CrackBerry Coveroo contest winners announced!

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jun 2010 03:02 pm EDT
CrackBerry Coveroo

We added a little more anxiety this week since we left the winners of our CrackBerry Coveroo contest out of the weekly theme winners post, but we have them selected and are ready to roll. We have a total of 15 winners that will get their choice of Coveroo including the new 9650 and Pearl 3G additions. If you weren't one of the lucky few, you can still check out all the great designs at Choose from a huge selection of designs and logos, or do up something custom of your own. Hit the jump for the winners list. Congrats!

Pearl 3G 9100


Bold 9650


Choice of Coveroo

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Coveroo contest winners announced!


well now i have to buy mine lol

question though, if i put letters on mine where exactly do they end up on the back cover? I need to see a mock up first before I buy it with my name on it.

And do us all a favor please - once you get your coveroo on the phone, post some pictures for all of us to drool over.

I won I won I won, Now if darm virgin booth in the mall at my work would just get the 9100 in stock id be set. Go Celtics

the shitty system picks 99pct. of the names from the first few letters of alpahabet. but....i have won in the recent past and im not complaining i did get good response from crackberry team when i reached out to them in the past so on that note i will reach in my deep pocket and BUY one on my own. winning is fun but buying stuff is cool as well. thanks crackberry for keeping us coming back for more everyday....


So i finally decided on wht cover to get. I went to order it and on the front page it said free shipping. SO as I was about to finally submit my order it said I had to pay shipping. I got ahold of a rep at coveroo and they advised me it is only free in the USA and well since I live in Canada that sucks. I went to go pay for the shipping with paypal and well it wont let it go thru as it is $0. SO all in all I also got free shipping. Coveroo Rocks. I will definetly buy a few more.