CrackBerry Editors' Favorite Games

Want to know what games we think are super amazingly awesome? 

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jun 2013 04:45 pm EDT

With so many great games for BlackBerry 10 it's sometimes hard to find the best of the best. Thankfully we've done much of the hard work for you with our CrackBerry App Gallery where we've compiled the top apps and games that we absolutely love. But what about our true top picks? Like those games that we play over and over and just can't get enough of?

Sure there are plenty of good games, but it can be hard to search out the best ones in what little time you may have during the day.

We've scoured long and hard and played for countless hours and have a list of our editors picks for top BlackBerry 10 games.

We put games to the test - making sure they run well, look good and most importantly are fun to play.

The editors here at CrackBerry don't have much time to spare for gaming (except maybe James) but when we do, here's what we play.









And you!

What are some of your top picks for BlackBerry 10 games? Let us know in the comments!

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CrackBerry Editors' Favorite Games


It's been temporarily pulled, going on couple weeks now or longer.
EA pulled a few. Only removed one that made it back so far is Monopoly Millionaire.

This is how you CB10, son!

Eufloria, cut the rope, where's my water, devils attorney, Oregon settler, super stick man golf, all the old emulated games.

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Nova is a great game but I still think it needs to tune up the initialisation time. It's like watching paint dry waiting for it to load.

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Jet pack joyride
Air attack
Mini squadron
Super Stickman golf
Stick tennis
Stick creckit
I play these all day long. Can't get enough. This is also the cause of my battery drain, thank goodness for the extra battery I have.

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I dare anybody to beat my last 7 day top score in Critical Wave. I bet ya'll give up at level 3.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Great post!!!!!!

Here are my favorite games:

1. Modern Combat4
2. N.O.V.A 3
3. Super Stick Man Golf
4. Batman ( not installed)
5. The Amazing Spiderman ( not installed)
6. Six Guns ( not installed)

I'm looking forward to a ModernCombat 4 thread!!!!!!!!! Like the ModernCombat 2 thread to play with BlackBerry users!!!!!!!

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My current favorite has to be Run In Crowd. Free, simple concept but super addictive. And the course you're running is different every day.

Hairy Tales
Death worm
10 pin shuffle

Ahh there are a lot of games out....

My top 3? Guess The Word, Bejeweled 2, Angry Birds Space and Asphalt 7. (Sideloaded: Leo's RC Simulator)

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Good God, how many of these articles are there going to be on CB with the same games listed as when BB10 was released practically, and that have been on other platforms for months/years. We need good "new" games and not just "new to BB10".

Really and without any "new" games BBRY isn't going to make it very far in the mobile gaming market. It seems like there are very few who haven't been hiding under a rock with their BlackBerry to realize that. Also, kissing their ass and praising games that have been long forgotten on other platforms isn't helping build a competitive library at all either. Its a joke and those who can't see it are naive. Its a shame because the Z10 is so capable of running the great games on other mobile platforms these days.

to be fair, i think blackberry have done some that they can. IMO your harsh words should be pointed to those game devs who haven't port their games to OS10 yet, or build the native app. unless, you are having your own grudges to blackberry and their die hard fans, then blow it away :)
or if you want blackberry to give more incentive to devs. more than $10000 that they already stated will give.

It's not our job as the consumer to ensure that BlackBerry has everything needed to compete in the real world market, no more than its my job to make sure my car has everything equipped on it or my television. And fanboys praising them for mediocrity is what got BlackBerry to their current position in the first place. The few devs that I have contacted won't even respond let alone port their games. $10 g's isn't much of an incentive to the major devs BlackBerry needs and unfortunately, like most of the world, they still don't take BBRY seriously.

true, it's blackberry's job to make sure blackberry devices have everything they designed need to be in the device. i never said that it was your job to make sure blackberry have everything you need. but to be fair, it's not like blackberry not doing anything right? maybe not enough, but that's completely subjective in my opinion. to me, nothing is enough. i want more. and so far blackberry is listening to everyone. they listened to the carriers (by giving the options to use BIS or not to carriers), they listened to the devs (by creating a very super easy platform to port&create apps), they listened to us (by giving good device's specs). that's a fact now. but it's not enough. of course. i want more too. but if there are devs who still don't want to make apps for blackberry i don't see it as blackberry's fault. it's the dev's fault. blackberry have done some of their part. the devs who don't create their apps is the one at fault. like if i want my internet connection capable tv to connect to internet and it can, i'll call my internet provider and demand them to connect my tv to internet, not calling my tv to connect me to internet. as simple as that. i'll bug the devs to create their apps for my blackberry. if i really need their apps but they don't wat to make one for my blackberry, i'll buy other phone so i can use them lol. i will buy an android phone to use whatsap/line/kakaotalk.
on your point that fanboys are over whoresipping blackberry, aren't all fanboys like that? you should see what robot fanboys here at my place. those robot fanboys are worse compared to blackberry fanboys here in CB. fanboys are fanboys. there's nothing anyone can do about them lol.
so i think your valid argument is only this one, about the $10000 is not enough to major game devs. that is true. at least if they want to make their apps free i think. but if they charged for their apps, that's a different story. that's just about the devs who don't see that it's feasible to create their paid apps for blackberry. meaning, they don't see it's profitable. they don't see many blackberry users will buy their apps. they don't see they can get more profit from the buyer. from us. that's how i see it.

Definitely Beach Buggy Blitz! I can't believe more people don't have it on their list. I've even connected it to my tv and played with no slowdown at all.

Posted from my T-Mobile Z10, no longer on the Sprint Meh network.

I know i was the 1st to mention it. Def thought more ppl would have commented on it. It's so addictive and the graphics are great!

Posted via CB10 on my fabulous Z10

If BlackBerry wants to compete in the real world with mobile gaming they should care. A person can't make an honest request for a game on this website without getting flak. You fanboys are f***ing unbelievable.

Any with Scoreloop access. But for real, Funky Smugglers is the only constant in my phone.

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Drug Wars... loved it on my TI-83 (yes the calculator) and still my favorite on BB10.

Also partial to my own games: Visual Connection, Combo Pics and Logic Puzzles.

Other fun ones: Pixelated and RuneCryption

As you can see I like low graphic, puzzle games :)

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I thought the whole idea of BBM games was that I could play with my BBM contacts, not some random person... Do I have to wait for 10.1 to do that?

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I ONLY have BBM contacts (my one BBM contact lol) in the games app. No unknowns.

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Your friends have to have the game and add them to your friends in your games app

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Jet Car Stunts! Jet Car Stunts!

So awesome! People should try it--no free trial unfortunately :(

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For my PlayBook (don't have a Z10 yet):
- Sector Strike
- Sparkle
- The Bard's Tale (although haven't played it lately after beating it)
- Jetpack Joyride
- Chimpact

Cut the rope, angry birds star wars and radiant defense. Surprised Radiant Defense isn't on anyone's top 3.

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Yes but when did you install it?
As I replied close to the top, looks like EA pulled it back couple weeks back, along with a couple others.

This is how you CB10, son!

You guys gotta have Need for Speed and Sector Strike. Both are excellent and challenging games that can be played to kill a bit of time on the bus or subway or while waiting for same. They are also great when you have a few hours of down time.

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I love Sector Strike and Alpha Wave but I was really looking forward to NFS-U. Don't know why it isn't available for the Z10. Some people have 10.1 and can't get it but I have 10.0. Crazy.

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Jetpack joyride - free
Batman - 99 cents (this thing's crazy for the price, pretty much a mobile arkham city)
GBA emulator - free, on Crackberry forums.

Carnivore hunter, Ragged edge, asphalt 7 even though it desperately needs an update. NFS also needs an update for push screen control. Hill racing, and uno. Those are my games

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Plants vs zombies, beat it three times
Need for speed fun and challenging
Anomaly warfare hard as hell, a love hate relationship we have

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Fire the editors for having bad taste in games. Well no wait keep Alicia and Michelle and Adam and bla1ze. They have a few good ones there :). Uhm. Mine. WordHero. Fly kiwi fly. Spywords. Riddle challange. Yep I like thinking games mostly. Brain teasers because they bring out the best in me ( a card carrying member of mensa) and the worst in me ( obviously not smarter than a 5th grader according to riddle challenge!!!!!). Bleh. Give me a shooting game I need to shoot someone.

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5 Seconds pieces me off, so I keep trying. Addictive and simple.

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Can't believe Autumn Dynasty wasn't a favourite. Such a brilliant game, both in gameplay and quality of development.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

Autumn Dynasty is by far one of the best games on BlackBerry 10 right now. It's actually can't believe I forgot about it. Definitely an awesome game!

Same with then Anomaly games.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Who cares?
Should these people not like it then?

If your point is that BBRY needs more current games to attract gamers away from other mobile platforms, then good point.

But don't see the need to rain on these people's parades.

This is how you CB10, son!

Ok, I guess only being a year behind other platforms isn't bad, lol! I would hardly consider a few new battlefields an "entirely different game." At least they realised that they should prob add something new. Kudo's to the devs.

I love to play temple run OZ, Opps that's on my iphone 4, Damn BlackBerry get them devs to bring it to the z10

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You could always just read the other dozen blog articles today and disregard this one if you're not interested. That's the point: variety.

This is how you CB10, son!

These my top picks

Chasing yello
Shark Dash
Run in Crowd
Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack high

Posted via CB10 on T-Mobile USA

I don't have time to play games because it takes me so long to write stuff on this piece of crap android device I picked up because my bb broke and I can't afford one of these wonderful new bb's.

try to get involved as a #teamblackberry and get freebies at where you live (if available). where i live, there are lots of contests that give some Z10s as one of the giveaway now.

Good luck ;)

Air attack with the audio streamed via bluetooth and BlackBerry music gateway to a home theatre amplifier.

Sooooo with the 99cents if you have that setup.

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now what blackberry should make is a device (like music gateway) to store&stream games to Z10 (as the joystick) and to huge tv screen (well, as the screen :p ). oh and to sound system for the sounds. that will be super awesome i think.

I don't use my BB for games, rather, I can't. Just using a Curve 9320. Nevertheless, it's still the best communication device for me.

A couple older favorites: Emily and the Magic Maze, Saving Yellow, Wiggler, Frenzy Lanes (I was developing a similar one when we downloaded that one and got depressed, oh well).

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I find it a little odd that only one game was liked by more than one expert. Things that make you go, hmm....