CrackBerry coverage goes to Las Vegas next week for CES 2012!

CrackBerry in Las Vegas!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jan 2012 07:06 pm EST

There's no better way to kick off the new year than a trip to Las Vegas for CES - the biggest consumer electronics show of the year. And just like last year and the year before and the year before and the year before, the Crack Team will be there in FORCE to cover all the BlackBerry news coming out of the show, look for other hot things to report on and of course, have a great time. 

We have a big crew going this year for CrackBerry, including yours truly, Adam Zeis, Joseph Holder, Alicia Erlich, Kerri Neill, Jared Dipane, Isaac Kendall and David Boyd (Bla1ze and Michelle will be keeping the CES content coming from a distance too!).

Beyond CrackBerry, our Mobile Nations sibling sites will also be on hand bringing back all of the news for their respective platforms from the show. We'll follow up on Monday with another post with links to all the coverage and everybody's twitter accounts, etc. so you can follow the action between the blogs. In the meantime, get excited for CES. Let's hope we see some good stuff come out of the BlackBerry booth!

Reader comments

CrackBerry coverage goes to Las Vegas next week for CES 2012!


The bet I made with Adam a month ago was PlayBook OS 2.0 stuff and hopefully some new good apps/services/etc. getting announced. I'm not expecting new tablet/phone hardware. 

But I'm sure it'll be a good show. Hoping for some surprises.

I most I think maybe we will see some USB peripherals for the playbook, but even then, I wouldn't be suprised if we didn't. Mobile Conference in Feb, now THERE is one that I'm interested in ;)

I would love to see an early release of OS 2.0, that would be an absolute dream.

Don't expect to see any new be honest if they released a new tablet I would flip...PlayBook 1 isn't finished yet. But all the focus is on OS2, so that shouldn't even be a concern.

Would like to see some big name apps announced for PlayBook. Skype? Netflix?

Anyways, as a BlackBerry user for years now I've learned not to get my hopes up lol. But here's to hoping!!!

It may be prudent for RIM to 'under promise and over deliver' at CES 2012 (and within their marketing schemes!).

Look forward to hearing what is forth coming.

Sweet, maybe I'll run into some of you. I'll be down there with my company. Can't wait to see all the new stuff.

On the other hand, a lot of people here have very low expectations from CES..... with all the bad news lately, I feel like our community is getting too used to mediocrity.

would it be possible for users on here who "no longer support RIM" to as we used to say in England "Naff Off!!!" I grow very tired reading some posts. Please keep your opinions to yourself and go enjoy your frigging iToy or Droid

Thank Team Crackberry. It is well within their capability to put voting buttons on posts that will "vote" such posts into non-existance, but they refuse to do so.

Trolls have eyeballs tool and crackberry can make just as much money attracting them as us. That's likely why we see so many Android ads on Crackberry as well.

I don't think my expectations are high or low. I think with the information that's been afforded to us it only leaves me curious as to what RIM has up its sleeve. I mean not everybody in tech world knows about RIM's delays so I'm sure even the haters want to see RIM show up with something even if its just to say they saw something. 2.0 will keep me happy but I'm also just very curious

With the announcement of OS2.0 for Feb and knowing that BB10 is delayed till the end of '12, I cannot think of anything for RIM to announce....

Don't get me wrong, I'll love to see some for us, but my expectations are low.

Bold 9700
Playbook 32GB

This would be a good time to debut the Cyclone (along with the BlackBerry Video Store their and content providers) and the Calypso.

Would also like to know if these devices would use DLNA or WiFi like AirTunes?

RIM really need to get the ecosystem rolling prior to the release of BB10 devices and I can't think of a better place to do it...

you are absolutely right. Maybe there will be BBM Music integration with the playbook. I did find a movie player in Epix. Don't know if they intend on others. I'm more into the one fee a month for unlimited rather than some two to three dollar charge for one movie unless the selection is huge and it pushes out in HD 1080p.

Anyways like i mentioned before most if not all of us crackberry frequent flyers know whats delayed so why not just sit back and see what RIM pulls out of its hat?

Kevin and Team, with all of the frustration going on with RIM and their evasiveness towards answering all of our "why, when, how, what", I am hoping you will all take every chance to put every BlackBerry rep there on the spot and get answers. At this point, there's no need to suck up to any of them. I don't care if it's the co-CEOs or an entry level employee, please do not let any of them walk away without addressing the issues directly. If you have to border on harassing them, the so be it. They need to realize that, at this point, they need CrackBerry Nation way more than we need them. They should know how all of us PlayBook users, especially the early adopters, may have only kept the devices because of all the hope that was provided by the CrackBerry Team. Ask them to respond to how those of us that paid full price should feel knowing that we've been ripped off and that he PB OS remains pretty much unchanged. They should give us something back for staying with them, and I don't mean another $100 App World credit. Give us all a Visa card for $100 or $150.

Please let them know how we truly feel and make them accountable for the problems as well as get complete answers and not some "dog and pony show" answer. How pathetic that they have jerked us around all of this time and we still don't have BBM Group access via the bridge or even A2DP Bluetooth capability.

Please keep us updated and have a very safe trip to Vegas!!

your comment deserves the attention of the crackberry team. Did you also send it in the form of an email? I think it has a better chance of being read and responded to.

I agree completely with your message of holding RIM accountable for fulfilling promises they've made in the past etc. I don't agree with them giving every early PlayBook owner (I am one of them, paid $750 for my PlayBook all said and done)a Visa card. We paid more money to be an early adopter and to have the device that we had been salivating over for 7 months in our hands on April 19th. Where would you draw the line with that? They can't just apologize to people who paid the original intended price of the device. Obviously in theory I would love if they did, but RIM needs every dollar in sales they can get right now (it's not dire just yet, they're still very much a profitable company). But I think if you try to apply the same logic to a variety of other products you'll see that this doesn't really make much sense.

Please do pass on your letter to the CB team though. I think they should be pretty firm with the RIM reps at CES this year. Cheers.

My main goal was, like I said, hold them accountable. Where I was going on the Visa idea was that we all bought our PB on launch day and, even with all of the initial problems, many people kept them since they were told that certain elementary problems would be addressed. Well, they have done nothing!! It's their ineptness that is the problem. Their sales problems are a direct result of this. (Should I add that paying for insurance on the initial purchase is now the same as the cost of a current new one).

Dudes, I am wishing the best for all of you in 2012, specially for those who paid full price for the PB, most definitely for them... I love your enthusiasm and that so many have remained loyal to a company that, well it has been said so many times before so there is no need to rehash it again. There is joy and hope and yet a lump of sadness to see all the talent in the open source community go untapped. I am always excited to how developers have rooted and upgraded a product to the level at which it should have been introduced as... and was continually promised to deliver, e.g. Android including Netflix being available. I remain dismayed that RIM would always be dismissive of the message inherent in the work coming from the open source developer community. There is no doubt that when introduced the PB was the finest piece of hardware in the Tablet marketplace and to have left it to linger in hopey changey world was sinful. I was a big BB fan, I loved it was a World Edition phone user believing it to be the best ever. I never thought of it as a phone and treated the device as a real business machine. But I left and went droid. But I still love BB and have hope it will somehow be reinvented. For 2012 my wish is that:
1. RIM votes in a new board... women/men it doesn't matter.
2. The Board selects one or 2 people from the open source community.
3. BB takes on a partner with vision/hunger and not need.
4. A dual boot system for the PB.
5. In the alternative if most of the above are not in the plan - then sell.