The CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Q10 is here!

CrackBerry Cases for your BlackBerry Q10 are finally here! Protect your Q10 in CrackBerry style with our new Crunk case!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jun 2013 06:13 pm EDT

You asked for it, and we delivered! The CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10 has been super popular with the community since we first introduced it, and today I'm happy to announce it is also available for the Q10.

Our first batch of BlackBerry Q10 Crunk Cases just arrived at our US-based warehouse (will be available in the Canada store soon), and they are HOTTTTTT!!!

Crunk Cases for the Q10 are here!

If you love CrackBerry and own a Q10, the Crunk Case is the perfect way to show off your CrackBerry pride and protect your BlackBerry in style. The durable and flexible TPU skin is available in black, white and CrackBerry orange and features the CrackBerry logo embedded into the backside. It's subtle. It's tasteful. It's pure CrackBerry through and through! The Crunk Case is affordable too, ringing in at $14.95.

But wait. There's more!! :)

We're also doing a special CrackBerry bundle for all you awesome CrackBerry readers out there who can't decide which color to choose. Instead of picking up just one Crunk Case, you can get one of each color for only $29.95! We also offer a black bundle, so if you want three blacks for the price of two, you can!

BlackBerry Q10 Crunk Case

Black Crunk Case

White Crunk Case

CrackBerry Orange Crunk Case

We'll be following up soon with a video look at the Q10 Crunk Case, but just like the Z10, these babies are good to go and are moving fast. So hit up the link below for more info, more photos and to your a Crunk Case for your Q10 today!

Get the CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Q10!

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The CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Q10 is here!


Good Day Kevin, Quick Question: Why is it so hard to find Blackberry accessories such as cases, cradles, screen protectors, etc. from the leading third party manufacturers? I think of my smartphone as an investment and I try to find the best protection available for my device so that I can get the most from it. Thanks.

imo, honestly there's no money in BB right now,,, their stuff just isn't selling (# shipped ≠ # sold),,, 3rd parties, whether devs or accessory manufacturers, are playing,"wait & see"...

Hey Shadowz360, I found this also. I did not want the plain black cases that Blackberry makes. But all I found was cool cases for the iphone (gag). They had some coloured gel cases at booths etc. I asked them and they said it is starting to roll in. Went back like two weeks later and they had some more and some to my liking. So, I say depending on where you are look at booths in the mall etc. They have loads to chose from. Got myself a soft and hard case in one purple and shows the blackberry symbol on the back. So they need time to get more in. But of course not enough as the lame iphones which blackberry are made better so yes protect them. My thoughts when I proudly got my z10.

Thanks a lot michellewrightfan for taking the time to respond to my post and also for your input. I'm glad someone else thinks that it is important to protect their investments.

These looking gr8. @kevin can the q10 fit in the leather holster with the Crunk case on?

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Lol Kevin: The "Seen on TV" Salesman for CrackBerry. Nice-looking cases guys!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

I just posted today in one of the threads for Q10 that we need the same case as there is for Z10

Posted via CB10

I'm thinking about getting this for my Z10, for anyone that has one can you comment on whether or not it slides in and out of jean pockets well? I've had cases that "stick" to fabric if you know what I mean.

Posted via CB10

I have a white Crunk case for my Z1010. Happy to support CB!

That being said, I am sad at how stained and dirty the white one got in a matter of weeks. It doesn't look good at all now. I should have gone with the orange!!

I need to see the logo...why doesn't it come with a hole cut for it? to show the pride!!!

Posted via CB10

I've fallen into this issue myself lately. I just have to have it showing somehow and I never used to care before...weird.

Via CB10 on AT&T Z10

Well haddamn...I just ordered the white soft shell yesterday...Wish I would have waited and I could have saved on shipping :/

Great, waited for this, THX!
Order for all three will go out from Germany tomorrow.


Posted via CB10 on Q10

Crunk? How is a phone case crazy drunk? Like calling a phone sexy. Phones can't be sexy, because you can't have sex with it.

Just received my three crunk cases (all colors) today - great, well done!

Now my fine Q10 is save (and this in well looking design) ... :-)

old document still popping up on the banner feed of crackberry pages... no wonder "page404" pops up on 2 diff. links tried, embedded in this infocomm' :) Yeah it was only after those 404s that i glanced up to see this thing was like 2 yrs olde !