can WIN and SAVE!

CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2012 05:23 pm EDT

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1:30am EST - The Forums are open again. View change log.

WIN: Leave a Comment to this Blog Post telling us why you LOVE CrackBerry's Forums... when the forums come back online we'll pick TEN winners from the comments to win awesome prizes!

SAVE: While the forums are offline, you can save 15% on ALL BlackBerry Accessories at by using coupon code forumsrule at checkout! Sale ends Friday at midnight PST.

As we gave heads up on earlier today, we're upgrading the CrackBerry Forums tonight. The upgrade process has now begun and we're expecting the forums will be offline for 6-8 hours as we migrate things over from the dev server and import the data (CrackBerry is a HUGE forum, so it takes some time).

A few things will go a bit wonky on the site during the update, but the blogs, galleries and store will all be accessible and usable still. It's going to be an awesome forums upgrade! In the meantime.. thanks for the patience and be sure to take advantage of your chance to WIN and SAVE!

Stay tuned... a new and improved CrackBerry Forum experience is coming soon! 

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CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress: While you're waiting... you can WIN and SAVE!


I don't love the forums, but I helped them by reporting a serious security hole about 5/6 months ago. Reap what you sow right.


ill keep it straight to the point and real short
no matter what question or problem i have... cb forums has the answer hands down!!

Because you can get 750+ comments ina few short hours. Also because you never know when a mod might warn you - it's almost a game. is a Lifeline for BlackBerry Lovers and a Sandbag for BlackBerry haters. In bath cases, everyone Loooooovesss

Bed and Blanket BlackBerry

I originally found the forums when looking for technical help on a client's BlackBerry many years ago. Not only do I still find great tech help there, but I can also follow the latest news/rumors. Crackberry has one of the best online community's I've seen. People are supportive, love to debate, and talk tech. What more could I want???

I feel at home @ CB cause here are all these sick people convened (worldwide!) who felt passionately in love with RIM/BlackBerry. Different from all the other smartphone/system-side like iPhone and android here are philosophers assembled... RIM stands for an outstanding consumer behavior and a creed against mainstream. Never before I was so deeply involved in a community which is overwhelming friendly, helpful, grateful and in the same way a blend of people.... This community is shepherded by some awesome freaks with passion, devotion and expertise! Everything matches perfect!!!! There is nothing comparative.... Thanx!!!!!

Crackberry forum was the superb site for get all about blackberry help me a lot when solving some problem or bug on blackberry..and also gives me fresh information about it this crackberry forum!
Thanks Crackberry Team! <3 Kevin! Blaze Ftw!

Free stuff? I love free stuff :D
The CrackBerry blogs are awesome because they're overflowing with people who both know and love BlackBerry (and trolls too, but that's gotten a bit better).
Things have been a bit slower in recent months, but I'm excited for BB10 to bring the traffic back.

The bb forums are the best bb wiki ever!
Besides that the people are actually quite nice and helpful! Keep up the good work people, together we'll take bb to the next level (10)

Whenever I have a question or a problem with my Blackberry or Playbook I do *not* use Google any more - I just come straight to CrackBerry where a wealth of knowledge and similar experiences can be found.

These forums rock! It's the only way to stay on top of the latest and greatest tricks others have found and my buddies have no idea about. Thanks for all you do guys.

I love the Crackberry forums because it allows us users to voice our ideas; our desires; our opinions; and our concerns to RIM. RIM may not read every post or topic, however I truly believe that they monitor various topics and review opinions of their customers. As a result, RIM listens and innovates with the objective(s) of its customer base. How powerful is that? We cannot get our politicians that we vote into office to listen to us, however RIM listens and provides "action" to our wants, needs, and desires. It truly allows us to be a part of the revolution and is history in the making. The bottom line is that the Crackberry forums truly allow a unique experience making it a complete user experience overall. As compared to other platforms, owning a BlackBerry along with the Crackberry forums closes the loop.....makes it full circle. After all, BlackBerries are the muscle cars of the mobile revolution!

Posted with my BB PlayBook!

I'm BCMike and I love Crackberry Foums. They keep me up to date on the latest BB happenings, teach me how to geek away on my vrious BB devices and continually reinforce my compulsion to tweek tweek tweek. Alos I love swag so pelase pick me for some goddie or another.

Today when everyone is switching to Android or iphones, CrackBerry Forums is the one thing which reminds us that there are still numerous fans out there who are loyal to BlackBerry. We all believe in the same thing in the forums, it creates a sense of unity in the members of the Forums.
And plus, when it comes to discussing latest BlackBerry stuff, or seeking help related to your BlackBerry device, there is ABSOLUTELY no better place then CrackBerry forums. It is often even more helpful then the official BlackBerry helpline!

hi folks feom around he world :) I am from Republic of Moldova and please take all my hellows from here, to all BlackBerry lovers, users, dreamers.....from 2009 since now, I reguraly use the as the first and the only specialised site for my BB pones. i started with legendary bold 9000, that it was the bold 9700 and now:my BB 9900. I hope I will get on that favourite list to win something from CB nation.. :) cheers!

Crackberry forum rocks. Not only is it interesting...there are tons of resources at your disposal.

BB 10...Boldly taking over!

I like the forums as they are my tech support. I love the forums because where else will you hear from people who have made a conscious choice about the mobile device that they use, rather than just getting what the marketers tell them to get? Either you choose or the choice is made for you. And I choose to choose.

To get all ur info on ur beloved BlackBerry device! CB has been my online "home" for the past 3 yrs. I've learned so much about my Berry and made some awesome friends. Couldn't live without this website while owning a BlackBerry <3

Best site for everything mobile, with a slight bias to BlackBerry. Great info, up to date news, splendid community, and incredible support with rich media, market conditions, and interactive communication.

Well, at #771 comment on here, this isn't original, but the reason I keep coming back after my first chance visit is the wealth of information and members that are willing to help. That inspired me to offer my help to others once I knew what I was doing. And Kevin acts just like one of us, like it would not be unheard of to have a beer with him in a pub. CrackBerry rocks!

Love the Crackberry forums as they offer the best in house advice as well as all the latest gossip and information on the current and new blackberrys. they attend all the Jam sessions etc.. just to keep us informed and up to date on whats happening. thank you crackbery.

The CrackBerry forums are one of the few forums I visit online on which the discussion almost always stays respectful and informative. That is exactly what I'm looking for while waiting for what RIM offers next.

I love the Crackberry forums because,The information is endless,answers to any question you can imagine, and help and support is amazing,Crackberry forum is for the hardcore Blackberry users.Also it's great because we usually have threads about accessories before you buy them with people's reviews in the Crackberry store. Its the coolest forums with a great blackberry community spirit, it helps me to keep my blackberry knowledge in the loop, go ahead

Love the forums bcos they keep me updated on the latest and provides me with tips and tricks as well as reviews.

I visit the Crackberry forums every single day, multiple times a day. Why? The community here is great, always close, always helpful, always funny! There are, just like in real life, all kind of folks around here, coming here from every single corner of the world, driven by one thing : our Berries. We love them, we hate them, we are here to share our experiences, learn things, ask for help, offer help, even just talk and socialize. I just feel great coming back here!

I love the CB forums becuase of the people.
It is a great place to learn about your BB & also to hear from other likeminded CrackBerry Addics

I love Crackberry fans for the help I get when I'm ruddy stuck. I jump on, post my 'HELP!' and within minutes somebody is back offering advice or a fix. This is why when someone gets a new BlackBerry I direct them to if they get stuck.

Whats to love?? The forums are great as the Crackberry community is awesome with someone there to answer a question about a problem or just discuss new devices or issues. Cant wait to see the new format!

there is not any other forums that i can source out for my Blackberry forums and getting the latest news from! I owe you!

I came to crackberry information on my first blackberry a curve 8310 and have since stayed using the forums to get info on how to put movies first on my phones then my playbook and enjoy all the people who take time to share their knowledge and problems so others don't need to suffer. Have interacted with some great people! Ether2105 for President!! Remember that from the movie thread!! THE all time most helpful person on here RROYY what would us at&t users do without him??? When he was going to quit I just didn't know how I would bridge my bill is high enough already!! There were people who posted links during this time and to those I say THANKS!! But none were as easy to get as RROYY's.

CrackBerry forums rock because it's an awesome resource for BlackBerry information, tips, and advice.

I love the Crackberry forums because they have the most helpful, friendly, and awesome members around. And led by none other then the fearless leader himself Crackberry Kevin!

I roll out of bed every morning just to see whats new on Crackberry. Then I can start my day!!!

aside from the loyal network of BB fans, I can also easily keep in touch with the other mobile communities witn Mobile Nations, this is the first site to start my day.


BlackBerry is CrackBerry, or CrackBerry is BlackBerry, or is the other way around! Well, either way is the one and only!!! Sheers.


always a great place to meet and interact with ACTIVE CB members and lots of noooob trolls that make you laugh..

love helping out in the unlocking section.. :)

its always my second home <3

Crackbeery Forum because it's got all the info you need when you own a blackberry, a home for all the BlackBerry loyals.

Nice redesign. :)

Much clearer and easier to read (better font), makes better use of screen area.

Good job!

Cos the Crackberry forums simply rock!! Has a great community.. Fun and helpful!! And CrackBerrry keeps up always uptodate.. (Sometime even ahead of others with all the leaks..)
Great unbiased reviews from time to time..
Basically it just Rocks..

2X thumbs up for the new forum ! You guys did well (and probably slept none lol).
Enjoy, relax, have a beer and ... dodo !

Whats not to love ?

As a new owner of a playbook i needed to get information on setttings, bridge, android sideload etc as I am the default tech go to guy for friends and family.

I found everything I wanted really quickly and then even more I didn't know I wanted.....

It has been a great source of info and a fun place to read posts etc anyway, plus the news section is nicely done here.

That sugary enougth for you :-)

Answers to questions are the #1 reason I find the forums helpful, but also reading them I can usually get a 'heads-up' on things that may happen..when they do, I'm less freaked out about them

I love the CrackBerry forums because it's the best place on the net to interact with the BlackBerry Nation and all the people that DO. From BBM addicts to BES admins and everyone in between, the focal point of all things BlackBerry that you'd ever want to know it right there in the CrackBerry Forums.

Not to mention the more relaxed and personal side of the CrackBerry team, where editors of this great site kick back and have chats with users on a regular basis. It's a real great community environment.

CrackBerry forums kept me sane when my BlackBerry PlayBook battery went totally "flat" because of the OS. Thank you to the CrackBerry community, you ROCK!

Wow the new forums are awesome!! Great job guys!! To be honest, the only reason I'm still a loyal BB owner after all of the ups and downs over the past couple of years is because of the support and community of the Crackberry Forums.

I love crackberry because it keeps me up to date with the entire blackberry world and the people on this website are so helpful when it comes to any questions.


I am totally Blackberry, and so are my other 9 brothers and sisters, all around the world. We need Crackberry to stay up to date with BB10. Besides, lots of nice people here!

I love the forums because of the tips, how to's, leaks, and news information we can get. Keep up the great work CrackBerry!!!

Blows the whistle!
[Pulls out a yellow card, Foul]
[Sorry I'm a Soccer fan]
What is this forums you guys are talking about???! I never heard of such thing -_-
Let me stop ;)

The CB. Forums or better put the CB website isn't just for the latest BB news, OS leaks etc... Its a place in where people gather to vent their opinions and help each other out. Yeah we get that occasional troll but its ok they keep it interesting.

I got to thank CB and all of its crew for such helpful forums. Also I got to thank this CB community for being their when I needed them most. I don't know where my Bold 9900 would be when I bricked it or when I tried to restore my Torch or when I successfully rooted my Playbook. These forums are such a great place because its really helps with your problems. Thank you CB and CB Community. This is why I love these forums. They really addicting lol :)
[My girlfriend gets jealous because I'm on these forums too much lol, oh well :D]

Oh before I forget, thanks for the upgrade CB Crew! Keep up the great work! Thumbs up ;)

Loving it simply cause of the community :). We help each other to achieve a goal. :) Regardless of what it may be. We share info and support each other like no other forums ;)

The forums keep me sain!!

BlackBerry by CHOICE!
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

i love the forums because whenever i need an answer to a question or concern, the forums are always there for a response.

Crackberry forums are good place to hang out with like minded folks who love the BB platform

also get the latest OS relase info & bugs which helps with troubleshooting efforts at work

not to mention the great deals :D