CrackBerry coverage goes worldwide with our new International News section!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Oct 2010 11:27 am EDT

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Regular readers of know that when it comes to our BlackBerry news coverage we tend to focus on North America first, occassionally blogging the news happening internationally when big stuff happens. But the truth is, gets a lot of traffic from all over the world, so we're making a pledge to do a better job of covering the BlackBerry news that happens outside of the United States and Canada.

To that end, we've started up a new blog post category called International News (you can find it on the drop down menu under Articles ) and we're bringing onboard more writers to help handle the load. You may have already noticed two of our international bloggers at work... both Yousif Abdullah and DJ Reyes, who participated in our CrackBerry Idol competition, have already been hard at work blogging in the new news section. For the forseeable future we'll still be writing all international news posts in english, but we'll see how things go... with time we may work to expand into more langagues.

Follow CrackBerry World News via RSS and Twitter: By default, our International News posts will not appear on the CrackBerry homepage or in our default CrackBerry RSS/Twitter feed, though from time to time we will promote international stories of mass appeal to the main site. In addition to clicking into our International News blog post category, you can also follow via RSS and on twitter at @crackberryworld

Submit Your Stories: If you ever have or come across stories you think should appear in our International News section, you can email them in to us at 

That's it! We hope you enjoy this new improvement to We're working hard on a lot of exciting things right now, so as always, keep it locked to!! 

Reader comments

CrackBerry coverage goes worldwide with our new International News section!


Yousif here and all I want to say is that it's great to be part of CrackBerry, I'm sure you'll see much more coming from both me and DJ in the future. Stay tuned, something special is coming soon ;)

Be sure to follow me and DJ on Twitter!

Take care,

Just want to echo Yousif in saying that it is great to be part of CrackBerry.

Be sure to keep it posted on here, especially for whatever Yousif will be announcing in the near future.

Hello Yousif,
looking forward to your posts!!

i'm waiting for the german version of crackberry ;-)

Let me just tell you I've been preparing something really cool for quite some time. When it's finished it'll be the bomb! Just be patient, it'll be worth the wait!

Great job DJ & Yousif! And good show Kevin, been good to see the international perspective. :) Perhaps we can get a certain German developer to blog for us? I know he has done at least some writing in the past. ;) I still use Save Number As which I helped him test WAY WAY back in the day. Of course he's probably too busy with his new gig! Congrats bud! ;)