CrackBerry Coverage goes to San Francisco this week for the 2010 BlackBerry Developers Conference!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Sep 2010 02:10 am EDT


The Crack team has arrived in San Francisco safe and sound, and we're excited for the week ahead! Adam, Bla1ze, Isaac, Dave Peckens (our CrackBerry Idol winner!) and myself are all on hand to bring back the BlackBerry news as it happens. It's shaping up to be a good DevCon so let's hope for some big news!

We'll be live blogging the General Session keynote, which takes place today (Monday) at 1pm PDT. Being a conference for developers we're expecting a lot of news for developers, but you never know - hopefully we'll see some of the DevCon rumors become reality and we'll finally find out RIM's plans for entering the tablet world. Be sure to check it out.

And when the official news ends, we'll be following up with loads more content in the days ahead - interviews with developers, RIM folk and more. We'll be firing up the video camera every chance we get! And when Wednesday night rolls around, we'll cap off #DevCon10 with the CrackBerry App Awards party. For details and to RSVP, click here. We hope you enjoy the coverage. Stay tuned!!! 

Reader comments

CrackBerry Coverage goes to San Francisco this week for the 2010 BlackBerry Developers Conference!


You guys have a lot of fun! And make sure we know RIGHT AWAY any information on that Tablet and the Storm3! Love me some Crackberry!

Have fun, mates! Would love to be there, if only for the fact that the weather is probably nicer than in Balto! :p

Still keeping my fingers crossed about the potential S3 reveal. I'd really love to see RIM break into the consumer market!

The tablet I could take or leave though. :p

Oh I'm so jealous, how great would it be to be you guys right now :) Am also looking forward to any insight onto the tablet. Enjoy!

Engadget probably don't even know it's on. Had there been an apple in there somewhere perhaps.

Hoping for some well detailed analysis of the event guys! :)

If you happen to see the people making the Inpulse smart watch will you please slap them around some and tell them to hurry up before everyone loses interest.

I look forward to all of your coverage. Hopefully we see the S3

It seems to have been really slow in the BlackBerry news front for a while now. Just nothing major coming out at all. So I really hope RIM has a big supply of important information for the public at this event. And it seems RIM could use some attention getting news releases as well.

(Fingers crossed...)

please let it be a new GSM Storm. verizon can keep its refresh, i want t-mobile to get a phone other than a curve or bold.

Worried we are not going to get a sniff of S3, after BGs report.

Let us minions know asap please. Bit a pain being 1pm PDT as i am in the UK, could be a long night !

sorry to leave a comment here, but i think there is no balance in the articles here anymore. im sick and tired of reading about torch 9800! what about the other blackberry phones, the BOLD, the CURVE, the PEARL?

I don't think there will be any tablet launch, at most they might display an OS like they did for BlackBerry 6 back in April. And for sure there won't be a Storm 3 mention. Do you guys think they will announce the Storm 3 when they haven't announced the Style or the 9780?

They'll probably display the 9300 and Pearl with BlackBerry 6 for AT&T. Just because we've seen leaked information doesn't mean RIM is about to confirm devices. When has RIM ever announced a product that won't be available for six months or more down the road? They said nothing about the Torch until it was launched.

Don't set yourselves up for disappointment.

Three requests:

Ask tether to make it so I don't need to select USB every time I start their app. I love tether!

If Astraware is in attendance, please inquire if they'll consider Text Twist classic for the Storm, Torch and future touch-screen BlackBerries.

How about a Grammar tip of the day application? Just saying!

Thanks, CB. I'll be tuning in 3x a day for updates. Exactly.