From the forums: Want to hear a CrackBerry reader's experience with the BlackBerry Passport?

By James Richardson on 9 Aug 2014 05:45 am EDT

If this doesn't make you jealous then nothing will. CrackBerry forum member danfrancisco was lucky enough to bump into someone using a BlackBerry Passport and get a few minutes with his lucky hands on it - BOOM!

Dan has aired his views in the forum and I can only say he was more than impressed, but I'm going to keep this short and sweet and let you read his thoughts on the next BlackBerry 10 flagship, which I'm hoping will take the world by storm. Ok, maybe storm wasn't the best term to use from BlackBerry history but you know what I mean.

Here's what Dan had to say.....

So here I am in Collingwood vacationing with the wife and kids on a beautiful Simcoe long weekend. I'm walking through the Blue Mountain Village with my kids begging me for Menchies when what do I see in the distance? It's a guy walking towards typing away on large device. I only saw the top of the device and instantly recognized it as the Passport.

Literally had goosebumps!!! I stopped the guy to ask him if it was what I thought it was and sure enough it was (he was a BlackBerry employee). He couldn't be a cooler guy and even let me play with it for a couple of minutes!

"Let me tell you something, this phone can't hit the market soon enough!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!"

Let me tell you something, this phone can't hit the market soon enough!!! It is GORGEOUS!!! I was surprised at how well it fit in my hands (I have average sized paws)!

I got about two minutes of hands on time with it. I was literally shaking so let me see if I can playback everything accurately.

Form factor: A LOT slimmer than I was expecting. I have all the BB10 devices except the Z3 and it did not feel any thicker than the Z10, Z30, Q5 or Q10. Build quality is exceptional! Very sleek and absolutely beautiful lines. This will definitely net BlackBerry another design award for sure. The Passport felt very light. Not as light as the Z10 or Qs, but a bit lighter than the Z30. Of course I was practically on cloud 9 when I was holding it so maybe my internal scale wasn't too accurate! The keyboard looks gorgeous! The printed letters on the keys don't seem as large in person as they do on all those leaked pics. The keyboard also seems small as it is dominated by the screen. The screen looks huge!!!! Back is nice and smooth. Feels a bit like the back of the PlayBook.

Playing around: I didn't want to be a hog so I consciously didn't spend too much time with it (I'm sure he thought I was a nut, his friend definitely did!). So this was what I was able to cram in:

  1. Basic swipe gestures... up/left to go to hub, scroll to home and apps. Very smooth 10.3 build.

  2. Opened the browser to It went straight to the desktop version (he probably had his browser set to desktop mode for these very occasions!). Scrolling with the keyboard is incredible!!! No more accidentally hitting links while scrolling around! Browser was lightning fast but we already knew that as BlackBerry's browser kicks major a$$!!!

  3. Most importantly, had to try typing! I composed a new message and went to town trying to cram in as much as I could in 10 seconds so I didn't seem like a hog. I had no problems adjusting to the spacebar moving up a row. The flicking up of suggested words is flawless. I'm typing this on my Q10 right now and have word prediction on and reaching up to tap the suggested word seems so primitive compared to swiping up with the keyboard. Sadly I kind of panicked when it came to the virtual 4th row. When I was typing the 4th row seem to be switching between suggested words and punctuation. In hindsight, I wish I tried typing something like "Is this shirt 50% off?" so that I could see what it would be like inputting a percentage sign and question mark. Ah well, at least I've got something to look forward to!

Availability: nothing concrete other than to say in the fall. I told him I couldn't wait for the announcement in September. I also asked if the white version would be available on launch day and he confirmed it. Although having seen the black in person, I'm inclined to go in direction even though I was 100 % sure I'd be getting the white.

After I was done, I handed the Passport back to him, thanked him for the opportunity to play with it and expressed my appreciation for the great work that BlackBerry has done over the years. He thanked me in return and told me to "keep the faith".

"You guys have a real winner on your hands!!!"

So to the awesome BlackBerry Passport carrying guy from the crazy BlackBerry fanboy who practically accosted you and then pointed at his actual goosebumps... if you're reading this, THANK YOU so much for letting me experience the awesomeness of the Passport for a couple of minutes! You guys have a real winner on your hands!!!

Thanks so much Dan for leaving your views in the forums. I suspect you'll be rather popular now!

Head on over to the forum thread to interact with Dan

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From the forums: Want to hear a CrackBerry reader's experience with the BlackBerry Passport?


Of course! Silly statement, really. What would the horse king need with a communications device?

Posted via CB10

Am I weird if I say this whole article seems biased?

Visit GTR Lifestyle @ [URL="bbmc:C001247FA"]C001247FA[/URL]

I didn't find it very believable that the employee would risk getting fired for a leak to some random dude. I think the post was made by an employee or just made up. Pictures or it didn't happen :)

Posted via CB10

Quick JC, call in the RCMP, there was a breach in security. Not... If Blackberry didn't want the public to peak, they wouldn't give it to their employees for beta testing. Its just a fan reporting a 2 minute experience on a fan site. A little bit of fun on a Saturday morning. Who would have thought.

It's not as far fetched as you think. Walk around Waterloo in the malls, grocery stores, Tim Horton's, the gyms ... you're bound to see an unreleased device that shouldn't be out in public but is. Even after the layoffs there are still thousands of employees there and some are less bound to care (or like the attention) than others about hiding unreleased IP.

I live in the area and know many employees, definitely never seen someone rocking a beta device in public. You would be fired for breaching the NDA you signed when hired.

Posted via CB10

I live in Waterloo and my good friend has a passport already. He even let me play around with it for a while.

Posted via CB10

Depends on how 'beta'. I work for a big telecom and we get devices for testing far in advance. Many employees end up using them as their daily driver months before they get released (many Passports floating around the building I'm in).

Well I live in Waterloo and I have seen the white on two occasions and I saw and had my hands on a Z30 prior to release. September is 3 weeks away. This is not a beta. It has passed certification. Maybe they are encouraging them to show off the phones. Building excitement

Posted via CB10

I can confirm that this actually happened. I personally know Dan and as soon as this happened, he BBM'd me to say "OMG I just played w a Passport!!!!"

I had the same deal happen. BlackBerry employees are allowed to use and show them in public. I had a a bit more time then Dan and it is a fantastic device. Rocket fast and very productive. I am really not a qwerty fan but when I saw this guy walking and typing without looking at the phone sold me.

Why is it always a BB fan bumping into another BB fan/employee with the latest/greatest BB device ever, in Canada?

It's bec BB fans are aware of another BlackBerry phone in the hands of someone else. Especially if it's a phone we re anxiously waiting for like the z30 aka A10 last year and now the appealing square phone Passport!

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

As current BlackBerry users, you tend to be more attuned to spot other BlackBerry users and the devices they use than non BlackBerry users and devices. The last few years, BlackBerry users have been the "black sheep" of the mobile world so you can't blame folks for noticing others that have stuck with the brand thru thick or thin.

I have seen a guy at my kids school with a Z3 so I asked him about it and he said now that it is officially announced (at that time it was not released) he is allowed to take it out in public. From what I understand, employees are allowed to be seen with them now, I think this fellow may have stretched the rules a little by lending it out but so long as no videos and pictures are made, he is alright.

And Mike is Right, I've had a few friends who've been part of the berry team and one of them who's pretty much like a brother. I've seen him treat his beta devices differently depending on what stage they are at. Sometimes they have custom cases to disguise them as well. The only thing really that he was ever worried about was anyone taking a picture of the device if it was in its early stages. So, based on that an employee showing the passport off at this stage is nothing strange, rather it creates buzz. This time around it also sounds like its going to be a pretty comprehensively complete device at launch, so no risks in letting a fan check it out.

The Forum OP had not much to add to prior information.

There is a lot of hype on the PPort due to it's unique package.
There seems to be not much buzz on the Classic coming out soon too.

The real test will come when and if the PPort is adopted by the target market, business users.
Those who need the wide screen for things like spread sheets.

Your comment is related to your need specific to view extensive data on a screen.

The Phtablets and Tablets require the spread sheets to have 'sheets' that allow you to access specific data not the complete data set.

For that reason, the PPort is aimed at users who can not successfully use a smart phone due to small screen, and do not want to carry a Tablet.

In your case you seem to be tied to a desktop device (20") not something portable.

Me too. Nothing less that 24" and dual monitors for me. But I will still get a passport for when I need to reference certain portions of my work books. I am really looking forward to it. Writing or editing contracts etc should be much better when away from my desktop.

Posted via CB10

Then I will have Excel on my computer, why go through another device to open a spreadsheet stored on my local computer or network share?

Posted via CB10

Your phone, if properly designed, could provide a level of interconnectivity that is flexible and transportable. This is essential in today's business environment when you are constantly on the go working on multiple platforms. Blend is simply a brilliant idea and a must have app. Apple's half baked attempt doesn't come close.

Posted via CB10

You have no idea what you're talking about. Everyone at my work has a laptop and most have a bb10 device with docs to go, some have iPhones with pages or whatever it's called and I can guarantee nobody is using their phone to work on spreadsheets since their laptop is mobile. Everyone has Excel preloaded on their computer with ssd and core i7 CPUs. Please tell me why the average user would ever want to learn how to edit a spreadsheet using their phone connected (which is blocked by a lot of DLP programs) to their computer when they have the real thing that opens in seconds? Most other apps that people use for work (ie. Adobe, CAD, ERP, custom developed apps) are designed only for Windows or in a few cases Mac OS so not sure how this is offering something new since there are no exclusive apps that you can't find on other platforms. Blend might have some usefulness but redundant programs that work better on a PC should not be one of them. Maybe in 5-10 years when you enter the work force you will understand what I mean.

Posted via CB10

I want this device. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I could see myself switching between z10 / z30 /passport as my mood / needs dictate.


Posted via CB 10 on my Z30 (STA100-5) w

We say it could not happen how quickly we forget, a few years a ago did an apple employee not loose a beta iPhone which was later returned.

My issue is that if BlackBerry owns Docs to Go why don't they enhance this application? Why can't you get a full working version of Excel on a BlackBerry phone? They keep talking about business apps yet, MS Office on mobile phones still sucks! I do presentations on my phone and Power Point is more powerful than Excel. Why can't I get drop downs on Excel? Ugh!

Posted via CB10

I have been screaming about this for years. So much for the business tool, huh?

Blackberry always.....

I wish it was better too. I know it will be a long time coming before phones have the ram and processors needed to handle excel they way I use it on a desktop. Excel on my wife's windows 8 phone is better but still not a replacement for a laptop or desktop.

Posted via CB10

That "just" requires a desktop mode for working with a larger screen in my opinion. I also work with large spreadsheets and the smartphone firm factor doesn't work for anything other than limited viewing (and I hare that you have to enter edit mode to copy stuff). However, I could make my BB10 device my only device if I could effectively link to a screen at good resolution when I got to my home office.

Posted via CB10

I'm on a Q10 I got on ebay two weeks ago. I was originally on a Z10 and then Z30 which I loved. I just missed the keyboard and wanted to try it out and got a good price on a white Q.

While I'm sure I'll be getting a passport, going from Z30 to Q10 really makes me wish we had a slider option. Hopefully the passport changes that wish!

Posted via CB10

Is it app number envy that you suffer from or do you have specific needs currently not being met?

If there is specific apps missing that are a must then you may be best off choosing a platform with those apps.

Posted via CB10

This is vintage CrackBerry at its finest. If not this kind of stuff not sure what you hope to find here.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I'm with puz_zled on this one. It's great to see all the enthusiasm and excitement BlackBerry is generating.

Posted via my Precious Z10

Posted via CB10

Yep. Almost like BB10 / Q10 launch.

Or better, because it's Passport / 10.3... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Yep. I just want an upgraded Z30. Same form factor with better components.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, the Z30 has me stuck but I don't know when we'll get an update to that. If the classic is any indication (announced early in the year and not available till November) I might have to get the Passport and use it with my Z30 for a little while.

Loved my pearl, loved my torch, hated my touch screen only torch, loved my Z10, love my Z30 and I will be buying one(I think)

Posted via CB10

Sounds exactly like my path to the z30. I like what the Passport will do. Excited to see what happens when it is released and would probably switch if I was given one, but liking the Z30 too much to consider switching right now.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Passport is like a wonderful image need to be taken with right exposure to make it excellent... if the camera does not let enough light in, the photograph will be under-exposed - detail is lost in dark areas... if the camera lets too much light in, the photograph will be over-exposed - detail is lost in bright areas...

Somewhere in between is the right exposure that gives just the right amount of light... without right propaganda and release the product, it will be "under-exposed"... with too much exposure and no delivery date, BlackBerry Passport is becoming "over-exposed"...

Posted via CB10

When the renders first leaked of the Passport I thought it was fugly. And now I am certain I'm going to get one...

Posted via CB10

Me too. But knowing Blackberry that 10.3 will need at least x months before stabilization until 10.3.2

Posted Using the magical typings of da "Q"

I dunno, they'll have worked on it longer than any previous version before releasing. Chen strikes me as the kinda guy that will demand it be pretty bulletproof. Not that their won't be any bugs, that happens on all platforms but should be stable for the majority, fingers crossed.

Posted via CB10

Is nobody interested in the classic at all? The passport is a beast, but the classic is a classic.
I said classic too many times :P

Sent using my Stormtrooper! White Z10!!

The classic may be sweet indeed, I hope it has the same magical keyboard that the passport has.

Posted via CB10

I want a passport. I'm currently travelling and in my current location it seems that people are aware of a device called the passport is coming soon and the people I spoke to can't wait to get one! In fact where I am I've seen lots of z10's around in the wild.

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

I would have a hard time going from my 5 inch Z30 screen to the smaller screen on the Classic. Hopefully, the Classic brings the current BlackBerry legacy users into modern times.

 Z30 Rocks 

Good to have one when travelling the world, ey...? ;-)

(sorry, that's Queensland for you...)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Probably because he's a fan and not a writer. He was excited to see and play with it. I would have been to as would many others.
I'm sure if it was a reporter of sorts it would have been less 'fanboy-ish" not his fault.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I was sitting at the vet's office and the girl next to me noticed I had a Z10 and I noticed she had a Q10. We both got excited :).
At least it was a good conversation starter. Turns out she is also on CB. (hi, whatever your name is).
I've seen 2 BBs in the wild the past 5 days. That's a record for me :)

Posted on my Q10 or Z10

Personally I enjoyed the article, this a site for BlackBerry fans is it not and I'd love to see more of this type of article.

Yes, but we have standards here. I think we can all agree that a BB fan should not be able to come to a BB fan site and post fanboy comments. This is just breaking all the rules. ;)

LOL.... I dig the sarcasm. what's with some people....sheesh.
I enjoyed the article. Just a bit surprised that with all the excitement he must have been feeling he was able to actually test in a methodical manner. I would be all over the place.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

looks like he loves it and who would have thought? BB concentrating on software and enterprise,now has a dream phone coming out that could see millions sold,maybe the BB logo on the back and Blackberry name on the front should be in Gold,just like all other Passports seem to have their countries emblem and name in Gold.

@jojo beaconsfield, great idea about the gold text, I like your thinking there. Blackberry missed a trick

Posted via CB10

My Z10 rocks although I have issues with my bluetooth since last update, I live in South Africa and there is no BlackBerry advertising, the carriers don't even have the blackberry 10 devices on display, all you see is Samsung, Nokia, LG and the rest of the crap I don't want. I upgrade in December and I have to ask for a Z30, some stores don't even have it in stock. Very sad, can't understand why blackberry don't make a big fuss of their devices in South Africa, one hardly ever see a BlackBerry 10 device, I'm practically exclusive with my Z10. But alas I will find a blackberry with my next upgrade. The passport sounds awesome and I will for sure consider it if it is available by December in South Africa.

Posted via CB10

I want it, I want it, I want it! Just bought a used Z30 to get me by. Had a Z10 since it came out. Love it as well as the Z30, which also kicks ass! I was going to wait for an updated Z30, bit I like to be different, and this Passport is definitely different!

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

All your stories, jerk-off stuff, try to stick a Passport up your but. Intense,hm?
Pile of Shit

Posted via CB10

Waiting for a Torch successor - love those sliders - but hey, you never know.

My friends are looking forward to the Passport, especially after I showed them that Passport size comparison video on YouTube.

i hope that our corporate phones are upgraded to the Passport from the Q10. I love the ability to use the keyboard like a track pad.

Good story! I'm waiting for the BBZ30 successor... Maybe the Z50?

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I saw someone using a passport in Downtown Toronto last week. I was too nervous to approach him though

Posted via CB10

Whoever thought of the name needs a promotion. It is marketing gold. I would retire the Q names and from now on the belted BlackBerries would be Classics and the square ones would be Passports.

They should treat this phone like a base model Porsche Design. It is not a Ford, Chevy or Toyota it is a Lincoln, Cadillac or Lexus and should get the proper badging.

I know this will be mass produced so they won't be able to individualize by the owner's preference, but it would be cool if they allow some customization. Each phone should have an option that allows the owner to have his country's passport image as a screen saver.

If I were an accessory maker I would be stocking up with passport themed items. This phone has the potential of being one of the biggest sellers in BlackBerry history.

I can't wait to get my hands on one to test drive the new keyboard. I don't see myself making a purchase since I am not due for an upgrade for a while but, I definitely gotta play with it for a while. I'm still hoping there is truth to the octa-core BlackBerry coming next year.

Posted via CB10

I probably won't get one because I'm a full touch guy, however it looks like a cool device, and definitely seems to break the monotonous mold the all "smartphones" have been experiencing/producing lately
Get me a Z30 successor, slightly lighter...boom I'm a happy man

Posted via CB10

Great insight, thanks. As good as it looks (and now sounds), I'm not sure whether or not it's going to be too big for me, practically speaking. Can't wait to actually see one on the flesh and judge for myself, though...

Posted via CB10... on my Z30 10.2.1

Where are the classic videos and reviews? I'm so anxious to see it in action, at least for a bit. Come on BlackBerry, being it on!!

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10

I know right? It appears when Chen released the statement about no more leaks, it must've been specifically about the Classic! Ha! Still waiting on more tidbits of information on it.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Submitted my pre-order for a black Passport to just last week. Counting down the days with great excitement...

I am in Argentina right now traveling and I have as yet to see anything about BlackBerry. All I see here is Samsung. Unless BlackBerry do a better job, they are not going to see any business down here. What is the matter with their PR!

Posted via CB10

Really would like to see this in either dark silver or a wood stained/dark brown color.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

When I first read this article, it automatically took me back to the 2007 Version of Crackberry.

Posted via CB10

I was at the barbers two weeks ago and the guy sitting across from me was using a Passport. I didn't ask him about it but it looked very cool.

Posted with my awesome Z30

Haha, same here.

Slap it on the tax. Full write-off first year if it's under $1000 here in AUS

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Wow, love what BBRY did with the Passport. As much as I want a full touch Z50, the Passport is looking nicer by the day.
We shall see. I already know 3 people that are buying the Passport at launch so I'll have plenty time to choose.

Posted on my Q5

< sarcasm > This site doesn't have enough info on Android and iOS stuff. Y'all are just fan boys! </ sarcasm >

That's right we are! Can't wait to see the passport in person...though it's going to have to wait until I visit Canada next summer. Can't imagine seeing it over here in the Republic of Samsung.

Also, it's really funny seeing people just stare at my wife typing in Korean on her Q10 on the Subway. They don't know what to make of a Q. Poor souls have no idea what's out there other than iphone, LG, and Samsung.

I'm buying it only because imm tired of screen smudges. Sure I'll still get some when I touch links. But not near as many as I do now. But yes a z10 upgrade would also be on my list.

Posted via CB10

Oh yeah. One thing I do find annoying is accidental clicks in links while scrolling. I also think the Passport will eliminate a lot of this.

Posted via CB10

Great futurist phone but the price is ? September is very near and we waiting for all complete spec of this awesome device.

How can any one be using the Passport? How can anyone walking on the streets have a Passport? I don't believe. This is fake advertising. I can believe if he was a top blackberry executive. But how can you just bump into someone walking on streets using a Passport? Explain.

Posted via CB10

You clearly don't live in Ontario, bud.

BlackBerry employees get their hands on dev alphas and actual units to test them out and provide initial feedback.

Posted via CB10

On our side of the globe, executives are free to walk the streets. I am not sure why that would seem so far fetched to you

Blackberry always.....

Obviously people are seeing glimpses of the devices. I have seen one in the wild in Ottawa. It is good to see the device getting positive interest, it's different so seeing it for real makes a difference.

When I first started using my Z10 I was frustrated all the time and though I rather not continue down this BlackBerry road, now I wouldn't trade it for any other phone.
Message flicked from my Amazing Z10...

Posted via CB10

I really hope that you can use the keyboard for copy-and-paste! I seem to be the only one who thinks that this is the biggest thing missing from old legacy devices. Do I really copy-and-paste more than all of you? With the amount of times I've said "copy-and-paste," I surely would have used the function in this post alone had my sliding keyboard not been so efficient at it. I still want it though...

Posted via CB10

But will it be good enough for android and iPhone users to make the switch??I doubt it. They are attracted to shiny things like M8 or high priced Foxconn made iPhone.

This phone is for professionals and they will return.

Android and iPhone users have been bend soo long and raped that their back bone cannot be straightened. They are numb from the invasion of privacy, and security.
They became like Who*es saying "I have nothing to hide I'm open"

Here's glimpse of future from people who know security. It looks grim.

BBC News - John McAfee in surprise rant over Google and privacy

Apple denies that 600m iOS devices have secret backdoor - Telegraph

I'm not a shrink but the first step to HEALING is to say [Security is good.]

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Yea man, I get the 404 error. Even with setting on open with browser.

Anyway the Web page still exists. I found it again by typing into BlackBerry Browser news headline :

BBC News - John McAfee in surprise rant over Google and privacy


Apple denies that 600m iOS devices have secret backdoor - Telegraph

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

I would have loved to hear his opinions, but I'll just have to settle with reading his opinions ;)

Posted via CB10

Passport is nice. But I'm waiting for the classic. But I'm sure the passport will be a success, and there is a lot of people lined up for it.

Posted via CB10

Great article thanks crackberry, fanboy and BlackBerry employee. The passport will be my next phone for sure (at least until the z50 comes out)

Posted via CB10

Kewl...but looking forward to the Classic.

Cheers from on the road to the Shushwap!

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

1.Basic swipe gestures... "up/left to go. to hub", scroll to home and apps. Very smooth 10.3 build.
Am I missing something here?

Posted via CB10

Saw someone using it in Niagara Falls last month. There's no mistaking that device for any other --- it's such a sleek looking device.

Posted via CB10

Great story and thanks for sharing. I'm very interested in getting the Passport. The Classic isn't enough for me to upgrade from a Q10. However, the Classic will be great for those wanting the tool belt and for legacy BBOS users (likely enterprise) upgrading.

Posted via CB10

Will definitely buy one no love lost and yes one more thing dude thanks for the update loved it very well crafted and excellent in depth review. Like they say KEEP THE FAITH.

Posted via CB10

I'm just glad that we're going to have more wonderful choices!

Long live BlackBerry!

"Hip to be Square" - Huey Lewis and the News

Rumour I've heard is $599 but who knows as the Z3 LTE has been rumoured around $399. Hopefully reasonable, to help sell and grow the user base, attract devs and avoid another Z10 / PlayBook sales fiasco.

Posted via CB10

I have not used or seen a Passport but I have friends who work at BlackBerry and employees who sign up as Beta testers can have them and while I am sure they are not supposed to walk around with a flashing sign they are their working devices and do take them home, to the mall and even to Collingwood. It is not unusual to see them. I have another friend who used to work at RIM and I played with the Bold 9900 a month before it came out while we were golfing....hmmmm...maybe this is why he "used to work at RIM".

Posted via CB10

Thanks for sharing... I can't believe that here on CB people are being so negative. I would expect that from anyone else.
Of course we're bias towards BlackBerry. That should go without saying.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the post, danfrancisco!
Can't wait to lay my money down for this baby!


Posted via CB10

What APPS were available in the Amazon App Store????? This is going to make or break them again if they didn't do it right, no matter how innovative the hardware and software is.

General consumers only care about APPS

Posted via CB10

I still think it's pathetic that he got goosebumps over a phone. Read through the thread. He claims "he was shaking"

Posted via CB10

Is it hard too hold?

I wonder if it would be hard to hold while typing because the keyboard placement is so low.

Maybe not hard, but less than ideal?

Blackberrys problem was never the hardware it was ALWAYS the software. I hope the basic email, and calendar apps get an overhaul and they should just throw out contact management and start from scratch it's such a mess.

For example Blackberry included an LED notification light on my Q10 and I can tell the device to flash the LED if an email comes from a known contact. WHY can't I choose what COLOR the LED flashes when the LED support multiple colors? I'm sure there's an app for that but again WHY should I have to pay extra to take advantage of hardware that already comes with the device?

The holster is another great example, I used to love the old Blackberries because you can trigger events depending on if the device was in the holster our out of the holster. WHY can't you do that anymore?

Goosebumps from a mobile phone? Seriously? Sounds a little lot freaky to me.

Not buying. Since the q10/z30 comparison I cannot be bothered anymore with a hardware keyboard.

Waiting for a waterproof z50 with smoother Android app usability.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Thank you James and Thank you Dan.
What a great read. Shame about the Debbie Downers on this site though. If you can't get a bit excited about this, you're not a true BlackBerry fan and you should question why you're even here? (Yes, Crackberry is for BlackBerry Fans and yes we get excited about anything BlackBerry / Get Over It.)
I remember spotting the Z30 two times way before it was launched. Once in Toronto and once in Kitchener. This does happen, 100 percent.
Anyways, again for the read. This is exactly what Crackberry needs more of. I can't wait to get my hands the Passport myself. All the best Dan!

I have been gob smacked today, I set up my mum's new Z30 moving her from OS7 all touch screen. I have a Z10, and I thought that was cool but the Z30 is truly amazing, I thought it might be too large but even with the case it fits in the pocket a treat. I bought it for her from BlackBerry direct via their Web site. Well done guys, I see great things ahead.

Posted via CB10

This sounds like a major nerdgasm!!!! LOL! Poor guy was shaking...that's funny...that might account for those guys thinking he was a nut!

So the BlackBerry employee told him "Keep The Faith" instead of "Keep Moving"?! Then again, might as well!

Well, as I've said before and will say it again, I hope the Passport proves to be a major, or humongous success for BlackBerry, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the next kick-ass all touch devices.

Come on BlackBerry, show all Z10 and Z30 owners some love!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Super cool Dan's post was out at Front page! Congrats Dan. Headed back to Blue Next week and I will be on the lookout for a passport

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A lot of hate on for Dan's brief encounter with the Passport and a pretty good review. Looks like the trolls are still out here strong

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Regardless of the writing style or whatever issue people have taken with the post, the OP's enthusiasm and willingness to share his experience should still be commended.

I saw a guy using a Passport at the Superstore a couple of weeks ago in Toronto. Probably a BlackBerry employee.

Absolutely true. A friend of mine's father was on the board of BlackBerry and I was talking to her about the Q10 before it was released and she said that her Dad had one - I said, " no way, they aren't even for sale yet". She said my dad is on the board" ..... there you go! Blackberries are always walking around before they are released. I can't wait to get my hands one one!

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Was not so sure at first... NOW I'M SOLD!!! Can't fckin wait! Looking forward to more demo videos but could care less I wanna play myself!

I was on center island yesterday and saw a guy rocking one. Didn't want to bother him but it looked huge. Not sure if the size makes sense. Give me a faster Z10 and I will be happy.

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I won't buy another BlackBerry phone until they reconsider they way they do business with the consumers market!!!

To tell the truth BBWorld App suck big time!!! BIG TIME!!! And the APK or BAR downloads is no user friendly and when I was able to convert and load it to my BlackBerry Q10, every App is full of bug!!!

Q10 Qwerty Lover.