CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress: While you're waiting... you can WIN and SAVE!

CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2012 05:23 pm EDT

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1:30am EST - The Forums are open again. View change log.

WIN: Leave a Comment to this Blog Post telling us why you LOVE CrackBerry's Forums... when the forums come back online we'll pick TEN winners from the comments to win awesome prizes!

SAVE: While the forums are offline, you can save 15% on ALL BlackBerry Accessories at by using coupon code forumsrule at checkout! Sale ends Friday at midnight PST.

As we gave heads up on earlier today, we're upgrading the CrackBerry Forums tonight. The upgrade process has now begun and we're expecting the forums will be offline for 6-8 hours as we migrate things over from the dev server and import the data (CrackBerry is a HUGE forum, so it takes some time).

A few things will go a bit wonky on the site during the update, but the blogs, galleries and store will all be accessible and usable still. It's going to be an awesome forums upgrade! In the meantime.. thanks for the patience and be sure to take advantage of your chance to WIN and SAVE!

Stay tuned... a new and improved CrackBerry Forum experience is coming soon! 

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CrackBerry Forums Upgrade In Progress: While you're waiting... you can WIN and SAVE!



10 Prizes in honor of BlackBerry 10 of course! 

As for the what 10 prizes will be... I'm thinking coupons to, but maybe we can muster up some sweet t-shirts and stickers as well. We'll take care of ya, promise!

Who doesn't love the crackberry forums? aha the crackberry forums is the only place i can find answers for my blackberry questions and anything blackberry related, i don't even have to go to a different website to get new info about blackberry 10.

crackberry forums always has new interesting threads being posted i legit check the forums like 10 times while being bored during school and when i get home the crackberry website tab is never closing aha there are like billion reasons i love these forums, can't wait for the new upgrade <3

Crackberry #1

crackberry is more than just a site for bb news. it's a community where individuals can vent their frustration or share their passion regarding bb products. it makes for some enjoyable reading.

I think I speak for all CrackBerrians when I say we would appreciate BlackBerry 10 smartphones instread of t-shirts and stickers. And if you trim even one hair on your head before the public availability of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you might be scalped and the souveigner will hang on the wall. LOL Now get the forums back on-line Mr. Michaluk.

Which reminds me, is there a way that the Ignore list on the forums could also apply to comments on the blog area of the Site? Thanks in advance.

Well, well. Aren't we angry tonight. If reading my postings bothers you so much maybe I will abandon CrackBerry. This forum used to encourage discussion about the good and the bad of all things BlackBerry including the manufacturer of the devices, Research In Motion. The moderators are out of control in their bias in favour of the trolls which includes rabid, blind-faith supporters whom refuse to acknowledge serious problems. I hope BlackBerry 10 is successful, only time will tell so we wait in a perpetual state of anticipation. Yep, farewell to ye all. Ciao. Au revoir. Hasta la vista. Goodbye. doing an upgrade. BlackBerry bringing out the new platform.....I'm loving it baby. Give some shirts out they are eye catching conversation pieces:) I really enjoy the forums and look forward to the upgrade. Having a coupon myself would be pretty cool. Keep up the good work. I am going to need some things for when I buy my PlayBook.

It's because here is an all in one place to find
Info, Accessories & people who love BlackBerry!!

Talon88 ~ PlayBook

The CrackBerry forums is where I save time, and I need that.

There are loads of you, BB geniuses or geniuses to be, out there who know so much more than me about my BBs, and who are there when I need you.

And in a world where everybody seems to be using ithings, these forums are where I feel a sense of belonging and realize that I'm not alone!!!

Thanks community!

What do I love about the CrackBerry forums? The community, aside from the occasional nut, everyones friendly and helpful. The Hybrid os section has improved on RIM's already great platform

When I timidly dipped my toe in the world of Smartphones with a free curve 8310 I'd been given, many years ago now, I was utterly lost. Sure I'd been a Palm OS user for years, but BBOS was so alien to me.
The forums here got me through those first few weeks until I was able to stand on my own.
Even though I finally left RIM behind last year for Windows Phone 7, I still miss my Bold on an almost daily basis.
I look forward to the release of the new keyboard BB10 phone so I can come back home.

I love forums because the most upto date information on everything BlackBerry and RIM is here no other site comes anywhere near to what you guys have put together and all my BlackBerry issues have been resolved by gathering information from this Site. Keep up the great work, I love it.

I Love Crackberry Forums because I can stay up to date with software updates (yay Playbook 2.1!), the latest applications and user feedback on both. Thanks Crackberry!

The crackberry forums is the place I always go to when I'm in the car, at work or just bored. I love it because I can always help a person in need, participate in spicy, spicy discussions and always, always if needed can ask for help and get an answer really soon. The forums is like a family and without it, I wouldn't be updated nor enjoy having my blackberry!

Thanks for updating it and I hope the mobile and desktop version alike will be a lot better!!!!

Cheers to crackberry!

P.S. Oh yeah, I can also rub it in apple and android supporters how awesome bb10 will be. I always show them the posts on the blogs and forums. You guys also help me prove to my friends and family that blackberry DOES have a future!

I just saw a glimpse of the forums! Wicked awesome!! If you wanna see it, just go to the forums link and see that banner with the top liked and all.

Its 1:32 AM EST are they up again?!

THE FORUMS ARE THE BEST. I visit them daily multiple times. You can find everything you need with the search option, I don't think I've ever created a thread ever, and im not joking. Everything is already there! ;)

I can dig the forums they are awesome for updates and help.
Keep up the good work CB I look foward to the update
I would love a shirt!

I love Crackberry forums because I always find the answers to any of my BB questions from an awesome and hilarious community!!


This isn't very imaginative or eloquent, but the reason I love the CB forums is because you can find the answer to anything.

Any problem one may have with their device, somebody has had it before and is more than willing to take their time to help.

The sense of community here is great. Better than any tech forum I've ever frequented.

Love crackberry forum because its a place where we are a community of either loving BB users, former users, users that dislike BB or users that are curious. we all mesh together and form a interesting list of forums. plus the news & rumors section keeps me up to date of the hearsay and the facts :)

Well lets just hope it is the first 10 posts that win!!!

I come to the forums to find out anything I need to know about my 9810 or my PB. I have never even went to the RIM support site!

So do the first 10 replies win a prize. :-)

Crackberry is awesome because we can answer all our trouble-shooting questions and help out the BEST community of Blackberry Phone users on the Planet!!!!

I love the forums because I can just vent about any issues my phone may be having and there will be a concerned fella on the other side of the world who'll take time to not only decipher my rantings but offer solution. interaction with app makers such as Sultan of Advance OS as well as awesome hybrids make the forums the best place to be.

Loving CrackBerry forums as they provide me with up-to-date news about #TeamBlackBerry. Also Kevin is a hoot.

What are we suppose to do for 6 hours!? ;)
I love checking Crackberry every hour to find new details on BB10...

Love the forums because where else are you going to go to get the help you need on ANY issue one has with anything Blackberry. Also, it is always good for a chuckle...

i come to and its forums for the latest on rumors and ways to better use my blackberry devices!

anytime i have an issue with my BB or feel in the need share my knowledge i go to CB forums....cant wait to see whats updated.

Only place to get reliable info

Playbook and Bold 9900....what a team.

Its simple google anything blackberry related and the first page belongs to CrackBerry forums. Its just the best pure and simple.

I love the blogs because I can get up today information on BB and how-tos to fix issues that arise with my devices. They are definitely more helpful than any other sites (even BB,s own site).

The coupon code: forumsrule didn't work for me :( Does anybody know why the new 64GB Sandisk MicroSD card won't work on the 9900?

Crackberry forums is a great place to be since you are with like minded individuals who understand a great product when they see one, also an area to help get the latest tips and tricks if you are not the best with tech items.

Place makes a home away from home gotta get my fix to apply to my addiciton everyday.

The forums have been the one place I can turn to to find answers. From installing hybrids, to learning what error codes mean, and how to handle them, I find what I need

With these CrackBerry forums I have learned and continue to learn so much concerning BlackBerry. I check these forums so many times thru out the day. Great to see the upgrade in progress. Look forward to seeing them live again in a few hours.

Forums are the best because they're packed with everything I need to educate/entertain/learn/laugh/teach/troll/inbflock & catch up on all the latest rumors and techno mumbo jumbo. :D

Its the single place to find all your answers to anything crackberry related...simple as dat!!!! Love crackberry :)

I LOVE the CrackBerry forums as they keep me updated with all the Blackberry info I crave...there is also great community feel too it! I am sure Blackberry read the posts and act on them too!

Wow, why do I love the forums? Such a great place to talk BB 24/7 - news, updates, speculation to keep us going between device releases, tips and hints and loads of really good people who'll go out of their way to help others who they've never met, recommendations for apps (and promos from developers on occassion), talk about my current device, the opportunity the remenice about my previous device, some good lighthearted conversation, and just - most of all - a real community for true BB lovers worldwide. To me, it's the essence of CB, and the heart and sentiment from the origin of CB.

Crackberry forums are awesome because they share amazing news and gives resources to crackberry addicts. It was also the place got got me started be able to develop for blackberry.

pick me because i love winning... the forums are a great way to get your questions answered by some of the nicest people in the world

i love these forums because it keeps me up to date on the latest RIM news. Whenever I have issues with my playbook or phone this is the place that ll save my ass. They care more about my well being than RIM's customer service. It helps that the community is great as well!

Well, there is always good things to read, and I still remember the hype thread before first developers PlayBook delivery. This something unforgettable.

I love the CB forums because it's the best mobile phone community, most informative, and has the best members!

CrackBerry Rules!

The Crackberry Forums are home to the best repository of advice and information about my BlackBerry on the information superhighway. Plus the troll hunting services provided are "par excellance."

I love CrackBerry forums, because after a long hard day with the iOS and Android people ragging on me, I need to sit back and talk 'Berry with civilized folk.

LOVE CrackBerry's Forums because this is the ONLY place I can get a straight forward answer to my BB questions. Even RIM's own customer support is not this good!

The people in the forums are great. I would not be able to do my job as the mobile device admin without them! The forums at CrackBerry rock!

Crackberry forums are the greatest place for finding the Latest & greatest about blackberry! also a great place for Tricks / tips / and advise on solving issues!!

Everytime I have had a question, a concern, a vent etc. The Crackberry forums has been there to help. I am on the forum daily whether for help or just to gather information. I am sure they will come back up better then ever for us all to enjoy.

Thanks Crackberry

The crackberry forum is very important, for it is where anyone would go for the latest news, and information about blackberry from members, and the administration of crckberry.

Crackberry has done a good job in keeping uss informed through thie media, and I'm looking forward to improvements in the system, that make it all better for me and for other people

I love the forums because of the people, you can interact with fans and developers alike, you can get help if you are having problems or offer your assistance to someone. Developers use the forums to promote their apps and that is one of the things that I love the most.

The forums are great because I like playing with fixing the toys I play with, using the info from the forums and then passing it on to any unfortunate soul that may have done the same 'testing' as me :)

I love the crackberry forums because if I have a question, the answer is there. If my question isn't there, I can reply on the community to help answer my question. It is also the best stop for hybrids, app and theme development...It just has it all. One and ONLY stop for anything Blackberry.

I think that in order to truly understand the value of a something, you must understand its purpose. With the CrackBerry forums, it is not just another framework of threads and categories. Rather, it means so much more. It is a community of people united by one thing in common: BlackBerry. Members laugh, cry, rumour, and admire all things BlackBerry TOGETHER! You just cannot find this sense of community anywhere else. CrackBerry forums are truly unique. I #BB10Believe!

Because it's the first, best, and last place to get the latest info on our BBs.

Good mix of people as well.

This is the number one source for the most current news on the Blackberry world! I wouldn't think of going elsewhere. You guys are awesome!

I use crackberry as a way to keep me updated about what is going on with bb, also since I recently got a playbook here I have learned things and tricks that didn't know, I travel a lot and in Latin America bb brand is very important, for instance I am in Brazil at the moment and you can see more bb phones than the other brands together . So crackberry forums to me is a daily reading source of information. Thanks for that!

I access the forums first thing in the morning, then during lunch, and finally before bed. There are always some new interesting thing to read or project to try and I don't want to miss out.

Crackberry Forums keep me up to date on whats happening in the Blackberry world.
Keep up the AMAZING job Crackberry team!!!!

The Forums are THE place to find info on anything BB. Have solved a JIZILLION problems from the forum

Just read 35 straight pages - people are posting faster than I can read - lucky there is an upgrade or may have been stuck here forever. Maybe that's not so bad....:)

The CrackBerry forums are awesome! You can find anything you're looking for that's CrackBerry related. They are just plain fun to read too.

I like to get all the latest info on blsckberry and info about the latest os the best website for blackberry thanks.

Generic answer but it is the truth and how I feel. The CrackBerry Forums are the BEST place for helpful support for all BlackBerry devices as well as being at the cutting edge of BlackBerry news and rumors.

It was exactly a year ago today that I got my playbook and it was exactly a year ago today I found crackberry, your forums have taken me from being a literal noob to an advanced user helping out others with problems or issues they have. It is also Today a good friend of mine died from Cancer. I dont care if I win.

I love Crackberry Forums because it has helped me when I have problems with my BB phone that other forums just don't give. :)

I love the Crackberry forums because they allow me to interact with like minded people about everything to do with Blackberry! I've owned four Blackberry phones now and I have always been learning new things over the years because of the forums on here. Thank you Crackberry staff and everyone else on here!

The CB Forums contain perhaps the smartest tech people that have helped me get out of tough spots with my devices! I always check with the Forum tech support first. If its not there, its probably not any where!

Crackberry is my most visited sight . come for information and to see what others are having issues with. You have a fantastic site !!!!

CrackBerry's Forums are great -- I've learned tons of hidden gems about BlackBerry capabilities that were not mentioned anywhere within RIM's website or documentation.

Keep up the great work!

The CB forums is an awesome source and great wealth of knowledge, plus much more.

I use it when I run into issues with our companies BESX, when diagnosing issues with handsets, and also when I want the latest updates for handsets.

It also keeps me informed with the lastest news about BB10 and an cool apps/games for the devices that I own.

I visit CB daily, and am also excited to see what new information there is for me to learn from.

The Forums have helped me out with all of my blackberrys, 9000 - 9800!!! And it has also assisted me with so many things that involve my playbook, from rooting, to finding new apps, to finding the sites for beta registration!

These forums go above and beyond!

Only place you can go to for reassurance if you suspect that the newest update makes your bb snappier and your battery life better.

I LOVE CrackBerry forums because is where we find the biggest and best BlackBerry community of all! Too bad that they are going offline for tonight! Will be missed!


Great community, best place to learn all things blackberry, very helpful when having technical issues.

I love the forums because anytime I have an issue with my BB device I can rest assure that another fellow crackberrian has had a similar issue and was able to resolve it!

I have saved endless hours of frustration by visiting CB forums on a daily basis. Lots of information and tips. Breaking news and rumors. It's the first thing I do when I get home from work. Pick up the playbook and login.
Keep it up and thanks to all participants.

I love the forums because of the info! It is current, accurate, and always very helpful. The Crackberry forums are my first source for everything Blackberry.

I love the community here. Without the community in the forums, this would just be like any other blog/gadget site. The community makes this the site to be for ALL your BlackBerry needs.

The CrackBerry Forum is my "information super highway" to everything BlackBerry! I've learned about so many shortcuts, apps, settings, devices, upgrades, etc..... I am especially excited to learn about the BB10 OS and my soon-to-be BB10 superphone!

Like I always tell people it's the only way I know to get correct info about blackberries if its not on crackberry it's not legit

Great place to find answers, someone has usually asked and answered all the questions I'm looking for. And trolls are funny

Crackberry forums are what get me through my day!! What would I do without an endless supply of advice, reviews, rumors, and tips?! My daily stop for useful procrastination!!

What's great about the forums? That's easy: the depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise of the CB community is a fantastic resources for resolving questions and problems regarding BB (and PB) hardware, software, and apps.

I love the CrackBerry Forums because they are full of like-minded people. Always a place where you can find a great discussion, a place to chirp trolls, a good argument between other platform-proponents...

And in the rare case that a BlackBerry issue comes up that I don't know how to solve, I can nearly always find someone on the forums with an answer.

CrackBerry Forums solves all my BlackBerry related issues!

Replying to threads on Crackberry keeps my fingers agile. Somedays it is the most exercise I get!

BRING BACK THE FORUMS. Release the Fourms Eight!

Crackberry is a great place to spend some down time during the day or night. Reading the posts provides insight to the topic at hand which is usually from a passionate base. As a Blackberry user for many years the Crackberry forums have always been there to help me along the way. Keep up the work and thanks for the great service you provide.

<deleted by member>

I mean "the forums are the best place to go for positive reinforcement of the power, usability and future of the BlackBerry platforms both old and new, and how to get the most out of them."

CB forums is the best one stop place for all issues/fixes/updates of everything Blackberry!!!

I LOVE the wealth of information, I love how every question I've had gets answered, I love that they're credible enough that RIM follows them and I LOVE the informative News and Reviews articles. That and I love the chance to win something.

I love the Crackberry forums. You can always come here and generally find some positivity about RIM. Most of the Tech Journal world is pretty snarky or down right hostile about Blackberry.

Awesome community of people who combine efforts to help with technical and not so technical issues in a respectful way.

I love the CB Forums; they're full of enthusiastic, helpful people who really do live and believe in BlackBerry By Choice. It's the only place to find real, reliable info related to these devices.

I do so much with my BB that I am in constant need for an advice... Any BB question you enter in Google, the first answer is always a forum post from Crackberry :)

That is just awesome!


I like the CB forums because of many reasons. For one, all the resources that I need for my BlackBerry fix are here. From the Playbook to fixing an issue with my Torch and everything else in between. There are people who know what the heck they are talking about and are here to help anyway they can, and on top of that they enjoy it! I also appreciate the organization of the forums and how it is categorized. It helps make things really easy to find.

The mods are respectable and at the same time firm on what they say and how they respond to unnecessary threads and posts. and the forums came a long way!!

I love them because you will always find an answer or someone willing to help. Also CrackBerry forums often come up in google searches for even non blackberry problems. CrackBerry is taking over the internets.

I love CrackBerry Forums because the community is always so friendly! It keeps me up to date with all the news and rumours!

I've found that the Crackberry Forum (website and PlayBook app) is the go to source for anything Blackberry related. I support all mobile devices firmwide for a major firm with a global footprint. No matter the BB device (past present or future), if an issue comes up I know I can turn to the forums for the answer. The PlayBook app just makes the search more efficient.

With the amount of calls saved from going to BB support, RIM really should cut you all a check...daily. Keep up the good work.

I hate to be like a broken record, but the Crackberry forums are my first stop for tech support, encouragement, and wild OS 2.1 speculation.... Er, at least until this week when 2.1 actually did launch. But the CB forums are still the only place I go with BB questions, concerns, and rants. Oh, and also to vent whenever I see another egregious BGR hatchet piece.

I love the forums because it's helped me and many others learn and explore the potential of our phones/tablet!

The forums are great because they are the best place to get info about all things blackberry

Since I am constantly on the run I use my Bold 9900 to check the forums regularly for new information or rumors. I also like reading peoples opinions and learning from the other forum members.
When I'm at home I use my PlayBook to check out new wallpapers, downloads, read articles, and browse the forums. The PlayBook's browser makes it very easy and convenient no matter where I am in my house.

I can't wait for the new upgrades. The Crackberry forums are in my opinion the best for finding the information you want and finding general posts of interest.

I for one will take the next few hours to deal with my Crackberry forum addiction. I may not post often but, I am always reading others posts.

the forums taught me how to figure out anything and everythign there is to know about my BlackBerry.

I started with the Storm. You're reading the post of one of the very few who stuck with the storm from day one and actually loved the heck out of it. It was rough at the beginning, but it got better and better. And with what the CB community taught me, I was able to turn my Storm into an efficient tool. To the point where I'd be the goto information guy, directions guy, phone number guy, anything guy of any group I was in, even when surrounded by iPhone and Android users. the CB forums taught me how to love my original Storm for three years before I finally found a worth successor in the 9850, which I also love.

Lookin' forward to learning and sharing all there is to know about my BB10 full touch screen device the moment it's in my hands.

I'm addicted to the forums. I love helping others out from my own trials and tribulations. I also learn from others and try to pass on any and all knowledge I can.

I love CrackBerry forums because they allow me to get help from other blackberry members without me feeling stupid that I couldn't solve my own problem. Plus they are a way to find out some of the hidden features and what other members are thinking about BlackBerry.

Tricky tricky. I get a email notice someone replied to a thread Im subscribed to so I drop in to check it out and BAM!!!


Tricky tricky.

It's simple. i come to the forums because I have had great help, sound encouragement and strong support from folks across the board. While many forums spend time griping, I have enjoyed being here because I am helped when I need it.

...First and foremost because they taught me everything I need (and didn't need) to know about my device, it's workings, its quircks, and its quicks (shortcuts). Second, there are alwaysconversations of interest, such as: good news and rumors, helpful new tips and app announcements, and even the monotinous Troll ridden threads are entertaining at times (within limits). They all remind me of why I an proud to be BlackBerry by Choice!


Its hard to say why I love crackberry forums. I mean they are the only ones around right? No? At least the only ones that matter.

Oh no, forum is down ... and I was just about to read everthing on the new playbook 2.1 OS release, before installing it on my PB.

Help! I am stuck in the forums, you shut it down while I was there...

Definitely would say the forums are the best source of information, if you ever have a problem or question, the answer is usually in there. These forums actually helped me decide on buying my first Blackberry.

Sweet! Just got the mini keyboard for the PlayBook I was wanting for long time with the 15% discount. Thanks CB!!!

I love the Crackberry Forums! Not just for the wealth of knowledge and Kevin's cool videos (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) but because every time I experience a psychotic break and descend to the dark side (iPhone), Crackberry Forums exorcise the demons and bring me back!

I may not post much, heck that's an understatement, however the forums are always open on my browsers. Reading the forums and following the comments is as much fun for me as people watching while out in public. The forums are my social outlet, without requiring me to be social!!

Long Live the Forums!!!

The CB Forums are great because...

There's a LOT of knowledgeable BlackBerry owners out there that know many shortcuts and tricks to make the product work to its full capacity. Forums allow for that to happen through knowledge, web links, bullet listing, etc.

In addition, the forums are broke down by devices, service providers, etc. This allows me to cross-reference any troubleshooting while also looking back to see how legacy devices are holding up.

All in all, the Forums are the place to be... =)

Crackberry forums are the place to be for all things blackberry. I'd be lost without them! Sharing information, opinions, learning... it all happens here.

Setting aside the annoyances that come from Android and Apple people coming in and trying to bash what this site is all about and what some of us are passionate about (BlackBerry and RIM), it's nice to have somewhere to go to talk to others who love what I do, particularly since I'm the only person I personally know who loves BlackBerry.

CB forums are awesome, because it's a community of mainly mature adults that genuinely want to help. Yes, there are a few knuckleheads here and there, but overall your question will get answered. The BB community has a lot of conviction for blackberry products. It's easy to get answers w/o feeling like a idiot. Thanks CB Kevin and crew!

There are many reasons I love the CrackBerry Forums, too many to mention. I just know that the only thing more addicting than my checking the forums is watching for the LED to light up on my Torch 9850! is my go to site for all information related to BB's. That and it's just a lot of fun anyway. I often come multiple times a day, just to see if there is anything new on the front page. Sometimes interesting stories, sometimes news on leaked or official OS's, or rumors, etc. It's always fun to see the BB Doodles. I enjoy the fun atmosphere, as it feels like a brotherhood of a lot of enthusiasts, and that's nice because it often seems like I'm the only one around me who cares about BB's anymore... I'd feel really left out in the cold if it weren't for CB!

I came to CB nearly 3 years ago for advice in getting my first BB, the 9700. Now, I've made many amazing friends and can't wait for BB10 to hit! This site is a daily haunt for me and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

I love the forums because right now they keep the CRACK in CrackBerry during this transition for RIM. I also stop by multiple times a day to see what everyone has to say and find the answers to the issues I can't fix myself. Kinda like how I have no contacts on the PB after yesterdays update!!!!

Believe it or not the crackberry forums are one of the only social site kind of things I visit. I don't buy into that twitter and face book crud, I love the fourms because there is always a topic being discussed that I can get into! I also love being able to give and get help at the same time. Without the fourms I might not have been able to figure out my bb and pb problems (an example being when my pb drained to zero battery and I could not turn it back on so I learned to stack charge it). The fourms have been able to allow me to continue to use all my bb devices longer than I would have ever imagined.

Thank crackberry for the awsome fourms!!!

I love the CrackBerry forums because...
-It is by far the best community of any forum I've ever visited
-When I was having problems updating my Dev Alpha, the answer was posted on the forums, and before it was, I found out others were having the same issue, so that was comforting
-They are the best place to find out about BB10 leaks (apart from the blogs of course!)
-If I ever have a problem with my device, the forums will have the answer
-Everyone here shares a passion for BlackBerry, which really makes each visit to the forums a joy.
-Trolling is a lot more controlled than on other websites/forums, it really makes this place something of a place to get away from all the stupid comments and doom and gloom articles in the media
-There's always something new/interesting to read

Just some of the reasons I visit CrackBerry and the Forums a good 5 or 7 times a day, atleast.

I Love the Crackberry Forums. Started reading a month ago and I am hooked. They are almost as addictive as my BlackBerry (Torch 9800).What a community!

Rooting for RIM, don't let me down, BlackBerry by choice.

I love crackberry forums because:
-find answers to almost all my questions bb related
-others give me hope with i'm thinking of dumping rim products
-kevin is cool and might give me free stuff

I love the Crackberry forums because they provide a great place for discussion and people's thoughts, and even though sometimes things may turn in to an argument the community at Crackberry are usually good enough to take that argument and make it a constructive one where everyone's opinions and beliefs are respected and it brings a great discussion and friendliness among all of its participants and the wider Crackberry community.

I love the CrackBerry forums because of the vast amount of information. Back in my Storm 9530 days it provided a lot of help for a ton of problems I had with it.

CrackBerry is the first, last and only place to get your crackberry fix! It's everything BlackBerry, in one place, where resistance is futile! Why would one resist the ultimate device? It's what we love!

the cb forums has done alot for me when i have an issue with my bb or pb i don't have to freak out i can come and check the forums first to make sure i'm not the only one that it is happening 2 or if i have ?'s i can get quick answer in the forums and also with bbm groups i can find and join and even post some of my own to meet people around the world who share the love for bb!

I love the CrackBerry forums because there is a wealth of information and the personal experiences of all the members is invaluable.

How do I love the, let me count the ways:

1. Up to date on new devices, and leaked ones too.

2. No matter what problems I may have with my BB, Crackberry has the answer.

3. What ever accessory I may need or want, I can find at

4. Great people who love their Blackberries, and are willing to help at any time.

5. Cause its BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crackberry forums rock....advice, tips, recommendations, news, updates, leaks....what else could you ask for....well maybe free coffee during my time in the forums

Love the forums because it always gives me the answers! Great participation my some very knowledgeable people.

The forums are part of my daily routine. So much great BB info is available, and the CB community is awesome.

It's a great forum because.......
You can get help
You can help somebody
You can get information
You can find friends
You can find rumors
You can get hybrid OS's that make your berry awesome
You can kill alot of time
You can razz somebody
You can get razzed
You can see kevins hair getting longer and longer and longer.....

There, that's my 10 things I love about the CB forums.

The forums are a vast knowledge base filled with helpful tips and tricks, advice on apps, and the best place to find troubleshooting help. The forums also provide a safe place for people who are new to Blackberry to ask questions on how to's. Thank you crackberry forum for your commitment to Blackberry love.

CB forums taught me about my BB, PB and themeing. I wouldn't know whhat I know today without it. Thanks CB!!

Dex I love CrackBerry cos if I want to know about anything BB I can find the answers on the forum. Thanx.

I love Crackberry because I can almost always find an answer to my questions right here. The participants are always ready to help, for the most part. I consider many of them friends.

I love the forums (fora?) not only because of the wealth of knowledge available, but to bring the whole BB community closer. You guys do a great job. Keep it up.

The CB Forums are how I get tips and tricks and how to for my BlackBerry Devices. They are important to the growing BlackBery Community.

The CrackBerry Forums have been a huge help for all the times I screw something up on my Bold or PlayBook. It is a great resource for information, meeting new people, and great themes and games. Keep up the great work with the forums and this site!

Simply put Crackberry is my home intelligent open dialogue. RIM is a proud Canadian company with the best innovative products (Yes I still believe this) Crackberry forums have a wealth of information that compliment all that is mobile. I guess no learning tonight and will just surf aimlessly....hurry back ;-)

Who needs Tim Horton's when we have CrackBerry. It's always free and makes a person come back for more! This is the best site for Blackberry period!

Rimpire Strikes Back 2013

Who wouldn't love these forums? The awesome community always ready to help you, the amount of information posted and guides is like no other on the web! Plus the staff is awesome :D.

Love the CrackBerry forums! If I have a problem (which is fortunately rare) I can always find information and help from the CrackBerry community. The forums are a great source of information about the latest rumors, debates, and even some great comedy. The best thing I found after getting my first BlackBerry was the CrackBerry web site and the CrackBerry forums!

The source, when you absolutely positively want to know what's going on with RIM and what's next for Blackberry.

I love Crackberry Forums. because it simplify the answers we seek. Questions that we can't find on any other websites. We get some advices from other Blackberry abusers and vice-versa. The forums is a very helpful to everyone. and with this WE ALL CONNECTED.. Assisting each other, sharing problems, thoughts, in so many different ways. Positive nor Negative issues with Carckberry Forums it makes things easy for all... I Love Crackberry Forums.. Thank you Guys...

The answers and insights from knowledgable people and the community that it has. I am not much of a forum user until I found CrackBerry's forums.

The forums are the BEST place to get information and help other users, to learn from each other from all perspectives whether it may be from the developer's side, from conspirators and the get the latest gossip!

Apart from the users, the forum moderators have been around and stay on top of things too! (Kudos to Blaize!)

Love my bb and love my PlayBook but I'm useless when it comes to technology so crackberry and it's forums are there when I do something stupid, means I don't look stupid infront of my other half asking him to fix something that actually needs one button to be pushed. I know
You will all be there for me when bb10 comes out!

I love the Crackberry forums because they are the best place to get tech support help, even better than the official BlackBerry Support Forums.

Stands up in front of a group and says:
"Hi everyone, my name is NB_BBUser and I have a Crackberry addiction"
What, they say the first step in getting better is admitting you have a problem. ;-)

its been like a 24/7 teacher....right when yo think theres no hope for your Blackberry the forums show u a way to fix it !!!

The information is endless...answers to any question you can imagine, and help and support is amazing. Even though I know the forums are down for maintenance and it will be a few hours, I keep trying to open them every couple minutes anyways with fingers crossed...excited to see the upgrade!

I'll repeat what everyone else has said... The forums have the answers to all the BlackBerry questions... from the obvious to the obscure!

the forums have done alot for me when i have had issues with my bb or pb i am able to go to the forums to look up and resolve or even post if i havent' seen it there much faster then calling tech service also with bbm groups i can join and post my own...

The forums are all great source of information - including news, rumors, tips, new games/apps, leaked OS updates, etc. They are also great for just discussing BlackBerry-related stuff, as well as mobile tech in general.

crackberry forums is the only place I am aware of that has got that vibe - the feeling of being at a friends place feeling relaxed on a couch sipping a drink and indulge in a good talk

I love thee crackberry forums because they are loyal to blackberry fans. Some of the most interesting people gather here to make the best forum for my choice device. BlackBerry...

Nuff said...