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Like the sport of Curling? Watch CrackBerry-sponsored Team McEwen today at 1pm ET in the Canadian Open finals! (Update: We Won!)

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CrackBerry Curling: Vote Team McEwen for the All-Star Curling Skins Game!

CrackBerry Curling w/ Team McEwen
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2012 12:51 am EST

Not familiar with curling? Check out the Wikipedia page to learn more.

Years before I was a BlackBerry addict, I was a curling addict. Growing up in rural Manitoba, Canada, it's a popular winter sport and one that I sunk my 10,000+ hours into before I turned 20. I'm still passionate for the sport -- and still have some mad curling skillz -- but don't have the time to commit to play competitively like I used to. So instead of hitting the rink, for the past couple of seasons I've sponsored the McEwen Curling team (they even let me hold the position of 5th man in the 2010/11 season). 

Team McEwen has been tearing up the sport the last few years, rising through the ranks of pro curling and racking up the World Curling Tour and Grand Slam wins. They've been on tv several times now in the finals of these games, repping on their team gear.

One of the big televised events coming up in 2013 is the The Dominion All-Star Curling Skins game on TSN, and this year they're opening it up to a fan-based vote to decide which of the top teams will get to play. Voting is now open and runs through to December 10th, and you can re-visit the site each day to cast your ballot.

So if you're a fan of CrackBerry and Curling, jump on over to TSN's website and vote for:

Skip: Mike McEwen
Third: B.J. Neufeld
Second: Matt Wozniak
Lead: Denni Neufeld 

Hurry over and vote! And to learn more about Team McEwen, you can jump over to They're good guys, and yes... they're taking part in Movember too! 



Whaaa, Crackberry Kevin was actually Curling-AllStar Kevin?!? Very interesting.

I've only curled twice, but it's actually a lot of fun and can get a bit tiring. Those rocks are pretty heavy and sliding down the rink while sweeping is pretty physical.

We need to start a Crackberry Curling League lol.

Kevin Michaluk

So many hobbies over the years... Curling Kevin, Crazy Skidoo Freak Kevin (of Kevin's Kick Butt Ski-Doo website fame), R/C Racing Kid Kevin (go Team Associated!), Kevin the Sea-Doo Rental Guy... can go on and on and on...

Having some fun a couple winters ago putting Team McEwen on camera...


Manitoba represent! Where in Manitoba did you live?

I worked with Mike for years at Canadian Tire in Brandon.


Love to watch, never played, heading to vote now.


Team McEwen has got my vote, Kevin. I have been a lifelong curler, over 40 years, from the straw brooms, the Rink Rats and now the brushes. It's a great social sport and a good way to kill theses winters in Ontario. I will be looking for the "CB" patch on the uniforms.


I love curling...Grew up a Russ Howard fan. Nothing like drinking and wiping out on the ice trying to slide from one end of the sheet ice to the other.


As an American I love watching curling. I am just surprised that a decent curling game isn't available for the Playbook yet! :(


Grew up in Calgary, moved to US and sadly haven't been able to watch curling except during the Olympics.


Kevin you're THE QUINTESSENTIAL CANADIAN !!! Voting now .... wow so fun , tho bummed a leg on the ice ... even tho I am in no-winter Victoria