CrackBerry Coveroo Winners Announced! Didn't Win? Purchase Your Own CrackBerry Coveroo Today!!

Get a Coveroo!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Dec 2008 10:00 am EST

When I showed off my new CrackBerry Coveroo in the blogs last week (click here to see the image in case you missed it) the response of "I WANT THAT" was overwhelming... so much so in fact that you can now buy your own CrackBerry Coveroo straight from!

We also held a contest for 10 Free CrackBerry Coveroos and it's time to announce the winners.. and the lucky winners are:

boldb, simiglen, JShultz89, just2389, GotThaTech3188,
dc73pd, Beerbaron78, CarBob, suself, Oscar719

Congrats to all the winners! Be sure to watch your email as I'll be contacting you shortly with information on getting your CrackBerry Coveroo. And if you didn't win, what are you waiting for?! Go buy yourself a little present to get the new year started right. Coveroo now has support for the BlackBerry Storm and 8900 support is coming soon. And if the CrackBerry Coveroo isn't your thing they have an awesome selection of Coveroos to choose from. And if you still can't find what you're looking for, you can order a custom one

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Thanks Crackberry!!! :)


50.00?? I think I paid less for my whole device..

They should offer a discount to members for allowing the use of your trademark..


replacement storm battery covers are fifty dollars on lots of sites. expensive piece of metal apparently. bold is cheaper

the RHiNO

check out for a back piece for the Storm, it's $19.99, then take it to a trophy shop in your local area and have them laser etch whatever you want on it (generally around $15) and voila, you save yourself $5 and have something you really want on your device not a pre selected underoo design lol


i must have bad luck...i never win...oh well, hopefully next time.


I cant wait for this cover to come. Its going right on the back of my brand new bold!


Well at least I won the Peekawho contest. That Bold crackberry coveroo it the top left corner looks AWESOME.


Thank you so much! I can't wait to get mine!


Thanks CB!!! I cant wait to see this...


Congrats to the winners.

I didn't even see the post for a chance to win - :\


$50 for a chincy piece of tin with an etching on it? The Storm only cost me $100 and they want $50 for a back? Rip off! $279 for the iPhone back? Give me a break, these guys are gouging you to death.


So wait, it's $50 for a Coveroo cover... and they STILL put their own logo in with the design I paid for?


What a waste of money.


well its only 20 bucks for the curve back covers so it works out for me!


Amazing, I found sites selling the oem door anywhere from 19.99-49.99. Mostly 49.99. Didnt think it was that expensive, seems to be the most expensive of all berry's and uses the least amount of material. Makes no sense.


Hey Kevin, thanks for the Coveroo!!! This is a great way to start the new year. Happy Holidays to everyone at Crackberry.


I agree with everyone else ... these are way to pricey for this type of accessory.


I was thinking about buying one for my Verizon 8330. However, they only show for pink and "titanium" 8330. According to the pics, the pink is from Verizon and the titanium is from Sprint, I think. The only light silver one is the AT&T one. Do you guys know if the cover from the AT&T silver Curve is the same color as the Verizon silver Curve? Do you know if it fits?


Why are they only making these for the Pearl??? The Pearl 8110, 8120, and 8130 are different. There is only 1 coveroo that will fit these models. The rest are for the "Pearl". (8100) Just something to think about, maybe someone should start including the Pearl 8110, 8120, and 8130 in these kind of ideas.



Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great contest. I am really looking forward to getting my COVEROO. Picture to follow.

Happy New Year everyone.

- CB

Keep on Crackin'


If you think the Storm Coveroo pricing is bad, look at the Ipod Touch coveroo. $279.00


More like Cover-eww! I just got a battery cover for my 8320- not impressed. I could have done the same thing with a hot iron brand! Interested in seeing if anyone else has complaints about there's as well.


Hi, I am sorry you are unhappy with your cover. Please send email to so we can understand what you didn't like and either fix it or refund your money

jamie havens

i will get shot with 200 paintballs for a blackberry storm

jamie havens

i will get shot with 200 paintballs for a blackberry storm