CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress: While you're waiting... you can WIN and SAVE!

CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2012 05:23 pm EDT

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1:30am EST - The Forums are open again. View change log.

WIN: Leave a Comment to this Blog Post telling us why you LOVE CrackBerry's Forums... when the forums come back online we'll pick TEN winners from the comments to win awesome prizes!

SAVE: While the forums are offline, you can save 15% on ALL BlackBerry Accessories at by using coupon code forumsrule at checkout! Sale ends Friday at midnight PST.

As we gave heads up on earlier today, we're upgrading the CrackBerry Forums tonight. The upgrade process has now begun and we're expecting the forums will be offline for 6-8 hours as we migrate things over from the dev server and import the data (CrackBerry is a HUGE forum, so it takes some time).

A few things will go a bit wonky on the site during the update, but the blogs, galleries and store will all be accessible and usable still. It's going to be an awesome forums upgrade! In the meantime.. thanks for the patience and be sure to take advantage of your chance to WIN and SAVE!

Stay tuned... a new and improved CrackBerry Forum experience is coming soon! 

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CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress: While you're waiting... you can WIN and SAVE!



I LOVE CrackBerry Forums because I enjoy being part of such a great social community of people who believe in the same thing! I have learned so much about BlackBerry and what they are all about from venturing through this forum! With the upgrade I'm sure it will make the experience even that much better!!

I <3 crackberry cuz...they give away awesome prizes.
You can learn to DO everything with your BB.
You can learn to fix anything in your BB.
Cool people.
Crazy Crackberry Kevin!!!

The forums help sort out our issues as well as connect people!! Exactly what a BlackBerry does!!!
They Rock and Roll!!!!

I love the CB forums because I can find the answer to an issue I'm having with my phone very easily. I love the multitude of categories as well-such a diverse group with strong opinions. The forums & fellow CB members have helped me grow into what I consider to be a pretty well rounded expert BB user! I have never needed to call RIM directly regarding my phone, thanks to the CB forums & fellow Crackheads!

I love the forums because they provide a nice place for collaboration, which appears to have been the basis for the emulator projects, which I love. I also love helping out less experienced members, and catching up on the latest rumors and speculation. The best part of the forums, however, is the developers who prowl the forums to help people with any bugs found in their apps. It's awesome to know that if I ever have a problew with What's Up or Battery Guru I can just ask in the forums and eventually the developer will come and either give me a fix or note the problem and fix it. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new forums will look like.

Why I love it's my daily morning routine right along side my cup of coffee reading the blogs and revisting the forums threw out day actually had saved me many times not needing to call tech support when I was issues with any of my devices.. Appreciate the knowledgeable people on this site willing to help another CB member..The commitment of this site keeps BlackBerry community a live thriving for all BlackBerry users threw out the world...

I rely on CrackBerry forums for OS leaks and hybrids. My favourite forum thread (Berrylicious Ultimate 7.1 Hybrid) has around 2,000 likes. It's hard to believe that a forum thread could have 2,000 views but to engage your community members to that extent is phenomenal and clearly adds tremendous value to our free CrackBerry memberships. I'm sure when you guys started CrackBerry, you never envisioned a vibrant hybrid community.

Because without the CB forums I wouldn't: know how to debrick and load a leaked OS onto my Berry, sideload Android apps onto my PB, find fixes for the smallest bugs, be the "go to" guy for any BB related questions in my office, get the latest updates and news on all things BlackBerry, and generally be a part of an awesome community. Simple really!

Forums is the greatest thing! I learn about any question I may have about my PlayBook or BB Phone!! the information is always available, and people are always willing to help if I have a question! This forums is amazing!!!! can not wait to see what this update brings!!! its going to be amazing!

Oh and also, the forums and Crackberry is what brought me to BB! I was an iphone user and this website and forums posts made me see the benefits of owning a BB and now I will never look back!! Looking to the future with BB10!! CANT WAIT!

Why I love Crackberry forum??

I am addicted to my blackberry since Crackberry forum is not for regular blackberry users.
Crackberry forum is for the hardcore Blackberry users.
Crackberry User are more active than the Official Blackberry Forum
Got Blackberry Phone problem? Go to CrackBerry forum
Need to know how to set up some stuff on you blacberry? Check out the crackberry forum
Need to sideload a PlayBook APP? Crackberry Playbook Section got you cover.

Not only are the Forums informative, I can get free wallpapers & themes and they are also funny and entertaining :) I learn something new most days.

I love the forums because we get the most honest and unbiased news about our favorite devices in a timely manner. Ask a question, get a direct answer. Go Crackberry! You're the best!

Tonyrón - One Day at a Time

I love Crackberry. There is not a day that passes that I don't go check out this website. It has been very helpful in every situation I have run into and a great sites for researching. I love the comments made and all of the hilarious postings. The name Crackberry is very fitting, turns you into an addict.

Reason for my big love for the crackberry forum is that it is the only place you need for seeking answers for your blackberry devices. No need to go anywhere else. Got a question? Go to the CB forum, answers await you. You aren't just going to get answer either. You get warm welcome with respect. Not only that, the front Page provides real time news right away for everything about the blackberry.

Plus no other websites provide this many events and prizes like crackberry. This is why we love this place so much because we get that much of love back! Crackberry scratches our backs when we do the same for the crackberry :P

Love the forums because I'm always dying to know who's downloading the latest leaked BBOS. That's all. Just who's downloading it.

CB forums rock. I love them. There are a lot of good and helpful people that have helped me with the simplest things. Have ran into a few people who think they are moderators but I try to ignore them. BlackBerry by Choice!

Crackberry forums are awesome because I can help people that are less knowledgeable than myself like new members or new users.

As basic as people claim the blackberry os is there is always something to learn. Whether it's phone os or the playbook os I am always learning something new from some of the mods here and also the seasoned vets.

Also it's great because we usually have threads about accessories before you buy them with people's reviews in the Crackberry store.

I am twitching not having them accessible to me for the next 5 or so hours.

They really turn this Site into a community.

Everything you need is here. Crackberry has always been the #1 Blackberry information site and will be in the future, You guys rock. Looking forward to the upgrade to a great site already. Keep it up guys.

The #1 resource for all the possible BlackBerry info you could need. Need to know about a keyboard short cut? The best os for an old model? Or if others are experiencing the same issues you are? The CrackBerry forums are the place to go!

Just logged on to get some info I was wondering about and found the forums to be down! This is why we need the forums! Best place to get help and ideas!! :)

The CB forums have proven time and again to be the go-to place for any BB related issue or concern I have. Whenever anything comes up I head straight to the forum for advice or help and have never been let down. Can't wait to see what this big upgrade bring.

Crackberry is the number 1 information source in both Blackberry and Playbook and is definitely my first place to go whenever I have questions about my Blackberry and Playbook, that is why I love this feature-rich forum and hope the upgraded version will be even better!

It's the first and best place for news.
It has the largest community for help.
It is run by awesome people.

What more could you ask for?

Because, as a relative newbie to BlackBerry products in general, it's the fastest way to learn about new things and to solve problems. I have learned a great deal about the PlayBook in a short period of time thanks to the posts in the forums. In fact it was because of my purchase of a Torch 9810 and the Crackberry Forum encounters I had that I even became interested in the PlayBook in the first place. Crackberry is a great place. Good deals on product sales, lots of useful and timely articles containing tips and tricks and fresh off the press news and rumours.

Also, MOST of the people in the forums are polite. I say most because there are those I've come across who think they're somehow superior to others because they've posted over 5000 times and find the need to bully and ridicule those of us who have or might post a new thread without necessarily searching for one similar.

If there is such a protocol in the forums that one must search more thoroughly first, then it should be a front and center banner advertisement and a stated rule that you agree to when signing up - not a sticky thread at the top of an endless ladder of threads in a communication forum.

But other than little annoyances like that (not the forums fault, but some members) the Crackberry forums are indispensable for a BlackBerry owner.

Why do i love crackberry forum.
Everything BlackBerry all the time.
Help to everything BlackBerry related.
Latest leaks for BlackBerry + reviews on them
The Latest rumors and news
Application releases and reviews

CrackBerry just rules!!!!!!

CB is always my first (and almost always, only) source of info for all things Blackberry. I find the latest news to be here first, and reported well - with that touch of humour that appeals to me. I always get a kick out of the slightly offbeat head honcho too. Keep up the great work, Kevin & crew. ~ecm

I LOVE THE CRACKBERRY FORUMS because its full of life and has a great team of mobile experts of all mobile platforms. A true mobile nations :) :) :).

Its brilliant to find out a quick bit of info from educated people or lie around all day Sunday looking up new and fun things about blackberry's. Chatting with international friends or bringing a bricked blackberry back from the brink of death.

Its the coolest forums on the planet with a great community spirit . To have a good website you should read and on write on these forums . Learn from the truly best experts and most enthusiastic blackberry owners plus other platforms.

Honestly the best forums on this planet. I LOVE CRACKBERRY FORUMS.

:D :D :D :D :D

I love Crackberry forums because I always find the answers to any of my BB questions and intersting discussions!

The CrackBerry Forums provide you with everything from learning about the best leaks and rumors from insiders, the comedy of people arguing back and forth online, to releasing some built up anger by calling out and correcting trolls.

Besides, where else can you find thousands of other people just as nuts about BlackBerry and tech. When you’re this addicted to the platform all you want to do is talk about it and the CrackBerry Forums is definitely the best place to do it.

The forums are an amazing way to get the community to pitch into helping others. It's also a good way to socialize, solve problems and figure stuff out. Best part is, it's also fun!

I love Crackberry Forums because they have the latest and the greatest. Any time I have an issue or want to find out anything, Crackberry Froums is THE source for all BlackBerry knowledge.

The Forums are very useful for information. I have learned how to better use my phone and Playbook.

I love how it taught me all about everyone of my BB I have owned. Loading leaked OS's, hybrids and and sideloading on to my PB.

It's the only place I go for information.

Thanks CrackBerry

Forums are the most informative and interactive for help and information. Love forum browsing. Always learn something new and feel at home with other crackberry addicts.

!The crackberry forums helped me fix my 'berry TWICE! If the forums didn't exist, then I would be stuck with a brokenberry. The forums are my main source of knowledge for all things blackberry.



the crackberry forums validates me! there's no small comfort in knowing i'm not the only idiot that owms a blackberry!

marketing victim!

I love everything about the CB forums. lots of good ideas, tips and tricks. Not to mention al the rumors and speculation that goes on. Heck even the trolling is good ;)

I love the CrackBerry Forums because the users there are extremely helpful and knowledgeable! It's amazing how resourceful some of you guys are. I learned more about my phone than I ever could on my own, and the News/Rumors keep me "Cracked" up daily!

Crackberry keeps me on track and moving forward,you can be on the right track,but,if you don't. Keep movig,you're gonna get ran over. 3 playbooks and my torch 9850 keep me and the family moving forward on the right track. Thank You Crackberry.

It's a great place to help others, and get help. I love reading I am not (most of the time) the only one having the same problems; and sweet place to connect with other addicts.

They have helped me solve so many issues with my own devices, my friends devices and actually earned me some great work related rewards and promotions! Thanks for such great info Crackberry members :D
Best forums on the web!

I love crackberry forums because you can always find the answer to your blackberry questions. so many awesome people on the site willing to help. thanks everyone for making the best mobile device site ever.

The forums being down gave me time to sit back and realize all the friends I've made here on CB from all over the world ! We have shared so many great moments together in the forums, and all because one day I got a blackberry and found CB.....I mean how cool is that that :)

Crackberry is not just about a's a lifestyle and I'm lovin it !!

I ♥ CRACKBERRY...Yup totally addicted !!

Okay so now what am I going to do tonight.....hurry up CB....toe tapping !

The forums are the fix for my "crack"berry addiction.

It's a community where you can learn so much, get answers to the hardest or even easiest questions, and feel at home with other people that love Blackberry just as much as you do, while the rest of the world tells you you are a fool for supporting RIM...

#BlackBerryByChoice and love it

CrackBerry Forums are THE source for BlackBerry news, whining (by those disappointed by product delays) and our way to follow Dear Leader Kevin.

Every cult leader has to have a following...amiright? :D

I ADORE the CB Forums!!! Why? Because:

* No matter what happens with any of my BB products, I can find the answers I need.
* Even if I have what I feel is a 'dumb' question about something in the OS or about the hardware, I can find help in the Forums.
* I can read about any "gotcha's" with updates BEFORE I install, so I can prepare and avoid any pitfalls.

In general, I find that the folks in the CB Forums are incredibly helpful, funny, and very supportive of new folk. I visit the forums a number of times weekly just to see what's going on, and to help others if I can.

The forums are a great place to ask questions and get answers. Also great to know when someone else is having the same problems i am having or not.

I like to surf on it whenever I have free time mostly from my phone to hellp out here and there, but also to hear about BB10!

Simply this : it's the only place to go for accurate information about all things BlackBerry. We all already receive prizes everyday...the information we get on!

I love the crackberry forums because ever time I have a problem I almost always get the correct answer in no time.

...And it's the place to come and get the newest info.

The CrackBerry forums is a community that is filled with fun, friendly, and helpful people that love everything about BlackBerry. The forums is a great way to meet and interact with people from around the world whether they are blackberry users or not. We are able to help each other when in need regarding our blackberry devices and there are also guides and tips that may educate us with information we never knew before. Other benefits of the forums include information or news regarding RIM and everyone is very excited about BlackBerry 10 that we love reading and talking about it. Also sometimes leaks or official OS versions are posted for our phones and we are able to update our phones without having to wait for our carrier. The CrackBerry forums is just the best place to find everything you need about BlackBerry.

I think the real question should be.... What's not to love about the forums ;)
I mean the great community, that's also humorous and supportive, I check the forums several times daily to be sure I don't miss anything :p
Can't wait to see the new version!

Several times now the crackberry forums have helped me either update or fix my blackberry or my girlfriend's blackberry. Aside from informing me on some rumors as well.

First I would like to ask why so early upgrading? This is like prime time for folks

Secondly, this forum happens to be the only one I visit now. I like the folks. I like helping the people I can and I get a lot out of what I read from other peoples problems as well as all the awesome walls from serversurfer.

To express what I feel about Blackberry, When I need Help, Curious to see what people are saying, To give my opinion hoping RIM will read it :) and listen

The forums are the place to get answers to all questions. I use it as a constant reference whenever I experience trouble with my BlackBerry. I really appreciate all of the knowledge that can be found on the site.

Simply CrackBerry is a very comprehensive place to go to when I need information relating to my BlackBerry PlayBook.

My sole source for all things Blackberry. Tips, tricks, BB10 juicy details, OS upgrade info, problem solving ...

I love this site. It's give me update and all awesome reports and leaks. Bring it on BB10. Love ya crackberry..

Its the only way I get to be informed about my BB devices new stuff, tricks, updates, games, apps, extras for my phone and PL!!!! and you guy are so nice on twitter always answer my questions!

Keeps me updated on the latest news & rumors from RIM. And can always find the answer to an issue on my blackberry that I may be having.
Even if I was to use Google to attempt to find the answer, 9 times out of 10 it takes to the crackberry forums...

Help help help help help. Why does RIM even have a support link on their site. Need to know or get help on anything Blackberry you just hit up the Crackberry Forums for all your needs.

Crackberry Forums simply rule. Great community and support by passionate people. I've learned a lot here, especially for my PlayBook. I want BB10 for phones and the PlayBook to rule. As a Canadian I want RIM to come back hard.

Its where i go to get all my info on my BB. even before i became a member id be here all the time, it helped me with bbm, and some issues ive had. it also keeps people up to date and helps us connect. -Nick Neal

This wouldn't be the place it is now if it wasn't for the COMMUNITY within the forums. There is such a wealth of knowledge it's frightening. Main reason I love this place is that there are always people that'll help you out with what issue(s) you may be experiencing with your device. I've been browsing since 08 when I got my FIRST BlackBerry ever, the 9000 Bold! I wouldn't be so knowledgable if CrackBerry had never existed.

CrackBerry Forums is the one stop spot for up to date information, discussion and troubleshooting for all things BlackBerry. I love the fact that I just got to go to one spot to find all that I need to know. The contributors are excellent and very helpful.

I love the CrackBerry site and forums because they are the best place hands down to get BlackBerry news, information and find tips on using your devices to their fullest!

Love finding new apps for my Playbook and keeping up on the recent rumors. I am glad 2.1 is out now though so we can move on to bigger and better things (10!!!).

My daily commute isn't complete without some CrackBerry Forums and I missed it this evening.

Crackberry is the sole reason I got a playbook, it's like a pet who let's me know that it's getting better.

The forums let me show other people deals for cheap OEM accessories and I look for help with my 9850 should be one of the bookmarks that comes standard as part of BB and PB OS. Indispensable. No other description fits.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

When I bricked my first BB I went to 5 or 6 bb sites and this was the only one that helped me. After I lurked around and learned more about not only my device but future ones as well....I sort of stopped looking at other sites and just hung out here.

And for that thank you!!

Why do I LOVE the CrackBerry forums? Where else can I mingle with thousands of BlackBerry fans such as my self? Where else can I show my true crack addition? Where else can I get the latest BlackBerry news? Where else can I get hundreds of user reviews for an accessory I want to buy? Only on CrackBerry!

The form is packed full of knowledge. You can get help with issues and problems and you can leave advice for those with issues.


I love it because it is the best place to go for crackberry help. It could be a problem or just support for an addiction

I love the blackberry forums because it is a good place to find advice and opinions on all things blackberry, and a good source for reviews when I am thinking of purchasing an app.

The CrackBerry forums are the best source for any questions or problems that I have with my BlackBerry Torch & PlayBook.

Why I love CB?

I've became a self-taught expert in BlackBerry just by reading/particpiation.

I love how CB delivers unbiased reviews and honest opinions.

I love how CB is fair in forum police.

I love CB are not just blog, but get in touch with the readers. Makes it feel like home.

Plus last but not least, everything about BB, questions or troubleshoot, somebody would have asked before. Much more comprehensive than anything else on the net!

I love Crackberry forums because I have learned so much from them. I've also had a really good time!

I've never won anything in my life but I feel lucky right now. I love Crackberry because it's the go to site for all Blackberry products and services, and I love the forums because I like to express my feelings and read what other people say about RIM/Blackberry etc.

I love the forums because there are so many things that I can learn and discover about my BlackBerry that I can't discover anywhere else!

Gotta love the crackberry forums because there is no question unanswered. When I got my first blackberry 8330 I found the forums and have never stopped checking in since.

Short and simple. forums are the easiest and best way to get info and answers for all your BlackBerry needs.

The best thing about the forums is that I can get quick help from other users when I have an issue with my phone. The members are always knowledgeable, and helpful. I don't know what the prizes are, but I hope I win!! Good luck to everyone else too!

The forums are great! I want to win something! And I just got a Blackberry Playbook!

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

CrackBerry Forums are informative. RIM has a history of being less than forthcoming. One of their problems is that people have no idea all the cool things that their BlackBerry devices can do (word substitution, keyboard shortcuts, OS upgrades, you name it). RIM is really bad at letting people know stuff. I would suggest RIM purchase CrackBerry as a way of solving this problem, except that I'd be afraid that the knowledge transfer would end at that point.

Besides, CrackBerry Forums make me look smart!

I feel BLIND without the forums! It's like trying to quit smoking, I am craving some forum action! :) And I want to win something!

CBF helped me understand and get into the BB experience. First device was the last geni Tour...and faithfully hold onto my Bold 9650...awaiting the BB10. is my one stop shopping arena for ALL things BlackBerry, its amazing how on this site I can obtain more knowledge about anything to do with my phone or tablet, but the customer service reps with my provider can't give me didley about how to fix something, I am usually training them. This is one of my top ten websites that I go to everyday.
Thanks in advance for the swag Kevin Michaluk and!
Keep on ruling the BB world!

It's the largest BB forum today and the best place to find solutions to any BB/PB related problems. I believe Crackberry forums are the only reliable source to get Playbook android apps to sideload. You wouldn't have to look anywhere else.

I love the CrackBerry Forums because the CB community is so knowledgeable and helpful. You're sure to find the answers to your questions, and it always helps to know that when you are having trouble, you're not alone!

It's the great community that helps one another to understand things that are in need of clarification.

The forums are simply the best place on the entire internet to get the solutions to questions you have about your Blackberry from other users.

The forums are an awesome place to connect with other BB lovers and learn tricks and tips to make the BB experience ever so more exciting and worthwhile.

I found the CB forums in early '09 when I did a google search on a problem I was having with my phone. I asked my question and it was answered almost immediately. From there I was hooked. When you are frutstrated and you get help quickly, you tend to pay it forward. And this has been going on like dominos since then.

There are many different people from many different locations, backgrounds, and skill sets who each have something unique to contribute. There might not always be agreement, but there is always forward momentum.

And, finally, during periods of lag with new news, there's always Crackberry Rehab!

I love CrackBerry Forums because it's where I can get all the latest information on Kevin's hair.... so glossy ;)

When I first discovered a little over a year ago I had just purchased a Torch 9850. Before then I was a loyal Palm fanboy with my Pre+ until the demise of beloved WebOS. Never satisfied with any other options out there, I decided to give Blackberry my attention. Crackberry forums have always been my go-to source for helpful information. Not only does it provide updates on information received about apps, hardware and the company in general, it provides vital information for troubleshooting for any issue. When I purchased my Playbook when 2.0 dropped it was Crackberry forums to the rescue to learn how to side load apps and fix any issues when attempting it. Thank you Crackberry and all the fellow users and abusers out there! We are one in the same!!

- Jacob L

(currently using - Bold 9930) :)

Simply put, the best place to find news, answers and fun - anything BlackBerry! Lively and always amuzing topics are always a click away.

Really hard working admins. Kevin and crew walk the walk!!!!
Informative! This site has a wealth of useful information.
Meeting great members!


The forums rule because not only can i get updates & opinions from users & consumers like me who are completely unbiased in opinion due to having no ulterior motives but also get updates, discuss & interact with likeminded people. Infact, every now & then, something new is discovered that may have been missed by the hardworking crackberry team.
It also gives us a chance to interact with developers one to one in a public forum.

Thats all there is to it,
Keep berrying crackheads!

I love CrackBerry because it is a community that made up by tons of awesome people. I feel like I'm home every time I visit this place. It is a lengen>>>>wait for it>>>>>>dary site online.

Latest News while you wait... all the latest happenings... the only place that has all the info before its even happened...

Feel the Vibe... Feed the Pleasure.. Addicted to the Crackberry..

Impress The World... Express Yourself... #BB10believe

I love cb forums because... I get stuff to read while I wait for more blog posts :p. Plus the opions are as diverse as the cb community.

I love CrackBerry forums because it has some very good guides for idiots like me to do amazing things with our blackberries :)

Top 10 reasons why I love CrackBerry Forums:

1) We aren't just forums members, we are a powerful community!
2) Full of BB knowledge.
3) Best BlackBerry forums in the internet.
4) Shutting up iSheeps in a discussion!
5) We're ahead other in BB10 info.
6) Simple, functional, yet elegant.
7) PlayBook or Smartphone owner? Everything covered just for you.
8) Helping newbies with their problems.
9) Blogs full of tips and tricks.
10) Developer? User? Abuser? This is like your 2nd home!

I love the forums for the information! If I need answers I can usually find them somewhere in the forums.

Two things come to mind:

There are some brilliant members at this site, obviously they are here because they like sharing their knowledge and experience with others and that makes for a dynamic and enlightening experience.

The second point is my personal connection with BlackBerry, I'm invested in the company and I've recently come back to BB products after getting bored with Apple. I need a good source for up-to-the-minute news and feedback and this site is perfect for that!

I LOVE CrackBerry's Forums because this is my source for my BlackBerry news, tips and help base. Without it I would still be a beginner when it comes to BlackBerry. Its also a great place to meet great people and exchange pins.

Crackberry forums are my #1 stop for blackberry news. Tips. And everything inbetween! #1 for a reason :)

Love getting my daily fix of BB news and information from fellow dedicated BB users on Crackberry!

Simple really,

Good content
Good subjects
Great folks to talk with
Informative news

That said I can't wait for the upgrade to be finished.

Long live the CrackBerry 5000!

I love Crackberry Forums!! They keep me up to date on all Blackberry news and tweaks. I use them for tech support for myself and others regularly. I am also able to keep up with new apps for my 9810 & my Playbook.

Keep up the good work guys!!

It's a melting pot of facts, rumor, humor, passion, trolls, fanbois (and girls), opinion and nationalities. You can generally get what you need and almost always have fun doing it. Long live the CrackBerry nation!

BlackBerry by choice!

Waitig For Online in the early morning,
and my Prize ;P

I am a rookie here, and i found myself geting many informations -especially about blackberry- here, and disscuss with people, though my english is not good.

I love and am addicted to Crackberry because it is the first stop for breaking news on everthing BB solving issues with everything BB as well as PB. Here it is as though the site has an inside scoop which I haven't felt with other sites.

What I learn here I pass onto other friends and family helping them solve issues as well as sharing tips and tricks.

And although the forums can get heated at times we all come back to our senses, and feel a sense of belonging that comes with being a forums member of Crackberry!

Where else can you get great deals the latest breaking news, interact with the bloggers writers and reviewers?!

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

The CB forums have been a part of my life since I got my first smartphone years ago. It's always been a great place to come for information.

It's all of you. You make this a great place to come. You have bailed me out, solved problems and saved me tons of time. We share a passion (trolls excluded) and this is a great place to come and help one another. Well that's about as sappy as I have ever been, but every word is true.

Love the forums.

Why I love CrackBerry Forums is because they have helped me un-brick many BlackBerry devices, find OS Leaks, and help be with Xploding Boxes.

Crackberry forums are a great place to learn new stuff, 'meet' new people, and get worked up into a lather about BB10 =) !!!

The forums were the first place I went when I bought my BlackBerry Tour in 2009. A Verizon rep actually told me about it. Not only was it my first BB, but my first smart phone. I learned I wasn't the only one having trackball issues. That as a new Tour owner(the latest and greatest BB)I learned on the forums that I was going to get hosed because the 9650 Bold was announced shortly after. I found so many tips and tricks like shortcuts and apps(BeBuzz, the best). At the time I was making my own ringtones until I was pointed in the direction of the selection on Crackberry. And finally, as I await BB10, I sold my Blackberrry 9930 right here on the forums. I don't post much, but I'm always looking for something new to read about.

I love the informative forums! Whether i've got a question about a problem i'm having or looking for new info on Blackberry 100, Crackbeery is my place!

Crackberry is just the best place to find out all the news that is Blackberry. I find out stuff here long before my carrier knows. I'd be out of the loop without Crackberry. It's what's keeping me from jumping ship while I'm waiting for BB10. Love it.

The crackberry forums have become a place I call cyber home. Its full of knowledge, comfort, and nagging just like a home would. To me it felt like the forums were already pretty good but an upgrade is definitely welcome.

I absolutely love the forums for many reasons. For one, they have got me out of many a (blackberry) jam. I just love to read about the experiences of fellow blackberry lovers and help with their issues if I'm able to. I'm missing the forums right now though. I was hoping to post about how happy I am to have just purchased another new 9900. Looking forward to the update tho long live Crackberry!

The forums are what make Crackberry THE place. What a wealth of knowledge we have and share with each other. It is where I learned that blackberry was they phone for me. It is where I felt compelled to help people with problems that I knew the answers to. It is where I have met friends that I have had for years. It is where we join together and hash out problems, sing praises and look forward to the future. Blackberry 10 will be even bigger and better than we could imagine, and we will all talk about it with each other and share our enthusiasm=in the forums. They will be missed tonight, but I could really really use a mini-keyboard / cover for my playbook. What a great give away!

why i love the forums?.....simple, lots and lots of information, solutions, upgrades.......i can go on and on and on!


Any question I can find here. I'm only on my 3rd BlackBerry so I'm relatively new, but I will never ever switch to any other platform! Me and my wife both have BlackBerry devices and PlayBooks. Would love some bb10 love from you guys! Even if not you know I'll buy it! BlackBerry for life!

Forums made me come back to Blackberry after using all other phone plateforms! :)
Nothing beats crackberry and blackberry!

Crackberry is my Morning coffee really. I start my day with a fresh page of CB. Check my twitter for BB, see whats new then on to commenting. The ultimate Blackberry Hub!! i get everything here News Views,Reviews and some help when i need it, After im full.. i jump to N4BB to see if nothing was left out :)

Forum is knowledge and research, colaborative and in net. Sometimes the passion win the balance but more more times blackberry people help a lot with advices and expertise. CB forums really rocks. I read a lot and write a little, but com real interest. Go ahead CB.

I HATE it... I do not work anymore since I am on the forum :).. Hating and I LOVING IT! Looking forward to new version :)

What's not to love? I can get my CrackBerry fix 24/7/365 (except right now, lol) and get the latest info on rumoured devices. When I'm bored with my phone I can look for the latest leaked OS to try out. It's awesome!

I love Crackberry because it's.....'s it'!!! I has changed my whole life and because of it I am truly a better person and anyone who reads Crackberry can expect the same to happen to them---yeah, yeah that's it!!!
Did I win?

The forums have been an invaluable tool as a newish blackberry user, it was my first stop after i purchased my first bb bold last year and an immense help in educating me on os hybrids, to finding out other peoples opinions on apps and devices before i buy them.
And getting help from those that choose to be constructive in the forums is always welcome.

The forums have been an invaluable tool as a newish blackberry user, it was my first stop after i purchased my first bb bold last year and an immense help in educating me on os hybrids, to finding out other peoples opinions on apps and devices before i buy them.
And getting help from those that choose to be constructive in the forums is always welcome.

I love CrackBerry because I can find out all the latest news about all things BlackBerry, as well as get help with any issues I am having with my phone. I also love the awesome hybrid builders who contribute hybrid OSes that run better than RIM's OSes. CrackBerry is the first place I look for all my BlackBerry needs.

Got a question,need info in a hurry, want to keep up with the latest happening - all of these plus many, many more situations are addressed in the Crackberry forums... and many times I go there to find answers to my questions and for suggestions on new hardware and software, apps or games. As a Blackberry user and fan of Rim, I am glad to say that I usually find what I'm after. Can't wait to see the upgrades being done a this time. Crackberry Kevin Rules.

The Forums is the reason for me switching to BlackBerry and getting my first device. I read up on BlackBerry 101 at the point in time i had no idea about the OS and what the devices were all about.... Even now i discover new things via the it simple tweaks and how-to's.

Any information you need or something you are curious about... all you need to do is just simply search the forums and you'll get it. It may be a few posts at times (e.g. Dust getting beneath the 9900's screen). The forums is just rich with information... OS updates, tweaks, which OS to upgrade to etc etc,.... but most important in my opinion is the "how to" posts. Many users who are new may find it a daunting task for example (fixing errors, updating the OS etc etc) but there are many well written step by step guides explaining the steps so that users at varying levels of familiarity with the platform can get their problem solved.

Hopefully theres a built in troll destroyer :)) Lol
Anyways really hoping I win something this time (cuz I never do ;))

There really isn't anything Blackberry that can't be found here when it comes to how to do anything on a BB phone or Playbook, OS or app. is truly a KNOWLEDGE base... and so much more!

CrackBerry forums are more than just helpful, they bring well organized thoughts and problem solving. The community is filled with users of all types that come together to create an exceptional experience. Anytime I have a question about my numerous BlackBerry device, CrackBerry is there to help me out. I visit the site multiple times a day. I'm a CrackBerry addict that is under the radar.
Can't wait to see the new Forums page.


the forums help me solve many of my blackberries small idiosyncocies and recommend apps to use and download

Wow, until now, i know the forum just is offline, i tried one hour to get into forum.
I am a new comer of this forum, but I find that people here are very kind and everyone tries to be nice to other. I love this forum not only because people gave me the good info but also because the environment here is much better than other forums. The forum rules restrict the negative language use and negative behaviors. It also helps improve the quality of forum.
I love to stay here just like staying in a bright room talking with friendly people, nice and easy. Moreover, this forum is professional. That is why I love this forum, good feelings made that. and btw, I found some thing wield on my playbook, so, I will check the forum every 30 minutes, I have some experiences to share with others~

I love the forums because I can find answers here for all my questions. If I asked an employee at the phone store these questions, I would get a blank stare at best! Thanks everybody for the help over the years. Hope I can help once and awhile too.

Because the crackberry forums are THE go to place for all my questions on my blackberry devices. Without these forums lord knows where I'd be trying to troubleshoot issues with my bb devices.

I LOVE CrackBerry's Forums because its just so different from every other forum! You get alot of info & help from other BB Lovers :) Team BlackBerry all day every day!

I love the CrackBerry forums because it has really become an important part of my lifestyle to make sure I am kept up to date with all things BlackBerry. Not a day goes by without checking what's new! I have learned so much from the forums and can't wait to see what the update brings.

Because CB forums has all the resources and all the answers to everything and anything BlackBerry related. Rarely, if I cant find an answer, questioned posted on the forum are answered within minutes. That why i love the CB forums!!!

The crackberry forums are great. Lot's of debates, lots of friends, lots of knowledge. Crackberry and the forums are the #1 place to go for all things BlackBerry.


I love the forums because it's crack.

Also, it's where I go to say something because I'm an addict and I just love it. Why can't I just love it???


Silly me.

I love Crackberry because it gives me my daily fix. I am a Crackberry addict and I am losing it right now! I need my fix! Damn, damn, damn!!!!!!

Hollywood crappy.. Just realized how useful it would to have this thing at the top.. No easy way to scroll past 300 comments on the PB :p

Just wanna start off by saying that I'm very excited that the forums are getting updated (woohoo!)

So why are the forums great? Where else can you talk to millions of other BlackBerry addicts? It's simply the place that we can help each other out, just chat, or start a little debate. It's the most fun place to waste time, or get educated.. Some of the leaks happen there before they do on the CB blog, so what's there NOT to love about the forum?

Love you guys, love BlackBerry! Woohoo! and the CB forums helped launch my developer career. Without CB, I would not have had the exposure that helped make my Blackberry theme business so successful which ultimately lead me into development on other platforms as well. Thanks CB!

My favorite thing about the forum is either being able to find the answer to any questions I've had, or if not there, to be able to post and get an answer sometimes in seconds! Sometimes I just like to peruse the forums and I learn so much I didn't know that I NEEDed to know!

I'm impressed by the wealth of knowledge, and how people are so willing to share... and to care about and help others.

If society were more like these forums.....

I also turn to for product reviews and announcements. I make most of my purchasing recommendations based on the reviews and user feedback in the comments or in the forums.

Please don't be offline for long now!! Who knows when I'll have a question that needs an answer!

You guys are the best. I check the forums daily for tibits of information to keep me UTD. You are outstanding and benificial. I just ordered a Playbook keyboard, and can't wait to get it. Over the years as I have watched you evolve into the platform you are now it has been great to receive information.... maybe I will get a picked for a gift.
Keep up the great work.... waiting for BB10

Crackberry and Crackberry forums are the ultimate source for any question I our anyone could ever have regarding any thing Blackberry. I am don't know what I would do with out you. Thank you Crackberry.