CrackBerry Crunk Case: The Infomercial

Get your CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10 Today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2013 05:06 pm EDT

Following up on our recent announcement, my CrackBerry Crunk Cases were delivered to our NYC office today so I just had to record up a little Crunk Case infomercial (I'm a bit of an As Seen on TV junky... for real). 

If you love CrackBerry and have a Z10, the Crunk case is a sweet option for showing off your CrackBerry pride while protecting your phone. You can get the Crunk case in black, white and CrackBerry Orange. The cases have an MSRP of $19.95, but you can pick them up from today for only $14.95.

And if you can't decide which color you want, you can pick up the CrackBerry Bundle for just $29.95 which gives three Crunk cases - one in each color! Since we announced the Crunk Case they have been flying off the shelves, so hurry and get yours today while supplies last (and for those of you in Canada, you can't get yours today... but we promise they will be available there soon too - stay tuned!).

Enjoy the video. Get Crunk! :)

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CrackBerry Crunk Case: The Infomercial


Nice video. Never would have thought of orange, but after seeing the video imo its the best colour.

Posted via CB10

Hey Kev, how did you get one when the case is not available to the rear of us Canucks? Huh?

Seriously, where is the Canadian Crackberry Store love?

Posted via CB10

Hi Kevin, nice cases..I am still waiting for article: Which should I buy: Z10 or Q10..? :)
I have 11:30 pm in Slovakia and I need some sleep, so come on..:) please;)

Not done yet so it's going to be tomorrow now! Thanks for the patience. Honestly... it's a tough question to answer. For some people it will be easy, but for people who can type on the Z10 fine, then the decision is really tough.

Thank you for your answer! So I am going to sleep now..:) I was long time iphone user(since first generation 2007), but now I enjoy Z10..thanks again, take care and have fun..;)

What you mean us Canadian gotta wait a little longer, I'm livid! Arggg....ok deep breath.....ahh...Please hurry and make them available in Canada eh. us hosers need some good lookin cases for our cellar computing thingys eh.

Posted via CB10

If I hadn't already picked up the poetic atmosphere case I'd get one of these but super happy with my case.

Posted via CB10

You should do a version 2.0 infomercial with Lil' John. That would be hilarious.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

How come almost every case except the otter box has no port covers? For me that's a must have which Is why I have stuck with my Otter box so far as where I work is always dusty and that's all I need is crap in all the ports, that's one thing I miss on my old Samsung exhibit 2 4G as it had a builtin slide cover for the usb port. Just saying would of been a nice feature which almost every phone decides to leave out and then people like me to a case that covers them so we're not trying to get a replacement port or what not

Posted via CB10

Did I miss something?No hole in the back to show off the BB logo!Easily done I guess ,but if you want, send me your case and 2 bucks and I'll do it for you.

^^^^^ this!! I would buy the three pack along with some spark and CB stickers, but I really really don't want to hide the BlackBerry logo on the back!!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

yeah i've purchased them under the 29.95 deal. that's sweet!! thanks CB!

waiting for the delivery.. can't wait to rock the classic black crunk case on my Z10, so people won't notice i'm holding an i5 anymore, coz "look dude, the case is CB, CB is CrackBerry and it's not an iphone!!!!!"

I felt like one of those infomercial audience member as I CLAPPED real loud while Kevin was talking!! Yep, I purchased the orange one!! I can't stop clapping...OH NO!!!!

Not sure if it was just me but all I could focus on was the monitor on the back ground, very sexy

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

As with others. There should be a hole to show off the BlackBerry logo. My case from BlackBerry doesn't even have one....

Posted via CB10

Didn't the company that invented (or at least made popular) the "As seen on TV" come from Winnipeg? Wasn't it K-Tel? If so, is there something in the water there that makes you folks want to push stuff on the tube?

Posted via CB10

".... BUT WAIT!!! If it turns out you only like one color, you can get still take advantage of this amazing offer and get your three Crackberry Crunk Cases in orange, or white or black!! Heck, we don't want anybody to miss out so, for a limited time, you can mix and match as you like! That's RIGHT, you can mix and match! Order NOW! Offer good until supplies last."
Just sayin :)

Nice to see what the CrackSicle will look like. So getting the tri pack when they hit canada!

Posted via CB10

Of course this case is for the Zee10, since it's not available in Canada!
He'll have to make a case for the Zed10 (which is obviously the very best) when it comes out here.

Ha ha, I love how he said MSRP is $19.99 but since we're the manufacturer it is $15.99...

They could have made the MSRP $100... but $19.99 is reasonable.

My three crunk cases are shipped already, I get it latest at the end of the month. So excited. All these are looking hot.

Posted via CB10

@Kevin I hate you showing off all the different Z10's you have! Can't afford one and can't convince my bosses to get me one (that includes my wife).

I like the idea of leaving the volume buttons uncovered; that is a HUGE plus in my book.. but is it possible that you will make one that leaves that Blackberry logo on the back uncovered. Its hard to find any case that has the cut out for the logo anymore unless its Apple. You do that and I'll by more then one.

Any user feed back on the case? I am worried about this style of case getting stretched out and floppy around the edges.

Posted via CB10