The CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10 is here!

CrackBerry Cases for your BlackBerry are finally here! Protect your Z10 in CrackBerry style with our new Crunk case!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 May 2013 02:41 pm EDT

CrackBerry readers have been bugging me for years that we should have our own line of CrackBerry cases, so with BlackBerry 10 phones now here we are finally doing it! Our first batch of CrackBerry Crunk cases just arrived to our ShopCrackBerry store (will be hitting the Canada store soon) and they are HOT!

If you own a BlackBerry Z10 and love CrackBerry, you can now pick up the custom-fit CrackBerry Crunk Case for the Z10 and protect your BlackBerry in CB style. The durable, flexible TPU skin is available in black, orange and white, and features the CrackBerry logo embedded into the backside. It's subtle. It's tasteful. It's pure CrackBerry.

The Crunk Case is affordable too. It has an MSRP of $19.95, but since we're the manufacturer on this one we're selling it for $14.95.

But wait. There's more!! :)

We're also doing a special CrackBerry bundle for all you awesome CrackBerry readers out there who can't decide which color to choose. Instead of picking up just one Crunk Case, you can get one of each color for only $29.95!

CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10

CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10

CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10

Crunk Black

We made some important decisions with the Crunk Case. We covered the power button with rubber (it works well), and chose to leave the volume buttons and side ports open for ease of use and easy access. We didn't want to go too overboard with colors, so we picked our three carefully. Black is all business, especially on a black Z10. White on white is just plain 'ol hot. And nothing screams CrackBerry like CrackBerry orange. I think the orange Crunk case on a white Z10 is probably my favorite combo. As for the Crunk name? Well, if you don't like it, blame me. I claim all responsibility for the Crunk Case branding (see definition). I wanted a case name that started with a "C" and pushed the limits. The CrackBerry Crunk Case is it!

Hit up the links below for more info and to order your CrackBerry Crunk Case(s) for the BlackBerry Z10! And yes Q10 owners, you will be able to get your Crunk on soon too.

More Info / Purchase the CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10

Reader comments

The CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10 is here!


Despite not owning a Crunk case, I already like it more than the Poetic because the Crunk doesn't cover up the volume buttons. I stopped using my Poetic case because it made it too hard to use the volume buttons.

Yeah, the Crunk is greater IMO. When we designed the Crunk case we tested both options out - we had versions where we covered the volume buttons with material. The problem with that is they do get a little harder to use - especially the mute key in the middle (aka voice command). I do like the way it looks when you cover the buttons, but I think leaving them uncovered makes for better utility.

Voice command with the mute key? How the heck did I miss that?

I think that's my one new thing I've learned for the day.

When you are in lock mode, holding the mute button will launch the voice command. You also use the button to "Send" the command.

Posted via CB10

I'm using the Iskin vibes for my Z10. It looks great on the phone and feel real good too. I tried the poetic case and didn't like the feel or look so much

Posted via CB10

Way to Go Crackberry!! You guys are just amazing. Keep pushing to new limits. Very beautiful and classy case. Will get the white one when its available. Just what I've been waiting for.

Nice fit! I would love to see a future model with a cutout that shows off that gorgeous blackberry logo on the back.

I never liked the placement of the logo in the middle. I always thought it should be higher so that people would know which device I'm using. At the moment when I have the phone up to my ear my hand covers the bottom 2/3 of the phone.

Damn! I just got confirmation of an order I made the other day, and it's on its way! If I had known, I would have added the triple pack to my order :-/

Posted via CB10

Should not cover the BlackBerry logo!!

Well, I'll get it anyways while wait for improved version..

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry

Does the white one get dirty as fast as the Poetic atmosphere model? I love the white colors

Posted via CB10

A bit of a typo there Kevin.

but since we we're the manufacturer on this

I will ave to pass on these as the shipping is almost as much as the case. a UK CrackBerry shop to cover Europe would e nice.

Question: Does the case have any affect on swiping from the side?

I bought a case like this before but had to ditch it since the side edges overlapped too much of the Z10 screen and caused swiping from the sides to be very difficult and cumbersome.

Make sure you let us know when it is available from the Canadian store. I'll drive to Waterloo to get them

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Legend has it the Crunk Case was forged in heart of the black land of Mordor, in the fires under Mount Doom. Oh wait.. wrong story. :)

Good job CrackBerry! Still enjoying my Poetic Atmosphere case but this will be my next case purchase shouldn't the need ever arise. I'm not a big can of Orange but I think that case looks the best!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Nice case but...why didn't you design a case with a cut out in the back to show off the BlackBerry logo?

That way my beautiful Z10 can't be confused with any lesser offerings out there.

I'm with @Yander
Shipping to the UK doubles the price. You gotta show some love to us here on the other side of the pond.
Would love a black one, but could be persuaded to have all three!

Posted via CB10

I love them. I will be buying all 3. I will use black and wife wants the orange for her white z10. I have the red flip shell case and liked it at first but the red faded really fast and wore out. Also the plastic from the corner to the camera hole cracked. We then bought a 7 pack of gel cases in all different colors and like them a lot so I know I will love the Crunk cases. Great job crackberry.

*** Kevin do you know when they will be available in the Canadian store?***

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook

Canada store will have them early next week. We just got them in stock at the main warehouse, so we have a shipment going to Canada and they will be available from there.

Wanna want to be on it! Hold on I did that wrong . I want it to be on my Z10! Thanks for the update on when they will be on Canadian soil!

Posted via CB10

The Crunk cases are awesome. Gonna buy all 3. Had a red flip shell and liked it at first but not so much anymore. The red faded really fast and wore out in some spots too. Plastic on the corner with the camera cut out cracked too. Then we bought a 7 pack of gel cases in different colours and we lo e them so I know we will over the Crunk cases even more cause they loon nicer and the volume keys is cut out on the case. Hate that they are covered on my gel cases. Covering the power button on top is fine. Good job crackberry!!!

* * Kevin, any idea when they will be adding them in the Canadian store?**

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook

I don't own a Z10 but i dislike these type of "case" they are all a little too big for something "thin", i hope you'll make them more thinner :)

hate is an ugly word,,, if ya don't like 'em, cool,,, you can even go so far as dislike more than anything else on earth, (not my opinion, just sayin', they look ok, clean & simple),,, but ya gotta let hate go, that sh!t'll eat you alive...

sent from my hate free world

"Instead of picking up just one Crunk Case, you can get one of each color for only $29.95". You should have used, 'but wait there is more" like in the infomericals. So, act now!!

note: does not include S&H and taxes do apply

I wished the buttons were covered... You guys should make two versions... buttons covered and uncovered.... I tend to have cases where I have to touch my phone with wet hands... I feel a lot more comfortable with covered buttons in these situations..n harder button pressing is a trade off I'm more than willing to live with...

Posted via CB10

Wow this is great!!! I'm digging all 3 colors!

Does the white one happen to get as dirty as the White Poetic Case???

Posted via unlocked Z10 on T-Mo in SoCal

I really want one of these, but will I get charged customs to have it delivered to England?

Posted via CB10

Love it! I would like to see pictures of a White Z10 with an orange case. Also, let's have future cases have a cutout for showcasing the BlackBerry logo!

Definitely picking up all three.

Hopefully design some for the Q10.

One suggestion, what do you think about having the logo on the Black case being orange? I think it would really bounce.

What I have always wanted was a hard shell, with the outer layer being premium leather. Like the same black leather as the sleeves, but on top of a hard shell. I'd be willing to pay premium for that. CrackBerry, make one!?!? :D

Blackberry Faithful

I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one

Ugliest cases - ever! (especially the orange one). Sorry to burst Crackberry's excitement but I'm not impressed.

How can you guys be excited about these Chinese quality looking cases being sold at a premium?? I'm sure I can find these for a dollar in Chinatown by now without the logo.

Posted via CB10

Those colors are all fine and dandy, but there should have definitely been a green one. Bright bright bright green.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

I already have a useless otterbox and a great seido active case BUT this case will replace the both of them. Good job

Posted via CB10

First off thank you CB team for making a branded case, have been looking for ways to show off my CrackBerry pride for a long time. Coveroo still hasn't gotten back to me weither or not they are making a battery door for OS10 or not.

To the people that are saying they need a hole to show the BlackBerry logo I say this, take an exacto and cut a hole in it. It has the CrackBerry branding on it and that is just as good. There are many people that are aware that BlackBerrys are crackberrys but that don't know the origins. Having a CB branded case with not only pump CB more but also educate the population.

I'm super excited about these cases and when they hit the Canadian store I'm using my Bday $ from yesterday to get all 3.

Thank you CB team!!

Posted via CB10

Pink one for the ladies? A bumper case would be nice too :). I want to show this thing off not hide it. No more hiding BlackBerry, it's our time to shine lol

Posted via CB10

So the orange cover and white Z10 combination could be considered the creamsicle.

Posted via CB10

If a white Z10 with a black battery cover is an oreo, a white Z10 with a orange Crunk case is a Crunksicle, or Cracksicle, but Cracksicle sounds... too naughty.

Posted via CB10

I have a black Incipio case for my Z10, the one with the hard outer shell and the soft inner part. Love it but I gotta say that the orange Crunk case looks awesome and I just might have to get one for work so I can find my phone easier. Yes, I'm a chronic cellphone misplacer. Lol.

Posted via CB10

I like the overall design and have been searching for weeks for a case. I have never used a cover on any of my previous phones, but I do like this onr in orange or white. I had decided in my search to only consider cases that showed the logo off, so I am disappointed that it is covered up here. I guess I will have take Jagwire's advice above and cut it out myself!

Posted via CB10

Purchased a three pack. Paid for fast shipment but it's the weekend so it didn't do that much lol. I will be modifying one to show the logo. I will post pictures when I can

Posted via MY BlackBerry Z10

Hey will it cover my Z10 and then still fit in my fancy leather pouch? I have not found one for each will yet. :(

Posted via CB10

Please make a "bumper" style for the Z, it allows the BB logo to be seen on the back and still offers great protection...also fits well in a holster with less drag/friction when trying to retrieve it. Crackberry logo could be put on the edge maybe?

Ooh, crunkalicious! I'd like all three for that sweet deal, but I've more month than money at the moment. Will the deal run at least til the end of May and does CB ship to the UK?

Orange or red on black is so knight rider. My zeddy bear wants them all!

Posted via CB10

I am looking for a good case thin enough to put on my Z10 and be able to put it in the holster! Any suggestions?

Cases are pretty ugly. These weren't designed. Just found with the crackberry logo thrown on them. Can go to Chinatown and get the same case, no logo, for 2$. Crackberry logo is NOT worth an extra $12.99. Need to deliver high quality A+++ items to build the brand.

Posted via CB10

What about UK? I don't want to pay starting price of 14 pound shipping help!! Love the orange one so much!!

Posted via CB10

People you don't need the logo, it says crackberry! If they don't get the picture fuc em!

Posted via CB10

I agree that you should have had a cut out for the BBerry logo. Any idea if this works with the Seidio Surface clip? Looks about the same coverage as the Surface case.

Would anyone order a few with a PayPal mass order? Would go with the eh full month, er the full three of them.

Posted via CB10