CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress: While you're waiting... you can WIN and SAVE!

CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2012 05:23 pm EDT

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1:30am EST - The Forums are open again. View change log.

WIN: Leave a Comment to this Blog Post telling us why you LOVE CrackBerry's Forums... when the forums come back online we'll pick TEN winners from the comments to win awesome prizes!

SAVE: While the forums are offline, you can save 15% on ALL BlackBerry Accessories at by using coupon code forumsrule at checkout! Sale ends Friday at midnight PST.

As we gave heads up on earlier today, we're upgrading the CrackBerry Forums tonight. The upgrade process has now begun and we're expecting the forums will be offline for 6-8 hours as we migrate things over from the dev server and import the data (CrackBerry is a HUGE forum, so it takes some time).

A few things will go a bit wonky on the site during the update, but the blogs, galleries and store will all be accessible and usable still. It's going to be an awesome forums upgrade! In the meantime.. thanks for the patience and be sure to take advantage of your chance to WIN and SAVE!

Stay tuned... a new and improved CrackBerry Forum experience is coming soon! 

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CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress: While you're waiting... you can WIN and SAVE!



since before i bought my first blackberry ive been coming here to study, learn, research, share, and enhance my knowledge and experience with my fav smartphones. the fixes n findings, reviews, leaks, betas, hybrids, sales, deals, advice, too much to list... it has all made me the person to go to for everyone i know who has a blackberry and needs help. but most of all the people and the community here make these forums and site great. thanks everyone

Great things come to those that wait, and just like I #BB10Believe in RIM, I believe in Crackberry. Can't have one without the other.


Love the Crackberry forums because they allow me to stay on top of what i need to get the best out of a great device... Thanks Crackberry.

Crackberry forum is definitely awesome go to place, which is why I guess we often see people login and comment (troll) on posts when they don't even own blackberry or playbook ;)

I love the CrackBerry forums because it's the best site in the world to find the latest and greatest information on everything BlackBerry. I come on the forums for help and there are a lot of people on here that are very helpful and friendly. I find other forums, people either don't help you and they're rude. I don't see that here. We are BlackBerry lovers and we're here to help each other. Another thing I love about the CrackBerry forums is you have other sections where we can talk about Android, Windows, etc. Not too many sites will do that especially if they're dedicated to Android devices. I love what Kevin has done with CB. Keeping it classy.

Looking forward to the upgraded forum!

What do I love about these forums ? The passion that its members bring to Blackberry Nation. No other forum , in my experience, has this much dedication or desire to see a product(s) get better, solve problems, communicate ideas. Great place to sound off. Great place to learn.

These forums helped so much throughout the years. My blackberry experience would have been terrible without the forums and all its great members! Thanks everyone and cant wait to see the new design

I love the CB forums. I have Chrome set to open the CB front page and forums inthe two tabs when it first starts. BB for the Win

For me it's a simple little 10 yr old can answer this question and does "on command" at party's for me. If you want to play....get an I pad. If you wanna work....get a blackberry. Now days that is getting less and less true. The forums for me help me to weed through all the things I think I want and helps me decide what I do want. Been reading crackberry since the first torch came out. Never steered me wrong. Now please can I get a taste shirt. I AM Mr blackberry in Nashville TN. Everybody knows it around here. I flaunt my little workhorses ( 9850 and playbook (wife 9930)) all around town and tell everyone who.will listen what they are missing. Bb10 4me

I love the crackberry forums because they are an awesome place to spend time with like minded people talking about the BEST smartphones on the planet!

CB is the best forum on the web because we have the best members on the web! no where can you experience a place like CB! :)

Whoo hoo! Contests and upgrades! CB is on a roll!!

I love CrackBerry because they helped me update my Pearl from 4.2 to 4.5. Because they led me to waiting for and choosing the 8900 over the 8120. Because they have awesome contests and staff. Because their forums brought me into the greatest BBM group ever.

I started using this forum awhile ago and the reason I chose to registar is because their information is very well presented. Their how to examples on various device and reviews are very good and clear. Reading comments from other members are always good to hear different sides of opinions which you may or may not agree. I also like members feedback on games and specifically the playbook forum. I read various topics from the crackberry forums every day. You can really learn a lot of tips and trick that you might not be aware of.

Love the Crackberry! The forum and its members have saved my butt and I too have offered my knowledge to others in need. Its an awesome circle of life!

I like the fact there is answer for everything I've ever needed help with.

Google anything Blackberry and is your answer.

Where do I start.. Well the forums have saved me from all my information being erased twice. next.. It has saved my BB devices more time than I could count from errors. next.. I have gained most (if not all) of my BB knowledge and tips from other Crackberry addicts like my self. Next.. IT JUST ROCKS!!

Fast, accurate, and relevant information about BlackBerry devices is what I have grown to love about CrackBerry forums. I can always depend on someone to point me in the right direction with any issue I have. The giveaways are extremely great as well! Long live the forums! Long live!!!

Rumours, rumours, rumours.

I love hitting up the forums to keep up to date on the latest blackberry rumours and leaks.

CrackBerry Forums has been giving its name for a reason. It's super Addicting to all things BlackBerry. Seriously, your blogs, forums are my number 1 priority to look at through my Social Feeds. I check this site more than I check my own emails. Anyone who is a newbie to the community gets everything, hands down, whether it is Tutorials, News, Blogs, CB Store etc etc. It's all just there. Whenever there is a problem with your phone, CB is always there 24-7 with the answer. People are friendly they offer guidance, advice and more importantly this community is mainly like a Family to everyone who is a member to the site. Everyone feels welcome.

CrackBerry forums is the ONLY place I turn to when I have jacked my Berry up something royal HAHA.

The CrackBerry members are full of knowledge and have zero problem sharing and helping others through tough it loading leaked OS, recovering a nuked Berry or sharing know how and shortcuts to be more productive.


Crackberry is the best website as far as anything blackberry is concerened. And having Kevin is like icing on the cake :)

I love CrackBerry Forums. It's where I can get most of the information I need for my PlayBook games, applications and updates. Keep up the good work everyone!

Crackberry has been instrumental in my growth with BlackBerry devices. I've met some very good friends here. The information provided by Crackberry on numerous BlackBerry devices has helped me in ways inwhich I could have never imagined. KODOS to Kevin and all the members who have helped me along the way. The #1 site for BlackBerry users.......couldn't have said it better myself.

The Crackberry forums are THE answer for Blackberry owners who DO. There's no more comprehensive database for Blackberry smartphones anywhere.

I love the CrackBerry Forums because it is the best place the get support! The CrackBerry nation is the best!

I love the crackberry forums because I can come on here and get some great info, a good laugh or two, and still legitimately say I am working.

The Crackberry forums are THE answer for Blackberry owners who DO. There's no more comprehensive database for Blackberry smartphones anywhere.

Beside the great knowledge base, information and the humor side of my fellow “crackhead,” the site provide a fresh ”other side” of the story on RIM and the BlackBerry story not mention in the US financial or local news. Many of my associate are surprise when they see me at our meeting with my BlackBerry smartphone and tablet compare to their Apple arsenal. The best part is when we need information whether from the Internet or digital media, my BlackBerry come through without a hitch. I remind them, it was BlackBerry that change the world. The middle east revolution all through the secure communication only know by BlackBerry. Toys will be toys, but true tools of free communication is BlackBerry. This what this Site bring to light again and again.

I love the CB Forums because the people involved in them are so friendly and helpful. They have helped me save (not only my BlackBerry, but other devices, too) more times than I can count. And it never takes them very long to reply with when I've had trouble.

I don't know what I would have done or would do now without the CB Forums. I'm looking forward to many more years of participation and knowledge!


I love the forums because they really keep me informed on the latest OS and any issues people are having with their BlackBerry's.

A tool where the public can collaborate on Blackberry issues / Features.

Hey I just joined cranberry. I like the info I've had the app for sometime now and look at it everyday thanks!!!!!

Whats there not to love! Best resources for awesome information for blackberry phones and the playbook. Im on here daily

When I started here on crackberry the forums were simply a tool to find an answer to my problems, as I became more involved I started using it for leaked/hybrid os's and finding new and useful applications(at the time it was still sideload or ota only)

As my knowledge of blackberrys grew I realized I could help out here and there too... I do not post often but I usually have something to say when I do. I felt satisfied in knowing that it was an actual community and that the people here (most anyway) were here to grow. I realized that there were many like minded people here.

Recently I believe crackberry's forums have taken on a much different roll for many of us. Despite all the trolls and naysayers, the forums have become a place for us to feel good about blackberry. They often remind me of the reason I picked up a bb to begin with. We need to get stuff done. Simple as that. What I read now reminds me of that fact every day.

The forums remind me that even a device as sick nasty as the gs3 or even the one x+ (and sure iphone 5 I guess) are lacking something. Us. I happen work for a wireless franchise and I sell these other phones to people all day(we do still sell a bunch of bbs for the record). People ask me all the time why I still use a bb and my response is always the same. I don't care about all the stupid [stuff, apps, games, sh*t] that most of my customers do on their phones. I care about getting everything done as fast as possible. On busy days I juggle 4-6 things (ie, 1-3 customers, a phone call, an email, and 2 computers, training a new kid and whatever the hell else) simultaneously for at least 8 hours. After work things don't change much. I think that many of you know what this is like. I now come to the forums to remind myself that some people still work hard and need efficiency in their lives. Long live Blackberry culture.


I love this Site. It's the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check at night. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the new forum.

Ah....the CrackBerry Forums - where you get to hate the negativity and whining, but keep coming back because if there's any breaking news, an important update, the odd really nice post and, above all, if you want the solution to your problem - it's right here! The forums are on a permanent tab on my browser!

The CrackBerry forums are simply the best. A special tip of the hat to the community members who are both tremendously knowledgeable and willing to share information and insight. A great resource, no doubt!

I love the forums and the info i receive on my the updates on the happenings in the bb world

I love crackberry forums for so many reasons but one that stands out for me is when i first joined crackberry. i was a newbie from nokia. someone bought me a blackberry phone and for the love of God i could not figure anything out and ended up nuking my BB. some one told me about Crackberry and that i could wake up my dead phone which sounded very strange to me until i actually came to the site and went thru the forums. and holy molly; i have never been the same. thanks crackberry. you guys are the best.

I love Crackberry and it's forum for two reasons.

I am an investor. Technically, I am a value investor. So I follow people like Prem Watsa and Warren Buffett. This place has allowed me to unravel alot of the things about RIMM that people don't realize, especially the markets of developing countries. I have to keep up on RIMM due to the quickly evolving nature of it's markets and Crackberry is the best place for this.

A second reason i love this place is because I have seen alot about BB10 and I am due for a smartphone refresh. Notihng in gods name will let me buy an Apple product. And i have a Motorolla Droid 3 and am thoroughly unimpressed with it. It crashes and navigating it is not that intuitive. Apps closing when I get a phone call is a huge gripe. I'm hoping to refresh my phone next year and crackberry has kept my eyes open to what is available beyond Android. I'll buy what is best for my money in the end but everything i have learned here is making me wait till atleast Q1 2013.

there is no where else that I can go for all the news and help regarding my crack addiction, my Crackberry Addiction that is....

I am only a lurker on the forums - but always find an answer to my problems, or at least several things to try and solve them. Looking forward to this upgrade!

To me the best part of the CrackBerry forums is how well the community sticks together and supports each other. Doesn't matter if it's a simple issue or defending the company they love. It's a great place to go for news, opinions and to check on all things berry. Can't wait for bb10 and the wild ride back to berry glory!

I can find answers to all problems and also purchase any accessory, some I didn't even know I needed!
Crackberry is the app I open every single day!

First website I visit everyday, I actually think should be under the umbrella of, I mean, let's face it, there is more information here on blackberry than their actual website. Besides Kevin seems like a pretty down to earth and cool dude. So I would rather give his website the traffic.........

I love Crackberry because whenever, there is a problem with my BB devices. Or I'm just in need of something interesting to read to make my BBs better, the forums are there. I may not post a lot; but i definitely read through the forums on a ADDICTIVE basis. Guess thats why it's called crackberry!!

Can't wait for BB10

I go to the forums every day and night to catch up on things I might have not known about for my Bold 9900 and my 64 GB playbook. So much help so little time

I love the fact that those places keeps me in the loop for everything BlackBerry, the people are great too!

I hate the forums, but I keep going back; I left blackberry but they pulled me back in! I am.....a CrackBerry addict! (maybe a cool shirt would help ease the pain! ;)

The Crackberry forums are the best for Blackberry fans! All the experts hang out here. All the latest news hits here first. The best device reviews, accessory reviews, app reviews, etc. Great podcasts too! You guys do an awesome job! This site is a must for all Blackberry users.

I check the forums for the most relevant ways to find solutions to problems and/or take the blackberry experience to the next level! Check'em every day!

I find all I need to make my 9810 all mine. Themes, apps, OS versions & hybrids. Just hoping all goes well with the forum upgrade so I can soon search for what will fix the PB upgrade that broke some of my most used features. :(

The thing I love about crackberry now is that it reminds me of a celebrity deathwatch site. Any day you may log on and RIM may be belly up.

The Crackberry Forums was probably the only thing keeping me from endlessly talking about Blackberries to my family and friends.

Now that forums are down. Let their tortured ears rest on your hands!!

Seriously though, there ain't no place like "the Crackberry Forums". Hopefully we'll all be able to come "home" soon. :)

CrackBerry is like coffee to me, have to have it everyday! It's hands down the best BlackBerry related site 'anywhere'! And after the update tonight it's going to be Awesomer!!!

Everything I need to know if there. The forums have saved my blackberries many times. I love the forums:)

Simple. We get more out of our BB devices in things like hybrid OSes and immediate support from fellow users. Priceless. Even for a noob like me things became easier. Good work!

Valid question. Had to get it done before the Canada long weekend. Have an aggressive roadmap on the development side across the sites. I know, I know.. ideally wouldn't have had it this close to a PlayBook update, but it had to get finished so we can move onto the next thing. Don't worry.. it'll be up soon, and be worth it.

It's a great resource for all things blackberry.
Everything I need to know about my playbook is eventually found here.

Curve 9350/PB 32

I wonder if you guys have any plans to make it resemble BB10 so we users can FLOW between posts, PEEK at new ones and EXTEND our two cents to all users! Pick me!

Forums... for when I have a problem... for when I want to pay it forward... for when I'm bored and want to argue with the trolls...

I love crackberry forums and check them most nights before retiring. When there's an update I especially like to wait and read other users experience before downloading!

I love the forums because I can find most, if not all, of the answers to my BlackBerry questions. Read up on new BlackBerry devices and get the latest news on BB10.

I love because I am addicted to my BlackBerry and I just can't get enough of BB10!!! Oh, and cuz I wanna see how long Kevin's hair actually gets ;)

Not only are these forums helpfull, it is the closest knit online community I have ever seen. I know I hit "our" Site at least 30 times plus a day. I'm addicted to CrackBerry as much as my BlackBerry!!!

The forums is where I find inspiration, information and all things Blackberry. Fellow crackheads are helpful and always willing to share information. I have been able to find answers to all my Blackberry questions, from my first BB, an 8330 to my current 9930 and Playbook and in between. It is my Blackberry addiction's 'safe haven' if you would. A brotherhood of Crackheads.

CrackBerry forums is a place to love, laugh, and cry.

CB has been a great place to learn and grow all things BlackBerry over the past 3 years.

Thanks CB.

I love Crackberry forums because they bring people together to share a common interest in the best phone in the world and solve problems. I have resolved issues and found so much helpful information on this site. People in action being of service to each other, CrackBerry!

I love CB Forums because there is NO other place where you can find answers and inovative solutions concerning our beloved BlackBerry Phones and Tablet.

I LOVE The forums because its not only a forum. Its a place where I can go at anytime when I'm at school, or bored or something and instantly be interested. I learn new things, I can complain and others can complain with me I can help people with their devices..having conversations with tech savvy people is nice too. I have a place where I can be the biggest fanboy and no one will kill me, a place where Everyone loves troll hunting as much as I do!! The forums are great. Honestly, and they're gigantic too. The community is the best of everyone out there and also not just the forums, crackberry as a whole is amazing because it just drags me in. Great editors and all, this website, but the forums stand out the most; is amazing. Bring on The Ten, and many more years of Blackberry love from the CB team.

Definitely has to be the helpful community every time that I have a problem. There always seems to be someone that has the answer(s) that I'm looking for.

* Why is Crackberry so cool?
* Because of the creative uses for the site.
* It can be fun even when the forums are down
* for maintenance. For example, there is about
* to be a game within a game here.
* Certain CB members are currently in a BBM Group
* following these comments. Following this comment,
* every comment that contains a pre-selected word
* (or words) means that everyone in the BBM group
* drinks.
* This is why there is no other site like
* The game begins.........Now!

If it isn't for CB and the forums, I would not love my blackberry as much as I do. It allows me to know and understand my blackberry better than anyone else, allowing me use it to it's fullest and love it. But better than that, if I have a question, I always get an answer right away, nothing beats that.

im looking for advice on a new bb device and the forums are the place to go for practical info from people who rail these devices daily.

I love the forums because I can connect with other BlackBerry lovers and find the answers to my questions! The community is generally great and they are one of the more respectful communities I have belonged to.

There are great posts in the forum. What I like most are the how to guides and the hybrid os's.

I love the crackberry forums for the news and reviews, and just generally for tips and tricks, etc.

I love the CB Forum for the opinions, answers and tips to help me enjoy my BB Bold and PB that much more!

The latest and greatest news. Friendly helpful members and staff. No questions left unanswered, no problems unresolved.

i love the forums because its the best place to find out all blackberry issues, help and news. its great because I can find other people who have had the same type of issues that I have. these forums ahve the best blackberry fans i have seen.

Why I “LOVE”(?) Crackberry Forums – Well, it’s simply because the information is excellent. I cannot find any other site with equal relevance and depth for Blackberry products. The information is very useful for decision-making and support because the comments and advice tend to be genuine. Crackberry forum addicts provide, for the most part, some of the more realistic opinions on Blackberry devices, which I appreciate. For instance, when researching the BOLD 9790, the information gleaned from the forums helped form my decision by straight-up stating the phone sucks for media consumption compared to the current competition, BUT, as a work horse for communications, it kicks ass. The Crackberry community helped reinforce the importance of smartphone priorities – if videos, media, gaming, are of importance, buy an iPhone or Android device. If communication is your phones main purpose, go Bold.

I'm a relative newbie and a disaster with techy stuff, so the help I get from the forums are invaluable. Plus, without the forums, I wouldn't have gotten the deal on my PB 64 at $199!

I love the CB forums because of all the rumors that get me hyped! (Even though many of them don't come to fruition lol!!! OS update tomorrow!?!? YES PLEASE!!!

Crackberry forums is needed for any blackberry user. The community can help solve the problems or issues that arise together. Tips are exchanged. The marketplace helps user find treasure in someone's equipment. The forums are significant because anything BB related will most likely show up doing a breif search. Awesome site and keep up the good work!

Btw, I was around for the first upgrade...subsequently, the site has just gotten better!

Why do I love Crackberry Forums?
I can give and receive information, have great discussions, and get help with problems.
That is just the tip of the iceberg, I know, but I wanted to keep this under a thousand words...
Whenever I meet BlackBerry uses, I always ask, "Have you joined up with Crackberry yet? "
Crackberry Nation : a great place to live! : ) is my go to Site for information on everything about my PlayBook.
I've learned a lot of information here that I couldn't find elsewhere.

LOVE CrackBerry's Forums because:

-It is the largest online resource, user generated content forums for Blackberry

-Gives you all the latest tricks, trade, hacks and secrets for BlackBerry

-CrackBerry is BlackBerry and I love BlackBerry therefore by the law of transitivity(lol) I love CrackBerry which includes the forum

I love CrackBerry because it and it's members showed me how to get the most out of my device which in turn made me love the Blackberry brand. The tips,wallpapers, ringtones, support..CB has it all!! CrackBerry along with BlackBerry have become a passion of mine and I pass it on to others so they can enjoy it as much as I do :) Can't wait for the new look!!!

I've been a CB fan and follower for a long time. I come to the Site for answers and love sharing and reading others experience. I review CB on my laptop, PB, 9860, iPhone, Nexus 7, and my wife's iPad. It's the first Site I visit in the morning and the last I read prior to bed. I'm addicted to the Site and cannot wait to see what comes next.

I love CB Forums because it's chock full of useful information, shortcuts, and blackberry goodness. CB forums changed me from a casual Bold 9700 owner running OS 5 to a hybrid installing, cod loading freak running a nice combination of OS 6 and others. Thanks a lot! That's all I've really got to say. Oh, get to interact with other cool Blackberry addicts across the globe as well.

I NEED the CB forum to keep up on all my blackberry news and reviews. I of course need it to get all of the Blackberry 10 news and gossip! LOVE it!

Noooooo! Nothing new in months, and you choose THE day after 2.1 OS update to black out for 8 hours!!!! Come on, THAT'S what I would call a natural sense of good timing ;-)

Seriously, can't thank you all enough, have helped me go through 2 PlayBook returns to RIM and exchange, many frustration with updates and strange problems, long days of debricks, trickle charges and reboots, and this recent convert to BlackBerry (with first price cuts last year) can't be more happy with his imperfect and so fabulous tablet!!!

Long and happy life to the forums and this community, RIM should really pay you for the infrastructure, and thank all the knowledgeable and sharing members!

What can i say? a crack berry forum visit a day, keeps the blues away... these forums have made my years as a blackberry phone user a really wonderful experience especially in a country like Nigeria where we have had no Rim offices until the one that was announced here a couple of days ago. Even though i have been a user of this forum for over 6 years i only just signed up today to say..THANK YOU crack berry from all Millions of Nigerian blackberry users.. THANK YOU

J'aime le CB forums because I loooooove any news regarding Blackberry 10. For the even the most minute details or rumors, the forums are where they're to be found. Crackberry Forums: The premiere social gathering of Blackberry enthusiasts.

I love how, usually, if someone is noobish and asks a question (without searching first) CB community member will guide that user to what they need instead of flaming them.

I love the forums because I'm not very sharp when it comes to tech. With the good folks of the CrackBerry forums, I know that if I have a issue with my device, I will find an answer or someone will try their best to help me. That's awesome Imo. I don't post much but I read a lot and I always find help or just find something new that I didn't know before. I find myself on here more and more looking at what BlackBerry 10 has become. It's very exciting and I cannot wait to own a London and ill have CrackBerry to help me get the most out of it! Thanks CrackBerry!!

This is where it all began for me. When I got my first Blackberry, I was completely clueless about how to make the most of it. Fortunately, I remember having come across the word "crackberry". I don't remember where I got it. So, I went to type it on google and voila!

From then on, the only place I go to to KNOW all there is to know about my device, and to feed my being a Crackberry!

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

I LOVE the FORUMS because there is no other community out there that is more packed with information, knowledge and skilled people. It's also entertaining and fun at the same time!

Go Go!

I love the CrackBerry Forums because it's not only the best place for information on RIM products and services, it's also a great place to get news and/or help with technology in general. I've learned more about computers, GPS, cars, various handheld gadgets, operating systems, software development, hardware development, and I could go on and on. A great community of technological minds and good people in general, coming together to share a wealth of knowledge.

I LOVE CrackBerry forums because I have solved more than a few BB issues searching through the forums alone. *pick me!*

Being new to the Blackberry line of devices I find the and the forums to be a one stop info shop.

Thanks to the info (and posters) here I've managed to sideload apps, transfer files to my playbook via WiFi and basically learning a lot about the thing that is making it a much enjoyed device.

Keep up the great work everybody as it IS appreciated.

I have only posted a few comments, but whenever I have any BB-related questions, I head to the CrackBerry forums. Seems like someone has always had the same issues, and others have posted appropriate solutions.

With the advent of BB10, the CrackBerry forums have kept me well excited for the new devices.

Blackberry by Choice!

I like Crackberry because if I have a question about my device or want thoughts about something, there are a lot of people that are willing to help and provide their opinion. I also like the word wars that break out on the emotionally charged topics....those are fun to read. Lastly, I love being part of a community that loves their phone and tablet as much as I do.

You kidding? CB Forums its like an addiction, especially the PlayBook forums. Whoever goed there would understand too how awesome the community is. I love this Site and I've been checking it regularly for more than 3 years. Thank you for this amazing contest! Good luck everyone

I love the Crackberry forums because they have the most up to date information and rumours on all of RIM's products; plus they're full of great commenters who have helpful troubleshooting solutions. I also appreciate the easy to navigate layout and access to the rest of the site.

Crackberry and its forum are truly and simply awesome. I've learned so much from the community not just about my BB products but other devices as well. Looking for a much improved forum especially when BB10 arrives.


CB, keep up the good work. This is the most complete source of information for BlackBerry news.
Good job and congratulations!!!!

I love the Crackberry forums because they serve as the definitive baseline for a 24/7 Knowledge Base for Blackberry users worldwide.

To have such an online encyclopedia is a priveledge indeed.

I love the Crackberry forums.

The active and knowledgeable CrackBerry community makes the CB forums great. You will always find the answer to your BlackBerry questions.

I love CrackBerry forums because they give me the latest updates to everything about BlackBerry! They also have lots of threads of common problems about the devices and this is the best site if you have any questions regarding about how to fix something and everything. Love the forums! I have the app and the crackberry website bookmarked!

I dont know if i love crackberry because it's more of an addiction, i think, like, i don't know, crack?
I am using when my wife is sleeping, when my kids are at school, when my parents are not looking, when my car is waiting at a red light, when my rectum is busy, when Whiterun is under attack, when I can't even roll over, when my cat looks at me weird. I need help!

thank you, bye

but hurry up and come back forums, i miss you.

my arm is really itchy

Crackberry forums gives the best information on all things BlackBerry for either the new BlackBerry user or the experienced one. Most on the forums actually try to help if can or at least point you in the right direction.

BlackBerry By Choice!!!

I love the CrackBerry forums because it is a great place to come for help with your device, talk about random BlackBerry stuff that you're sure you're the only one crazy enough to know about or be interested in, but discover that there are others just like you!

It is also a great place to meet nice people. Everyday I come on here and am amazed by the effort members put forth in helping other people, complete strangers, that they will most likely never meet in their lives. The way people are quick to help, upload a .BAR file, explain the sometimes-tedious process of loading a leaked OS to a new member, or create cool wallpapers just for others to enjoy-- CrackBerry forums exemplify all the positive things that can come from online communities.

As a BlackBerry addict, I get my daily (well okay maybe five or ten times daily) dose of all things new about my phone, including new apps and upgrades. I like going into the forum for my model of phone (Torch 9850) and helping out new owners when I can.

It is the site I visit most each day, and my only source for BlackBerry news - there isn't any other in my opinion. I'm looking forward to the upgrade...

I love CB forums because it is the capital of the RIMpire. It is so refreshing to engage in dynamic discussion with other people who truly love their blackberries. Sometimes i feel like a lone wolf with my rockin' 9900, but CB reminds me that there is a whole nation of people like me that are as addicted to their device as I am.

This crackberry site has really helped me to learn all I needed to know when I got my first bb 9000, awesome site.!

I love Crackberry Forum because is one of the best and complete site on the web with information about all types of Blackberry.

i love crackberry because since the first day i had my first blackberry, I have been signed up here and i learned about so many things, specially about blackberry, Crackberry will always be my guide, whenever I got problem about blackberry, i can share and learned here from many expert and Technofreak that are very nice and willing to Help..
Crackberry is more than only crackberry Forum, its like home for every blackberry Lovers, like family, courage each others to explore the OS and Be creative with Blackberry Tools and Theme, crackberry is also a home for new developer to learn and share their Output and application for free or even Paid, and CB readers also be able getting cheaper accessories for their blackberry ... and meeting with Lot of nice people from Pin Thread..

so For me Crackberry is Special, and always be.. I do check it every day, because I like to read some news and entering the thread even to say hi only or learn about how to fix blackberries and sharing with others...

Crackberry!! you Rock!!

I honestly have withdrawal issues with the forums offline. I love being able to help out and find new information about BlackBerry products and third party applications.

Crackberry forms are the ultimate website to find anything and everything about blackberry and that makes crackberry special for me .

I enjoy Crackberry as my source for news relating to RIM products. When I need to find some information then I search here.

I'm guessing one of the prizes will be a lock of Kevin\s hair. Or perhaps all 10 prizes - he has enough of it to give away.

I love the CB forums because it's my go to place, at home , work or even on my phone. It's the number one spot for all news RIM and BlackBerry with a great community for discussion. CB forum also links me to anything I need to know about what investors are saying, RIM news and other smartphone platforms. All in all, it's the one spot that's made waiting for BB10 bearable...without CB forums keeping me hooked, I would not be so in the loop regarding what's been going on during this amazing transition #bb10believe!

I found CrackBerry dot com before I got my very first BlackBerry phone. The atmosphere is very warm and people informative. Needless to say it influenced me to get my first BlackBerry phone.
It has and always be BlackBerry by my choice.

I love so much about the Crackberry forums it would be hard to narrow it down to what I like most, but this one time, at band camp... is a place I come to be with other crackies!! If it weren't for this forum, I would have never survived my blackberry bold 9000! Then I moved to the 9700, then to the 9900!! Can't get enough of them.

Crackberry is awesome. I've had my Playbook for almost a year now and I check the forums everyday.

It's a one-stop shop for information and interesting discussion.

Keep up the good work 'Berry".

Great place to keep up with blackberry info. Plus its generally quite subjective with reviews. Not too fanboi or too negatve, just real reviews.

F - Freedom
O - Outrageous
R - REAL people's interesting thoughts on BB
U - Uber-useful
M - "Um...yeah, I'll take 'Starts with the letter "M" regarding lack of Crackberry forums for 500." Answer: What is MISSED?

Crackberry forums are hands down the best place for all BB info. The support from this site is what keeps blackberry users alive through RIM's recent struggles.....and gives us hope and perspective on RIM's future. I truly appreciate this site. Can't wait for BB 10!

I think I'm as excited about the new changes here as I was about 2.1!!!! And I love 2.1.

Blackberry by choice.... Crackberry by addiction.

this forum is how i learned everything there is to know about my blackberry handsets and playbook. from tips/shortcuts/tricks to troubleshooting. no other forum can compare!

I believe in the CrackBerry forums because they are super helpful. #CrackBerry forums.

More serious though, everyone is super helpful in there and you can learn a lot.

How could I ever have worked all my Blackberry equipment without all the knowledge of the Forums? Whenever I have a problem or if I want to stay on top of the newest info, I run to the forums.

Thanks Crackberry. You Rock.

Rock on....that's all I can say here. It's the first thing I do is come here with my cup a joe before work and the last before i hit the hay (while getting yelled at by the wife to come to bed).

Love it here for all that has already been said. Just make the site quicker :)

Cheers guys.

I love the forums because they helped me out when I was just a newbie with my first BlackBerry, and continued to help me out even as an advanced smartphone user. Also, the discussions and comments are pretty funny to read through. I hope to be more involved in the conversations going on from now on though.

It's the community damn it! 8D

Where else can you find a site that's down, yet still generating over 100 posts an hour, simply professing their love for it?

I just can't believe using Blackberry and without CrackBerry forums, this is the best site & forums for a Blackberry user, and Kevin does the best review no matter which ever device.

The forums are a godsend! We have a great community of active members who not only help and share everything BlackBerry, but are looking forward to the future. RIM will rise and the Crackberry forums will be there to support and publicize them all the way! Looking forward to the future forums! Lets get the party rocking again!!!

Drkknyt98 will rise! I'm so serious!!!

I'd like to win one of these prizes.

I love the help with upgrading my OS. I hate to try new things if I haven't talked to someone else who has already tried it, so it's good for me to see that.

And I came to the forums because I had some free time tonight to figure out how to side load Android apps on my Playobook,.. I guess not tonight

Yesterday I was so excited that we got the2.1 upgrade. After upgrading my PlayBook took a shot it didn't want turn on. The double blink LED thing happened to my PlayBook. I turned to the forums looking everywhere and of course found a solution. I love the Crackberry forums. Typing with my back from the dead PlayBook.

PS. Always back up before upgrading or you can loose all your stuff in it. :(

I love CrackBerry because it validates what what others told me was my mental illness a few years back - "why can't you ever shut up about that stupid phone of yours?" "Why can't you ever just put it down?" "What's the deal with you always checking that flashing red light?"

I Love CrackBerry because whereever family is, that place is home.

CrackBerry is HOME!

Crackberry is my go-to site anything RIM. I love the men behind it! Can't live without my Blackberry and Crackberry.

Is this the second sign of the impeding doom to rim, no more whining to be found, oh I do miss the holy grail of fixes though so can you find a fix soon and stop using the Apple map program to do it. Thanks

Spending a lot of time on crackberry forums made me buy 64 GB Playbook. What else can I say about Crackberry, if you love. BlackBerry you will have to love Crackberry.

I love CB forums because I can get all my BB related information from the fellow Crackberry Nation members. All the tips, news, problem solving, rumours, trollings in one place.
I love CB

* BlackBerry by choice *
Love the forums. It's where I can find all the help I need and give all the help back that I have to give. It's a great place to just hang with the awesome people of the CB nation.

I got my first Blackberry 8830 along with my first job a long time ago! The bookmark has been with me from day one, and is still here on my newest 9900. It's been an honor to be a part of this driven community and I look forward to sharing the BB10 experience with you all!

I'll tell you why I love this forum shall I?
Well, the first thing I do when I get up in the AM is check my email then check this forum to catch up on the latest goss about the best berry in the best color available.
I simply can't function with this forum.


I love the forums because I seem to be a lot smarter when I post stuff about Blackberrys and Playbooks.

CrackBerry Forums is a Wealth of information for the Novice to the most experienced. You could not find a better forum community of people helping people,I'm proud to be a member!


I love the forms. I use them all the time. I may not be a heavy poster but I sure do read them on a daily basis. I'm going through withdrawal as I type this. I hope I win something when they come back online later this evening.

Have a good evening everyone


I am on my 2nd Berry. When I got my first, I fumbled along for a couple months until I discovered Crackberry. Wow the degree of phone enjoyment skyrocketed! Thank you Forums for the never ending education!

The forums is my sanctuary when BIS is down. It's where I can go to be consoled while heads are rolling at the office because communication is non existent. has helped me with all the issues ive had with my blackberry to sort them out in no time at all. Over and above that keeps me up to date with all the latest news and rumours especially regarding the best phone to hit the maker next year. The blackberry10. I love

It's like family here, learn alot, so many helpful users. Not sure how much longer I can last while waiting for the upgrade to complete.

I love this site because no matter the problem is, even if i'm not sure exactly what that problem is, there's ALWAYS someone here who knows the solution and better yet there's almost always someone who recommends a way to avoid the problem altogether. That kind of 24 hour support along with the latest news, updates and general/specific info on all things Blackberry related, makes this site my one stop shop (not to mention the place i direct all of my friends and clients to as well). I love crackberry :)

Hi, my name is CoreyGmaN and I am a CrackBerry addict.
Group " Hi Corey"
I have been a CrackBerry Addict for a long time
Group "same with us, some are new some are old"
It all started 1984 with many small projects to lure me in...
Group " Uh huh"
Then in 1999 it went big time and got listed on Nasdaq in introduced Blackberry software to everybody so they could also feel my addiction.
Group "nodding heads in acceptance"
By 2008 over 44% of the market was also addicted like me, we created groups, blogs, hangouts, and could not keep up with all the addicts.
Group "nodded and confirmed with anticipation
Then the evil red headed step cousin came to town with a new addiction named Apple
Group "Frowned and scowled"
I dismissed this new thing and its new addiction iPhone that started luring in my fellow addicts one by one.
Group "some people no respect!"
So I continued with my CrackBerry Addiction surfed the forums morning noon and night and ignored and by the end of 2008, lots of my good buddy addicts I used to BBM with were gone. I even left them on my contact list thinking they would come back.
Group "sounds like alot of us"
Soon all my friends were gone, lots of $$$ has gone, even the leaders were gone. but I still stuck with my addiction.
Group "Don't you think its time for you to also go leave your addiction, and start your life over?"
So I stood up, look at them proudly....... I kicked over my chair flashed the double BB sign and said Sorry Folks, I am not a Quitter! I am in it for life! Grabbed my LTE Playbook and my Bold 9930, jumped in my Porsche Concept Car and headed to the Blackberry 10 Release Party!

Turns out that was not even a AA group, it was a bunch of Apple spy's trying to lure me in...... :)

The Forums are the Best BlackBerry Forums on the planet. Have a question, go there; bored, go there; have problem, go there; don't have a problem, go there. Just go there! :)

The reason I LOVE Crackberry Forums because it allows me access to the information I need to solve any quirks, or obtain tips that relate to my beloved Bold 9900.

Crackberry has simply been amazing, and I will always continue to use the site.

I love the forums because it keeps you in touch with the blackberry community and its rough out here there aren't many around me looking forward to bb10 ...they laugh when I mention it....I'm currently with a iPhone to see what the hype is all about ...I think it just made me look forward to bb10....besides the apps it's very blah ...and I'm not big on apps to begin with....nice place to stay in contact with those who #believeintheten....while also staying up to date with the latest news ....and the forums makes keeping hope in bb10 that much more fact it's has become apparent to me that it's not will rim succeed with bb10 because it will.... but more of a matter when ...when it will be released of course more specific the q12013 ....#believeintheten ....stay in formed crackberry forum.....

Love crackberry forums. Only thing at work that the filter doesn't catch. ,My afternoon ritual reading that. Can't wait for the upgrade.

Well, forums are the best place to find solutions to your problems since most likely someone else have had whatever problem you can possibly come by...