CrackBerry Coveroo with Luxury Finish

CrackBerry Coveroo with Brushed Stainless Silver Finish
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Apr 2009 11:18 am EDT

Back in early March we posted on the blogs that Coveroo was upping their game by making luxury finishes available on compatible device models. While I've been a big fan of Coveroo since day one and really like their standard laser engraving technology / product offering, when my new CrackBerry Coveroo arrived the other day I was blown away... the inlaid brushed stainless silver on the Bold's leather battery door is pimp! More pictures and info after the jump.

If device personalization is something you value, the Coveroo solution is worth checking out. Considering you get a new battery door with your order the cost is pretty reasonable ($10 more for a luxury finish on their standard art) and because you'll still have your original battery door it doesn't make things difficult if you ever need to send your device in for warranty work or replacement. Clicking through Coveroo's website, it appears that right now the luxury finish is only available for the BlackBerry Bold and Curve 83xx - I guess the battery doors need to be thick enough for them to work with. Other luxury finishes include stainless silver, gold, brushed gold, and high-gloss red, white and black.

Of course Coveroos are now available for pretty much all current BlackBerry smartphone models and a ton of standard designs are available (including the CrackBerry logo). Or you can always choose to up your own game by going custom as I did by branding it with my name. 





Regarding the last picture, I actually picked up the 10 Years of BlackBerry Storm Coveroo down at CES in Las Vegas where RIM was doing a little celebrating. Engraved or not, I just love the look of the titanium door on the Storm (available at ShopCrackBerry).



That is very cool. I keep debating if I want to do a Mets logo on mine and seeing this makes me want to do it more.


Im sooo getting one of these WHEN I get the Niagara. They look sick!


Must be a slow news day in the BlackBerry world. Let's hope that a new OS comes out for the Storm instead of just new battery covers!


Wish it wasn't double price for them to do a custom design. I just wanted an Umbrella Corporation logo, but all they have is some Resident Evil 5 imagery.

Is this engraved in or is it just a decal that will rub off with repeated holstering and unholstering? It seems like a cool idea, I might wait until they get more designs in their library though.


I have bene debating doing this as well, I can't decide on a cover let alone spending the money on backs because I get them for cost. Damnit.


I bought one for my bold, and it fit really bad. When I would type you could hear it creak and make noises because it fit so bad. I used it total of 1 hour and put it back in the box.